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Let’s Go Find Unvaccinated Children with Autism

Blank-milk-carton-psd32965By Dr. William H. Gaunt

This is going to be very easy.  The CDC tells us that 1 in every 68 children in the U.S. has autism and a recent government survey pegged the incidence of autism even higher at 1 in 45 children.  We are told repeatedly that autism is genetic and vaccines don’t cause autism.  All we need to do is go find groups of unvaccinated children and count those with autism.  

We can start with groups whose parents choose no vaccines for their children.  There are such groups in every major metropolitan area and scattered around the country in small towns.  They frequently have difficulty finding a doctor who will work with them and respect their decision.  There are a few doctors out there who will work with parents who choose to avoid vaccines altogether or selectively vaccinate their children.   Homefirst Medical Services provides medical care for families who choose to have home births and avoid vaccines in the Chicago area.   They have treated around 35,000 of these children over the years.  Homefirst’s medical director, the late Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, said in an interview a few years ago “… I don’t think we have a single case of autism in children delivered by us who never received vaccines.”    

Let’s try Amish children.  They are mostly unvaccinated.  Dr. Frank Noonan is a doctor who treats Amish children in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.   He has said that he has seen no cases of autism in the thousands of Amish children he has treated over 25 years.  “You’ll find all the other stuff, but we don’t find the autism.  We’re right in the heart of Amish country and seeing none, and that’s just the way it is.”  Dr. Heng Wang is a neurologist and the director of the Clinic for Special Needs Children in Ohio, another area where there is a large Amish population.  He has estimated the rate of autism in the Amish community to be 1 in 15,000.

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, a Florida family doctor who died mysteriously recently, proposed a study of unvaccinated children.  He said “I know I can tap into this community and find you large numbers of unvaccinated homeschooled children.  We can do simple prevalence and incidence studies in them.   My gut reaction is that you’re going to find no autism in this group.”

Rather than being very easy, finding unvaccinated children with autism seems to be downright difficult.  Doctors Eisenstein, Noonan, Wang, and Bradstreet have been out there on the front lines actually treating unvaccinated children.  Their assessment that autism is quite rare in these children is valid. 

Conclusion: Autism is common in fully vaccinated children but rare in unvaccinated children.

I can’t wait to see the documentary “Vaxxed: from cover-up to catastrophe”.   I feel sure it will help people connect the dots of the autism controversy.

Dr. Gaunt is a retired doctor of naturopathic medicine.  He has also taught chemistry and anatomy at high school and college levels.  To read previous articles, google “articles by Dr. William H. Gaunt on ageofautism.com”.


Samuel French

One thing is autism. Another thing is regressive autism. (Where the child develops normally meeting all the usual milestones like talking, walking etc, and then suddenly turns autistic in the matter of days or hours)
Have you ever heard of an unvaccinated case like this?
If it happened, you can be sure that it would make headline news, considering the vaccine discussion that’s gone on for many years now.


Hi Harley,
You might be interested in this. Alabama is one of the few states that doesn't require Hep B to go to school. Hep B is given on the first day of life, so maybe some children are having their health protected because they are not being required to start vaccines on the day they are born.


In comparison with most other states, it seems that students from Alabama are required to get fewer shots to be considered fully vaccinated. And as you point out, Alabama also seems to have a lower rate of autism.

Grace Green

Harley, I recently heard a true story here in the UK. A woman who had heard that the equivalent of three women in every street would get cancer was absolutely convinced that she had cancer because in her street only two women had had cancer. You see, epidemiology doesn't work like that. People who react to vaccines by becoming autistic do so because they are genetically predisposed to, combined with the number and circumstances of the administration of the vaccines, just as people who get cancer have a genetic predisposition and elements of lifestyle which trigger the illness. If only life was just a case of simple arithmetic it would be so much easier!


I found a huge problem with the theory vaccines cause autism. If you compare autism rates with vaccine rates in different countries or even in different states in the U.S. the the numbers don't even being to correlate. Some areas that have high vaccine rates have low autism rates and vise versa. Such as Alabama has the lowest autism rate in the states but is ranked six in the nation on vaccine rates.


Hi Kelly,

Firstly my condolences on the loss of your child.I am deeply sorry. And no one should feel guilty for health choices they make to the best of their ability; none of us can see the future.

Because you have had such terrible pain, I am sure you can also understand how terrible it would be to have had your child die from a vaccine injury, and then watch people pass legislation that will make you have to risk the life of your next child as well.

Ian Gromowski didn't get encephalitis/brain damage from his vaccine. His vaccine ( may he rest in peace) killed him.

And Holly Stavola didn't get autism from her vaccine either; her parents buried her at five years old ( may she rest in peace) and as a reult passed legislation to help protect other children in New Jeresy from being mandated to have two MMR vaccines regardless of titre. ( It was the second MMR vaccine that resulted in Holly's death)
Here is her mother's blog.
And here is information on the law her family got passed.
Encephalitis/brain damage is not the only vaccine reaction though it is one of the most talked about, maybe because it has happened to so many people?
Again, I am deeply sorry for your loss.


Kelly - or Kacy - unsure you used both names - no one could deny taking a child off life support would be devastating. Seizures are always a horror to watch - many of our children with autism are decimated by weekly and even daily seizures. My own daughter included. You say you followed the CDC schedule - and your child died. I'm not sure how that relates to vaccination rights - but I wish you the best. Yours,


Kelly Kemp

In reading all the discussion on this page, it is heartbreaking for a parent to find out her child has autism. It is also heartbreaking to watch the nurses turn off your 18 month old child's ventilator. Matthew was old enough to receive the Hib vaccine. I chose to only give him the vaccines mandated at the time. I didn't want my baby "poked" more than necessary. This vaccine covers Haemophilus influenzae type b. The most virulent strain accounting for more than 95% of H. influenzae in children. It started in the daycare. No children who received the vaccine got the disease. Matthew's was particularly bad. He had a seizure in the hospital and was brain dead. Having to take your child off life support is indescribable. I stopped apologizing to my children for giving them a vaccine. Having to choose autism over death, I know what I would choose.



