The Tribeca Incident and the Framing of VaXed: MovieMaker Op-Ed
New Movie: Man Made Epidemic


Ricky Barnes

Thanks for the good comments. I spent 6 years finding out for myself in my film 50 Cents A Dose. Thanks for taking a look at (


Angus Files

The News worldwide is not the News worldwide but Vaxxed is what is really happening world wide.


John Stone


There are many complexities and much rottenness in the history of the case. It is absurd that many of the findings against Andy were shown to be false in the High Court and yet they still stand against him. The GMC makes no attempt to review the matter, and behind the GMC are the British Government. They might hide behind junk charges like the blood samples, which sound alarming to the public but are universally regarded by the profession as ridiculous.

I am sure posterity will see this for what it is - a conspiracy. Devoting focus and resources to it now, however, might be a distraction.

Unfortunately, also fundamental to the principle of the GMC star chamber is not that it dispenses justice in a visible way, it dispenses discipline. For those people it doesn't matter that it was a pack of lies, they have made an example to the rest of the profession of someone they don't like.



Jeannette Bishop:
Am I understanding the last paragraph Right?
I have not heard or read that part of Dr. Thompson's statement.

They had actually discussed not including the vaccine reactions of the 24th month old cause the three years old they could use an excuse of seeking services?

Buy that is intent- as the law loves to speak of.


I saw an interview with Paul Offit in which he said that in order to prove a causal relationship between vaccines and autism, a population study would have to demonstrate it and population studies show there's no connection. Well, now there is a recently uncovered population study that demonstrates a connection and it's still not proof.

Your screaming, convulsing, newly-autistic kid didn't suffer a vaccine reaction because population studies show there's no connection, but if population studies do show a connection, it still doesn't mean your child suffered a vaccine reaction. Catch-22.

Nice one, Dr. Manny.


One thing I wish would happen is that Dr Wakefield would file to get his license back. I know this is expensive but we could raise the money. The John Walker Smith case was a slam dunk.

Jeannette Bishop

Levi Quakenboss on the Fox interview:

At one point he links here...

which looks like some of the text Congressman Posey was quoting from. The last two paragraphs are pretty telling of how much Thompson, at least, maybe all the authors, understand what might be playing a roll in the suppressed MMR link with autism.

Mainstream media sucks

Dr. Paul Offit, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Dr. David Gorski, Dr. Pan...these are just some of scum pro-vax extremists who will never be forgotten in this human health disaster.

Birgit Calhoun

Hats off to Fox! I hope they bring more to expose the CDC's dealings with the pharmaceutical industry. The American population has been way too trusting when it comes to oversight regarding the vaccine industry. They need to admit vaccines are not just vaccines. Vaccines contain a multitude of substances that have not been tested and do not belong and have nothing to do with any protective effect that is supposed to be elicited.

As long as vaccines are required, they should at least be pure. They should not be laden with toxins that have nothing to do with vaccines.

Getting a vaccine is like eating the apple that was poisoned by Snow White's evil stepmother. Has anyone ever wondered why Snow White went into a deep sleep? What was in that apple? Did the evil stepmother inject mercury into that apple?


Oops! Sorry about all the typos! Should be "said her son HAD an MMR reaction but that it would be okay..and it wasn't"

Mainstream media sucks

Pro-vaccine extremists have completely painted themselves into a corner! Whether they be the media or the whores that work in public "health" or "Science"blogs, they are done.


Wonderful interview! Thank you to Dr Wakefield and Ms Tommey! great comment from Mrs Tommey where she said ( paraphrasing here) that the hospital said her son was an MMR reaction but t it would all be okay...and it wasn't"
Wonder how many other people heard that.
And yes, it seems like the pressure to ban the film is starting to make people ask questions. This has to be the most positive mainstream interview I have seen.
Haven't seen Dr Manny speaking, but if even he is saying (while defending vaccines), that there is a risk for African American children, then it sounds like the truth is starting to be acknowledged. And discussing who is at risk for vaccine injury is a very different conversation than saying that vaccines are safe for everyone.
By the way, "pro vaccine extremists"..I like it. I was leaning towards "anti-vaccine safety advocates", but think that "pro vaccine extremists", given the push to force vaccines on children in California, is even more appropriate.

