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Let’s Go Find Unvaccinated Children with Autism

Blank-milk-carton-psd32965By Dr. William H. Gaunt

This is going to be very easy.  The CDC tells us that 1 in every 68 children in the U.S. has autism and a recent government survey pegged the incidence of autism even higher at 1 in 45 children.  We are told repeatedly that autism is genetic and vaccines don’t cause autism.  All we need to do is go find groups of unvaccinated children and count those with autism.  

We can start with groups whose parents choose no vaccines for their children.  There are such groups in every major metropolitan area and scattered around the country in small towns.  They frequently have difficulty finding a doctor who will work with them and respect their decision.  There are a few doctors out there who will work with parents who choose to avoid vaccines altogether or selectively vaccinate their children.   Homefirst Medical Services provides medical care for families who choose to have home births and avoid vaccines in the Chicago area.   They have treated around 35,000 of these children over the years.  Homefirst’s medical director, the late Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, said in an interview a few years ago “… I don’t think we have a single case of autism in children delivered by us who never received vaccines.”    

Let’s try Amish children.  They are mostly unvaccinated.  Dr. Frank Noonan is a doctor who treats Amish children in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.   He has said that he has seen no cases of autism in the thousands of Amish children he has treated over 25 years.  “You’ll find all the other stuff, but we don’t find the autism.  We’re right in the heart of Amish country and seeing none, and that’s just the way it is.”  Dr. Heng Wang is a neurologist and the director of the Clinic for Special Needs Children in Ohio, another area where there is a large Amish population.  He has estimated the rate of autism in the Amish community to be 1 in 15,000.

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, a Florida family doctor who died mysteriously recently, proposed a study of unvaccinated children.  He said “I know I can tap into this community and find you large numbers of unvaccinated homeschooled children.  We can do simple prevalence and incidence studies in them.   My gut reaction is that you’re going to find no autism in this group.”

Rather than being very easy, finding unvaccinated children with autism seems to be downright difficult.  Doctors Eisenstein, Noonan, Wang, and Bradstreet have been out there on the front lines actually treating unvaccinated children.  Their assessment that autism is quite rare in these children is valid. 

Conclusion: Autism is common in fully vaccinated children but rare in unvaccinated children.

I can’t wait to see the documentary “Vaxxed: from cover-up to catastrophe”.   I feel sure it will help people connect the dots of the autism controversy.

Dr. Gaunt is a retired doctor of naturopathic medicine.  He has also taught chemistry and anatomy at high school and college levels.  To read previous articles, google “articles by Dr. William H. Gaunt on”.



I cannot wait for an honest and sound study to be done comparing the two groups! I always thought another first world country would have done it by now. Btw I know one child with severe autism who is unvaccinated, Only his mother received at least one RhoGAM shot during pregnancy with him. She believes that's the trigger for his autism.

Dr Michael Breneman

Drs of Chiropractic, by virtue of their theories of innate intelligence are statistically less likely to vaccinate their families. There are many multi-generational Chiropractic families that have never had any vaccines at all.
The belief that anything artificial could be superior to the real thing just doesn't compute!
Thankfully more and more people are waking up to the dangers inherent in the vaccine paradigm.


I just watched a movie on the new paradigm of the epigenetic mechanism of the cell that more or less debunks the idea that genes are responsible for most diseases, most or 90% of disease is caused by something in the cellular environment--like perhaps aluminum adjuvant destroying the cell membrane so that transcription of the genes to make proteins doesn't work, or there is a elevated inflammatory environment. Actually this group of epigenetic researchers says that genes don't do anything at all; it is the transcription of the genetic blueprint where errors occur.

So research is being done at a fast pace on the fringes of this debate and closing in on it. The CDC does not do animal studies, although it uses an animal study to show that aluminum in vaccines is so small that it is extremely unlikely to cause harm. The mice in the study were fed large amounts of aluminum compared to small amounts. Of course, there never is a true placebo. It has not yet occurred to the CDC and FDA that aluminum in vaccines is injected, not ingested. So aluminum in vaccines is 100% absorbed while only .3% is absorbed through the GI tract.

