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VaXxed The Movie Facts

A Real Review of the Real Film, "Vaxxed"

VaxxedBy Shelley Tzorfas

"Vaxxed" is a timely authentic film that shows how Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist at the CDC, was aware that the MMR vaccine ( Mumps, Measles, and Rubella) was responsible for thousands of children becoming autistic. Autism in my view is simply a code word for brain Encephalitis or swelling of the brain. Thompson was forced to hide the data particularly when it came to black boys in the Atlanta, Georgia area that received the three in one vaccine below the age of 36 months.  All children get that vaccine usually between 15 to 18 months. All nationalities of children suffer similar adverse events but the scientific proof is uncovered with this particular population.

It appears that Dr. Thompson could not continue to live with his conscience as more children fell ill or died since the data came to light beginning in 2004. When people read reviews claiming that the film is about Andrew Wakefield-you can bet that the journalists never saw the film. They simply cut, copied, and pasted those reviews. Previously, children received individual shots for Measles, Mumps, or Rubella. Once it was combined , it made the vaccine cheaper for the pharmaceutical corporation to produce. It is the children that suffered.

What few parents or grandparents realize is that vaccines contain aluminum, thimerosal, formaldehyde, aborted fetal cells, peanut oils leading to anaphylaxis, cells of pigs, cows( with Leukemia  cells too small to remove), dogs, monkeys, chicks, insects, MSG, ether and a list of other toxins. They do not know that the "live" vaccines shed illness to others.

It is said that the mumps portion does not work and that rabbit's blood was added to the testing to make it appear that it does. There is a federal lawsuit pending for about 5 years so far. If one portion of the vaccine is invalid-then the entire vaccine must be scrapped. That would cost the manufacturer much of their profits.

Imagine if the medical journalists and pediatricians did not cut, copy, and paste the supposed safety studies put out by the manufacturer? One in 45 children are now on the autism spectrum, approximately one in 25 boys. I have read that 1 in 18 toddlers are on the Spectrum. The mainstream news does not portray what is going on, The New York Times, Forbes, PBS and others do not uncover the truth.

How did we get here? In 1986 Regan(who some say had Alzheimer's) signed a  law, that took away your right to sue a vaccine maker in regular courts, thus kids went from a few vaccines to around 74. Since the vaccine maker has no liability, they can keep churning out as many as they want. I suppose they can even make a vaccine to prevent "hangnails." The film points out that there are no real placebos used to test vaccines. One dangerous vaccine is merely pitted against another. Vaccines are not looked at for their ability to cause cancer and now cancer is the leading cause of death in children under age 15.

I personally would like to thank the Tribeca Film Festival and Robert De Niro the esteemed actor. "Vaxxed" was originally supposed to show at the Tribeca Festival but got yanked and censored.  The censorship has led to more people getting involved. Although  many of our vaccines are said to be made in China-the film is to be shown in China in the near future.

California has recently passed a law that forbids children to go to public or private school unless they have all of their vaccines. Some try to find a doctor that is willing to give a medical exemption, which means that the doctors might be putting their careers at risk. Good luck with that.

Governor Brown signed the law despite the thousands of protests from parents who lost children within hours of the shots.  If California families could come together and overturn this barbaric law, I believe our nation can be saved. It will be the "straw (needle),that breaks the camel's back."

Del Bigtree, a producer of the show "The Doctors" and Polly Tommey of "The Autism File" Magazine have given this film their all, along with Dr. Andy Wakefield.

Nothing has divided people more than the loss of nearly two generations of our children. Divorces, failing schools, a court system that is 30 years behind the times, moms whose sister's will not speak to each other about this topic, grandparents who refuse to believe that a normal child suddenly regressed  from a vaccine and chose instead  to set up walks to raise money to somehow show that ASD is genetic? " The media claims it is because children live near highways, because moms have babies born close in age (which has been done since the beginning of time), because smart people marry each other, and so on.

At one time in the not too distant past, normal right-of-passage childhood illnesses were mostly an inconvenience.  They were not diseases. Chicken pox meant a week or two home from school and ice cream. But the younger generations are now separated from their grandmas and they turn to the doctors for advice because most young moms are full time in the working world. They have little to no exposure to the truth. They grew up watching Sesame Street which has episodes  focused on getting  toddlers  to want a vaccine

"Vaxxed" is the vehicle by which innocent children can once again grow up safely with immunity. 

-- Shelley Tzorfas

Tutoring Children with Special Needs and Average but Struggling Students

On Facebook: Recovering Autism, ADHD, & Special Needs (Los Angeles, CA)

LinkedIn: Shell Tzorfas

Twitter: @recovertngkids

Author of books: "Recovering Autism, ADHD, & Special Needs" and "The Road Too Often Traveled: A Collection of Articles on Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Learning Distablities".



Fact Check
Death by Cause / Age
Malignant neoplasms #1 disease mortality, 2nd after injuries overall.

