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Dachel Media: JAMA "Scare Them Into Vaxxing"

CDC Whistleblower to Extend MMR Vaccine Fraud

30 piecesEditor's Note: Age of Autism has co-signed this statement with several other organizations:

According to multiple reliable sources, CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), will soon publish a reworking of data from a controversial study first published in 2004. If true, this is of major concern. For over a decade, officials have cited this disputable study to claim no connection between the Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism and to deny compensation to parents of MMR vaccine-injured children.

Dr. Thompson has admitted in taped phone conversations and in a statement through his lawyer, that he and other authors of the study, which include senior officials at CDC, manipulated the data and violated study protocol to conceal their findings linking the MMR vaccine to autism.  In what can only be described as scientific fraud, Dr. Thompson is now poised to publish “a rework” of the data in a blatant attempt to exonerate the MMR vaccine.

This rework comes on the heels of the just-released documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, which exposes the CDC’s fraud, deceit, and obstruction of justice regarding the MMR vaccine. Vaxxed has received global media attention and is waking up Americans coast to coast to the criminal activity at the CDC. It is suspicious that Thompson and the CDC have now decided, 20 months since Thompson first blew the whistle of fraud and malfeasance at CDC, to take action by publishing a rework of the data.

While the CDC claims no knowledge of a connection between MMR and autism, Dr. Thompson’s own statement to Congressman Bill Posey (R-FL) when he released thousands of documents to Posey is explicit, “We hypothesized that if we found statistically significant effects at either the 18-month or 36-month threshold, we would conclude that vaccinating children early with the MMR vaccine could lead to autism-like characteristics or features.

In fact, the CDC’s data did show statistically significant effects at the 36-month threshold, proof that the CDC knew their study found a causal connection between the MMR vaccine and autism.  CDC responded to this finding by manipulating the data to make this finding disappear.

The agency and Dr. Thompson are engaging in “data raking,” utilizing scientific data designed for one purpose to achieve another end. These steps demonstrate a complete lack of scientific integrity at CDC, a federal agency charged with protecting the public health.

According to Congressman Posey, after concealing the MMR vaccine-autism link in their study, the authors met in a conference room at CDC to destroy the documents.

The data and analysis from 2004 are corrupted and therefore it is not a wise or responsible use of taxpayer-funded time or taxpayer dollars to reanalyze that which has already been illegally manipulated. In addition, as a self-proclaimed party to scientific fraud, Dr. Thompson cannot be trusted with any data or analysis, especially while in the employ of the CDC.

All these actions serve as further evidence that the CDC cannot be trusted. When the CDC insists the MMR vaccine does not cause autism or they have no research demonstrating that vaccines are linked to or cause autism, they are guilty of criminal behavior and complicit in the injury of innocent children the world over.

It is clear the CDC cannot be trusted and has committed overt scientific fraud. We, the undersigned, call on the US Congress and the Department of Justice to hold CDC officials and study authors Dr. Frank DeStefano, Dr. Coleen Boyle, Dr. William Thompson, Dr. Tanya Karapurkar Bhasin, and Dr. Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp accountable for their criminal actions.

We also call on Congress to remove any oversight of vaccines from the Department of Health and Human Services. We call on Congress to immediately repeal the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which gives immunity to vaccine manufacturers thus removing the necessary incentive to ensure the safety of vaccines.  Finally and most importantly, we call on state legislatures to immediately repeal all vaccine mandates nationwide as it is each person’s inalienable right to determine what is put into their body or that of their child’s.

Weston A. Price Foundation

Age of Autism

Alliance for Natural Health

Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute (CMSRI)

Green Med Info

Thinking Moms Revolution

Producers of The Greater Good



"I understand we're also desperate for a smoking guy, so I don't blame Hooker & Wakefield, either."

I'm not desperate at all, just realistic. Seems to me that so many ARE desperate for a hero, or for someone to save them from all of this, that they'll hail the next guy that comes around as some sort of hero...when they're not.

NO ONE is infallible; we all have our weak spots. I have made repeated comments, though, warning that Thompson was no whistle-blower, but I don't think my comments were understood.

Now we have new information about Thompson being handled. If true, this sadly proves my point.

All I was trying to say with those repeated comments about Thompson was WAIT, let all the facts play themselves out in the public realm before you start assigning a hero hat to someone else.

