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Censorship in the Documentary World on Full Measure With Sharyl Attkisson

SharylFull Measure is a weekly Sunday news program focusing on investigative, Vaxxed Errororiginal and accountability reporting. The host is Sharyl Attkisson, five-time Emmy Award winner and recipient of the Edward R. Murrow award for investigative reporting. She is backed by a team of award winning journalists. Viewer guide is here.



When a controversial film is pulled from a prestigious festival some claim censorship. Full Measure talks with some filmmakers about who controls what you see, or don't see, in theatres.

Each week, we have a cover story that explores untouchable topics in a fearless way including: immigration, terrorism, government waste, national security and whistleblower reports on government and corporate abuse and misdeeds.

Full Measure is broadcast to 43 million households in 79 markets on 162 Sinclair Broadcast Group stations, including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, MyTV, Univision and Telemundo affiliates. It also streams live Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. ET


Tim Lundeen

@john stone Got it, thanks :-)

John Stone

Aufderheide is professor of public relations for heavens' sake. She isn't there to know about science she is there to control opinion. Perhaps, what is also significant is that Sharyl Attkisson couldn't get anyone from the CDC.

About Aufderheide's "Center for Media and Social Impact"

"The Center’s work has been supported by the Annie E. Casey, Ford, MacArthur, McCormick, Surdna and Rockefeller and Wyncote Foundations, and the National Endowment for the Arts."

BTW This is a so far still working link to the segment:

Of course, the fundamental problem which she isn't seen to address, is what happens if all the great institutions who told you some intervention was safe and wise turn out to be lying?


Patricia Aufderheide talks showing her lower teeth - which makes her look like she is grimacing all the time and angry, but really - really professor like.

I think she has a sore on her lower gum, by the way. Such sores and cankers is yet just another symptom of vaccine injuries, reactions to food sensitivities we have noticed in our own family over the years.

Her being a professor and all of media and not science; LOL - well I guess she was trying to not use that cliché "settled science" , but what she came up with to replace those two words - using a bit more detail; she sounded like an idiot.

Ahhhh, if I had known this when I was young -- I too could have been a college professor - or a politician. I knew we all put our pants on one leg at a time, but what I did not know was I might be just as smart.

John Stone

Sorry Tim, I wasn't shouting at you, I was shouting with you.

Tim Lundeen

@john stone

"The science is settled" is the claim made by the media propaganda machine and the professor that Sharyl interviewed. It's a technique for trying to discredit people who know better how science works (things are never "settled"), and the reality of the science (vastly different from the propaganda, with hundreds of studies showing serious harm from vaccination, and hundreds of thousands of parents who have witness harm first-hand).

It is NEVER ok to censor something because "the science is settled".

Sorry I wasn't more clear.


If the science was settled in medicine doctors, nurses and technicians would still be going from patient to patient without washing their hands.


The professor is clear: Vaccine talk (and whatever else she considers to be sacrilegious) is taboo.

John Stone


So Aufderheide is professor of PR? Is that who they have got left?

John Stone

Thanks Tim

What science is settled? How is it settled? We have hundreds of products in this class with different effectiveness and safety profiles (even according to the manufacturers), a vast range of inherently toxic ingredients, arcane methods of preparation, administed in multiple combinations, several at a time, and to infants, and I do not know what science is being cited? How has this been shown?

Tim Lundeen

BTW, the link to the Censorship segment is

Tim Lundeen

This college professor claims it is ok to censor films when the "science is settled". But what if the "science|" was fraudulent, paid for by corporations who stand to make $100s of billions of dollars? What if there is a new discovery that invalidates old models? At one time, Galileo would have been censored under this standard, because everyone knew the sun revolved around the earth -- the science was settled.

Vaxxed actually involves both issues. There is overwhelming evidence that the CDC found a connection between autism and the MMR vaccine, covered it up and lied to us. There is also recent evidence that the MMR and other vaccines can cause autism. To claim that censorship is justified because "science is settled" is a complete failure to understand the scientific method and our economic/regulatory environment.


According to Oxford University Press, Patricia Aufderheide is "a professor in the School of Communication at American University in Washington, D.C., and founder-director of its Center for Social Media."

Aufderheide invites unflattering conclusions about her competence by describing the content of Vaxxed -- a film she hadn't even seen -- as "scientifically inaccurate." And her odd penchant for answering questions with questions seems borne of decades-long intellectual cocooning.

Observing Aufderheide's reaction after actually viewing Vaxxed, and assessing the honesty of her response, would parallel that film's investigative subject matter.

Vaccine injuries have been allowed to continue unstudied and untreated due to similarly defensive reactions of vaccine stakeholders. To others' continued peril they view consumers' post-market product criticism as an erosion of their ivory towers, rather than an ethical imperative of advancing scientific fact.

Perhaps unsurprisingly Aufderheide shares a publisher, Graywolf Press, with "Inoculation" author Eula Biss.

Gary Ogden

Sharyl Attkisson is a real journalist. The college professor she interviewed was scary, in favor of censoring content which questions "settled science." God help us when an educated person so misunderstands the nature of scientific inquiry that they can utter such a nonsensical phrase. Such is the power of media manipulation, of propaganda, over time, to alter perception of reality, even in the highly intelligent. We are having a mayoral election, and the number one promise of every single candidate is to hire more police. Are we having a crime wave? Not particularly. The media have made people afraid of the unknown, and afraid to question. The segment about unaccompanied minor immigrants was unsettling, too, to say the least. Who created this problem? Decades of destabilizing intervention by Uncle Sam and the War on Drugs. A tragedy of immense proportion. Firing them all except Bill Posey won't fix it, nor will any of the presidential candidates.

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