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Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe Parent Review

By Tim Welsh (Tannner's Dad)

I was blessed to be one of the first to see this movie premiering TODAY in New York City at the Angelika Film Center. It was a riveting roller coaster for those with their eyes and minds open to the possibility that greed and corruption at the Centers for Disease Control may have built over years. Each lie for the "Greater Good" laying a deeper foundation of receipt. The only way  justice can be done for this film is to recommend EVERYONE see it for themselves. I have seen, been involved in production and marketing dozens of Autism documentaries and this by far is rated a "must see".
 Before I unpack this let me disclose that:
I am a parent of a vaccine injured child. 
I am not in any way shape or form a medical professional.
I have not been paid to write this review. 
I am a British Citizen who resides in Illinois. 
I have been studying Autism and advocating for better health for all for fourteen years. 
I am a contributing editor at The Age of Autism Age of Autism dot com.  
I am behind #CDCwhistleblower.
I am biased but not bought.
I wish I had seen it...before.
Things to take into this movie . 1. Tissues. Yes humans attending this movie will be moved. Dramatic and graphic yet not over the top. 2. An open mind. For those new to the Vaccine Safety world there will be a lot that forces you to come face to face with a lot of your programmed beliefs about the medical establishment, doctors and pharmaceutical business practices. 3. Bring a Friend. I was shaking and crying and needed a hand to hold and hug when it was over.
There are multiple reasons advanced copies of this movie were not provided to the press. I applaud the producers for not bowing to the establishment pressure. Many will jump on CDC provided talking points, but this film is not about Dr Andrew Wakefield. This film is about Dr William Thompson who is a top CDC scientist still working at the CDC. He is known on the web as the #CDCwhistleblower.  Questions raised over and over in the public domain about Fraud, Deception and Malfeasance at the CDC are detailed in such a way I personally believe it will be impossible for the crimes to go ignored.
I have to applaud the depth of commitment of all the individuals in the film. In our current silenced, censored and politically correct world these heroes are taking great risks to appear. We must, as parents dealing with children who have and may have been injured by vaccines, support this film in every way we can. No matter the smoke screens, misdirection and pointing of fingers by the establishment. When real questions are raised, real answers are required.
It is not remotely Anti Vaccine to demand Laws be followed, fraud prevented and best outcomes in health pursued. #VaxXed #CDCwhistleblower
TannersDad Tim Welsh - Health Advocate - Contributing Editor Age of Autism



All New Yorkers who have seen the movie ought to start calling their school, city, state, and federal representatives and tell them that they have seen the documentary and ask that they support a moratorium/suspension on endorsing or requiring any local/state/school health recommendations that have been established that are based on the altered study's information.
Schools and states MUST be made aware of new science and potential fraud. Once they are made aware, if they refuse to address the issue, we can find a way to hold them liable for NOT altering their stance further down the line. Send certified letters if you have to, to document their receipt of the information!

By the way, Trump was interviewed by Sharyl Atkinson on Full Measure dated April 3 and once again brought up that the vaccine schedule may be questionable, though he stated he believes vaccines are important. Looks like it happened right around the same time as the Vaxxed movie problem with tribeca.


Michael Haymar

When can we buy a DVD.

Tim Lundeen

@shannon young

Well said, thanks.

Ever since SB277 in California, I take every opportunity to talk with people about the risks, and post on FB every day. No more silence!

shannon young

I have been feeling like Cassandra of Troy, doomed to foresee the demolishing of her nation, and no one would listen. When my boy developed autism following the MMR, I did my thorough research and discovered the horrible, unconscionable truth, that the CDC doesn't care a pin about my son's future, that his health is devastated and his brain damaged. For years after I would hover around moms with babies in the park, or pregnant women, wondering, how can I tell them? Dreading, they won't hear me. The prevailing ideology is too dominant. My therapist with two teenagers of her own, after initially saying that couldn't be, bless her heart, began to do her own research, and finally a few months later said to me: "I had no idea that when I brought my children in for their vaccines, that I was playing Russian roulette with their futures." It is the most nefarious of crimes perpetrated against the very foundation of our culture, mothers and their unborn, newborn children. And I suppose the very horror of that makes people unwilling to believe it could be going on. But it is . . .

