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“You Know Nothing About Autism, John Snow”

WeilerWe  excerpted this post by James Lyons Weiler.

By James Lyons Weiler, PhD

IN THE TELEVISION PRE-HISTORY FICTIONAL MINISERIES ‘GAME OF THRONES’, a female character named Ygritte is fond of telling her lover, a Night Watchman, who lives caught between two warring cultures, the expression “You know nothing, Jon Snow”.  She tells him this to remind him that he has no idea why the Wildings, a tribe of undead people, are attacking their peoples, and, as hint to the fact that in spite of their different origins as people, she loves him.

There is another Snow of merit who lived between cultures – a culture of science and a culture of stoic and unforgiving ignorance. This John Snow has an important lesson for our time.

In 1854’s, London Physician John Snow was confronted with a severe outbreak of cholera.  The prevailing view of the cause of the cholera at the time was the ‘miasma’ theory, in which ‘bad air’, or something called ‘vibrones’ which the medical community postulated caused the spread of the illness.

London’s Soho District at the time was typical of London neighborhoods in the 1850’s.  Most homes had cess pits under their homes for human waste, and if the waste production exceeded the soil’s capacity, it would he hauled away, for a fee, and dumped into the river Thames.

The good Dr. Snow, pictured to the right, was not satisfied by the miasma theory. As the cholera outbreak worsened, he began mapping cases and eventually recognized that most John_Snowcases were clustered near a water pump on Broad Street. His careful observations led him to conclude that whatever ‘cholera poison’, as he referred to it, was behind the outbreak, it was somehow connected to the water pump. This was before germ theory was established and pathogens such as bacteria and viruses were unknown to medicine.

A religious colleague, The Reverend Henry Whitehead, from St. Luke’s Church, was a believer of the miasma theory. As any good man of the church would so, he attempted to disprove theories, and when he turned his attention to Dr. Snow’s theory of that cholera was a water-born illness, somehow connected to human waste, he was turned away from the nondescript miasma theory by the evidence accumulated by Snow in his maps. He even accompanied Dr. Snow on a hunt for the connection between human waste and the water pump, and together they discovered a home that had a cess pit that drained to a old cess pit only a few feet away from the well at the Broad Street Pump. The homeowners routinely dumped diapers (nappies) into the cess pit under their home.

Together, Snow and Whitehead convinced the town’s government to break the handle off the pump. Thereafter, the cholera epidemic ceased; however, the government (The London Board of Health) refused to acknowledge the links between human waste, water and cholera, instead sticking by the ill-defined miasma theory. (Beer drinkers, rejoice – the villagers turned to beer for their liquid intake – which of course was free from cholera due to the fermentation process).

CDC’s Miasma Theory of Autism

In their fervor to convince the public that no link exists between vaccines and autism, the CDC has neglected to propound (offer) any viable theory for the increase in autism. Others have tried to blame changes in diagnosis, or genetics for the rise in autism, but neither of these two factors can explain the incredibly rapid rise from 1 in 3000 in the 1970’s to 1 in 68. In fact, the CDC has shown a remarkable lack of curiosity about what DOES cause autism. The CDC’s amorphous theory of autism is, empirically, identical to the miasma theory for cholera – because neither vibrones, nor CDCs’ theory of autism exist.   Read  the full post here.



Tim Lundeen,

LOL That's a must buy! Timely too, since my doctor tells me that everyone over the age of 40 should be taking statins regardless of their cholesterol levels! Thanks.

Tim Lundeen


Thanks for the link to Dr Mendelsohn's video: -- I loved it :-)

Dr Kendrick is from a similar mold, have you found his stuff? I liked his book Doctored Data,


Tim Lundeen,

I think that many deaths from disease and permanent disability can be laid at the feet of the medical profession who've long ignored natural treatments that worked, like Sister Kenny's treatment for polio paralysis.

Allan Smith who had swine flu wouldn't have lived without Vitamin C but the family had a terrible time convincing his doctors to use it. Doctors who were ready to turn off his life-support:
Living Proof Vitamin C Miracle Cure 60 Minutes Video 3 News

You might be interested in the few videos of Dr Robert Mendelsohn that have been uploaded to You Tube. I wish there were more.
Dr Robert Mendelsohn on How to Talk to Your Doctor


cia parker, you couldn't be more wrong about polio.

Rates of paralysis are vastly higher today than they were before the polio vaccine.

So too are the number of people in the modern day iron lungs (ventilators). (before you say “but this is just a facebook site” it uses the following WHO data) and (see data for total AFP in India and other developing countries in 1996 and again in 2014) as well as and publications/sipp2010.html (Table A-4) (for disability rates).

And (Around one in 70 Americans has non-trauma paralysis).

The same is true for measles. Measles is a rash. Doctors in 1960 didn't get too hung up on ensuring that every possible symptom (eg Koplik's spots) were present. A rash was measles and blisters were chicken pox.

Today a rash might be roseola or fifth disease. Blisters might be dermatitis.

We have absolutely no idea how many people would be diagnosed with measles today if the same lacksadaisical approach to diagnosing that was used in 1960 were applied today. But it is perfectly reasonable to think that if it were then there would have been no significant reduction.

What we do know is that rates of complications from these diseases - such as paralysis from polio and encephalitis from measles have not fallen.


There is no such thing as a Vaccine Preventable Disease.

You are injecting the individual with a live virus or in the case of Pertussis & Tetanus, a bacteria and a spore, so you have infected the individual with the disease that supposeably is trying to be prevented. Depending on the integrity of the individuals immune system, the child or adult can become infected by the vaccine, showing a full blown case or a "little ill" as Dr. Maurice Hilleman says meaning upper respiratory illness without a rash or they can be asymptomatic but all contagious. Any of the scenarios show that the illness is NOT prevented by the vaccine.

It has never been proven that vaccination imparts immunity. It doesn't and there are no Independent studies that confirm that. THE MYTH THAT VACCINATION EQUALS IMMUNIZATION:

If vaccine prevented diseases you would not have outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations. A few examples:
-Study titled, "Outbreak of Measles Among Persons With Prior Evidence of Immunity, New York City, 2011,"
"Of 88 contacts, four secondary cases were confirmed that had either two doses of measles-containing vaccine or a past positive measles IgG antibody. All cases had laboratory confirmation of measles infection, clinical symptoms consistent with measles, and high avidity IgG antibody characteristic of a secondary immune response."

-PLoS study: "Difficulties in eliminating measles and controlling rubella and mumps: a cross-sectional study of a first measles and rubella vaccination and a second measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination," has brought to light the glaring ineffectiveness of two measles vaccines (measles–rubella (MR) or measles–mumps–rubella (MMR) ) in fulfilling their widely claimed promise of preventing outbreaks in highly vaccine compliant populations.

China has one of the most vaccination compliant populations in the world. In fact, measles vaccine is mandatory. So why have they had over 700 measles outbreaks from 2009 and 2012 alone? "The reported coverage of the measles-rubella (MR) or measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine is greater than 99.0% in Zhejiang province. However, the incidence of measles, mumps, and rubella remains high."
Zhifang Wang, Rui Yan, Hanqing He, Qian Li, Guohua Chen, Shengxu Yang, and Enfu Chen,*

-Mumps Outbreak Involved 97% Vaccinated Children: The New England Journal of Medicine has recently released the conclusions to the media manufactured mumps outbreak of 2009 which occurred in New York City, two upstate New York counties, and one New Jersey County.

-California Whooping Cough outbreak: 91% fully vaccinated.
"Most pediatric cases were vaccinated according to national recommendations, although 9% of those aged 6 months to 18 years were completely unvaccinated against pertussis. High disease rates also were observed in fully vaccinated preadolescents, especially 10-year-olds" Infants that died were not old enough to receive the DPT vaccine. California pertussis epidemic, 2010.