Do I feel for Thompson? Sure! To a certain extent. But just perhaps - PERHAPS - if Thompson had spoken out some 10 years ago re what he knew was going on, this entire situation with Thompson/CDC may have gone a different route.

None of us, with the exception of Drs. Hooker and Wakefield, may know the real history behind Thompson's role with all of this. But from my standpoint as a MOM, if I had a child with autism and that child was vaccinated with the MMR during the very time Thompson knew the information he's now provided to Posey and others, I would be devastated.

Forgiveness comes with time, but there is also a time for righteous anger.

I honestly, at this point in time, don't know how Thompson sleeps at night. Or perhaps he IS having a hard time sleeping at night, and more.

Also, I don't believe for one moment that Thompson isn't the only one being HANDLED at the CDC. Surely others working at the CDC know of the level of corruption Thompson is aware of, but what are others there aware of?

What Thompson knows is just the tip of the iceberg...


The problem with the way this affair has come out, with all the recording, outing, lack of congressional interest, etc. is that it's not going to encourage anyone else to make the plunge. Whether Tompson's a coward or not is irrelevant. He did want to work in the background to help Hooker get relevant data via FOIA, and we would have wanted to encourage that behavior. I understand we're also desperate for a smoking guy, so I don't blame Hooker & Wakefield, either.



I understand PERFECTLY well what handled means, believe me. I've witnessed this type thing in my own family.

There is always FREE WILL, whether you are 'handled' or not. The choices you make, are always YOUR OWN.


I understand why Thompson is being called out now. However, I just have to say that the only person among us who actually knows the man is Brian Hooker and Dr. Hooker has reported that Thompson has been "handled".

What would vicious criminals who have perpetuated the mass poisoning of the world's children do to one man standing in their way? Please stop and think. We don't know what "handled" means, but we do know that it isn't good. Think of the way that they "handle" everything else.

Jim Thompson

‘‘In a statement released in August 2014, Dr. Thompson stated: 'I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the Journal of Pediatrics...All the authors and I met and decided sometime between August and September 2002 not to report any race effects for the paper. Sometime soon after the meeting, where we decided to exclude reporting any race effects, the coauthors scheduled a meeting to destroy documents related to the study. The remaining four coauthors all met and brought a big garbage can into the meeting room and reviewed and went through all the hard copy documents that we had thought we should discard and put them in a huge garbage can. However, because I assumed it was illegal and would violate both FOIA and DOJ requests, I kept hard copies of all documents in my office, and I retained all associated computer files. I believe we intentionally withheld controversial findings from the final draft of the Pediatrics paper.'”
See page H5602 at .


"So what do we call Dr Thompson now... the whistle sucker???"

Yeah. Pretty much. Or a few other choice words/phrases, all of which I won't comment on, here.

He. Was. Never. A. Whistle-blower. NEVER. He is a COWARD....there's a word.



So let me get this straight now.

Donald Sterling was illegally taped in his own home by his mistress and he really said nothing but that he did not want his 25 year old mistress hanging around a bunch of horny young men at his basketball team- which is not all that unreasonable from the view point of a 70 something male- and as a result he lost his 2 billion dollar basketball team.

Dr. Thompson is legally recorded in a state that allows such conduct and he admits to conspiring with others to publish false data and to mislead the public at large.

He admits to knowingly publishing this false data and he admits that the real data shows that 1 group of children black children have a large incidence of autism with the MMR vaccine.

Now this same conspirator wants to retract his statement and rework the data ? There are no consequences for his behavior? none?

Hmmm superficially this sounds like someone just got paid off or threatened.

However this may be a false flag being presented so that the CDC and FDA can announce that they dealt with this and now this is old news. Kind of reminds me when the Dems tried to admit on the sly through Lois Lerner that they were targeting conservative groups by disclosing it at a meeting so they could later say that they admitted to it and nobody said anything.

This kind of reminds me of that - Just to good to be true. "Yeah lets admit that we knew we were slaughtering young black children in a whistleblower scam to see how much black people can still read and to test how much resistance and push back we get"


John Martin,

Why do we need to look at stealth viruses when we have not been told the truth about the paramyxovirus that completely destroys the immune system. Why would anyone trust such information when they have not been told one iota of truth concerning the MMR.