Vaxxed does an incredible job of penetrating to the core issue, fraud at the CDC, the agency that we task with protecting our health, and the incredible human cost that this fraud has perpetrated. Their "studies" "proving" no relationship between autism and vaccines enabled Health and Human Services to win against the 5000 plaintiffs who claimed that their children's autism was caused by vaccines. I was one of those 5000. I am a single mom of child with autism, now in his teens. We live in a studio apartment because I can't afford better housing and the school I need my son to attend.

Might we one day see justice? Might the information finally get out? I don't know. I read the same bought off misinformation about the documentary. I know that Big Pharma controls pretty much everything we see, read, and hear. I tell my friends to please see the film; I tell them that this explains what happened to my child, but most don't seem that interested, or refer to it as an "interesting debate" a "controversial" situation. Again I feel like Cassandra.

The Congressional inquiry into the CDC fraud is in committee, and has been for months now. Will our Justice System work as it is supposed to do? Or is it bought and paid for too?

Please go to the film. Do your own research, trying to find independent sources. Try to not be dictated to by the overwhelmingly powerful and well funded vaccine industry. I really feel like the future of our nation is at stake, as well as the world community.

From the documentary: Stephanie Stenoff, Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist, MIT
“If we assume things are going to continue as they have been, we can predict that by 2032, 80% of the boys, half of the children, will end up on the autism spectrum. This is going to be a complete catastrophe if we just let it happen.”


I attended the Saturday night screening of Vaxxed in New York and I felt I was in the presence of heroes. Thank you to everyone involved in making this movie.


It is not remotely Anti Vaccine to demand Laws be followed, fraud prevented and best outcomes in health pursued


You can't be pro 'best health outcomes', and also be pro vaccine.

You're either one, or the other.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Thank you, Tanner's dad.


WE should now write to other Angelica/independent movie theatres in the US to show this movie. We are also waiting for CDs to become widely available.

Bob Moffit

Just returned from viewing "Vaxxed" at the Angelika Film Center .. and .. having now seen the movie .. I fully agree with Tanner's Dad:

"Questions raised over and over in the public domain about Fraud, Deception and Malfeasance at the CDC are detailed in such a way I personally believe it will be impossible for the crimes to go ignored."

A small theatre .. none the less .. very well attended for a very wet day .. 11:00 AM showing .. approximately 50 - 70 people .. most of whom stood up when Dr. Wakefield asked those in the audience that have someone in their family with autism to stand up.

Indeed .. the box office assured me the film has been well-attended throughout the weekend .. all shows. Very encouraging to hear that.

I also had the honor to ..(once again).. shake Dr. Wakefield's hand while thanking him for his courage and perseverance over the years .. and .. also shook the hand of my newest hero .. film producer Del Bigtree .. who has dared to go where so many his professional peers absolutely refuse to go. SHAME ON THEM.

Once again .. as Tanner's Dad posted: "I personally believe it will be impossible for the crimes to go ignored."

There are simply NO MORE EXCUSES .. for either CONGRESS or the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT .. to avoid responding to the CRIMES alleged by Dr. Thompson ... NONE.

In any event .. my family will forever be in debt to all who participated and appeared in this exceptional film .. God Bless one and all.

Paul Champion

Just want to say, it is more than just a civic duty but also a moral obligation. It used to be said once (by experts) that what differentiated us (humans) was the ability to use tools – until Jane Goodall found chimpanzees used tools also. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jane_Goodall
So what differentiates us now?