-Mumps Outbreak in Orthodox Jewish Communities in the United States (2010): A large mumps outbreak occurred among highly vaccinated U.S. Orthodox Jewish communities during 2009 and 2010. Of the teenagers vaccinated -89% had previously received two doses of a mumps-containing vaccine -8% had received one dose. Those infected who received a vaccine: 97%

-Major Measles Epidemic in Quebec Despite 99% Vaccination Coverage
A measles outbreak in a population with 99.0% vaccination coverage. The authors state, "Incomplete vaccination coverage is not a valid explanation for the Quebec City measles outbreak."
Boulianne N, De Serres G, Duval B, Joly JR, Meyer F, Déry P, Alary M, Le Hénaff D, Thériault N. Département de santé communautaire, Centre Hospitalier de l'Université Laval. [Major measles epidemic in the region of Quebec despite a 99% vaccine coverage] [Article in French]. Can J Public health. 1991 May-Jun;82(3):189-90

-Measles Outbreak in 99.7% Vaccinated Population
Robert T. Chen (1), Gary M. Goldbaum (2), Steven G. F. Wassilak (1), Lauri E. Markowitz (1) And Walter A. Orenstein (1). An Explosive Point-Source measles outbreak In A Highly Vaccinated Population Modes Of Transmission And Risk Factors For Disease. Am J Epidemiol 1989;129:173-82.Measles Outbreak in 99.7% Vaccinated Population.

-Measles Vaccine Found in Throat of Vaccinated Child
The MMR vaccine is given subcutaneously (goes into the fatty layer beneath the skin) and as the following paper shows, children vaccinated with it, are able to shed the measles vaccine, as it can appear in the throat, and can be excreted via the respiratory system.
Morfin F, Beguin A, Lina B, Thouvenot D. Laboratory of Virology, Hospices Civils de Lyon, Domaine Rockefeller, 8 avenue Rockefeller, 69373 Lyon Cedex 08, France. Detection of measles vaccine in the throat of a vaccinated child. Vaccine. 2002 Feb 22;20(11-12):1541-3.

-Chickenpox outbreak in a highly vaccinated school population. 97% Vaccinated.

-Clinical Presentation of Pertussis in Fully Immunized Children in Lithuania (2001): Vaccine coverage for Lithuania: 94.6%.

I have a huge file of outbreaks of VPD in highly vaccinated populations. Think about this: dozens of articles online since the Flu season began saying that it is a mild Flu season-translation: people aren't getting sick with upper respiratory illness. They also report that Flu shot uptake is down. Not hard to walk this thru. Influenza like illnesses are down because Flu shots, which are know to CAUSE ILI are down. The same with all vaccines. Two thing happening with vaccines and the CDC knows it and uses it-viral vaccine shedding and people being infected by the vaccine. This keeps the illness in play for profit.

cia parker

Ronald snd Danchi,

I have never disputed that the measles vaccine often causes very serious side effects of many kinds and I would never let my daughter get it. Yes, it does increase antibody levels, which means that in most cases the vaccinated person will not get measles for some length of time. It means that the average 450 deaths a year in 1960 from measles no longer occur. Yes, it causes death and disability in many cases, but it does prevent measles and measles deaths. Since four million a year got it, the entire birth cohort, and there are ways to prevent and treat measles complications, I don't think preventing 450 deaths a year is worth the cost. I will not speak for others, though. If they think it's worth the risk of the vaccine in order to prevent measles, I would let them. I disagree that it's impossible to diagnose the VPDs with considerable certainty based on the symptoms. How do we know that English sweating sickness killed tens of thousands in England in the sixteenth century, having first appeared in France in the fifteenth century? How do we know that there was even such a thing as bubonic plague? How do we know that there are not millions being killed by it in the US even at this moment?

I think it's fine to consider scientific information with some skepticism, but I think overreacting to the point of not believing anything said in books and other print media at any time in history just because the modern pharma establishment also says thing on the subject is not helpful to anyone. Pasteur was a fraud, but that does not make me disbelieve that pasteurizing milk kills germs in it and prevents disease caused by them. And I understand that raw milk has benefits, but also believe that it would have to be carefully prepared and treated.


Here are some photos send in by parents who had their children vaccinated after the Disney False Flag:

-An Unexpected Side Effect of My Daughter’s Measles Vaccine
-My Sons’ Vaccine-Related Measles
-Genotype Testing Showed Baltimore Baby’s Symptoms Were A Reaction To The MMR, Health Officials Relieved
-Story of one little girl:
-Look what happened when a Mom staggered shots:

Hopefully these images are still online.


Measles, what else can it be?
Conventional research indicates that an adenovirus (not the measles virus) can create the symptoms of measles.

You don't have to have the rash to have measles. Yes, I agree, measles is a cyclical illness just like all childhood illnesses. It's nature way of naturally building the immune system to assist the body years later to have the immune strength to fight off more deadly illness such as certain cancers etc. Endemic measles provides immunity against certain cancers which is why researchers are experimenting treating cancers with the measles virus. Endemic-not synthetic created. Nature, despite the worlds attempt to control it, is more wise than man will ever be. The reason the childhood illness are cyclical is because nature creates an opportunity to infect children who got missed in the previous cycle. ALL VACCINES have disrupted that natural cycles therefore putting children as they grow at a greater risk for deadly disease when they are older.

Also remember:
Measles was suppose to be eradicated in 1967:

Didn't happen and what did happen was the creation of an additional strain of measles called: Atypical Measles. So now there are technically 3 measles strains:
-Endemic (which was suppose to have been eliminated, not eradicated in 2000 but additional cases were found later so that strain is still circulating)
-The CDC has documented 30 Measles Genotypes. The Genotypes are mutations of the endemic virus they began messing with in developing a measles vaccine.
-Atypical Measles Syndrome: A Continuing Problem

Measles vaccine has been and continues to be ineffective or there would not be the number of mutations on file at the CDC. Viruses mutate all the time which makes vaccine ineffective:
*Arch Intern Med. 1994 Aug 22;154(16):1815-20.
Failure to reach the goal of measles elimination. Apparent paradox of measles infections in immunized persons.
Poland GA1, Jacobson RM.
Conclusion: The apparent paradox is that as measles immunization rates rise to high levels in a population, measles becomes a disease of immunized persons.

*The Re-Emergence of Measles in Developed Countries: Time to Develop the Next-Generation Measles Vaccines?
The measles vaccine has failed, he explained two years ago in a prescient paper, “The re-emergence of measles in developed countries.” In that paper, he warned that due to factors that most haven’t noticed, measles has come back to be a serious public health threat. Poland sees the need for a major rethink, after concluding that the current measles vaccine is unlikely to ever live up to the job expected of it: “outbreaks are occurring even in highly developed countries where vaccine access, public health infrastructure, and health literacy are not significant issues.

The study below is very revealing. Golding & Scott of the FDA in 1995 stated that vaccines viruses once injected, the body is unable to eliminate it. If you think abut what they are saying and you know how the immune system works, you should understand that the injected material stay in the body and if the immune system is weakened, the viruses will activate and infect the body. Many of these outbreaks of pertussis, measles, chicken pox are most likely coming from vaccinated children and not necessarily currently vaccinated ones.

In 1995, Golding and Scott, published the need for strategies to make vaccines that would generate the “required” Th cell to the corresponding microorganism. Since that time, attempts to produce vaccines that would generate a “natural”- type response have failed. So, we are left with vaccines that generate “protective” responses as a second choice. How does this work? In vaccine-induced Th2 responses, called humoral responses, the body produces large quantities of specific antibodies that block the virus from entering cells. This response is why a vaccinated child doesn’t get a full blown infection and why the child won’t spread as many viruses into the environment. However, antibodies cannot get into cells to eliminate viruses once the viruses are in the cells or cannot kill infected cells themselves. Therefore, the body has no choice other than to internalize the virus and be chronically infected when the body is forced into a Th2 antibody response. The body is essentially constipated with viruses that it cannot expel! (Vaccine Strategies: Targeting Helper T Cell Responses BASIL GOLDING and DOROTHY E. SCOTT) Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

Bottom line: There is not one Independent double blind placebo controlled study that confirms the effectiveness and safety of the MMR.

There is not one Independent study that confirms that reduction of Measles in any population on the planet has occurred as a result of inoculating a population.

Ronald Kostoff

Cia Parker,

"as far as the vaccine being effective, yes, it was and is effective."

You are buying into the framework set by the Medical establishment. Take thalidomide. In 1957, it was marketed to relieve morning sickness in pregnant women. Let's assume it performed that function successfully. By your definition, it would have been 'effective'. Unfortunately, it also caused thousands of serious birth defects globally, and had to be removed from the market. Overall, it was an unmitigated disaster, even though it may have been 'effective' for the limited application.