Are you aware that the vaccine schedule has changed a huge amount, and that the current generation of kids with all their massively increasing autoimmune problems, diabetes, asthma, autism, ADHD etc are taking huge numbers of vaccines that no other generation has taken in such large amounts?


If all vaccines are essential to live, then how come people in 1983 (when the population only had ten vaccines by the age of 6) are still alive, since children now need to have 36- 38 vaccines by the age of 6 ? Parents and teachers must have been dropping dead like flies and somehow no one noticed..

Jay Stern; you made comments about autism rates in Christian Scientists etc, but did not say where you got your figures from. If you want to convince someone that the facts are different, then please link to the source of your facts.

Another link about the gender difference

Gender differences in the disposition and toxicity of metals

Quote from the study
"Recent data indicate that boys are more susceptible to neurotoxic effects of lead and methylmercury following exposure early in life, while experimental data suggest that females are more susceptible to immunotoxic effects of lead. Certain gender differences in the biotransformation of arsenic by methylation have been reported, "

So, yes it does appear that males and females can and do respond differently. I am glad you are here talking to us; we may all be able to point you towards useful info and studies, if this topic is of interest to you.


Vessels of vaccination are up yon creek with no paddle or risk assessments available!
Stern is at the rear end of the sailing vessels health and safety risk assessments .
If you turn around and face backwards then port is still port.
Titanic the new evidence 2017 . The titanic set sail with the coal bunker on fire . Only 8 out of 160 boiler room fire men crew consented to sail . The rest probably got off that quayside aye right off it faster than jackrabbits heading up a hill !
Where are the vaccination health and safety risk assessments in plain language format . If the unlettered evidence of the sector responsible for same is unable to produce them, then consent is withdrawn,witheld, and unavailable until they are produced in public in plain language format scientific slang snobbery is not acceptible . US Navy vs Spanish lighthouse youtube Fact or Fable !
Get your evidence based papers on paper and into the public domain for inspection !

John Stone


You are big on abuse so perhaps this note taken from Wiki is salutary:

"The Luddites were a group of English textile workers and weavers in the 19th century who destroyed weaving machinery as a form of protest. The group was protesting the use of machinery in a "fraudulent and deceitful manner" to get around standard labour practices. Luddites feared that the time spent learning the skills of their craft would go to waste as machines would replace their role in the industry. It is a misconception that the Luddites protested against the machinery itself in an attempt to halt progress of technology. However, the term has come to mean one opposed to industrialisation, automation, computerisation or new technologies in general. The Luddite movement began in Nottingham and culminated in a region-wide rebellion that lasted from 1811 to 1816. Mill owners took to shooting protesters and eventually the movement was brutally suppressed with military force. Jordan Mills is one of the most widely known modern day Luddites."

So, they were interested in good working practices and people shot at them, and now you use them as a term of abuse. The problem here is that most of the people writing here believed all the propaganda once and vaccinated their children, but once it goes wrong no one wants listen to you even though they might be trying to communicate something important about the risks to other people's children. Vaccines are not magic bullets, they are industrial products and they can cause harm, and children are subjected to more and more of them by the year. And almost every week we stumble on terrifying new statistics about levels of neurological impairment in the child population.

Jeannette Bishop

@Jay L. Stern, I just want to note that there are gender differences seen with some exposures:


Jay L. Stern

Amazing. If you are "atheist" to this group of "believers," you are attacked. Well, attack ME! Autism occurs in islamic countries where the imams tell the "faithful" that vaccinations are a ruse for genocide. (I wish!) Autism is also found in Christian Science populations. Oh, wait! No, in these groups, disease, illness and "conditions" are "all in the mind." Oh, wait again! Autism IS a neurological problem so, yeah, it is all in the mind! If thimerosal or MMR vaccine was the problem, then the incidence of autism would be much higher and would affect male and females more or less equally. Further, "Mad Hatter" disease, so prevalent among the folks who processed beaver hats with mercury during the Victorian era, had their problems -- for sure -- but it wasn't autism. Every time you believers find your ideas disproven, you switch to some other straw horse and ride that pony until it too bursts in flames. Luddites, all!

Jeannette Bishop

Ashley, I would recommend considering further:



Okay everybody if it can happen in unvaccinated children that means autism is not caused by vaccines. All these toxins that you guys are saying are in vaccines are not in there. Please look up the actual ingredients from a manufacturer of vaccinations and read the ingredients carefully very very carefully. And as for the woman that posted the comment about her grandchild getting autism from traces of mercury in the mother's tooth fillings mercury. That doesn't seem like a stretch? The ignorance of average American today astounds me I have 3 children fully vaccinated perfectly healthy and have a nephew that has not been vaccinated that is definitely autistic. This is the start of survival of the fittest the people with vaccinations Will Survive the disease but everybody else is going to die and death from these diseases that you refused to protect your child from are a horrible painful way to die. I would much rather my child have autism then suffer and die like that. So think about that when you choose not to vaccinate your child


I have 2 sons on the spectrum un-vaccinated (luckily, mild)....They do exist.
Personally I feel like I dodge the bullet of lifelong guilt and that everyone should approach vaccination cautiously....

What initially started as a delayed schedule idea (we'll start vaccine at 2yo to be on the safe side) turned into...not happening....
Around 21 months old, what was a fun life with a smily baby overall turned into some very challenging time, self hurting, extreme tantrums, taking off randomly, flapping, sensory stuff, 38 words at 2yo (when it should have been 50) etc...We did speech, OT, half special ed preschool, IEP and medical vaccine exemption.....

Overall I feel lucky we are mild and improving on our ADOS-2 scores (From 8 (4yo) to 6 (5.5yo) in 1.5 yrs ??!! which is apparently rare)
Little brother scored a 5 on the ADOS-2 at 3.5yo.