The world is changing around the CDC and the FDA. They are looking for an autism gene when cellular biology will provide no information on that at all. Science has moved beyond genes to cell membranes.

I suppose that the parents will have to become experts in such things as epigenetic cellular activity. I can see parents writing long expertly researched letters to the CDC and Congress on such things as methylation cycle, iron transport systems, different proteins in cell membranes. Cytokines, chemokine, inflammatory response, brain inflammation and the affect on developmental milestones. The sad thing is first of all we Americans are being left in the dust in terms of the new scientific paradigm. But nothing is sadder than what is happening to our children as a result of this mass poisoning. So many parents trust blindly. I can hardly believe how little our health agencies care about either science or health.


I have two words for those wishing to do research--Christian Scientists. Their kids are not vaccinated and neither are their mothers. I'd love to know what their autism, cancer, asthma, etc., rates are. Any researcher interested doesn't have to go to the wilds of Chicago or Pennsylvania. He or she can just hang out in Boston where the mother church is. I have never heard of a single kid with autism who is a Christian Scientist.

laurie adler

I have 2 adult sons not vaccinated. My eldest upon joining the US military did get vaccinated he as an adult and is fine.

I home birthed my sons as well. I would do it all the same again

mr.g. west

My 3 grown children are unvaccinated, as well as my husband, and his sister. I can confirm that no one has autism. In fact, they are incredibly healthy.

Tim Lundeen

Children at high risk are less likely to be vaccinated, so the unvaccinated group may have higher rates of injury than the more healthy kids who get vaccinated. Despite this, I think we'll see overall much lower rates in never-vaxxed kids.

I do know one unvaccinated child with autism, but the mom was vaccinated, and vaccinated parents have higher overall inflammation and heavy-metal body stores, which will cause higher rates of injury and of harmful de-novo mutations in their children.

I think if we look at a population where neither the mother nor the child is vaccinated, we will see extremely low rates of autism -- the Amish seem perfect. Ideally we could find a group of Amish who are vaccinated and compare that to a group of them that is not, both with unvaccinated mothers.

Joe Sulaco

It bears repeating. What we cannot forget, MUST not forget, is that the elites themselves do not vaccinate.

How do we know? California tracks vaccine compliance rates by zip code, and consistently, the wealthiest and best-educated zip codes in CA have the the LOWEST vaccination rates.

The worst enemy of Offit, Boyle, Yearsopp, and DeStefano isn't AOA and exhausted parents. It's the readership of the New York Times. They often sarcastically expose the truth in many "comments" sections of controversial articles.

Look, many well-educated people (not all, mind you) eat organic, non-GMO, wholesome food, don't drink tap water, don't use fluoride, and don't vaccinate. Why? Because they read constantly, they keep up, and they consequently look out for their health in this toxic wasteland.

It's a chess match. The power elites expect you to figure it out and protect yourself. If you don't, you deserve to die anyway. Sorry, but that's the way they think.

William H. Gaunt

Since I wrote this article we were able to see Vaxxed at the Silver Springs Film Festival. It was riveting. When it finished there was thunderous applause. Plan to see it.

The milk carton was so clever. Thanks.


I have an unvaccinated child with autism. Nevertheless, vaccination comes with risk, we should all have the right to refuse vaccinations.


Your premise that most do fine with vaccines is not born out by the evidence. An astounding 50 or more % of children now suffer from at least one chronic illness. The more vaccines a country gives, the sicker the children and the higher the infant mortality rate (defined as death within the first year of life). The US does not rank with the industrialized countries. We are at the bottom. Also, since vaccines are not given routinely during pregnancy, the fetal death rate is very high, despite what is claimed about the health promoting benefits of vaccinating pregnant women.