Is the MMR vaccine effective? Well, it may increase antibody levels, and perhaps eliminate the symptoms of measles et al in the short term. What is the price to be paid in terms of near-term side-effects (such as autism), and making the individual more susceptible to serious disease in the longer term? We don't know, since no one seems interested in running these experiments.

But, this is what happens when we allow the vaccine manufacturers and their foot-soldiers to frame the debate. They pick the metrics, and many people use them as the starting point in discussion.


Cia the following:

The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of Trismus but Lock Jaw aka Trismus can be cause by anything that affects the central nervous system.

Trauma,Surgery,Radiation,Burns,SLE,Scleroderma,Myositis,Infections,Tumour growth,Damage to the trigeminal nerve(CNV),Tetanus
Arthritis,Ankylosis (Bony and fibrous),Temporomandibular joint syndrome,Rabies,Peritonsillar abscess,Hypocalcemia
Seizure disorder,Strychnine poisoning,Phenothiazines
Seizure disorders,Pericoronitis,TM joint disorder,Inflammation of the muscles of mastication,Acute osteomyelitis (type of Osteomyelitis),Gaucher disease,Condylar fracture,Local anaesthesia,Needle prick,Radiation therapy to head and neck, Neuroleptics,Submucous fibrosis,MDMA,Jaw pain,Tonsillitis
Mumps,Facial pain,Stroke,Broken jaw,Facial trauma,Jaw ankylosis,Fits,Impacted wisdom tooth (type of Impacted tooth)
Arthritic changes in temporomandibular joint (see Arthritis)
Hysteria,Facial neuralgia,Malingering,Trichiniasis,Tetany

Causes of Trismus listed in Disease Database:

Other medical conditions listed in the Disease Database as possible causes of Trismus as a symptom include:

Amphetamine,Clostridium tetani,Idiopathic orofacial dystonia
Ludwig angina,Pericoronitis,Quinsy,Strychnine,Tonsillitis
Trichinella spiralis,Trismus pseudocamptodactyly syndrome

Lock Jaw is not exclusive to Tetanus however it's great fear mongering PR for the vaccine industry to keep it a secret there is more than one cause.


On a population level you can't say that we went from 99% to close to 0% getting measles for any reason other than the vaccine.

Well I guess so, if that's the only conclusion that you're willing to infer. But even the experts aren't willing to give that much credit to the vaccine.

In 2014, MMR advocate Dr. Gregory Poland made public statements about the poor effectiveness of the measles component of the MMR, which included:

'… during the 1989–1991 U.S. measles outbreaks 20–40% of the individuals affected had been previously immunized with one to two doses of vaccine. In an October 2011 outbreak in Canada, over 50% of the 98 individuals had received two doses of measles vaccine… this phenomenon continues to play a role in measles outbreaks.

Thus, measles outbreaks also occur even among highly vaccinated populations because of primary and secondary vaccine failure, which results in gradually larger pools of susceptible persons and outbreaks once measles is introduced.

This leads to a paradoxical situation whereby measles in highly immunized societies occurs primarily among those previously immunized…."


Sylvia, I love the point you made about the use of automobiles vs horses.

There was a large increase in life expectancy between the world wars and most people put that down to antibiotics.

But maybe it wasn't.

cia parker

Measles used to occur in epidemics about every two years, and would sweep through schools. I got it when I was six, in the first grade. Not many people went to the doctor, and if they did, doctors diagnosed it on the basis of the symptoms and if it was known that there was currently an outbreak. In young army recruits in the early '60s, 99% showed serological evidence of measles antibodies, so we know that they had either had clinical or subclinical cases of measles. If a child has a moderate fever, it goes down, then they get Koplik's spots in their mouth, then a high fever for two and a half to three days, and a blotchy rash, a cough, red, sore eyes, maybe an ear infections, what else is it going to be? If they don't have these characteristic symptoms, why would anyone think they had measles?

cia parker

If someone gets all their muscles very rigid and can't open their jaw, and goes into spasms when they hear noise or are touched, then everyone is going to think tetanus. What else is it going to be? Especially if the person had sustained an injury in the weeks before the rigidity.

cia parker

It's true that if you vaccinate 100 people for measles that it doesn't prove it was effective, that it might just be that none of them was exposed to it. But when I was a child in the '60s, before the vaccine, 99% of kids got measles by the time they were 18, because 99% had serological evidence of measles antibodies. Many got them from subclinical cases, but everyone I knew got it from clinical cases when it swept through schools in epidemics every two years. While it's possible that any particular group of 100 people might just not have been exposed to measles, in this case we have 99% of kids getting it in 1962, but ever fewer once the vaccine came into widespread use, until by the '80s not many kids got it. Now it's only a very small number and it's a big deal when it happens. Like with polio, like with pertussis in the '40s, like with rubella in the late '60s, lots of cases pre-vaccine, close to no cases after vaccine. On a population level you can't say that we went from 99% to close to 0% getting measles for any reason other than the vaccine. It was a mistake, we would have been better off just letting everyone get measles, and avoided all the cases of autism caused by the measles vaccine and MMR, but as far as the vaccine being effective, yes, it was and is effective.

cia parker


It is always possible that a diagnosis be mistaken, but in the case of the VPDs which used to be common, in most cases it was possible to make an accurate diagnosis based on the symptoms. I have read some people here saying that the measles vaccine did not eliminate measles, that there's just as much as there ever was (which was 99% of all American children in 1960), but its symptoms are different now. I don't think that's true. In the California and other measles outbreaks, there has never been any mention of the symptoms being different than they used to be: meaning rash, high fever in two peaks days apart, Koplik's spots for a brief time, and conjunctivitis, possibly secondary symptoms like diarrhea or ear infections, or bronchitis. We stopped ever having children getting blotchy rash, fever, and so one because the vaccine virtually eliminated measles in the US and most Western countries.

I've read people here saying that there's just as much polio as there's ever been, it's just diagnosed as something different, Guillain-Barré syndrome or aseptic meningitis. That may be true to some degree, but for the most part it is not. And the reason polio is scary is the paralysis occurring in a few cases, but aseptic meningitis never causes paralysis, so it really doesn't matter if a case is diagnosed as self-limiting, non-paralytic aseptic meningitis. We no longer have the numbers of children we had in the '50s having to use braces and crutches or a wheelchair for life after suffering the viral illness of polio or anything resembling it. Because the vaccines eliminated polio.

If we still have just as many cases of all the VPDs as we ever did, and are just being lied to about the reduction in severe disease, you need to come up with figures on the number of children dying or being disabled by diphtheria, measles, polio, meningitis look-alikes. It's like with what the media tell us about autism, that it's always been the same rate, that the schools used not to accept them (to explain why there were ZERO in the schools when I was growing up), and that they were all shipped off to mysterious institutions in the country, without explaining where they were, why they're no longer there, or who paid for the expensive care. It's not true, of course.

My daughter had chickenpox (from my shingles in 2002), and pertussis in 2001, because the new vaccine is very ineffective. I have always kept my ears open, and there has been NO case of any serious contagious disease, or even childhood disease, among her classmates for the past ten years. I've gotten several notifications of students being diagnosed with pertussis, and that's all. No kids dying or being paralyzed by anything contagious or common. Of course a lot of kids got EV-68 nearly two years ago, including my daughter, but they all recovered, none paralyzed. They could have tried to hide the huge number of students sick with a severe coughing illness at that time, but several of the school personnel told me there were lots of students out with a flu-like illness in August and September o 2014. But no reports even of measles or mumps. Not even chickenpox. Very few kids get any illness with a rash, and illnesses with a fever are rare, usually just the odd flu.

Defects from congenital rubella syndrome virtually disappeared after the rubella vaccine became widespread. I think it would be better to deliberately give rubella to all ten-year old girls at the end of the school year to let them get natural permanent immunity, but the rubella vaccine did a good job in stopping the damage from CRS. There are always going to be babies born with defects, but it's unlikely to be from CRS these days.

It's just not persuasive to say so and so got Guillain-Barré syndrome and was either temporarily or permanently paralyzed by it, and to assert that he would certainly have been diagnosed with polio in the old days.