Teresa Ayto,

I agree with the other two commenters. Please explain why you didn't vaccinate your three children and why you think that there's a difference between autism and "autism-like symptoms" caused by vaccines.

You write: "autism has many amazing positive traits"

I don't know about "amazing" but if you are referring to the positive traits that Lisa Jo Rudy writes about, how many of these do you think will earn autistic people friends, partners and jobs? And how many of them actually apply to everyone on the spectrum and never apply to neurotypicals?

Top 10 Positive Traits of Autistic People

Grace Green

Teresa, many people who have strokes, heart attacks, cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome, brain injuries, motor neuron disease, MS, etc., also have amazing personalities! And that proves what precisely?

Aude Sapere

My granddaughter was diagnosed with autism at age 3, before having any vaccines, BUT the likely source of the mercury that caused her autism is mercury in her mother's teeth fillings. Mercury vapor is inhaled and traces are swallowed and get into the mother's bloodstream. It crosses the placenta into the fetus and crosses the blood brain barrier into the baby's brain and prevents normal development. Breast-feeding is a wonderful thing, but unfortunately mercury from the mother gets into her milk as well, and adds to the baby's toxic load. I am so glad that my son decided not to give her any vaccines until they were required to go to school (California). She could have ended up a lot worse.


Hi Alice,
Your fully vaccinated son was autistic since birth? And on his first day of life, according to the vaccine schedule, he had the Hep B vaccine, which is known to cause issues with latching on etc in primates. So; first day of life; given vaccines. First day of life, fussy etc.
here is a link from which you can get to the study.
Hi Teresa,
I second the other commenter. You know vaccines are so safe that you come on a website to say it, yet you choose to fight against giving them to your children with your doctor, refusing them at birth, at one month, two months, four months, 6 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months, two to three years,a and four to six years. How did those conversations go?

" Yes, doctor, I believe you that vaccines are completely safe, and never cause any problems . I make a point of telling everyone that on websites. No, I am refusing to let you vaccinate them. It's way too dangerous."

They must have been some pretty strange well baby visits.


And you had the same discussion repeatedly with every child?

Certainly there are also some non vaccine injury causes that can result in the symptoms of autism. Fragile X is a genetic disorder that can result in autism. So can missing part of the brain ( agenesis of the corpus callosum).
Like the fact that a headache can have multiple causes, so the symptoms of autism can have multiple causes.
In your case, though, those conversations you were apparently having with your doctor must have been extremely strange.

For Teresa

Hi Teresa

People with a similar story to you keep on posting on AoA. It takes a lot to swim against the tide with vaccination. Why didn't you vaccinate your children if you think it is safe?


To the people who have posted the link to the "No MMR-Autism Link in Large Study of Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Kids," Bryan King is a psychiatrist. I will provide a link describing their role...

Other than that, there are no links to the research. Here is what I pulled up when I typed in The Optum Research Database.

http://www.cceb.med.upenn.edu/cpert/database-access (This one seems to be it; however, public access is not permissible for obvious reasons.)

If you're going to include an article about research the people who conducted the study absolutely must be provided.

Teresa Ayto

I have 3 unvaccinated children who are autistic, vaccines do NOT cause autism autism has many amazing positive traits as well as some that arent so positive if people stop looking at only the negatives of autism and realise there is a whole amazing personality that comes with autism they will see that something introduced to the body cannot cause autism, autism is who and how a person is its not a processing error its a different operating system like mac and windows, vaccines may cause autism like symptoms they do NOT i repeat NOT cause autism.
Enough with the bulldust propaganda.


Alice H. How unlucky are you! Your child must be on of the 'one in a million' who is autistic with no environmental cause.

Tom Petrie

To Alice H: The question we need to ask is this: Did YOU receive any vaccine during or before your pregnancy? It's not just the vaccines the children receive just after birth (e.g., the Hep B shot), but those received by the mother during or before she got pregnant!

I once had a patient who was born with a huge brain tumor. Against the wishes of the parents, the mother was given the Gardisal shot early in her pregnancy! How evil was that? (How opportunistic is it for the doctors to say, "Oh, that was just a coincidence.") So what happens DURING pregnancy is very important--especially during the early phases, when cell replication (mitosis), is very rapid.

And epidemiological studies are NOT anecdotal. They've been done for decades and are valid by any scientific standard, IF done honestly. So comparing the health of vaccinated v. unvaccinated children is quite valid. The problem is simple: The CDC and other vaccine promoting agencies don't want to truth to be told. I've been in the consulting field for 35 years and I've never seen even one vaccine-free child with autism. Not one. So too has been the experiences of other doctors nationwide who seldom see autism in vaccine free children. Yes, you're write association doesn't prove causation, but it can be used to look for trends and direct our attention to where it should be. If there are 35,000 Amish in Pennsylvania and NONE with autism (that weren't adopted from China or the Philippines), that should tell you something.

Still, there is a scientific link between Glyphosate and autism, so vaccines are NOT the only toxic onslaughts that can cause autism. So too can aluminum exposure (e.g., from geoengineering activities), and, as just mentioned, pesticides, such as Monsanto's Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round Up.

Grace Green

A warning to others here - Alice H. might be an imposter.

Jeannette Bishop

For Alice, in case you missed this (the corporate media certainly appeared to):


CDC applied a similar approach to the links they found with thimerosal exposure and various neurological disorders.

Here's some more--anecdotal yes, but pretty compelling since these are anecdotes about three parents pioneering in the early uses of ethylmercury/thimerosal--information regarding three of the children on the first U.S. case report identifying autism as a new disorder:


Also this (retracted twice now after passing peer-review and published at least in part by different journals online):


Jeannette Bishop

Hi, Kyle. I just want to point out that in most vaccine literature "unvaccinated" means a group didn't get the vaccine under study, in this case the MMR, but they may have received many other vaccines:


I've noticed this study is popularly posted in the comments here and someone already posted this informative criticism:


Alice H.