Why? Why would we not believe that this is just another made up fairy tale to make us look everywhere instead of what is right in front of us.

No the Measles virus in an 18 month old child is pure madness, pure madness unless it is the intent of the doctor to destroy the immune system in an immunocompromised human.


Jim Thompson

Imagine the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and U.S. Food and Drug Administration agencies with dual missions to both promote tobacco use and conduct tobacco use safety studies. Then imagine that they encourage and collude with crooked tobacco scientists from Denmark to publish junk tobacco science.

And then imagine that the U.S. Congress passes a law prohibiting litigation in state courts for damages from tobacco use. Then imagine that the agencies suppress or destroy scientific evidence of harm. And then imagine state legislatures are persuaded to mandate tobacco use in public schools.

And then imagine the administrator of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control leaves her job and goes to a highly paid executive position with a major tobacco company. After all of that imagine that most all of the members of the U.S. Congress, U.S. Supreme Court, journalists and media take tobacco money and do nothing but look the other way while children continue to incur lifelong injuries from tobacco use.


Dr. Martin,
Since you are here. Do think RNase L has anything to do with the lower cancer rates found in Autism as a group? Did you conclude it is a factor in chronic fatigue?


For W. John Martin, MD, PhD

I too collected and kept some your writings in the mid 90's. They were of great help. I did not have a clue who you were, but I am thankful you were. Thank you for your wok and the help it gave.


When and where will VAXXED play in Austin? Does anyone know? Shawn?...


A caveat:

I did not mean to leave out Dr. Hooker's name, as mentioned in my below comment, nor all the other courageous individuals, most especially in the medical field, who have spoken the truth about this issue.



So what do we call Dr Thompson now... the whistle sucker???


This whole thing has been a farce since day one, to plant the ludicrous notion that MMR induced autism, is somehow an anomaly among 'African American' boys.

MMR induced autism is NOT an anomaly, nor does it discriminate along racial lines.

It's a crime. And Dr. Thompson just got my vote, for the first one to do some serious jail time over it.


One of the best quotes I have ever read:

"It requires a certain modicum of emotional and spiritual maturity and integrity to confront your own limitations of knowledge and understanding, face truths as they arise, and expand AS they arise, and expand one's consciousness."

- Dr. Mitchell Fleisher
Nellysford, Virginia

For me, I have seen very few individuals exhibit the above, but one of those individuals of whom I truly believe HAS... Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

John Stone


No, I certainly was not trying to make out that he was a man of courage and integrity.

Shawn Siegel

Not only should state legislatures immediately repeal all vaccine mandates nationwide, but vaccination must be made illegal. Just as it would not be considered anyone's inalienable right to inject their child with disease, or mercury, or aluminum, or formaldehyde, it's no one's inalienable right to inject children with vaccines, which contain all of them.

The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust


"...but I don't have too much difficulty imagining how someone can vacillate over a period of many years."

I do, most especially when SO many children's lives are at stake. It takes courage to stand up for what you believe in; it takes courage and integrity to speak truth.

For ME, Dr. Thompson has neither.


It's fabulous to read a comment by Dr. John Martin. In the mid-nineties when I first discovered that my daughter's chronic illness and learning disabilities could be related to an underlying biomedical problem, not just to me as a neurotic mom or to fate, I read articles by John Martin on stealth viruses. I printed them out and saved them in files. As it turned out when my daughter got a viral titer she did have a stealth virus ( her titers were super high with the regular viruses from childhood but several were considered unusual viruses...more or less NEW viruses). Dr. John Martin was one of the early casualties of this war against doctors with integrity. Reading him again just made my day!

John Stone

W. John Martin, MD, PhD

The nice public officials apparently not only buried an association with African males but also with isolated autism as an outcome. And they buried associations in several other papers as well. The unusual feature of the Thompson affair is that momentarily one of them came clean, but we should not also forget papers by Verstraeten and Madsen (abetted by wanted criminal Poul Thorsen), several British studies which throw up serious and easily identified problems of methodology...

W. John Martin, MD, PhD

Autistic children and their parents are entitled to meaningful information concerning the cause of autism. The CDC epidemiological study did not support an association of the MMR vaccine with autism in white male and female infants or in African American female infants. Yet many within these groups are being led to believe that the MMR vaccine was solely responsible for the illness within their family.

