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VAXXED: A Review by Jim West

Vaxxed_documentary.jpg.CROP.original-originalAngelika Theater, NYC
Film Review: Vaxxed
This is an amazing, pro film, great technical, political, and aesthetic skills. A confidence builder for critics. It presents the clearly documented message of CDC corruption and militant arrogance. It describes pharmaceutical industry power. The film keeps its cool and does not go over the top.
The famous scientist Andrew Wakefield, director Del Bigtree, and film distributor Richard Castro were there. Also present, and very eloquent, was the biologist, Brian Hooker, whom the CDC put a lawyer on years ago to make it illegal for him to contact the CDC for data.
After the film, in the theater lobby, I talked to most of them in fair depth and handed out my card. Wakefield got my message and seemed upbeat about it, as my ultrasound scenario completely supports the vaccine message. It was a challenge getting through the groupies who were clustering up for Wakefield photos.
The film has been lambasted by the drug tabloid, The NY Times, claiming it was a Wakefield film (he has already been demonized by the mainstream), but the film topic is actually about the CDC whistleblower, William Thompson. (Here is my breakdown of The NY Times board of directors: )
I conversed with a guy who drove from Ohio to see the film. He had been listening to his wife for 20 years talking about vaccines, and he had been like, "yea, yea...". His wife said, "You are going to see this film!" He is now a complete convert to the vax-critical position.
The film was directed by the experienced and skilled pro insider, Del Bigtree, who had directed a TV series called "The Doctors".
While listening to Del's conversations in the lobby, I heard this: Years ago, he was stunned by the whistleblower news in alternative internet news. He could not mention the whistleblower in his own work because of his own dependence on pharma sponsors (CDC etc), but he assumed it would make headlines elsewhere. Yet no mainstream outlet mentioned the whistleblower. He realized then that the "all mainstream media" is in conflict of interest with pharma. Every representative in Washington DC has three pharma lobbyists assigned to each of them.
The film's description of CDC etc is scandalous, but the film merely advocates the single-dose vaccines and is critical of the tri-dose MMR vaccine. A large portion of children with autism have had the MMR disproportionately to the control groups in studies, and the CDC is refusing to do a simple and clear vaccinated vs unvaccinated comparison study, as is true with all vaccines. It appears clear that CDC is hiding meeting records, hiding data, shredding data, corrupting studies, etc. I learned that vaccines are not categorized as pharmaceuticals and are not therefore as stringently tested. The  relation of CDC execs to the pharma industry is a revolving door, of course.
The film will be at Angelika for a few more days, downtown NYC. It is important to see this film.


Lord Windemere

Where can I get more information on the virus-polio-myth by Jim West. I came across some of his comments on the web, and as an avid Duesberg fan, I found them quite interesting.

Virus's are too small to be seen with a light microscope, so the margin of deception is huge,

I wan to know: "How much of Virology is a scapegoat for industry?"

Jim West

Editor, feel free to use my photos from

Jim West

See the updated article with surprisingly good photos at http://harvoa.org/chs/m/vaxxed.htm

I saw it four times, living in Manhattan. Tears.

Sue M

"Vax-critical" -- I love it!

Barry Stern

The day after Tribeca Film Festival pulled VAXXED,the following editorial by a Columbia Univ. professor appeared in the Wall Street Journal:

Hope someone who is knowledgeable about the science would analyze and report on the points of view expressed.

cia parker

I hope everyone remembers that one of the Lancet Twelve reacted with autism to the single measles vaccine. He did not get the MMR. It is not the case that if you separate the three vaccines in the MMR, then it is safe to get them. It is apparently safe-Er, but not safe by any means. Getting the single measles vaccine will usually prevent measles (even if it doesn't prevent autism), but it deprives the child of the many benefits of getting natural measles: permanent immunity, a stronger immune system, the ability to protect future infants from measles at a time in their lives when it can in rare cases be dangerous to them, and protection from many diseases (especially skin and bone diseases) and even several cancers in later life. Better to give the patient the appropriate dosage of vitamin A and no fever reducers, and just let measles come back.

Jeannette Bishop

I'm going to have to get used to waiting. Thank you for a peek at the film however impatient it makes me feel!

Bob Moffit

It's too bad Jim .. that YOUR review of "Vaxxed" .. which you aptly describe as a: "... clearly documented message of CDC corruption and militant arrogance .. (that accurately).. describes pharmaceutical industry power."

Unfortunately .. this amazing produced film has already become a prime example of what Sharyl Attkisson describes as "Astro-turfing" .. the main-stream media's preferred .. "surreptitious method" .. of using "special interests (who) disguise themselves and write blogs, publish letters to the editor, produce adds, establish Facebook and Twitter accounts, start non-profits, or just post comments to online material with the intent of fooling you into believing an independent or grassroots movement is speaking."

According to Ms Attkisson .. and .. as evidenced the ongoing .. enormous effort .. to SILENCE the message of this film .. "there's an entire industry built around it in Washington D.C., and some lobbyists now say that astroturf is more important and effective than traditional forms of influence, such as directly lobbying members of Congress."

In any event .. I believe the film cannot help but arouse a strong emotional reaction among all who view it .. most especially among those who have no idea of what individual families must struggle with on a daily basis to cope with their precious, beloved .. autism induced .. "isolated" .. child.

Each viewer must answer for themselves .. how is it possible that virtually ALL the courageous moms and dads in the film .. describe their child's "regression" following vaccines .. EXACLY THE SAME?

"Correlation"? Maybe .. if only a few up to ten thousand.

"Causation" .. When tens of thousands report the same .. not only "possible" .. far more likely .. 'PROBABLE".

Common sense that.

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