There are tests to diagnose pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, hep-A, the flu, and rotavirus, but they aren't often used: the doctor usually diagnoses them on the basis of the symptoms, and it's really not crucial that the diagnosis be correct. Diseases like hep-B, Hib, pneumococcal, and meningococcal meningitis, and polio are more dangerous, there are reliable tests for diagnosing them, and the laboratory is obligated by law to report it when they diagnose it even if the doctor doesn't. And yet I haven't heard any scare stories of invented meningitis cases and non-existent dead children to try to force people to vaccinate.

I don't see why it should be difficult to say that the vaccines usually work, some of the diseases used to be common and very dangerous, and that the vaccines are often so dangerous that it's important to consider a lot of factors before making the vaccine decision. I don't think it's going to persuade many people to say that the diseases were never dangerous, never killed or disabled a lot of people, and the vaccines have never worked at all in anyone, resulting in there being no choice to make, rejecting all vaccines out of hand being the only possible choice. It's not true and most people know it's not true.

Tim Lundeen

@ATSC thanks for the link re Dr Mendelsohn.

It reminds me that appropriate treatment for tetanus is intravenous Vitamin C. If our medical system used Vitamin C appropriately, the mortality rate for tetanus would likely be close to 0 (as it would be for many other conditions -- but then who would buy the vaccines?).

Today liposomal C is available and should be at least as effective as an IV. The only problem with liposomal is that you have to be able to take it, so conscious and not newly born. I keep 100g in the fridge just in case...

cia parker

Barry, if we don't believe anything we read anywhere, then no rational thought is possible and it is not possible to make any decisions at all, since we don't know a single thing about what is true or what is not. I trust authors like Randall Neustaedter and Aviva Jill Romm, Hilary Butler and Wendy Lydall. I've read a lot of what they have written, they are intelligent, careful, good scholars, and weigh the risks and benefits carefully. I don't have to agree with everything they or anyone else says, but I accept and believe most of what these particular authors say.

I believe that their descriptions of the VPDs and the vaccines for them are by and large accurate, and they fit into my framework of thinking. I think it's a mistake to say that because the pharma science these days is so corrupt and self-serving, that all of the studies on diseases and vaccines for the past century have all been lies based on no reality. I am certain that such is not the case, and that it's possible to approximate the truth without rejecting everything any scientist or doctor says about any disease or vaccine.

I believe, like most people here, that vaccines are much more dangerous than anyone believed them to be a few decades ago, and that the childhood diseases are necessary for developing a strong immune system. I believe that diseases like polio, meningitis, diphtheria, hepatitis, measles, mumps, pertussis, etc. etc., exist and have been accurately described by many writers. I believe that most of the vaccines are reasonably effective at preventing the diseases. I also believe that some people are genetically predisposed to reacting severely to vaccines, and should consider very carefully whether they should get any. I believe that it's unpredictable to determine who will react severely, and some apparently healthy people with no previous bad reactions and no neurological or autoimmune disease in their family may react. It's probable that everyone who gets any vaccine has a bad reaction to it at some level, but if the vaccine saves them from death or disability from the disease, it would be a risk worth taking. Many of the VPDs were horrible diseases which caused horrendous suffering and death. If there were a good chance you might be exposed to them and get them, I think it's reasonable to choose the vaccine, after doing a lot of study and thinking about it very carefully, but realizing there are no guarantees and no certainty either way.



According to Dr Mendelsohn, tetanus was the last vaccine he abandoned:

Tim Lundeen

I don't think we have any good evidence that the tetanus vaccine works. More detail from a Dr Humphries talk:

I was recommended a tetanus vaccine 6 years ago when I needed a stitches for a cut, but when I said "You've got to be kidding me, for a cut that bled profusely?", the treatment provider had the grace to look embarrassed and say "Well, we have to recommend it..."


500 people a year were getting tetanus in the US before the vaccine program, shortly after the vaccine program started, it was down to fifty a year or fewer. Many wounded soldiers in WWI, before the tetanus vaccine, died of tetanus, but almost none died in WWII, because all or almost all of them had gotten the tetanus series.


How do you even know that story is true? And if we assume that it is, how do you know the vaccine had anything to do with it?

If you vaccinate 100 people against measles, and none of them gets measles, you cant just accept that as proof of vaccine efficacy.

It could be that not a single one of those 100 people were even exposed to measles, and the vaccine had nothing to do with it.

It could also be that the vaccine failed for all 100 of them. And although all 100 of the did encounter measles, their immune systems took care of it before any of them even manifested a rash.

I've long since abandoned what I've been told vaccines do, because I learned the hard way that it just isnt true.

I now base my decisions on what I've seen vaccines do. And as I've said here before, the next person who injects a vaccine into one of my children, will have to step over my dead corpse to to do it.


Regarding Tetanus numbers, I thought it would be good to add to the discussion that something BIG happened between WWI and WWII - the automobile replaced the horse.

As someone who reads a lot about that time period, it strikes me that most people living today don't know just how much horse manure (a major factor for tetanus) people waded thru in their every day life. Not to mention feces of both man and animal made it way into many homes on a daily basis. Sanitation, hygiene and numerous public health improvement programs flourished in the years between the two "great wars". A staggering change in relatively few years.


"before the tetanus vaccine, died of tetanus"

Cia, please answer this question:

How can it be determined that these soldiers had tetanus, or anyone else if there was and still isn't a test to diagnosis it? The proof can't be in the pudding because there is no pudding.

This is something to think about: Doctors are so concerned about a person developing tetanus that everyone who gets a deep cut and ends up in an ER for a stitch or two, the shot is pushed and they get doggone mad if you refuse it-even telling you you will be paralyzed if you don't take their shot. If it's the wound that is the impetus for the shot-deep or otherwise, why don't they tell you you need to get a tetanus vaccine after EVERY injection you get? That's a deep puncture wound. Why don't they tell you a tetanus shot is needed after every surgical procedure--those are open wounds and some of them deep.

It is not the bacterium itself that causes the development of tetanus but the toxins it produces under anaerobic conditions. “Under normal conditions, no disease will occur if spores are introduced into a wound.”(J. Ark Med Soc Vol 80, No 3 p134) and “It is the compromised host, or traumatized patient, either by surgery or accident, who is most apt to develop tetanus.” (J Foot Surgery Vol 23, No 3 p235).

The tetanus bacterium is ubiquitous. It is not here today gone tomorrow. It is found on the surface of the body, in the mouth, in the gastrointestinal tract, in house dust and clothing. It occurs extensively in cultivated soils. The organism lives as a harmless commensal in the gut of many animals, in addition to humans (rural residents tend to have higher rates of intestinal carriage than city dwellers). In spite of the ubiquity of the so-called cause, the incidence of tetanus is significantly low. There have been 34 tetanus related deaths since the year 2000. That's in a population of over 3 and a half million people in the US. I say tetanus related because there is no diagnostic test for tetanus so there cannot be lab confirmation-cause of death a guess.

As you know there are 5 different types of tetanus. The spores are everywhere you cannot avoid them.

-Vaccines Do Not Prevent Tetanus
A tetanus vaccine does NOT protect you from getting tetanus. While the medical profession likes to take the credit for ALL the decline of tetanus courtesy of a vaccine, this is simply NOT true.

The proof of that lies with neonatal tetanus in the developed world, which DISAPPEARED well before the existence of either anti-toxin or a vaccine.

If we look at the documented Tetanus Mortality England & Wales from 1901 to 1999, we find that the administration of tetanus vaccine is likely to be pointless and puts children especially at risk of adverse reactions to the vaccines. (http://preventdisease(dot)com/news/10/102510_vaccines_did_not_save_us.shtml#Tet_EngWale)

Deaths related to Tetanus and tetanus incidents overall, sharply decreased long before the vaccine was introduced widely during World War II.

The Risks of Tetanus Vaccines Outweigh Any Benefit:
According to medical literature, tetanus toxoid is one of the most potent vaccinations used routinely in children with protective levels being obtained with schedules that start in the newborn period (which is one of the reason the Dtap is said to be the most deadliest of the vaccines).

-In one study 11 healthy subjects receiving the tetanus booster vaccine produced a lowering of the t-lymphocyte helpers/suppressor ratio such as might be seen in patients with AIDS. (NEJM,1984, 310:198-9. Eibi MM et al Abnormal T-lymphocyte subpopulations in healthy subjects after tetanus booster.)