In reality, epidemiological studies are unsuitable for identifying factors affecting small subgroups within larger populations. Epidemiological studies can also reveal misleading associations, which are non-causal.

I would like to encourage readers to become more familiar with the concept of stealth adapted viruses and to better understand that these viruses are transmissible during pregnancy. Illnesses caused by these viruses can potentially be provoked (exacerbated) by vaccines.

References to stealth adapted viruses and to a non-immunological defense mechanism involving an alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway can be found on the Internet. I hope the information will help generate a sense of optimism within the autism community. It should also facilitate constructive dialogue with Public Health officials.

go Trump

If Dr. Thompson is worried about his retirement program from the CDC,

perhaps Mr. Trump could pay him a few million dollars to provide the public the truth about the corruption at the CDC.

Dr. Thompson's statements could then be used against Hillary's "Sky is blue, vaccines for you / program"

Day one of President Trump would be the end of all vaccine mandates, importation of separate M M R vaccines and a full criminal investigation into CDC frauds, felons and all their friends.

John Stone


Whatever, but I don't have too much difficulty imagining how someone can vacillate over a period of many years.

Birgit Calhoun

So, he is more like a rotten tomato than a whistle-blower. Interesting that the reworking is being attempted after the movie came out. Were there people who watched the movie who didn't like what they saw? Is there possibly a shred of hope to see some action regarding this criminal activity? I know from my lawyer friends that it is extremely difficult to sue for fraud. So, aren't we all being had?


@John Stone:

"I gather the law as it stands protecting whistleblowers is one that protects them from reprisal in their employment. When Thompson appointed a lawyer it was presumably to make sure the laws were obeyed. We know Thompson gave the documents to Posey with a view to giving testimony before Congress - he wanted to be subpoenaed - and the attorney, at least originally, was prepared to act pro bono. Then, obviously, with Brian and Andy he lost the initiative. Moreover, it turned out after many months that Congress could not care less. And, of course, he was still surrounded by all his old colleagues..."

I may sound like a hard-a@@ on this one, but I truly believe, if Thompson's heart had been in the right place in the very beginning, that no. 1, he would not have gone for approximately 10 years hanging on to this information, and two, he could have perhaps, in seeing that any sort of Congressional hearing was not going to take place with any of this...he could have chosen conversely to go completely public, with cameras in place, and given an official statement.

Right or wrong, that's just how I feel. MANY children's lives have been utterly destroyed because, in part, of this man's (and admittedly others') refusal to step up, grow a pair, and come out with the TRUTH.

...absolutely makes my blood boil. Other whistleblowers have gone to far more reaches in the banks of hell in order to spill the truth to their public.

Thompson simply falls short in my eyes.

John Stone


I gather the law as it stands protecting whistleblowers is one that protects them from reprisal in their employment. When Thompson appointed a lawyer it was presumably to make sure the laws were obeyed. We know Thompson gave the documents to Posey with a view to giving testimony before Congress - he wanted to be subpoenaed - and the attorney, at least originally, was prepared to act pro bono. Then, obviously, with Brian and Andy he lost the initiative. Moreover, it turned out after many months that Congress could not care less. And, of course, he was still surrounded by all his old colleagues...



At some point, I believe that Thompson must have realized that Hooker was recording him.

In the statement where Brian Hooker indicated that Thompson may have been "handled" by the CDC, he stated,

"I spoke to Dr Thompson over a period of 10 months approximately from Nov 2013 until Sept 2014. When he found out that I had actually recorded him, and I went from my home state of California, where it's illegal to do what I did, and drove up to Oregon which is about 2.5 hours away, he laughed gregoriously, he thought that was the funniest thing in the world."

Hooker admitted that Thompson found out that he was being recorded. Why would Thompson find it hilarious that Hooker would drive 2.5 hours to another state in order to legally record him to be hilarious?

Thompson's original statement released by his lawyer:

I was not, however, aware that he was recording any of our conversations, nor was I given any choice regarding whether my name would be made public or my voice would be put on the Internet.

Hooker and Thompson's testimonies don't seem to add up. I would believe Hooker's statement more than Thompson's because I believe that Thompson has a lot more to lose and hide than Hooker.


@John Stone:

"About Thompson. If my memory of the transcripts is correct he had already made over the data to Posey before the first conversation, and engaged with a specialist whistleblower lawyer by the second."

