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Kim Stagliano Talks VaXxed, Autism and More on Sirius/XM's Dirty, Sexy Funny

DSFHeaderLast Tuesday I had a blast co-hosting Dirty, Sexy, Funny, Jenny McCarthy's radio show on Sirius STARS channel 109.  

Here are the  intro (16:58) and closing (2:00)  segment which includes a conversation we had about VaXxed, autism, vaccines and the reality of having a child(ren) on the spectrum.  

Thanks so much to Jenny for the invitation and opportunity to put on high heels!   Please share with friends and family.  The information is easy to digest and helps the "layperson" understand why VaXxed is so important.  My goal was to tell an audience waiting to hear about a Kardashian tell all book about the vaccine MMR Dr. William Thompson VaXxed Dr. Wakefield censorship topic in as few words as possible.   Capisci? The segment is 15 minutes and includes Jenny's fabulously funny show intro, banter and more.  

Remember the name of the show is Dirty, Sexy, Funny, so don't go getting your panties in a bunch in the comments - OK???  

 Here you go:

And the quick closing:


Joanie Calem

Great conversation! Makes me realize that in the same way anti-abortion people try and claim that everyone who is pro-choice is pro-abortion, the vaccine protectors want to paint everyone who is pro-question, pro-consideration, pro-individualization of shots as an anti-vaxer. Most of us are not saying to do away with vaccinations in total, or negating the times that vaccinations have perhaps saved lives, but we are simply wanting to consider why the uptake in the number of childhood vaccinations coincides with the uptake in the rates of autism. The difference is a small but important nuance.


I love listening to people who are spokeswomen for the cause of truth in vaccines. I get the point of being put in the anti-vaccination box with the pejorative connotation. So I don't blame you for bringing that up. But I think the day will come when pro-vaccination types like Paul Offitt will have the bad connotation.

I'm anti-vaccination for all practical purposes. My son is about to get married and plans to have a family and every day I hope and pray that they decide not to vaccinate AT ALL.

Take the pertussis vaccine (DTaP). It has about 650 micrograms of the neurotoxin aluminum that is known to cause degenerative brain disease, is known to persist in the body for at least up to two years, is 100% absorbed with injection. Top that off with the understanding that it does not confer herd immunity so it is useless to require it for school yet they still do. And it makes the immunized more susceptible to other strains of pertussis. It is known now that it has a devastating effect on gene expression by up regulating all these cancer genes, autoimmune disease genes, and it causes mitochondria disease.

Whooping cough is probably the worst of the diseases because unlike chicken pox or measles it can cause fatalities in babies, and mother's milk doesn't offer protection ( I'm thinking about other infant diseases where a breast fed baby is fully protected).... Yet who in his right mind would tell a parent honestly that 5 doses of a failed vaccine are better than none... obviously our government is not in its right mine.

There was this whistleblower from inside the vaccine manufacturing process, and he said that he would change his name, move to another state, and manipulate whatever he needed to do (probably including fake documents) to avoid vaccines if he had a child. These vaccine deliver diseases of the type that doctors don't cure. I'm positive that any parent who avoids vaccination will thanked eventually by his child... I'm shocked that Jenny McCarthy fully vaccinated her son and believes in vaccines.

Not Surprised

Thanks so much. Down here in Australia (and we usually follow you guys on day to day stuff) our elected governments (there's an overseeing federal and states run their own affairs) the Federal Government is now refusing to help people raise their kids with childcare support and other welfare, unless they are vaccinated. The point of reference is the ACIR, the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register. (A device, in its genesis, was to make sure everyone was up to date...if you wanted to) What they did, bipartinsanly, was to remove the conscientious objector clause. As we have 'federally' a vaccine rate 90-92% then conscientious objectors (CO) 1.77% there is a lot of people (6-8%) who dont have an opinion, means or whatever to vaccinate. However, down here, the CO is the target. Oh my god. What happens if the CO idea spreads - shut down. True. THe federal law that was passed, and mind you the welfare department tasked with making the coercion Happen is is disarray, is called No Jab No Pay law. THis is being be looked at to be challenged at a constitutional lever at this time. THe states, individually, can make their own laws and the state of Victoria, moved to pass a similiar law, No Jab No play. That means a parent cant put their kid into childcare unless vaxxed. There has been some major childcare care providers ignoring that law. On a personal note, I chose not vaccinate my daughter is 12 now. I was gravitating that way during the pregnancy and the day I held my daughter in the birthing unit and the vitamin K shot was given to her, I accepted that but when the next shot emerged and it was the Hep B, I laughed and said no. The midwife was wonderful. She even made a comment, "good on you dad, parental decisions start here" Lately though, I have revisited the debate. I went straight back to something I didnt give time to at he time and that was the Lancet 12 in 1998. 18 years have passed in the world, 12 years for my daughter and the stats are increasing. Through this learning I saw many disparaging remarks directed at Jenny. She is a parent. She is qualified. THis is what has been emerging and irking me somewhat lately. The parents dont have a voice or a seat at the table. Sorry, the science is more superior. Well, be that as it may, what are we going to do about all the adults, who will need positions in society who have autism? First thing, admit there may be a connection, move on and bend all (now free) scientific and educational knowledge towards these human beings and give them a place in our lives, our systems, our cities, our dreams and our hearts. We can perform a major operation in a theater on an idividual. before lunch, with our eyes closed, but we are not allowed open our eyes to a collective. THis has to stop, we must talk and we must talk loud.


Great job, and so glad that you and Jenny brought these issues to the attention of mainstream listeners.

Great photo, too - and my son likes your smile and your hair. :)

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you. "The people with autism are beautiful...the diagnosis is a diagnosis for a reason..." - that is, I think, a skillful way to open the discussion.

Carter's Daddy

It's so great to hear you chatting with Jenny, Kim! What a far out dream it is to hope one day doctors will acknowledge autism is medical. You're a real storehouse of information too! It is a real honour to know you! Just today I had a lovely chat with my biological dentist on all the topics you and Jenny did, and now I am listening to the show for the first time. It's OK to talk about government "conspiracies" but those same people that love to say this and that is being done behind our backs will then jump all over you if you say the same thing about that one product. it is weird and Orwellian. You don't just help your 3 gorgeous girls, Kim, you help all of the kids.

Dan Olmsted

great discussion kim -- refreshing to hear both you and jenny talk openly about autism and vaccine damage.

Angus Files

Well done ladies not just pretty faces..a complex subject put over for the lay person, even I get it, how come the CDC don't.


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