Bob Moffit

Just watched Foxnews "A Team member" .. Dr. Manny .. AGAIN .. and .. it didn't get any better for the "A Team" member upon reviewing his comments.

(Let's play "Wheel of Fortune" .. solve the following puzzle .. what does the "A" in the Foxnews "A Team" stand for:
"A..h...s" )

Dr Manny begins his "review" of a movie he claims to have just saw .. comparing it in some incomprehensible (gibberish) way to the watching the movie "The Revenant" to learn about living in the wilds.

And it goes downhill after that stupid analogy.

Dr Manny's first words about the film .. "It focuses on a single child and it gives the impression that the child got autism from vaccines. There's absolutely no proof of that .. it's been studied time and time again.

Memo to the "A Team" .. the title of the film is "Vaxxed: from cover-up to catastrophe" .. because the film is about a COVERUP WHICH HAS LED TO A CATASTROPHE. That really shouldn't be too hard .. even for the "A Team" to understand ... them being highly educated "experts" and such.

When Manny finally paused to breathe .. the female moderator asked him ... as a concerned parent of a toddler .. to explain who exactly is at danger when getting the MMR .. and .. he actually said .. paraphrasing here:

"There is a small percentage of children .." when the moderator asked him to elaborate ... "children identified as "black American" children who showed a small risk for autism".


The "A Team" courageously stated they should do more studies to identify who is more at risk and why .. which is exactly what they did .. 14 YEARS AGO .. found out about that 340% higher risk of black American children .. and .. then manipulated their research to deny such a risk .. compounded further by DESTROYING ANY EVIDENCE TO MAKE SURE THEIR COVER UP WOULD BE KEPT FROM THE PUBLIC'S RIGHT TO KNOW.

As I said ... wonder what someone has to sacrifice to keep one's job as a valued member of "fox A Team"?

Paul Champion

Here, Del Bigtree offers a relay good layman’s guide to the history of the issue in a resent phone-in.
VAXXED: Caller Gets Schooled on Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Another recently uploaded video of Dr. Andrew Wakefield talking about the criminal acts of the CDC.

Could it be that this anti-corruption snow-ball, now rolling down hill, is creating an avalanche that even the mighty Listserv can't hold back?

Paul Champion

This Fox interview doesn't appear to be available anymore in the UK (listserv presure?). So, here is another link.

Eddie Unwind

@Bob -

Still, could be worse. Casual or not, such a statement from Manny mentioning the ill-treatment of Wakefield is, in the context of things, nothing less than revolutionary. I'm fairly certain that no such apologetic statement from that camp referring to the good doctor exists or has ever been recorded since, to hazard a guess, 1998?


I too noticed the camera angle and annoying split screen (not even split as Dr. Wakefield was pushed all the way to the side). However, notable is the complete lack of the usual animosity with which the interview proceeded. No doubt Doocy was reading from a cue card, so his positive attitude was not all from him. We are at a point where there are giant cracks in the wall. People are looking through. But there are some large resistant bricks still there. That's ok. They'll come down. I wonder if Mr. De Niro and very influential friends had something to do with this interview. I believe that De Niro has joined the ranks of those who are not going to give up until the wall comes crashing down, world citizens are safe from the vaccine industry and justice is served.

Bob Moffit

Well .. as per my previous comment .. Foxnews just "interviewed" their resident sock-puppet .. the inimitable Dr. Manny .. who claims to have seen Vaxxed yesterday.