My son was autistic since birth - didn't make eye contact, didn't mold to my body, very fussy etc. so I never blamed vaccines for his disability. All of my children were vaccinated. All were physically healthy and rarely missed school. I did breast-feed all of them until well into toddlerhood. We could just as readily blame autism on modern baby feeding practices as blame it on vaccinations. Both hypotheses would be unsupported by statistically valid evidence. Anecdotes don't constitute evidence.

a mother

Not the autism is the biggest risk but allergies, eczema, asthma.
For this there is a study for 11 years, comparing children non vaccinated to vaccinated ones, and counting the eczema and asthma. Finally, they didn't interpret well the study because is not common to have children that didn't pass by the doctor

I started to visit my doctor when I get sick...and to be allergic is a cursed life.


For those of you saying there are no studies on this subject. Here is a huge independent study, and the unvaccinated group actually had a slightly higher rate of autism than the vaccinated. I trust scientists long term studies over your independent research any day. There are other factors at play here, thats how science works. Are there not other variables between amish children and non-amish vaccinated children? Yes, there are many. Amish are also at a lower risk for every other major mental and physical condition prevalent in todays children. It may be because of something else altogether, OR because the amish are not constantly trying to diagnose their children.


In order to have a study that is credible you need to include people from different backgrounds and genetic predispositions. It is not "going to be very easy". It is highly possible that Amish community (since they mainly reproduce within their circle) has developed a certain "immunity" to autism. It is possible that such gene mutations that occur with autism are not displayed in their community. You also need to take in mind other environmental factors that may contribute to the high prevalence of autism in a certain group of people.
I am not an expert and I am not saying that there is no link between the two, but the article written is not objective and offers no scientific proof of either thesis.

Now, I am not even from the US, but we have the same discussion in my country (vaccination is obligatory) and most of that are against it, base their opinion on articles such as this one. I, personally am pro vaccination. Arguing that there are concequences like allergies or higher incidence of colds, infections is nothing compared to the deadly diseases it prevents daily.

Like everything, there is always a risk. There is a risk that you will die getting your tooth pulled (low, but is still there). Does that mean that you won't go for tooth extraction if needed? Hope it doesn't.


Hate to post a comment on an old post but I'll just leave this here:. https://www.autismspeaks.org/science/science-news/no-mmr-autism-link-large-study-vaccinated-vs-unvaccinated-kids


Hi Richard,
I think it is great that your son is healthy , and I am fine with supporting medical choice, in this case your choice to vaccinate. I hope you support families with a different medical history having the right to make different choices; for example, this family

In fact, most parents do what you plan on doing; keep vaccinating unless their child or someone they love gets injured. Since that does happen to people though, a bit of compassion might be more in order perhaps, on a website frequented by people with vaccine injured children, than boasting about how your child didn't get injured. Some kids are fine after vaccines, and some kids aren't . That is a fact. Of course, the recent issues with gardasil girls ( you can google it) show that even those who have never had a vaccine reaction before can react badly to a future vaccine.

Everyone reacts differently to different medicines,and even to different foods. My son is fine with peanut butter; it is a healthy snack with him. Yet I would not think of going on a site frequented by kids with life threatening peanut allergies and describe how I planned on giving him a peanut butter sandwich tonight . That is kind of what you are doing here.

I wish you well with both your children, am sure you will continue, as any good parent does, to the make the best medical decisions you can for both of them, based on your family history, religious beliefs, and medical experiences.

Aimee Doyle

@Richard Allen Wilkerson

Congratulations. You lucked out. Your son is not one of the over 50% of US children who have a chronic condition like juvenile diabetes, allergies, asthma, learning disabilities, developmental delays, etc. (according to the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics). All of these chronic conditions have soared in numbers since the vaccine schedule was increased in the 90's. Your son is not among the 1 in 68 US children who are diagnosed with autism - I've seen stats that say a child is diagnosed with autism every 20 minutes in the US. And for the majority of the spectrum autism is a serious disability - not a "quirky" differently-wired, brain.

Just because you've been lucky so far, it doesn't mean that you're right about vaccination and I am wrong. I respect your right to make the vaccination decision for your family based on your experience - but I want to be able to say no if I think my family is at risk - based on my experience. My son developed seizures with the DPT; lost language, smiling, eye contact with the first MMR; developed perseverative behaviors with the second MMR; developed aggressive and self-injurious behaviors with subsequent vaccination. He will never live independently and will need lifelong care and support.

Why did we continue vaccinating? Because I was fool enough to believe the doctors when they told me that it was just "coincidence." If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't vaccinate either of my children.

Richard Allen Wilkerson

My son is 7 and fully vaccinated... he scores in the 99 percentile in all his academic achievement testing. He reads at a 5th grade level. He's never sick and has no allergies. Very athletic and very sociable. My second, whom we are expecting in October will follow their brother to the same doctor who vaccinated him.

For Anna Marie

Hi Anna Marie,

Is that your little boy I can see on Facebook, blonde in red pajamas? He looks incredibly cute, but not only is he looking up into the camera and smiling, he is sitting and posing, which takes a lot of self-possession for a two year-old.

What made you decide not to vaccinate?

Anna Marie Spackman

My son has Autism and was not vaccinated. He's almost four. He was born at home in Utah, where there is a higher prevalence of autism, possibly because of air pollution, but I'm not sure.

Brittany Pound

You need to track vaccination & antibiotics in young children. I think unvaccinated children who received antibiotics at a young age can have just as many health problems.

Fred Flinstone


My son is up for this study. He is in the general population. Both parents are white and mother was in her 30's - university grad and I was in my 40's when my son was born in 2011

My son has not been immunized because of Religious Reason. In NY STATE you can not argue ingredients are bad so I can not say anything about it as I have not studied the ingredients. The CDC says they are safe so that's no my concern. Besides the CDC's Motto is 24/7 Saving Lives/Protecting People. So they save your life from death Kinda like a god you might say?