I'm not at all certain about that, but your memory may be better than my own so I'll take your word re this.

I may be incorrect about this, but it was my understanding that Thompson hired an attorney who specializes in whistleblowing because he needed legal protection vis-a-vis his employment with the CDC. When I heard that he'd hired a whistleblower attorney, but was still working at the CDC, that's when my radar went up.

This is not NORMAL behavior for a true whistleblower! These guys/gals do not typically go back to work for the very entities they're blowing the whistle on!

NOT a whistleblower. He had a guilty conscience and spilled, spilled, spilled all over the place when he spoke with Dr. Hooker. He never went public with his story, as all true whistleblowers do.

He has NEVER been the hero for ME that many others have proclaimed him to be. Not at all.

I hate to say this, but whatever is going on with him now, pretty much proves my point...rather unfortunately.


I think he'll have to incorporate some new data. How otherwise can it be explained that the "five of [them] working behind closed doors for five years" overlooked whatever it is that's going to be plonked down now?

(I can see there would be a strong incentive to remove the underlying actus reus.)


If we lived in a society where the main stream press had even a nano particle of integrity this would not be a problem, but we don't. The renewed confession of error that corrects an error will be used no doubt to bludgeon the unvaccinated and vaccine injured alike. They will want to drive us back into the shadows out of public sight. All the usual creeps and liars like Anderson Cooper and the rest will be pounding the nothingness of Thompson's statements for weeks on end. Some will be persuaded by the media blitz; for others the 'cat is out of the bag." The MMR is not the only vaccine that has big problems. What about the DTaP that doesn't work and delivers aluminum to the brain, etc. Little by little the truth is eroding the lies. Unfortunately, the rapid destruction of children from vaccine injury will continue. That's a crime!

John Stone

About Thompson. If my memory of the transcripts is correct he had already made over the data to Posey before the first conversation, and engaged with a specialist whistleblower lawyer by the second.


I really do feel a degree of sympathy/empathy for Dr. Thompson, but I have repeatedly stated in my comments that I have never, ever viewed Dr. Thompson as a true whistleblower. He was OUTED by both Drs. Wakefield and Hooker. He did not know, if memory serves, that his conversations with Dr. Hooker were being recorded.

He had a come to Jesus moment with Dr. Hooker, but that's not the same as doing what William Binney has done, or Russell Tice. Those men are true heroes, at least in my book.

Not so sure what to think about Dr. Thompson; definitely have mixed emotions about him.


The idiot. The best way to protect his LIFE and his ability to make money would have been to come forward publicly and tell all. Become the HERO rather than the villain and that would have thrust him into the public eye which may have spared him from a government orchestrated ending that so many rogue scientists have suffered. He also could have made plenty of money writing and speaking about fraud and corruption in our government. If he believes himself to be safe because he "Played ball" he is being naive. He could still come out.

It's NOT TOO LATE, BILL! If you don't there will be a special place in hell for you because of all the children you continue to injure.


Can you imagine your career being swiped out from under you after you reach the age of 50? You can't recover from that. Well most people can't.

The view from where Dr. Thompson is sitting - this is what he sees the most clearly.

The rest of us - he don't see as clearly.
yes, we too see careers never getting started and poverty looming. And unlike him - really - there seems to be no way out!

Bob Moffit

"According to multiple reliable sources, CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), will soon publish a reworking of data from a controversial study first published in 2004"

Having Dr. Thompson .. the original CDC whistleblower .. "publish a reworking of data" .. from a "study" that he .. HIMSELF .. voluntarily alleged had been deliberately manipulated to avoid evidence of a significantly higher risk to children receiving the MMR prior to 36 months of age .. would be no different than expecting O.J. Simpson to "rework the overwhelming DNA evidence" that identified him as the murderer of his victims.

Indeed, as for the person who would benefit the most from "reworking the data" to serve his own vested interest .. that would be Dr. Thompson .. not O.J.

Jim Thompson

“Fudging … To act dishonestly; cheat.”
See .

More CDC fudging to remove the association of risk of 3.36 of ASD for African American boys receiving MMR before three years of age in the original CDC study data?

See Dr. Brian Hooker's report for the un-fudged risk evaluation. “Measles-mumps-rubella vaccination timing and autism among young african american boys: a reanalysis of CDC data,” August 27, 2014 at .

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