I put quotation marks around the word "interviewed" because that is not what occurred .. there was "no interview" .. this was a friendly discussion wherein Dr. Manny spewed his routine "talking points" about how great vaccines are .. how science has "debunked" any connection of vaccines to autism .. even quoting one of his primary "scientific sources .. Dr. Paul Offit".


I don't recall Dr. Manny mentioning the name Dr. William Thompson once .. NOT ONCE .. during this pathetic "damage control" tirade about the safety of VACCINES.

I suspect Dr. Manny expects us to applaud him for his casual comment that he thinks Dr. Wakefield has been ill-treated .. only to follow up that comment by claiming Dr. Wakefield "exaggerates" HIS findings beyond what "scientist" like Dr. Offit say can be relied upon.

How in God's name could this sock-puppet watch Vaxxed and NOT EVEN MENTION DR. THOMPSON'S ALLEGATIONS??????

Eddie Unwind

Whoops! Sorry John...

I of course meant pro-vax extremists; Freudian slips need not convert to the domain of writing. I've committed worse slips of the pen even than that! But thank-you for pointing it out.

Bob Moffit

Great interview .. made even greater by the people who were NOT on that set with Polly and Andy .. you know .. fox's "house doctor Manny" and other "sock puppets" .. who appear weekly to discuss "medical issues"

I suspect the "house doctors" did not want to give opinion on the CORRUPTION ALLEGATIONS MADE AGAINST THE CDC.

After all .. VAXXED is a documentary about CORRUPTION .. not the MMR vaccine .. so all the usual "talking points" about "benefits outweigh the risks" and citing the MILLIONS of LIVES SAVED BY VACCINES .. you know .. the "talking points" that allow "experts" .. such as .. Suchette and Offit to speak uninterrupted for 10 - 15 minutes straight on a 20 minute segment.


John Stone


Pro-vax extremists?

PS Interestingly, the vaccine enforcement agencies like to use the soft term "vaccine hesitant" while allowing their more aggressive surrogate trolls to try and mop up in the media.

Eddie Unwind

...just to add to my previous post...

Such a shift in mainstream policy would necessitate that those anti-vax extremists active in mainstream media will be required to soften their tone and/or stance. Those incapable of doing so will find themselves hung out to dry.

Sandra Lopriore

Why the surprise? CNN's Alisyn Camerota did quite a few stories on the link while on Fox. She also interviewed Dr. Kenneth Bock with a recovered child and his mother on Fox and Friends weekend. Also, Fox and Friends weekend anchor Tucker Carlson not to long ago talked about his daughter having temporary paralysis from a flu shot.

Eddie Unwind

Like clockwork, in my opinion. In order for the mainstream media to come to terms with and create sense out of this hopelessly conflicting situation (for them), they're sooner or later going to have to adopt a tone, at least ostensibly, of broader understanding and acceptance, so as to at least appear more inclusive of contrasting opinions. As a consequence, the pro-vax extremists, owing to their myopic stance, will find themselves transformed into a fringe movement (at best).

John Stone

Wonderful to see this interview - I have always said that Andy lost his lecense because he listened to parents. Hate campaigns against parents led latterly by CDC surrogates Dorit Reiss, Mastt Carey, Karen Ernst are fundamental to skewing the evidence base.

Dan Burns

Andy, Del, and Polly, with the support of thousands of advocates, are changing what it means to be "Wakefielded." Keep it up, team!


Sorry Danchi,
I have a degree in Society and the Media and had to do many an assignment on the political effects of camera angles and juxtaposition of chosen images with text so I am a bit pedantic. I remember seeing an interview with Ginger Taylor and four other people on a local TV station claiming to show they were giving both sides of the vaccine debate a fair go. Two panellists were on our side and two pro vaccine. When Ginger spoke they dropped and distorted the sound and used a long shot so her message was not effective. When the pro vaccine people spoke they pulled in for a close up and shot front on like they do with news readers so their word carried more meaning than Gingers. The tricks they use to sway people's opinions may not be noticed (as you point out). This is what the director hope for as they get more marks for sublety, but regardless it does have a political effect on a subconscious level for those less aware.