Other worthy scientific publications linking tetanus vaccines with disease:

-Griffin MR, et al, "Risk of seizures and encephalopathy after immunization with the diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine," JAMA 1990 Mar 23 30;263(12):1641-1645.
-Blumberg DA, "Severe reactions associated with diphther-tetanus-pertussis vaccine: detailed study of children with seizures, hypotonic-hypo-responsive episodes, high fevers, and persistent crying."Pediatrics 1993 Jun; 91(6):1158-1165. Vaccinations and Convulsions Citations.
-Baraff LJ, "Infants and children with convulsions and hypotonic-hypo-responsive episodes following diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis immunization: follow-up evaluation," Pediatrics 1988 Jun; 81(6):789-794.
-Gross TP, Milstien JB, Kuritsky JN, "Bulging fontanelle after immunization with diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine and diphtheria-tetanus vaccine." J Pediatr 1989 Mar;114(3):423-425.
-Jacob J, Mannino F, "Increased intracranial pressure after diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis immunization." Am J Dis Child 1979 Feb;133(2):217-218.
-Paradiso, G et al, "Multifocal Demyelinating Neuropathy after Tetanus Vaccine", Medicina (B Aires), 1990, 50(1):52-54.
-Walker AM, "Neurologic events following diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis immunization," Pediatrics 1988 Mar;81(3):345-349.
-Greco D, et al, "Case-control study on encephalopathy associated with diphtheria-tetanus immunization in Campania, Italy," Bull World Health Organ 1985;63(5):919-925.
-Baraff, LJ, et al, "Possible Temporal Association Between Diphtheria-tetanus toxoid-Pertussis Vaccination and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome", Pediatr Infect Disorder, Jan-Feb 1983, 2(1): 5-6.
-Flahault A, "Sudden infant death syndrome and diphtheria/tetanus toxoid/pertussis/poliomyelitis immunisation.", Lancet 1988 Mar 12;1(8585):582-583.
-Burmistrova AL, "[Change in the non-specific resistance of the body to influenza and acute respiratory diseases following immunization diphtheria-tetanus vaccine]," Zh Mikrobiol Epidemiol Immunobiol 1976; (3):89-91.
-Pantazopoulos, PE, "Perceptive Deafness Following Prophylactic use of Tetanus antitoxin", Laryngoscope, Dec 1965, 75:1832-1836.

Why You Never Need A Tetanus Vaccine, Regardless of Your Age or Location


The vaccine junta is not only unconcerned with vaccine-induced diseases, it’s massively gearing up this vaccine arms race against the human race. It’s known that tetanus vaccine causes a new disease, antiphospholipid syndrome. New adjuvants are composed of phospholipids, a potential disaster. - See more at:



Cia, you didn't address my or Danchi's point which is that diagnosis of these diseases tends to be for non specific symptoms and because doctors are prejudiced against - and are encouraged not - diagnosing a so called VPD in a patient who is vaccinated there is no valid evidence that any of them actually work.

The only way to evaluate them in a valid manner is to compare total rates of these non specific symptoms before and after the vaccine. Even if there is a fall it might not prove causation, but if there is no fall (ie no correlation) then that is sufficient to demonstrate the vaccine is almost certainly worthless.

Look at rates of non trauma paralysis before and after polio vaccine.

Look at rates of congenital defects before and after rubella vaccine.

Look at rates of liver cancer/disease before and after hepatitis b vaccine.

No matter which symptom (that we can reliably measure) and which vaccine you evaluate the result will always be the same.

Every single vaccine is worthless.

For tetanus you would need to look at data for poisoning type symptoms.

cia parker


The proof of the pudding is in the eating. 500 people a year were getting tetanus in the US before the vaccine program, shortly after the vaccine program started, it was down to fifty a year or fewer. Many wounded soldiers in WWI, before the tetanus vaccine, died of tetanus, but almost none died in WWII, because all or almost all of them had gotten the tetanus series.

The symptoms are dramatic and obvious: onset is usually one to two weeks after infection. In 24 to 48 hours after onset, there is considerable muscle rigidity: the neck and back become stiff and arched and the abdomen board-like. The patient often loses the ability to open his mouth (lockjaw). The slightest noise, touch, or light can induce extremely painful spasms, and spasms of the respiratory muscles can produce asphyxia and death. Tetanus spores are most common in the south-east of the US, but are found nearly everywhere in the US. They live in the digestive tract of many mammals, are excreted with the feces, and then can survive in the ground for decades. It's not just stepping on a nail which is dangerous, it's stepping on a nail which was used to nail a shoe onto a horse, and was thrown off. They are an ever-present danger in the environment. I was surprised in reading Hillary Butler's website that she said that you could get tetanus by pricking your finger on a rose thorn: that hadn't ever occurred to me. She is against nearly all vaccines, but says that the tetanus vaccine is one of the better vaccines which it is reasonable to consider getting.

Dr. Neustaedter is against nearly all vaccines. He says that the tetanus vaccine is usually safe, but occasionally causes severe reactions, even death, and details several cases of them. He gives a personal strategy about each vaccine: about tetanus, he says: "Consumers need to decide whether the low risk from possible tetanus exposure warrants giving the vaccine. This is primarily an issue of comfort level and the likelihood of exposure. People who live on farms or work with horses are more likely to be exposed than those who live in urban or suburban areas. Anxiety about tetanus may be high in parents because the disease progresses rapidly and can attack healthy children. However, tetanus is rarely fatal in children. Each parent must make the difficult decision about the tetanus vaccine.

If a child has a high likelihood of exposure or is traveling to a foreign country where sanitation is poor and the incidence of tetanus is higher than in the US, then tetanus vaccine administration should be seriously considered. Workers exposed to frequent injuries may also choose to receive regular tetanus boosters rather than worry about each individual injury." (p. 261) At this time, nearly every person in the US has had the tetanus series, which protects for a very long time. That makes it impossible for us to speculate about how many cases of tetanus there WOULD be if fewer or no people got the vaccine series, and how often the tetanus would prove fatal.

About the polio vaccine he says, p. 243: "Since the risk of acquiring polio is near zero if a child is not vaccinated, it seems unjustifiable to risk adverse effects from the polio vaccine." But his statement is qualified, and implies that if you were living in a place where the risk of acquiring polio was NOT near zero, then it might be a justifiable decision to get the polio vaccine.

I think it is a good idea not to become dogmatic and not to forget or deny that there are risks and benefits both in getting and in refusing any vaccine. I am vehemently in favor of letting the childhood diseases come back, measles, mumps, pertussis, chickenpox, rubella. The permanent immunity given and the strengthening of the immune system and prevention of serious diseases in the future are all good reasons for most children to just get them. Newborns should be sheltered at home and measures should be taken to protect them from exposure. But I recognize that a few children would be disabled or even killed by some of them. I would not force anyone to act as I think best, which is to just refuse the vaccines for these diseases. It would be the best thing for most people, but not for everyone.

Dawn Winkler

Warning, this will seem a little harsh. But the truth IS harsh most of the time.

I'm also of the camp that this was a fantastic article, until the end. I'm in the camp who KNOWS beyond any shadow of a doubt that vaccines can never, ever be made "safe", no matter what toxin is removed, no matter how much testing is done or how much "science" is done to improve them. I won't go into all of the reasons why, but please read Tetyana Obukanych's book, Vaccine Illusion, for a pretty good understanding of how vaccines are flawed by design. The simple truth is, they can't be safe. Period. No matter what you remove, when you give them, how much you space them apart, you will always and forever face the repercussions of bypassing a huge part of the immune system. Th1/Th2 imbalance is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the assault vaccines place on the human immune system.

There are two kinds of people who call for "safer vaccines". Those who just plain haven't done enough research and don't understand all of the underlying mechanisms that make them a bio-medical trainwreck, a ticking time-bomb, a menace to society. And then there are those who actually know they can't be made safer but play into the mindset that in order to affect change, we can't "go there" all at once. To that, I will only say this...the Anti-Vaccination Leagues that ended compulsory vaccination in Europe in the late 1800's and in Canada in the early 1900's did not sit around asking and begging and pleading for "safer vaccines". No, they asked to END compulsory vaccination. Period. "Stop the Slaughter of the Innocents", one sign read at an anti-vaccine, YES and actual "Anti-Vaccine Rally" in Toronto in 1916 I believe. Not "Safer Vaccines Please".

