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John Rappoport: Dear Doctor, How to Avoid Blame for Causing Autism

Doctor Hand UpExcerpted from Jon Rappoport's blog. Thanks to MH for sharing it with us.

By Jon Rappoport

April 26, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

As the truth about horrendous vaccine-damage to babies emerges and spreads, doctors need advice on how to avoid blame. So this article is offered as a public service to the medical profession.

Dear Doctor, your best defense is: “I’m practicing proper medicine.” Always remember that. Don’t wobble. Don’t explain. Just keep saying it. It works. After all, you have decades of propaganda behind you. Make those lies operate for you. Stand on them. It’s your best strategy.

In your heart of hearts, you know you’re damaging the brains and nervous systems of many babies. But don’t give in. Just keep vaccinating them. Just keep the basic mantra going: “I’m practicing proper medicine.” Under no circumstances should you let conscience be your guide. That would put you in a world of trouble.

It’s useful, when necessary, when a baby is, say, on life support in intensive care after you vaccinated him/her, to accuse the parents. You assert the child is a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome—and the unconscionable parents did the shaking. This puts them on the defensive, and potentially takes the case into the sinister arena of Child Protective Services, the agency that can remove a child from the home and place it in foster care as a ward of the State. The parents, who are already terrified because of what you did (vaccination), will be thrown into an even deeper vortex of fear. They will be less likely to speak out and blame you. Use your power.

Keep in mind that the parents can’t sue you or the vaccine manufacturer. Know you’re safe. The law mandates the only option: they go to the federal vaccine court, where they plead for compensation. That labyrinthine process could take years, during which time the parents will probably forget all about you. Feel safe and secure, because you are. Don’t get rattled. Move on.

If the word—you know the word—“autism” comes up, don’t give in to worry or fear. The Centers for Disease Control, essentially a PR front for the vaccine industry, has you well covered. They’ve slanted and cooked years and years of studies to show one and all that vaccines can’t cause autism. It’s a slam-dunk. You’re protected. Don’t argue. Don’t debate. Let the CDC back you up.

Do you see where I’m going, dear Doctor? You’re in a sweet spot. You’re not in trouble, so don’t make trouble. Bite your tongue if you have to, but don’t debate. Just keep vaccinating. Yes, you’re destroying many lives, but no one can prove it, because the CDC and other agencies control the meaning of “science.” If they say the Earth revolves around Mars, that’s science.... Read more at Jon's blog HERE.



Thank you Jon Rappoport for this hard hitting truth to power article... plus, lovely sarcasm.

I totally adore everyone who fights for vaccine injured people, but even Robert De Niro has to keep assuring everyone that he is not anti-vaccine but for safe vaccines.

Hello, People. In 2011 the U.S. Supreme Court in Bruesewitz versus Wyeth made the judgement that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe, and that a vaccine manufacturer is not responsible for making unsafe vaccines. So no manufacturer is going to put one nickel into making a safer vaccine because they don't have to, and no government agency, who as Jon pointed out are just fronts for the vaccine manufactueres, is going to pursue that Holy Grail. The FDA may have a ton of departments that address safety in vaccines but talk is cheap and studies are expensive. As there are no legal consequence for an unsafe vaccine, they can just talk about safety. A study could make vaccines look even less safe than they already are... too risky.

They have to say vaccines are safe in order to justify draconian mandates like in California. It's a lie but they have been lying under oath for years. No biggie!

Still, I think someone should research to see if there has been one safety study funded by the FDA or CDC that deals with vaccine safety since the 2011 Supreme Court ruling. I've been reading for months and I haven't found one. There are some truly excellent studies on how effective vaccines are at preventing disease, because manufacturers can still lose their commercial license if a vaccine is ineffective... Hmm, at least theoretically they can.

Yet look at the pertussis vaccine! It does not prevent whooping cough (baby baboon study that showed that after vaccination the baboons got pertussis without symptoms when exposed to the disease...so it does prevent the manifestation of those bad symptoms (hooray) but does not prevent the disease or the spread of it.) Still, a child can be denied the right to attend school if he/she is not fully vaccinated (5 doses) with the DTaP, even though it does not prevent the spread of disease. So much for herd immunity... Yes, in California you must pay big taxes for schools that your child may not attend if you have not completed the full course of five doses of a failed vaccine that will pump over 3,000 micrograms of the highly neurotoxic metal aluminum into your child's internal organs including the brain. Hooray... even failed vaccines work at keeping kids out of school. So ineffective still is a commercial success in the vaccine world. A vaccine doesn't have to be safe or effective to be mandated in California. Hooray....

BC W warrior mom

Juliet Guichon, "bioethicist" at U of Calgary prompting a discussion on whistleblowers regarding the Stephan case. My goodness I thought she was referring to whistleblowers as in people like Sauvageau, Chief Medical Officer being asked to lie and fake death certificate info- but no! Guichon is talking about anyone suspecting parents were abusing their child should have contacted Child Services. We already have those laws in place. It reminds me of the "barbaric acts" attempt by the Conservative party to encourage people to call on certain cultural practices. The argument then of course was that we have that service already- it's called 911. These people are reaching very hard with this.


Dr. Kostoff,
That's very good news about Haifa. The Vienna Medical Association has recently issued cell phone guidelines:


Also at that link:

"No Wi-Fi in Salzburg Schools: “The official advice of the Public Health Department of the Salzburg Region is not to use WLAN and DECT in Schools or Kindergartens.” -Gerd Oberfeld, MD.

The Vienna Medical Society had issued cell phone safety guidelines previously stating that cell phones should be used for as short of a time as possible and that children under 16 should not use cell phones at all. They also stated that “wireless LAN leads to high microwave exposure”."

Gary Ogden

Angus Files: Herd instinct. Much stronger evidence for this than herd immunity. Plus lack of moral courage, a rare trait among humans. They see what happened to the exemplar of this trait, Dr. Wakefield. Plus they live comfortable lives compared with most. And finally, no professional or financial consequences if they go along with the herd, and potentially catastrophic ones if they fail to.

Angus Files

Great so true and Drs are the `best brains` of the human population and I believe they most cases are-so why are they acting so stupid?


BC warrior mom

Parents in Canada are getting worried about the Ezekiel Stephen trial result. Vaccine schedule is only increasing and the children have never seemed so unhealthy. It's very scary.

Ronald Kostoff

The situation is equally bad for the adverse impacts from non-ionizing radiation. However, I was sent some links this morning showing a glimmer of hope. Haifa, Israel, is in the process of removing WiFi from schools. A very small step, but one less potential contributing factor to autism (and many, many other diseases).



Hans Litten

SO SO PLEASED you put this article up - Its a winner !

They have no answer to the comedy ! when we ridicule them

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