There is no justification for injecting mercury into anyone, no matter what their glutathione stores are. The criminal AAP fought to keep mercury in vaccines sent to third world countries that are no longer allowed here because they know it's an extreme toxic load (and once they realized they tried to cover it up - see the meeting at Simpsonwood, Ga.). And it's not just mercury. It's alumininum, a proven neurotoxin, and a long list of other nasty ingredients like formaldehyde, detergents, and genetically modified animal and plant cells. Really disgusting.

Then there is the fact that none of these drugs are tested with true placebos. They are tested against other vaccines or vaccine ingredients (like neurotoxic aluminum) and when you look closely, you'll see that the studies are rigged to have an industry friendly conclusion.

Re the MMR as just one example (each vaccine has it's own sorry history and unique problems), the triple live virus vaccine does not have the same effect on the body as the three live virus vaccines given individually, spaced apart. There are many, many problems with this vaccine. The medical community acknowledges that only about 95% of children mount an immune response to their first dose, necessitating a booster dose a few years later which is meant to catch 100% of the children. Yet, the rabidly robotic provaccine medical community never considers what happens to those 3 live viruses in the bodies of children that do not fight them. It is a fact that live vaccine strain of measles virus has been found by several different researchers infecting the intestines of sick (autistic) children who were previously vaccinated with the MMR. Then there is the fact that Merck is being sued by their own virologists for adding rabbit antibodies to human blood samples to make it look like the mumps vaccine was more effective than it was.

Then there is the fact that Gardasil vaccine DNA has been found on autopsy in the brain of a young girl who died within months of being vaccinated with Gardasil. The Danes have also made the connection between elite atheticism and severe reaction to HPV vaccine. The Japanese goverment has withdrawn their recommendation of HPV vaccine due to severe side effects. The US shamelessly ignores these findings, does not inform the public of this history while denying the reports of its own citizens, and pushes on with HPV vaccine promotion for all.

The genetically modified hepatitis b vaccine, a vaccine for protitutes and and IV drug abusers that is given to every baby in this country within 12 hours of birth, is not given this way in most countries around the world. In most countries, the vaccine is given at birth only to babies of hepatitis b infected mothers in an attempt to prevent transmission of the the disease to the baby during the birth process. The vaccine has killed many, many innocent babies (google Michael Belkin and see and sickened many others. Research has linked this vaccine to a greatly increased incidence of developmental disorders.

The pertussis vaccine not only does not work to prevent pertussis, but the vaccinated become silent carriers able to infect others, including the infants, elderly, and immune suppressed that they are supposed to be protecting by getting the vaccine in the first place. (google vaccinated baboons spread pertussis - FDA study - believe it or not - I think November 2014). And the CDC has acknowledged that the vaccine is causing other pertussis strains to become more virulent.

I could go on all day. As De Niro says, it's not that simple. If you haven't already seen Dr. Suzanne Humphrie's talks, I highly recommend them on youtube. Also, her book, as just one of many, is excellent. _Vaccine Epidemic_ is another.

Deb S.

I am one with an unvaccinated child with autism. I also had a mouth full of old metal fillings in my mouth. It's was only after finding mercury in the hair test that I did more research to find out I was the source.

I thank God I listened to my gut and didn't vaccinate him.

He's high functioning on biomed.


Perhaps the population of unvaccinated children to consider that would have the greatest impact on our scientific understanding of autism causation would be the younger siblings of vaccine-injured children? I can't tell you how many times I have read/heard over the years from parents how much healthier their younger unvaccinated children are. Of-course the latest bogus JAMA study tried to pretend that it did that study but we all know those younger sibs were not FULLY unvaccinated.


I'd like to be in the study -- I have one vaccinated (autistic and always sick) and one non-vaccinated. My non-vaccinated daughter has missed only one day of school in 4 years and has never had an ear infection, an allergy, a rash or even a sore throat. She is so healthy, she only goes to the doctor for the required school physical.