Anywho. yeah post to me on here if you need to check out my perfectly normal non Immunized son for a study.

I personally dont think anyone has the guts to do a study like this because of the facts it may uncover. Remember, sometimes the look of impropriety is worse than the impropriety itself!

Molly Holmes

Please everyone research the MTHFR genetic mutation. A peer reviewed study determined that 98% of the autistic children had one of the various MTHFR mutations. MTHFR mutations may occur in 30-60% of the population & it is a metabolic disorder that makes it extremely difficult to detox the nueurotoxins put in vaccines. With the current vaccine schedules, it is extremely unlikely that a kiddo with this could detox them properly. Especially, the aluminum in vaccines, it would likely store in the brain & the kiddo would become another victim of vaccine injury.

alison h gates

Autism has major genetic links. Encephalitis mimics autism...encephalitis is a known and stated side affect of vaccines--it's on the inserts. So, autism exists and always has, but it was not common....the increase is due to encephalitis...

Bob Hope

Gotta love the CDC trolls on this post. Funny how everyone and their grandmother has an unvaccinated autistic child now that the movie is out.


My son was born at home and is completely unvaccinated. He was officially diagnosed with autism at 4. I was unvaccinated as a baby because my father was undergoing chemo my first year of life. When I was eventually vaccinated I had a horrible reaction. Shortly after I developed severe allergies to literally everything. My mom delayed the remainder of my vaccines until I was in jr high and high school. I did not get any vaccines while pregnant or any boosters as an adult.

My son was breastfed well into his 2nd year because he wouldn't eat, and was chronically ill. I think that there is a yet to be elucidated relationship between gut health and autism. When we began to realize he was displaying signs of autism we got on the wait list for the top developmental pediatrician in the state and began trying to heal our son's gut. We began speech and occupational therapy at 3.5. In the last year we have made tremendous progress. His therapists, doctors, and teachers are astonished by his progress.

For us, vaccines were not the trigger. I think they could have made our son much more severely affected, damaging his gut and immune system permanently. I am very grateful for our board certified pediatrician who respects our right to bodily autonomy and medical freedom. I do think our proximity to heavily sprayed farm fields during my pregnancy was the point of toxic exposure. We live surrounded by glysophate soaked commodity crops. I drank filtered water, ate the Brewer Pregnancy Diet- organic, but what does it matter when planes are literally flying overhead spraying pesticides?


Kim aguilar,

Your daughter in law may think she's only giving one, but please be aware that many of the vaccines have many combined into one syringe. Also, one at a time is no guarantee of safety and every two weeks is not spaced out enough (if there is such a thing). The baby's immune system will still be reacting to the last vaccine 2 weeks later, and then there is the cumulative effect of toxins like aluminum that build up with each successive dose, even months later. There are many reasons not to vaccinate at all. Please see Laura Hayes' excellent presentation posted today on this site.

Kim aguilar

I was born in the 1950's, very few vaccines. No autism. My children were born in 1976 and 78. Several vaccines by then but my peditrician never gave my kids more than one vaccine at a time unless, it was an oral dose of polio. Now days 2 month olds are given up to 6 different vaccines on the same day! THIS IS THE SCHEDULE SET UP BY THE CDC! I believe in vaccines, but why more than one at a given time, two at the max but multiple vaccines on the same day from 2 months of age. Please people wake up! This is too much. I've never read anything about autism and vaccines that mentions stacking vaccines as the possible cause for autism. How do you explain that there were virtually no cases of autism like disorder in the 1970's. I have a new granddaughter. Tomorrow she goes to her 3 week doctor appointment. I will ask no beg my daughter in law not to allow multiple vaccines. She can take her back once every two weeks if she needs to to get them all. And one other thing. Babies are not at high risk for hepatitis B, when the vaccine first came out they did not even recommend first doses until teenage. I hope someone does a study of babies/ children who get multiple dose vs those that get single dose. There phas to be a connection.

Concerned person

"The analysis looked at autism rates and MMR vaccination at ages 2, 3, 4 and 5 years. It showed no increased risk of autism with immunization at any age. In fact, autism rates were lower in the vaccinated groups. However, this might be because parents who see early signs of autism

https://www.autismspeaks.org/science/science-news/no-mmr-autism-link-large-study-vaccinated-vs-unvaccinated-kids were more likely to delay or avoid vaccination, the authors speculate."


My son is two years old and has never received any vaccinations. He is autistic and non-verbal. Just because you don't happen to know anybody who is unvaccinated and autistic doesn't mean they don't exist. Correlation does not automatically equal causation.

Mary Kretzmann

I have three adult, unvaccinated children. They are all healthy. However, my youngest had moderate Asperger's until age 9, when he was diagnosed with celiac disease. Once he was on the strict gluten free diet, the Asperger's went away in one week, or less. It was astonishing. I know of another celiac boy with a similar story, almost identical.

Now, a little boy in my area was just diagnosed with autism. He never had any vaccines. He had a home birth. However, he did receive an ultrasound early in the first trimester. This is is because his mother had a miscarriage and then got pregnant right away. The midwife wanted to better calculate due dates and to make sure everything was okay, etc. Anyway - studies show that first trimester ultrasounds are highly implicated in the severest forms of autism. Luckily, his case looks hopeful, mostly likely because he did not receive vaccines, which would have compounded the damage. He is age 2 1/2 years. He is nonverbal and has other autistic tendencies. He was officially diagnosed a month ago. He does seem intelligent.

One other thing - the above family was mostly vegan - but the mother did eat eggs once in a while. Their diet may have also played into the problem because it was high in folate. I looked over a list of folate foods - and I would guess it comprised 90% of their diet. I don't know if it is the folate itself that causes the autism, or it is because the folate foods are naturally cleansing and ti causing too much natural chelation or cleansing while pregnant.