Civic Duty is a learnt cultural thing (which chimpanzees also have) – what makes us different from chimpanzees and the rest of the animal kingdom to my mind is the humanity within us. The sense of morality. To do right -despite all the odds of which those orthodox cultural pressures of 'civic duty' try to take away. It was only by the efforts, of many free thinking men (supported by their wives of course) over generations, who kept challenging the 'accepted modus operandi' of old, that we have this wonderful modern world - which is now, once again under threat.


arrest Coleen Boyle


Can we expect the corrupt to uncover the corruption? No they have an arsenal, it's hard to expect anything short of more attacks , and it's our fault. We are (insert a seldom used word outside of debate),we should have fought to protect our children with more than easily discounted words. We are so polite and our kids are paying a terrible price. I appreciate the efforts of Wakefield and others, but it's not enough and it's not in time.

Maurine Meleck

Thanks Tim for you moving piece. Bob, as far as the "see something and say something" government stance goes, it remains part of their mantra in their scare and terror tactics. The more they employ this method, the more reluctant citizens will be to report what the government doesn't agree with. If you reach back into the archives of history you will find this the case time and time again. Scare and terror keep the citizens in place, exactly where those in power want them to be. And yes, the bravery of those who made and put out VAXXED are to be commended at the highest level. I think we already know this. The real Axis of evil is not what Bush said, but the American industrial, military and medical complex that work against our cause thoroughly and systematically every single day.


The justice department should investigate the fraud and corruption of the CDC and get to the bottom of what happened to our children. I would also ask-who will do the research to find the answer for a CURE for our vaccine damaged children?

Hans Litten

Bob , you are aware of course it was the sovereign government of Germany that conducted the final solution 1939-45 . Resistance did exist (not George Soros by all accounts , he fully collaborated), but White Rose & others.
The CDC is a branch of the US Navy ?
In the UK the JCIV seems to have greater powers than the government ?

Who do you report genocide to , when the perpetraitors (sp.)
are all powerful with unlimited resources and have all the plans in place to manipulate\control the media ?
The perpetraitors are the ruling families and they own everything including the government .
This is a depopulation model .
Mercury amalgmas , vaccines , aspartame , GMO's , chem trails , Monsatan - its all part of a clear policy ,

Bob Moffit

"It is not remotely Anti Vaccine to demand Laws be followed, fraud prevented and best outcomes in health pursued. #VaxXed #CDCwhistleblower"

I know .. since the WTC on 9/11 .. a national campaign .. "see something" .. "say something" .. has been launched .. asking the American people to be on extra high alert for "anything" .. including .. in the case of terrorism .. mere suspicions .. that may prevent a pending terrorist attack.

However .. if I am not mistaken .. the American people have ALWAYS believed ... if they "see something" .. be it a crime in progress, a car accident, a hazardous condition, someone falling or lying on the street, ANYTHING that may require an emergency response .. they cannot just ignore it .. instead .. they have a "civic duty" to report it by .. "saying something".

On the other hand .. when citizens bring information to those responsible for protecting them .. such as .. the CDC .. it is not just the CDC's "civic duty" .. it would be a punishable CRIME .. if those individuals at the highest levels of the CDC .. under-take ANY measures that will DELAY or DENY the exposure of FRAUD or CORRUPTION they have been TOLD occurred.

And so .. it is time the CDC stopped "demonizing" citizens doing their civic duty to "say something" .. such as .. publicly making allegations of fraud and corruption having been committed at the highest levels of the CDC .. by falsely identifying those citizens "anti-vaxxers" .. because their allegations are not about VACCINES .. their allegations are about CRIMES .. FRAUD AND CORRUPTION .. for which there appears to be more than enough probable cause for not only a CONGRESSIONAL HEARING .. but .. even more important than that .. a JUSTICE DEPARTMENT INVESTIGATION.

Hopefully .. citizens will continue their civic duty to "SEE SOMETHING .. SAY SOMETHING" .. now all we need is for the CDC and JUSTICE DEPARTMENT to do something beyond what they have been doing .. which is avoiding any serious .. pubic investigation .. of probable cause to prosecute CRIMES of FRAUD and CORRUPTION at the CDC and other regulatory agencies.

As we have learned .. the "cover-up" is always worse than the "crime" itself .. and .. the longer these allegations go unresolved .. the bigger the CRIME.

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