Jeannette Bishop

Actually, with homicide the vaccination status of the victim could be relevant too.

Jeannette Bishop

Add to that, for congenital abnormalities, the vaccination status of the parents.

Jeannette Bishop

Re cancer leading cause of death in children:

If you argue that there are many causes of accidental injury (one could also argue there may be many causes of cancer) or if you consider only disease states leading to death then cancer (benign and malignant neoplasms at least) appears to be up there for the past few years:

I look at the above and see many potential roles for vaccine injury in these statistics, even within the category of unintentional injury. Maybe the first vax vs. unvax study should look at all cause mortality, without assuming any cause is unrelated (with homicide one should would, honestly, need to study the vaccine status of those responsible).

Stacy Wagenknecht

Leading cause of death for children under 15 is cancer? Fact check please.

Heidi Kyle

I am so glad to see this review. I just saw Vaxxed last night and was stunned. Since then I have googled this film only to find an avalanche of reviews describing Andrew Wakefield as evil and even saying he has been implicated in the murder of a disabled child. Yet I don't understand the reviews because having watched the film it is not about Dr Wakefield but is filled with parents, concerned academics, congressmen and many people who are intelligent, educated and appear much better informed than some vaccine promotors.

Take Dr Wakefield out of the equation. Three pieces of independently verified information jump out at me and make my blood run cold. 1) over a million kids were diagnosed autistic in 2014 (we are now at the end of 2016, I don't even want to think about this math) 2) pharmaceutical companies have less stringent testing for vaccines than drugs - are you serious? These are our kids, the next generation, the future
Of the human race and I would have a harder time getting an aspirin on the shelf than I would a vaccine administered to children worldwide? I cannot believe what I am reading
3) that not thousands, not tens of thousands, not hundreds of thousands but millions now of parents worldwide are saying my kid is "vaccine injured" - and they are all being dismissed and patronized and ignored - you cannot be serious.
Those three pieces of information are absolutely the limit and yet nothing? I don't even know what to say as a mother. I just feel sick.

Barry Stern

The governing class, their Big Pharma campaign funders and the media industry that gets 3/4 of their advertising revenues from Pharma want you sick, dependent and stupid so that they can continue in power and enrich themselves. Go see VAXXED and bring along anyone interested.

Sherri Lester

Vaccines also seem to have a SIDS connection:


One in 18 toddlers?


This is an excellent review and I agree with it wholeheartedly - with one exception: as a Grandparent of 2 vaccine injured grandsons, I am totally aware that it was the MMR that caused their brain injuries. When the UK Govt. and press vilified Dr Wakefield, I have to admit that, at the time, I 'fell for it'. However, I naively believed that the research would be done to find out the 'culprit', now that the MMR was ruled out. Obviously I've found out the cruel truth since then. Don't know about US, but in the UK I believe that the older generation are more inclined to believe that vaccines can cause injuries, simply because we had few vaccines but did have the childhood diseases and we are, for the most part, a pretty healthy bunch of 'oldies'

david m burd

What a powerful review! And equally certain to be suppressed by mainstream's media whores. Everybody should pass this review by Tzorfas to friends and relatives (with some likely to become ex-friends; so be it.)


This would definitely explain why when you look at a vaccine package insert, the majority of babies studied for a week after vaccination are white. A very small number are African American, Hispanic, or Asian.

It is all about educating the public at this point - and fast. What is the fastest way to do that? Drive around with a bumper sticker on your car or back window with a statement about vaccines. Do you know how many people that can reach in any given day?

Mine reads:


The trick is to also have it on an eye catching color/format - you can literally see/read mine from 50 ft away. Other family members have put the same sticker on their cars - and they drive in/out of Boston non-stop. I've been told that this action has generated a lot of beeps and waves.

Hans Litten

"The media claims it is because children live near highways, because moms have babies born close in age (which has been done since the beginning of time), because smart people marry each other, and so on."

This was a military style disinformation campaign ,
Pure propaganda , and because of the sheer ridicule they endured they don't do it anymore .

Can I request the CDC\EIS please resume the disinformation campaign because for me it was a most amusing time indeed .

New ideas for the CDC\EIS , possible causes of the Autism holocaust to be spread by the willing media:

Non-GM organic food
people who grow their own food (allotments)
Vitamins and supplements
Oestopaths and Chiroparctors
people with bad breath
people telling bad jokes
cyclists and the sweat fumes they give off
honey bees(clearly why Monsatan are exterminating them)
House spiders
House mice
red robins

All of these I can totally see as plausible explanations of the Autism Pandemic . The only thing I can definitely 100% discount as nonsense is

VACCINES (which are always safe and effective)

This despite reams and reams of scientific evidence showing autoimmune disease is caused by intravenously introducing themiserol , aluminium hydroxide & squalene (ignore all this part pls and that man behind the curtain )

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