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Before Caitlin, Edward and the Temple of Vaccinia

Temple of vaccinia
Thanks to Kevin Barry and JB Handley for this info on FB. The title alone piqued my interest - I had once written a Huffpo titled "Dr. Paul Offit, Pope of the Church of the Immaculate Vaccination."  Vaccines have had a mythical, pseudo-religious status since their very earliest days it seems.  "The Temple of Vaccinia" is rather regal sounding, don't you think? .  In reality, they are a century plus long Tuskegee experiment.

Before Caitlin, before Bruce, there was another famous Jenner.  Edward.  Dr. Edward Jenner (see below.)

Vaccines have been an experiment since the first patient, James Phipps, patient of Edward Jenner.  To be sure most of early medicine has been trial and error - long before there were any approval/safety processes in place. I happen to know that early cryo-freezing of the cornea for cataract surgery in the 1960s was conducted in Connecticut without safety approval or knowledge beyond the surgeon and the technicians who invented the technology.  A nurse was outraged, and yet the surgery continued.  The result was a highly successful company and a huge improvement in cataract surgery. America was built on risk taking.   But should that theory apply to our kids health in 2016? Today's pediatric vaccine schedule remains a mass experiment.  Ask your doctor to show you the safety data from the government or vaccine manufacturers on the cumulative safety of the pediatric schedule.  Bring a pillow, a blanket and a Kindle loaded with books. It will be a long time before you get an answer.   KIM

James Phipps, the son of a poor landless labourer, was the first person to be vaccinated by Edward Jenner. On 14 May 1796, Jenner cut into the skin of the 8-year-old boy and infected him with matter from a cowpox sore.

Over the following days, James developed a fever, but soon became well again. When Jenner then injected the boy with the more dangerous smallpox, James remained healthy. Two other children who shared a bed with James did not catch smallpox from him either. Encouraged by his success, Jenner went on to test his method on various people over the following two years. All of them were poor - farm labourers and their children, or the inmates of workhouses.

Jenner publicised the case of James Phipps as a success story to promote his new method of vaccination. We do not know if James or his father were paid for the experiment, but later in life Jenner definitely rewarded his first test subject. When James Phipps was married with children, Jenner gave him a free lease on a house. Phipps was grateful to Jenner, and attended the physician's funeral on 3 February 1823. However, if the experiment had gone wrong, Jenner would probably have kept quiet about it, and James Phipps would have been forgotten, like many other victims of medical experimentation.  From ScienceMuseum.org/uk.


go Trump

I believe it has been said that only about 10% of the world's population ever received a smallpox vaccine, yet somehow smallpox is gone forever... until they decide to take it back out of laboratory storage.

Not much herd immunity needed for that one.

I really like the "Special Reports" section at the top of the AoA page.

At first I did not know they were live links. Perhaps a small icon below the text would be an idea and helpful to those on the AoA site for the first time.


Oh, and cattle carried TB.
When they started pasteurizing the milk - that went a long way In reducing the number of people getting TB.


cia parker;

Cows were used in the production of small pox some how.
One of the biggest riots there ever was - of angry parents with vaccine injured kids took place some where in New England in the late 1800s- They were making small pox vaccines in such filthy conditions with the cattle that they actually gave the kids tetanus.


If someone tries to sell you a bridge that person is a shyster.

If someone tries to sell you swampland in Florida that person is a shyster.

Similarly, if someone tells you that they know for a fact that a tiny little protein that can only be seen with an electron tunnelling microscope doesn’t exist anywhere on the planet – under a rock, down a cave, in a tree or even in an asymptomatic human or animal – that person, too, is a shyster.

The fact is that seeing through the fraud of smallpox eradication is, well, monkey work: https://www.google.com.au/search?q=monkeypox+photo&client=safari&rls=en&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiWnrqs7sDKAhXlLKYKHSkpC5QQsAQIGw&biw=1298&bih=869

Nobody could possibly know a tiny little protein doesn’t exist anywhere on the planet – the health agencies simply made the story of its eradication up. They made a claim that no mere mortal could possibly be sure of and the fact that they did this illustrates that the entire smallpox story is just one lie after another. Including the idea that the disease killed hundreds of millions of people throughout history.

All you need to know is that Cortes (who was actually there) thought that smallpox was a trivial issue in the Americas even though historians claim on the basis of their fantasies that it killed 10 million indigenes to realise that we haven't been told a single fact about smallpox that is remotely true.

Louis Conte

If any of you are interested, you're welcome at the Vaccine Dinner Club:


Cow is on the menu.

cia parker

TB was associated with getting the smallpox vaccination, probably because the TB germs were always in the environment and the vaccination depressed immune function.

Maurine Meleck

Anyone know if the cow died? And why wasn't it praised? I might bring a cow to the next doctor appointment.

bob moffit

"Jenner publicised the case of James Phipps as a success story to promote his new method of vaccination .... however .. if the experiment had gone wrong, Jenner would probably have kept quiet about it, and James Phipps would have been forgotten, like many other victims of medical experimentation."

As the old saying goes ... "success has a thousand fathers .. and .. failure is an orphan"

James Phipps most likely would have been treated .. not only as an "orphan" .. but .. more importantly .. unknown and forgotten .. becoming one of the very earliest victims of today's .. "delay, deny and hope they die" .. vaccine industry strategy.


I thought that he and Jenner's son died young - in their early 20s from TB?

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