When Galileo was living through his own personal hell, trying to make his truth known, I have to wonder (because I wasn't there and I haven't read all there is to read about Galileo) if there was anyone saying "Wait a minute. You say the earth isn't flat. The church says it is. Maybe there's a third option? The earth is flat sometimes and not flat others". I doubt anyone said that because it is absurd. Which is exactly how I feel about the notion of making "safer vaccines". It's absurd. Wasting bazillions of dollars to do further testing and more bogus "science" to make them "safer"? Why? It will NEVER matter to me personally what is done. I will never be vaccinated nor will anyone in my family. Over my dead body is the only way. I don't care what is done to any vaccine. I know they can't be safe. And I know they are not effective or necessary.

I guess that really means there is a third kind of person who calls for "safer vaccines". And that would be the type who actually believes that all that is standing between us and the next huge decimation of humanity because of some disease, are vaccines. Those warm and fuzzy, "for your own good", can't live without 'em vaccines. While these folks can admit that vaccines are not safe, destroyed their child's lives, their own life, whatever the case may be, they just can't go to the place where the rest of us are because they are in fear over disease and do not truly understand it's origin. Where is that place? Standing in the ugly, Godawful, painful, horrific truth which is that vaccines have not prevented anyone from any disease ever and are the biggest dupe in all of human history. And they are NOT what keeps disease at bay here or anywhere else. All you have to do is look at the efficacy rate for the IPV vaccine with respect to intestinal immunity (key) to see that we can't possibly have "herd immunity" by their own standards. 20-30% is not considered to be high enough. So why no polio? Well, that's an entire book so I won't go into it.

But really, this reasoning does still put them in category one, those who really haven't done all the research necessary to truly understand the vaccine issue as a whole. It's not just about safety and the dupe that they could ever be made safe. It's about how they are not effective nor are they necessary. Efficacy is never determined and can't be determined by showing that cases of a disease were prevented. Because that is an impossibility. Efficacy is simply determined by titers which mean next to nothing in terms of true immunity. But you'd have to have researched immunology and talked with PhD immunologists to know that.

Asking for safer vaccines to me is like someone asking to make a safer land-mine or a safer nuclear bomb. Vaccine mandates should be ended, liability put back on the manufacturers by repealing the NCVIA of 1986, and in a perfect world, should not exist. Health does not come through the end of a needle and never will.

cia parker


My mother lived near a little boy in the '30s who got diphtheria. His parents called in every doctor in that town, Taylor, Texas, desperate to save his life. But the doctors had no effective treatment for him, since antibiotics had not yet been developed. And the boy died a horrible death, asphyxiated and unable to breathe because of the diphtheric membrane which had closed his throat. My mother started crying when she remembered him for the rest of her life. Diphtheria had become less common by then, but was still killing thousands of children every year in the '30s.

I had a college roommate who had had polio when she was three, in about 1958, and was crippled by it. She said her parents had been wary of the vaccine and had not gotten it for her. When I knew her she had to walk with braces and crutches or use a wheelchair. I got back in touch with her several years ago through a polio survivor support group that she started. She was unemployed, living with her mother, both living on government support: Social Security in her mother's case, SS Disability in hers. She said she could no longer use braces and crutches, but had to use only the wheelchair, and wasn't able to go out much.

My father's father was a physician in Louisiana in the '30s, the company physician for the Godchaux Sugar Refinery in Reserve, and also had a private practice. My father remembered when a man with tetanus was brought in. He suffered tremendously and died of it.

There are several factors involved in our no longer seeing any of these diseases in the US today. Better wound hygiene undoubtedly prevents many cases of tetanus, but not everyone with an infected wound gets it sterilized, and yet very few people get tetanus because virtually everyone has gotten the tetanus series, which Dr. Mendelsohn said provided protection for at least 40 years. He said that all the servicemen in WWII had gotten the tetanus series, and even forty years after the war, in the '80s, when he was writing, none of them had gotten tetanus. Most get the diphtheria vaccine when they get the tetanus shot, as the DTP (or DTaP) or the DT/dT. Diphtheria was declining in incidence anyway, but the vaccine program probably sounded its death knell.

Even accepting that pesticide exposure seems to have been necessary for the polio virus sometimes taking a crippling course, and that nearly everyone contracted subclinical polio and got permanent immunity to that strain of polio that way, even accepting that nothing is always diagnosed correctly, it is still true that polio was a frightening disease in the '40s and '50s which crippled many children and killed some.

Using the UK government charts provided in Wendy Lydall's excellent book Raising a Vaccine-Free Child, diphtheria killed 9000 children a year in 1895, its peak year. Scarlet fever was killing 30,000 children a year, again in the UK. Pertussis was killing 18,000 children a year in 1870.

We can't really even process what these astronomical numbers mean, every one a precious life lost, to the family's immense grief. That's why vaccines became universally popular and used: they reduced the number of deaths from these diseases to close to zero. Just imagine what you would do if there were a diphtheria epidemic now, let's say that for whatever reason there was no effective treatment available, antibiotics simply did not work, and a child on every block were dying of diphtheria. But among children who got the vaccine, no children died. What would you do?

I'm not trying to say that anyone SHOULD get the vaccines, they have inflicted inconceivable damage on millions, including me and my daughter. We would never take another vaccine, unless, possibly, there were a new contagious disease wiping people out left and right, and there were a vaccine for it which appeared effective. I'd have to research it and make a decision, but I might choose the vaccine.

Every family has the responsibility to research it carefully and make a decision. Of course half of children being damaged by vaccines with autism, seizures, asthma, allergies, etc., is horrendous. It is probably related to the huge number of vaccines routinely given now, since the rate started up with the beginning of the large increase in vaccines given, starting in 1988. Which goes back to every family needing to research it, consider the disease dangers in his time and place, the dangers of the vaccines for those diseases, certainly bearing in mind that no one wants an autistic child unable to understand or live independently in the outer world, but also bearing in mine that no one wants his child to suffer and die from a VPD. Vaccines usually work, but for many they have a very high price.


I thought most of this article was excellent until I got to the part that the author thinks "safer vaccines" is what we all are fighting for.

I tried to think of a similar analogy of what I have seen regarding the vaccine carnage these past 15 years, but I am coming up empty. But to me, what comes closest is finding out that your husband/boyfriend/lover is a serial adulterer, and when finally caught red (ahem) handed, he begs for forgiveness and another chance, because now he will change his ways. But to compare this analogy to the vaccine injury epidemic, you would have to have found out not only is your lover an adulterer, he is also a mass murderer. So, I don't see too many women giving that dude a second chance.

So for the record, 99.99999 percent of everyone who has ever been involved in vaccine production, on vaccine advisory committees, vaccine law... basically ANYTHING to do with any part of the vaccine program of the past 50 years would have to be BANNED from any future vaccine research. Because they are the guilty parties. And I don't think that is possible. There is just way too much corruption in the system today to start anew. The system in place is rotten to the core.

But perhaps that is the authors point? That there IS NO WAY to make a safe vaccine from credible sources?

I consider myself to be the forgiving sort, and believe in second chances in most instances. But there is no way in hell I would ever trust the pharmaceutical industry or the government regarding vaccine safety.

I will never trust any vaccine again.


cia parker
How can any study say that the Tetanus vaccine works when there isn't even a diagnostic test for tetanus? It states that on the CDC website so how can anyone study what they can't test for. Tetanus comes from the C. tetani spore. The vaccine doesn't induce immunity. It's can't because being infected by the tetani spore doesn't give immunity naturally. What nature won't do a vaccine certainly won't. The diagnosis of tetanus is a guess and tetanus symptoms are the same as any toxic poisoning. Lockjaw, which is how most doctors push the shot-is not specific to tetanus.

"Wounds that bleed will never result in tetanus because the tetanus bacillus is anaerobic. It is absolutely silly to vaccinate boys who cut their knees. The only reason behind that is money."--Dr Buchwald MD

The WHO declared measles eliminated but quietly walked that back after it was discovered that there were uncounted cases. It was ENDEMIC measles that was supposeably eliminated, not the vaccine strains that have been circulating for decades because of the vaccine. However that didn't make the 6 o'clock news. Are you aware who makes the determination if a child has measles when labs are sent in? The CDC.

Have you read what Janine Roberts researched on the measles vaccine? It's quite a shocker.