River Walker

The primary preservative used in pediatric vaccines is Thimerosol. It is methyl mercury which when introduced into the body converts to methyl-ethyl-mercury. Most body metabolisms can process this "heavy" and it does no damage. Those bodies that lack or are low in glutathione and other enzymes that break down and remove metals from the body may be at higher risk for hippocampus/neurological/motor complications post vaccination. If pre-vaccination tests could be performed on bodies prior to vaccination to determine if the body could properly remove the mercury preservatives commonly used in vaccination then resulting damage may be avoided. Either that or a better pipeline of non-preserved, refrigerated vaccines should be made available. Another consideration is physicians who give doses of vaccines to close together such as when they need to catch a child up to required vaccine history in order to enter the school system. One case I know of is where a mother had not vaccinated her son on schedule and then was required to vaccinate prior to acceptance to kindergarten. The boy, who had otherwise developed normally with milestones reached at age five then developed Asperger's symptoms within weeks post vaccination. Millions of children are vaccinated on schedule without ensuing complications from absorption of methyl mercury contained within said vaccines. However, for those children whose physiology may show decreased production of glutathione prior to vaccination another form of vaccine suspension must be utilized to prevent developmental problems. Just my take.

Paul Champion

“We need” is the important phrase. Although "correlation of the the autism epidemic (and other health problems) does not prove causation due to the introduction of multiple vaccines. " We can be sure, very sure, frightfully sure, that the pharmaceutical companies wont do this necessary epidemiological research in order to decide conclusively one-way or another. We can neither rely anymore, on our state appointed overseers (such as the CDC, WHO, etc.) since many that hold positions of influence in these organizations are only too keenly aware, that if they toe-the-party-line, then when it time for them to move on they can go through the 'revolving door' and land a better paid position in a pharmaceutical company. To do this properly however, requires money and good planning. A possibility is that we use Crowd-sourcing.

A lot (most) that contribute donations are computer geeks. They are logically orientated. They also are just the every day citizens – who must be affected personally the upsurge in autism and other complications that may linked to vaccinations. The movement started off to fund high tech solutions but are now diversifying to find solutions to other areas that would make this world a better place, such as pollution and human rights etc. I will see if I can find some examples. So, we could try this approach.


Remember something about the Amish. The parents were also not vaccinated. So, when you are looking for simply unvaccinated children in the "general" population, you may still find autism (at this point in time) because of the massive number of vaccines their parents have had. It is gene's plus environment that pulls the trigger. Our environment is so polluted with toxins in the drinking water (and pharmaceuticals such as prozac which is known to contribute to autism) and radiation from cell phones, etc., you are going to find non-vaccinated autism.

This is likely what the CDC is waiting for. If they wait long enough, parents who are loaded up on vaccines will have children with symptoms of autism, with or without their own load of vaccines on board.

Angus Files

Two unvaccinated here nothing to report rudely healthy sorry cant help.


Bob Moffit

"Conclusion: Autism is common in fully vaccinated children but rare in unvaccinated children."

Trust me .. if the CDC had ANY evidence that autism was as prevalent in unvaccinated children .. WE WOULD HAVE HEARD ABOUT IT DECADES AGO .. YET .. THAT CRITICAL RESEARCH REMAINS UNDONE.

Indeed .. that the CDC absolutely refuses to seek evidence that 1 in 68 unvaccinated children have autism .. to me .. is STRONG CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE .. that the CDC already KNOWS autism in unvaccinated children is as RARE as it once was .. say .. 1 in 10,000.

If they don't already KNOW it .. then they are paralyzed with fear the evidence will reveal that autism in the unvaccinated population is RARE .. if any at all .. which is why it is unheard of.

To me .. their absolute refusal to seek critical evidence where the health and safety of our children .. the most precious resource of any nation or generation .. IS A CRIME THAT GROWS LARGER EVERY DAY THIS RESEARCH REMAINS UNDONE.

When the truth prevails .. hopefully .. their CRIME will be prosecuted as a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

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