I ave heard of another mother, in a facebook group, who has an unvaccinated autistic son. She blames it on the fact that she had done some sort of chelation while pregnant.

So the kids exist. Vaccines are the most common cause of autism, I believe, but anything that disturbs the baby's developing brain can have devastating effects.


My husband, son & daughter are all on the spectrum. Husband (39) & daughter (16) both fully vaccinated. Son (6) completely unvaccinated to our knowledge (husband left him alone in the nursery after I was wheeled to recovery-even though I was hassled for our vaccine choice) I don't know if he was Hep-B'd or Aspergers is just hereditary (daughter also has Neuro disorder Tourette Syndrome)

Susan Dickerson

Unvaxxed 7 year old, never been to the doctor other than his newborn and 2-week-old check-up---seven years ago. No allergies, no issues, very healthy. (It's the standard of how we all could be...if only..).

Betty Bona

Yes, Linda1! I know I have read in more than one place that people living in the same household tend to have similar microbiomes. That's one reason why family members are not always the best source for fecal transplants. If you tie that in with what Kapoore posted about epigenetics and the cell membrane, then it makes even more sense. Just do a google search of butyrate (a product of a healthy microbiome) and extracellular matrix, and you'll find a fine example of epigenetics (in particular the epigenetics of the microbiome) causing chronic illnesses like autism.


If a disturbed microbiome is at the root of autism, then it is not outside the realm of possibility that a vaccinated sibling with a disturbed microbiome can disrupt the developing microbiome of another.

Stagmom for Eindeker

Good morning. Kim here. I said that I have never had Bella vaccinated. I will never know if a "well meaning" nurse jabbed her with Hep B at birth. She presents very differently from her sisters, it's true. The first Early Intervention specialist we saw suggested Cerebral Palsy - her PHYSICAL development was very badly off. I can promise you she had and continues to have issues similar to others with vaccine injury or vaccine induced autism - that are non of your or our readers' business. Thanks for your concern for her - you know - for asking how she is doing at 15. Perhaps considering her a lovely human being and not just a data point for you to throw like a dart.

Kim, Bella's Mom.


One of AoA's own Kim Stagliano 3 daughters with autism was not vaccinated: Stagliano has three daughters on the autism spectrum: Mia, 16, Gianna, 14 and Bella, 10. Her two older daughters received their childhood vaccines on schedule, then at a later date, she says, began to show the classic problems of language and social development associated with autism. They were both diagnosed at the end of 1999. While pregnant with Bella, she read a magazine article about mercury in vaccines. “Before that, it didn’t even occur to me that I should question,” she says. “Vaccinating my daughters was like breathing. The article just sounded wrong. Who puts mercury in a baby? I wouldn’t­—and yet I had.” (Bella remains unvaccinated; Stagliano attributes her diagnosis to a mishandled breach birth.)


For Gareth Sage

Gareth Sage

This study has a perverse design - it does not actually study the problem directly (why not?) and then comes up with a negative answer when there are lots of confounders. Excellent review here:


Gareth Sage

Hi there,

Perhaps you could have a look at this study.



Cynthia Cournoyer

As we vaccinate pregnant women with Tdap and flu, and as we learn more about Rhogam and Hep B vaccines at birth, the definition of the "unvaccinated" population gets more and more blurred.

Women of childbearing age are currently the most vaccinated population compared to their parents and grandparents. The vaccines they received as children is the highest ever. We simply do not know the effect that will have on the children they bear. Some of their children may remain completely unvaccinated, yet may suffer the choices of that child's grandparents to vaccinate his mother, nonetheless.

We have learned the effects of heavy metals in the women of childbearing age. But do we really know how that affects the child born to that women?

I don't think we have yet to realize the generational damage we have done, even if we were to completely stop all vaccines from this day forward. That is why we start to see autism in children who have been spared the schedule of vaccines. I hope that is not misconstrued to clear vaccines of any correlation with autism.

Let's hope this "echo effect" (as I call it) on future generations of vaccine injured women of childbearing age, is not lost on future studies of "unvaccinated" children.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Be careful.

Watch for the trend to redefine the word, "unvaccinated."

When tracking the increasing rise in vaccine exemption rates for school entry, if you dig deeper, they count every child who may be missing just one vaccine or one dose. These are not "un" vaccinated children.

The rate of completely unvaccinated children, defined as never having received a vaccine, still remains at 1% of the exemptions.

My fear is that more "studies" will come out saying we looked at unvaccinated children and found autism. The "sibling" study that is always referred to, shows "less" vaccinated children. This is how you hear that the unvaccinated "have been studied."

We all know that autism can occur after one dose of MMR yet the child may be missing 3 more doses and counted as unvaccinated.


I cannot wait for an honest and sound study to be done comparing the two groups! I always thought another first world country would have done it by now. Btw I know one child with severe autism who is unvaccinated, Only his mother received at least one RhoGAM shot during pregnancy with him. She believes that's the trigger for his autism.

Dr Michael Breneman

Drs of Chiropractic, by virtue of their theories of innate intelligence are statistically less likely to vaccinate their families. There are many multi-generational Chiropractic families that have never had any vaccines at all.
The belief that anything artificial could be superior to the real thing just doesn't compute!
Thankfully more and more people are waking up to the dangers inherent in the vaccine paradigm.


I just watched a movie on the new paradigm of the epigenetic mechanism of the cell that more or less debunks the idea that genes are responsible for most diseases, most or 90% of disease is caused by something in the cellular environment--like perhaps aluminum adjuvant destroying the cell membrane so that transcription of the genes to make proteins doesn't work, or there is a elevated inflammatory environment. Actually this group of epigenetic researchers says that genes don't do anything at all; it is the transcription of the genetic blueprint where errors occur.