How 'Measles Virus' is isolated for a Vaccine. Fear of the Invisible. extract from her book Fear of the Invisible

-In an online paper entitled 'Isolation and Identification of Measles Virus in Cell Culture,' the CDC, the central Health Research authority of the USA, lays out how isolation of this virus should be done so it can be used, say for a vaccine. It instructs, first obtain from the patient a small sample of urine or fluid from the nose or mouth.

Next 'sacrifice' a marmoset monkey, take some of its cells, then make these cancerous, perhaps by exposing them to radiation, and then give them, on top of this, Epstein-Barr disease! Such extremely sick cells, the CDC informs us, are '10,000 times' more sensitive to the measles virus than are normal human cells.

Now add to these cells a toxin called trypsin. The CDC tells us to expect some cells to fall off the sides of the vessel as if they have been poisoned. They have been. Now add nutrients and glucose and leave for two or three days so the cells can somewhat recover.

Now add to the cells the sample gathered from the patient. After an hour, inspect the cells in the culture with a microscope to see if any of the cells are becoming distorted, or are floating free as they did when trypsin was added. If they are, the CDC says this is proof that measles virus is present and making the cells ill.

This statement made me sit back and think. Why should this illness now be caused by a virus? They had poisoned the cells, made them cancerous..... and now the CDC was saying the cells must be ill because they had measles. Where was the logic in this?

The next stage involves the addition of two antibiotics, Penicillin and Streptomycin, to the culture and leaving it alone for a day. Again the cells are inspected - and if small holes now appear between cells, it is now presumed that measles virus has caused these. If no sign of such damage, this process is repeated. If after this there are still no signs of damage, then the culture is discarded. However, if 50% or more of the cells are now seriously ill and distorted, the culture is set aside and kept in the fridge as 'isolated measles virus stock suitable for vaccines!' All this without actually detecting the virus itself!

This is the whole process as recommended by the CDC. There is no mention of the need to have a control culture, "no mention of any need to isolate the measles virus" or even to see it with an electron microscope. The cells are poisoned - and an unseen measles virus is blamed - even thou' the disease the cells have is totally unlike measles. Where is the logic in this?

What they call measles virus is in effect the fluid in this poisoned cell culture.

Source document - CDC. Isolation and Identification of Measles Virus in Culture, Revised November 29, 2001.

Now put this information into context with this info which Roberts also discovered:
It was thus a shock to discover from this top-level scientific workshop that the viruses in our current vaccines are not in a sterile fluid as I had presumed, but in a soup of unknown bits and pieces, a veritable witches' brew of DNA fragments, added chemicals, proteins and, even possibly prions and oncogenes, all of which would easily pass through the filters used to be injected into our children.

Our vaccines, I thus learnt, are not filtered clean but are suspensions from the manufacturers' ‘incubation tanks' in which the viruses are produced from ‘substrates' of mashed bird embryo, minced monkey kidneys or cloned human cells. These suspensions are filtered before use but only to remove particles larger than viruses. The point of the vaccine is that it contains viruses, thus these must not be filtered out. This means there remains in the vaccine everything of the same size or smaller, including what the manufacturers call ‘degradation products' - parts of decayed viruses or cells.

"Fear of the Invisible": 1st Chapter

I wondered why so many side effects, so went to the manufacturer of the MMR vaccine to see if they had any explanation. They arranged for me to speak on the phone with their top expert in the US, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, the internationally renowned specialist who developed the MMR vaccine.

I said to him 'I understand this vaccine is made up of living viruses that you have so weakened so they will not make the child ill, but not so weakened that they will not give the child immunity. It must be difficult to so exactly weaken viruses?'

'Exactly, you have hit the nail on the head.' he replied.

I then queried, 'Do you have any guidelines for doing this?' 'Yes,' he said, 'Twenty percent.'

I did not understand this very brief answer so asked him to explain.

He replied: 'If only 20% of the children fall ill from the vaccine, that is judged acceptable. '

When I gasped with surprise, he quickly added, 'Oh I don't mean seriously ill. Just lightly ill.'

So at least 20%, maybe more will be infected by the shot-which falls pretty much inline with what the CDC Measles Pick Book says. That's a lot of kids and these kids are contagious BUT because the myth is no vaccinated child can infect others they roam about passing along a live virus (if there is one) until the rash appears. The parents are usually told the child has pseudo measles or a measles like rash-despite the labs coming back-measles. Think about how many parents don't take the kids in for testing-just make a phone call and are told the kid is fine give them some tylenol, call it a day. These children are not counted in the measles cases. Never documented. According to the Pink Book there will be a percentage of kids who have mild flu like symptoms with fever after the shot but no rash-these kids are also contagious and never counted as having measles. After the fever breaks these kids are back in circulation despite them being contagious for up to 28 days just like the first group. Lastly you have the asymptomatic carrier who harbors a live virus (if there is one)unknowingly, pass it along to others and the cycle continues until it naturally dies out. Until the next round of CDC/MSM fear mongering campaign against pushing the shot because a child developed measles.

The thing is, because a measles virus has never been isolated-it just a chemical slew being injected into a child- anything that looks like measles can be called measles because it's the CDC's call.


You are mistaken. Most vaccines are effective in preventing the disease they are meant to prevent, for varying lengths of time.


What has worn off for me, is my belief in the official bullshit vaccine narrative.

Even the most die hard supporters of vaccines, can never provide proof that vaccines prevent diseases. All they ever seem to have are references to history. Or references to statistics, that have been dubiously crafted by people from the industry. Who then report them in a manner that infers vaccine efficacy.

The only thing I do know for sure, is that we live in a time when vaccine injured children are everywhere. Which is nothing short of horrifying

And when someone attempts to construe that as 'good fortune'….. well then i think we've actually reached a new low

cia parker


You are mistaken. Most vaccines are effective in preventing the disease they are meant to prevent, for varying lengths of time. Tetanus is the best example. Aviva Jill Romm in Vaccinations p. 73, says: "Broadscale use of tetanus vaccine among American soldiers in 1941 led to significant declines in wartime cases of tetanus as compared with rates from WWI. WWI rates were 700 cases per 520,000 wounded, WWII rates were 12 cases per 2.73 million wounded."
(Plotkin and Mortimer, Vaccines, "Tetanus."

Romm, p. 256: "Just prior to the age of widespread vaccination, there were approximately 500 cases of tetanus each year...Between 1991 and 2000 there were 40-50 cases of tetanus per year in the US (CDC, 2001)."

Randall Neustaedter in The Vaccine Guide, p. 257, says: "There is no question that a series of tetanus toxoid injections is highly effective at preventing tetanus (Edsall, 1959, "Specific prophylaxis of tetanus," JAMA: 171:417-427). This has been documented in several large studies in WWII, and with studies of large groups of horses. The fact that nearly all recent tetanus cases in the US occurred in individuals who had not received the recommended schedule of vaccinations provides further evidence that active immunization is extremely effective."

The theory of vaccines is correct: if the immune system is exposed to any antigen, weakened or killed disease pathogens in this case, it will make antibodies to it, and will in most cases quickly neutralize it when it is encountered again. Polio is another example. Dr. Yazbak has recounted his experience in Rhode Island in 1960, when he was in the forefront of a polio vaccination campaign in the midst of a polio epidemic. As soon as many children were vaccinated, the epidemic came to a halt, and many parents didn't come back for the second and third dose because the epidemic was ended by the vaccine. The same occurred all over the country.

Measles was eliminated after a few years of routine measles vaccination (not a good thing, but it did eliminate it). Among dogs and cats, rabies was eliminated by the rabies vaccine.

The other side is that the vaccines often do great harm, even kill. But I think it's a mistake not to recognize that vaccines usually work to prevent the diseases they are supposed to. Whether they're worth the risk involved varies according to many factors. But we have the good fortune to live in a time and place when there are no longer large numbers of people dying of any contagious disease. If we had a lot of people around us dying or being disabled by polio, tetanus, diphtheria, or meningitis, then our perspective would be different.

cia parker

Sorry, Linda and Laura, I made a mistake. It was Laura I should have been addressing.


Although he doesn't mention autism, this presentation by Dr. Chris Exely does discuss Alzheimer's and diabetes. I had no idea that aluminum adjuvant was in most vaccines, though not live vaccines such as MMR.


Other than a small number of people at the drug companies who make them…. no-one really knows what's in any vaccine.


Dr. Weiler's article:

Ebola and Autism: What is the Link?
Is an extraordinary journey of awakening. You should read it.

david m burd

@ From Hans,

Here's the list of adjuvants/excipients in vaccines (from the CDC, just about the only honest thing they ever print).. Aluminum compounds as adjuvants are sprinkled through many of the vaccines.

Also google "vaccine papers" to see more extensive studies citing AL toxicities in vaccines, and Journal Papers from Tomljenovic and Shaw. Google their names and "aluminum adjuvants".

Pass it on.

From Hans

Although he doesn't mention autism, this presentation by Dr. Chris Exely does discuss Alzheimer's and diabetes. I had no idea that aluminum adjuvant was in most vaccines, though not live vaccines such as MMR.


Cia, no vaccine has ever prevented a single case of disease in history. We only think they do because doctors typically refuse to make the diagnosis if a patient is vaccinated. Their entire success is trivial - a self fulfilling prophecy.

Tim Lundeen

@laura hayes

If you look at James's criteria for safe vaccines, at a minimum he wants all heavy metals removed, which eliminates all of the current vaccines except for live-virus ones. For those, he raises the issue of molecular mimicry causing autoimmune illness, and of foreign proteins inducing anaphylactic-shock allergies, so that would eliminate all of them as well. The result is thatwe are all in agreement that none of the current vaccines are safe. (But I don't speak for him, I'm just looking at his criteria.)

However, just because no existing vaccine is safe, it might still be possible to create vaccines that are safe and effective. There is an extremely high bar to developing them:

(1) in addition to actual safety and efficacy, we need to ensure that they don't distort your immune response so as to put you at risk of infectious-agent type substitution, as happens with pertussis and HPV vaccines. In other words, the immune response induced by the vaccine should result in at least as healthy an immune state as getting an infection.

(2) there is the issue of immune-system activation, which can cause brain damage and autism all by itself, even when the vaccine is totally safe, effective, and results in a healthy immune system. See and their other articles on this.

cia parker

Great comment, and I agree that vaccines cannot be made safe. The whole point of vaccines is to alarm the immune system enough that it produces an inflammatory response which causes antibodies to be produced to the disease pathogen injected, and this inflammation is very often excessive, causing encephalitic brain damage (autism, seizure disorders, learning disorders, ADHD) and/or autoimmune responses to substances which resemble the antigens in the vaccine which produced sensitization. Toxic ingredients like mercury and aluminum produce many dangerous conditions just from the poisoning of susceptible individuals. But even if you took out ALL the toxic ingredients, you'd STILL have a product designed to cause a dangerous level of inflammation. You're right, the wild card is the reaction of the individual immune system, which in many cases denotes a healthy, super-responsive immune system which you would not want to downgrade.

I would not ban all vaccines, though. I would educate people on the risks of both the VPDs (in their area, in their time) and the vaccines, and let them make the choice as to whether or not to get them for themselves or their children. The vaccines don't always work to prevent the targeted diseases, especially the pertussis and flu vaccines, but they usually do, and I would not want to be the one to forbid the use of the tetanus vaccine, for example, and then have people dying of tetanus. Education, then choice. And then observe carefully the results in both vaxed and unvaxed people, to add to the facts which people would have to consider when making the vaccine decision.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for what appears to be a very valuable compilation and organization of what research to date indicates.

This article is so very good (until the part that kind of, don't how to say other than, freaked me out) that I did freak out a little towards the end. Just want to say that to my mind the CDC is only one front on a much deeper probably global problem, so I personally would not recommend any current government agency (if ever) to be assigned any substantial amount of governing auspices over our health matters.

Laura Hayes


You write:

"Today’s John Snows have been calling for us to clean up vaccines – not to break the handle off the pump – but to clean up vaccines, and to shut down the epidemic. They do not wish to ban vaccines. Quite the opposite – their goals are to make them so safe that the myths of vaccine safety perpetuated by the CDC become true, and then everyone can enjoy the full benefits. Their science – and it is valid science, regardless of what Rr. Adm. Shuchat tried – and failed – to get us to believe – has shined a bright light on what is wrong with the current formulation of most vaccines."

That is not true of the "John Snows" whom I know and with whom I work. We are not proponents of "cleaning up vaccines", whatever that means. We believe it is unwise to purposefully invade and tamper with our incredible and finely-tuned, God-given immune which are so intricate that to think we can perfect them by injecting them without having a clue as to the myriad unforeseen consequences that will ensue, which will be not only individual but generational, is arrogant and dangerous.

Furthermore, the unwise practice of vaccination bypasses the first parts of the immune system, i.e. the respiratory tract and the GI tract, overly-and-artificially stimulating the subsequent parts of the immune system, with toxins and all types of hideous debris that do not belong trapped in our bodies wreaking havoc on every internal system...causing not only toxicity, but also inflammation, disease, chronic illness, developmental disability, a changing of genetics, an introduction of viruses from other species, among other detrimental consequences.

The mavericks whom I know and work with are working to immediately, and forever, ban vaccine mandates, fully restore individual and parental rights with regard to making medical decisions, and repealing the 1986 NCVIA. Banning vaccines themselves would be the icing on the cake, so to speak.

Why would banning vaccines be the icing on the cake? Because currently there is no informed consent taking place prior to vaccinations, nor can there be. The research that needed to be done BEFORE even one vaccine, much less hundreds, were ever approved, administered, and mandated, has NOT been done. There has never been a comparison study of the short- and long-term health and development outcomes between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, for each and every vaccine, and for the numerous combinations in which they are administered. Without that, no valid efficacy and safety information can be given. Additionally, current vaccine "research" has not been done according to the gold standard of medical research, i.e. that of double-blind, placebo-controlled studies. Without the use of such scientific rigor, no vaccine safety or efficacy claims can be made. Thus, absent these essential elements in place, there is no such thing as "informed consent" when it comes to vaccinations...none.

That is why banning vaccines themselves should not even be seen as "the icing on the cake". Rather, it should be seen as the only ethical and moral thing to do, immediately, and worldwide. No human being should continue to be used as a guinea pig for these barbaric medical procedures that have no basis in science or wisdom, and which continue based on vaccine profiteers accumulating wealth, not on the public attaining good health.

John Stone

Thanks James,

You remind me of my early dealings with the UK Department of Health (c.2000-2) over the rising autism rate. I wrote to them about the rising rate of autism and the first article they sent me was Taylor, Lancet 1999. This was confusing - it was supposed to be a refutation of Wakefield but it showed autism diagnosis rising about 16-fold between the birth cohorts of 1979 and 1992 for the North London boroughs in which we lived. So it really didn't do anything to alleviate my concerns. The next tack was Fombonne's "Is there an epidemic of autism?" which was obviously fallacious - the absence of controlled data did not provide an argument that autism was not rising, only of institutional negligence. Already they were beginning to work on plans to raise the historic rate of autism, but you are right they had no theory: they were just involved in a crazy dance.

I look forward to your book.

Bob Moffit

Approximately 45 years ago .. my daughter was diagnosed with Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) .. which the best doctors in New York had absolutely no explanation for.

Indeed .. not having a handy explanation like 1854's "vibrones" or "miasma" (bad air) theory for cholera .. the word "bizarre" was used by more than one "doctor" trying to explain why no one knew what caused ITP .. which eventually required the surgical removal of her spleen .. that had somehow gone haywire .. destroying the platelets in her blood that are essential for the process of "clotting" that stops someone from bleeding to death should they suffer .. as she did .. something as minor as a simple nose-bleed.

Fast-forward today and we find "thrombocytopenic purpura" is no longer descried as "Idiopathic" or "bizarre" .. instead it is listed on manufacturer labels as a possible adverse reaction to vaccines .. including MMR and DPT.

And so .. in family .. I have two generations .. my daughter with ITP .. and .. my now 16 year old grandson
who "regressed" .. eventually diagnosed autistic .. another disease .. just as my daughter's ITP .. our family had never heard of before .. and .. now has become far more common than in ALL previous .. less vaccinated generations.

In any event .. should it eventually be proven beyond all reasonable doubt that .. just like ITP .. vaccines DO CAUSE AUTISM .. the vaccine industry is going to have to do a lot more than just putting a warning on their labels that autism is a possible adverse reaction.

What's the chance of THAT ever happening?


Hans Litten

This is an absolutely brilliant article (thanks JLW).

A MUST READ for all here .

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