So research is being done at a fast pace on the fringes of this debate and closing in on it. The CDC does not do animal studies, although it uses an animal study to show that aluminum in vaccines is so small that it is extremely unlikely to cause harm. The mice in the study were fed large amounts of aluminum compared to small amounts. Of course, there never is a true placebo. It has not yet occurred to the CDC and FDA that aluminum in vaccines is injected, not ingested. So aluminum in vaccines is 100% absorbed while only .3% is absorbed through the GI tract.

The world is changing around the CDC and the FDA. They are looking for an autism gene when cellular biology will provide no information on that at all. Science has moved beyond genes to cell membranes.

I suppose that the parents will have to become experts in such things as epigenetic cellular activity. I can see parents writing long expertly researched letters to the CDC and Congress on such things as methylation cycle, iron transport systems, different proteins in cell membranes. Cytokines, chemokine, inflammatory response, brain inflammation and the affect on developmental milestones. The sad thing is first of all we Americans are being left in the dust in terms of the new scientific paradigm. But nothing is sadder than what is happening to our children as a result of this mass poisoning. So many parents trust blindly. I can hardly believe how little our health agencies care about either science or health.


I have two words for those wishing to do research--Christian Scientists. Their kids are not vaccinated and neither are their mothers. I'd love to know what their autism, cancer, asthma, etc., rates are. Any researcher interested doesn't have to go to the wilds of Chicago or Pennsylvania. He or she can just hang out in Boston where the mother church is. I have never heard of a single kid with autism who is a Christian Scientist.

laurie adler

I have 2 adult sons not vaccinated. My eldest upon joining the US military did get vaccinated he as an adult and is fine.

I home birthed my sons as well. I would do it all the same again

mr.g. west

My 3 grown children are unvaccinated, as well as my husband, and his sister. I can confirm that no one has autism. In fact, they are incredibly healthy.

Tim Lundeen

Children at high risk are less likely to be vaccinated, so the unvaccinated group may have higher rates of injury than the more healthy kids who get vaccinated. Despite this, I think we'll see overall much lower rates in never-vaxxed kids.

I do know one unvaccinated child with autism, but the mom was vaccinated, and vaccinated parents have higher overall inflammation and heavy-metal body stores, which will cause higher rates of injury and of harmful de-novo mutations in their children.

I think if we look at a population where neither the mother nor the child is vaccinated, we will see extremely low rates of autism -- the Amish seem perfect. Ideally we could find a group of Amish who are vaccinated and compare that to a group of them that is not, both with unvaccinated mothers.

Joe Sulaco

It bears repeating. What we cannot forget, MUST not forget, is that the elites themselves do not vaccinate.

How do we know? California tracks vaccine compliance rates by zip code, and consistently, the wealthiest and best-educated zip codes in CA have the the LOWEST vaccination rates.

The worst enemy of Offit, Boyle, Yearsopp, and DeStefano isn't AOA and exhausted parents. It's the readership of the New York Times. They often sarcastically expose the truth in many "comments" sections of controversial articles.

Look, many well-educated people (not all, mind you) eat organic, non-GMO, wholesome food, don't drink tap water, don't use fluoride, and don't vaccinate. Why? Because they read constantly, they keep up, and they consequently look out for their health in this toxic wasteland.

It's a chess match. The power elites expect you to figure it out and protect yourself. If you don't, you deserve to die anyway. Sorry, but that's the way they think.

William H. Gaunt

Since I wrote this article we were able to see Vaxxed at the Silver Springs Film Festival. It was riveting. When it finished there was thunderous applause. Plan to see it.

The milk carton was so clever. Thanks.


I have an unvaccinated child with autism. Nevertheless, vaccination comes with risk, we should all have the right to refuse vaccinations.


Your premise that most do fine with vaccines is not born out by the evidence. An astounding 50 or more % of children now suffer from at least one chronic illness. The more vaccines a country gives, the sicker the children and the higher the infant mortality rate (defined as death within the first year of life). The US does not rank with the industrialized countries. We are at the bottom. Also, since vaccines are not given routinely during pregnancy, the fetal death rate is very high, despite what is claimed about the health promoting benefits of vaccinating pregnant women.

There is no justification for injecting mercury into anyone, no matter what their glutathione stores are. The criminal AAP fought to keep mercury in vaccines sent to third world countries that are no longer allowed here because they know it's an extreme toxic load (and once they realized they tried to cover it up - see the meeting at Simpsonwood, Ga.). And it's not just mercury. It's alumininum, a proven neurotoxin, and a long list of other nasty ingredients like formaldehyde, detergents, and genetically modified animal and plant cells. Really disgusting.

Then there is the fact that none of these drugs are tested with true placebos. They are tested against other vaccines or vaccine ingredients (like neurotoxic aluminum) and when you look closely, you'll see that the studies are rigged to have an industry friendly conclusion.

Re the MMR as just one example (each vaccine has it's own sorry history and unique problems), the triple live virus vaccine does not have the same effect on the body as the three live virus vaccines given individually, spaced apart. There are many, many problems with this vaccine. The medical community acknowledges that only about 95% of children mount an immune response to their first dose, necessitating a booster dose a few years later which is meant to catch 100% of the children. Yet, the rabidly robotic provaccine medical community never considers what happens to those 3 live viruses in the bodies of children that do not fight them. It is a fact that live vaccine strain of measles virus has been found by several different researchers infecting the intestines of sick (autistic) children who were previously vaccinated with the MMR. Then there is the fact that Merck is being sued by their own virologists for adding rabbit antibodies to human blood samples to make it look like the mumps vaccine was more effective than it was.

Then there is the fact that Gardasil vaccine DNA has been found on autopsy in the brain of a young girl who died within months of being vaccinated with Gardasil. The Danes have also made the connection between elite atheticism and severe reaction to HPV vaccine. The Japanese goverment has withdrawn their recommendation of HPV vaccine due to severe side effects. The US shamelessly ignores these findings, does not inform the public of this history while denying the reports of its own citizens, and pushes on with HPV vaccine promotion for all.

The genetically modified hepatitis b vaccine, a vaccine for protitutes and and IV drug abusers that is given to every baby in this country within 12 hours of birth, is not given this way in most countries around the world. In most countries, the vaccine is given at birth only to babies of hepatitis b infected mothers in an attempt to prevent transmission of the the disease to the baby during the birth process. The vaccine has killed many, many innocent babies (google Michael Belkin and see http://www.iansvoice.org/) and sickened many others. Research has linked this vaccine to a greatly increased incidence of developmental disorders.

The pertussis vaccine not only does not work to prevent pertussis, but the vaccinated become silent carriers able to infect others, including the infants, elderly, and immune suppressed that they are supposed to be protecting by getting the vaccine in the first place. (google vaccinated baboons spread pertussis - FDA study - believe it or not - I think November 2014). And the CDC has acknowledged that the vaccine is causing other pertussis strains to become more virulent.

I could go on all day. As De Niro says, it's not that simple. If you haven't already seen Dr. Suzanne Humphrie's talks, I highly recommend them on youtube. Also, her book, as just one of many, is excellent. _Vaccine Epidemic_ is another.

Deb S.

I am one with an unvaccinated child with autism. I also had a mouth full of old metal fillings in my mouth. It's was only after finding mercury in the hair test that I did more research to find out I was the source.

I thank God I listened to my gut and didn't vaccinate him.

He's high functioning on biomed.


Perhaps the population of unvaccinated children to consider that would have the greatest impact on our scientific understanding of autism causation would be the younger siblings of vaccine-injured children? I can't tell you how many times I have read/heard over the years from parents how much healthier their younger unvaccinated children are. Of-course the latest bogus JAMA study tried to pretend that it did that study but we all know those younger sibs were not FULLY unvaccinated.


I'd like to be in the study -- I have one vaccinated (autistic and always sick) and one non-vaccinated. My non-vaccinated daughter has missed only one day of school in 4 years and has never had an ear infection, an allergy, a rash or even a sore throat. She is so healthy, she only goes to the doctor for the required school physical.

River Walker

The primary preservative used in pediatric vaccines is Thimerosol. It is methyl mercury which when introduced into the body converts to methyl-ethyl-mercury. Most body metabolisms can process this "heavy" and it does no damage. Those bodies that lack or are low in glutathione and other enzymes that break down and remove metals from the body may be at higher risk for hippocampus/neurological/motor complications post vaccination. If pre-vaccination tests could be performed on bodies prior to vaccination to determine if the body could properly remove the mercury preservatives commonly used in vaccination then resulting damage may be avoided. Either that or a better pipeline of non-preserved, refrigerated vaccines should be made available. Another consideration is physicians who give doses of vaccines to close together such as when they need to catch a child up to required vaccine history in order to enter the school system. One case I know of is where a mother had not vaccinated her son on schedule and then was required to vaccinate prior to acceptance to kindergarten. The boy, who had otherwise developed normally with milestones reached at age five then developed Asperger's symptoms within weeks post vaccination. Millions of children are vaccinated on schedule without ensuing complications from absorption of methyl mercury contained within said vaccines. However, for those children whose physiology may show decreased production of glutathione prior to vaccination another form of vaccine suspension must be utilized to prevent developmental problems. Just my take.

Paul Champion

“We need” is the important phrase. Although "correlation of the the autism epidemic (and other health problems) does not prove causation due to the introduction of multiple vaccines. " We can be sure, very sure, frightfully sure, that the pharmaceutical companies wont do this necessary epidemiological research in order to decide conclusively one-way or another. We can neither rely anymore, on our state appointed overseers (such as the CDC, WHO, etc.) since many that hold positions of influence in these organizations are only too keenly aware, that if they toe-the-party-line, then when it time for them to move on they can go through the 'revolving door' and land a better paid position in a pharmaceutical company. To do this properly however, requires money and good planning. A possibility is that we use Crowd-sourcing.


A lot (most) that contribute donations are computer geeks. They are logically orientated. They also are just the every day citizens – who must be affected personally the upsurge in autism and other complications that may linked to vaccinations. The movement started off to fund high tech solutions but are now diversifying to find solutions to other areas that would make this world a better place, such as pollution and human rights etc. I will see if I can find some examples. So, we could try this approach.


Remember something about the Amish. The parents were also not vaccinated. So, when you are looking for simply unvaccinated children in the "general" population, you may still find autism (at this point in time) because of the massive number of vaccines their parents have had. It is gene's plus environment that pulls the trigger. Our environment is so polluted with toxins in the drinking water (and pharmaceuticals such as prozac which is known to contribute to autism) and radiation from cell phones, etc., you are going to find non-vaccinated autism.

This is likely what the CDC is waiting for. If they wait long enough, parents who are loaded up on vaccines will have children with symptoms of autism, with or without their own load of vaccines on board.

Angus Files

Two unvaccinated here nothing to report rudely healthy sorry cant help.


Bob Moffit

"Conclusion: Autism is common in fully vaccinated children but rare in unvaccinated children."

Trust me .. if the CDC had ANY evidence that autism was as prevalent in unvaccinated children .. WE WOULD HAVE HEARD ABOUT IT DECADES AGO .. YET .. THAT CRITICAL RESEARCH REMAINS UNDONE.

Indeed .. that the CDC absolutely refuses to seek evidence that 1 in 68 unvaccinated children have autism .. to me .. is STRONG CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE .. that the CDC already KNOWS autism in unvaccinated children is as RARE as it once was .. say .. 1 in 10,000.

If they don't already KNOW it .. then they are paralyzed with fear the evidence will reveal that autism in the unvaccinated population is RARE .. if any at all .. which is why it is unheard of.

To me .. their absolute refusal to seek critical evidence where the health and safety of our children .. the most precious resource of any nation or generation .. IS A CRIME THAT GROWS LARGER EVERY DAY THIS RESEARCH REMAINS UNDONE.

When the truth prevails .. hopefully .. their CRIME will be prosecuted as a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

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