Sophie Scholl

is the wall of berlin is about to fall ?

Jeannette Bishop

Dr. Wakefield, Polly Tommey, thank you! I've been following fairly closely the interviews and Q & A sessions you, Del Bigtree, Dr. Hooker have given. I know you have been pressing on at an exhausting pace.


At some point one of the MSM was going to break ranks. There is simply too much chatter in the environment to ignore. Not ever been a fan of FOX buy hey, the interviewer didn't cut Wakefield off at every other word, didn't try to talk over him and actually did not go into details about the report that Wakefield was a part of so I give credit where it is due. The interviewer didn't patronize or minimize Polly's story about her son so he gets points for that. Let's see if anyone else follows. The next station or outlet to break ranks will be over the weekended when traditional they are considered slow news days with low viewing numbers.


"I did not like the camera angles they used on Doctor Wakefield plus the fact they ran a clip of the movie on the split screen at the same time he was talking. Using side and odd angles instead of more front on angles serves to reduce his importance of the speaker and that of his message. In addition, using a split screen while he speaks is an extra distracting element to reduce the effectiveness of his important information"

I don't think the average FOX watcher scrutinizes any TV interview or show to this degree.

Gary Ogden

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would appreciate Fox News. I have gained a great deal more respect for them. Polly Tommey was a tiger. When the host asked if she connected her son's autism to the MMR, she told them that's what the hospital said (which she knew already), but that he would be fine! Thank you Fox News. And thanks again to the Vaxxed team.


They both did an amazing job! They were articulate and said what needed to be said. And the interviewer - so refreshing that he didn't call them or the film "anti-vaccine" and he asked questions about the actual topic of the film - CDC FRAUD!


Absolutely Brilliant, well done to Polly and Dr. Wakefield.
I wonder why Fox let this go to air, such a turnaround. Maybe they are trying to save face for being accused of coverups and as such people stop watching main stream news. I hope it does not get pulled. I did not like the camera angles they used on Doctor Wakefield plus the fact they ran a clip of the movie on the split screen at the same time he was talking. Using side and odd angles instead of more front on angles serves to reduce his importance of the speaker and that of his message. In addition, using a split screen while he speaks is an extra distracting element to reduce the effectiveness of his important information. Still better than nothing from Fox. Don't think we will see it here in Australia. All we see and read to date is the original statment of De Niro pulling the movie because he alledgely questioned it's scientific accuracy. One TV station here said he pulled it because he didn't realise it was made by Dr. Wakefield who ......... you know the usual.


Love 'em or not, Fox News has done what other media outlets fear - presented an open conversation about VaXed The Movie with Dr. Andrew Wakefield.


There's no way to stop the public's awakening to the vaccine lie. A lie which the MSM has been complicit in propagating, going back at least as far as the polio outbreaks they helped stage in the 50's.

When this parental awakening turns to outrage, which it most definitely will, there will be far more than just CDC officials, fielding some pretty difficult questions.

Like the first rat with an inkling to jump ship.... it looks like Fox is the first one smart enough to get something on the record. Which they can pull out later, to show that they at least tried to do the right thing.


Well it's about time. Hope this sort of dialogue continues in all of our mainstream media...

...won't hold my breath, though.

Dan Burns

A chip in mainstream media's Berlin Wall? Fingers crossed.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Thank you to Steve Doocy for his incredible courage in interviewing Andy and Polly!!

STEVE DOOCY (HOST): It is a film that is so controversial it's getting booted from some film festivals. Vaxxed: From Cover Up To Catastrophe claims that the CDC, America's Centers for Disease Control, manipulated and hid data that proves that there is a link between vaccines and autism.


DOOCY: Joining us right now this morning is the director and co-writer of Vaxxed, Dr. Andrew Wakefield and the film's producer Polly Tommey. Polly also has a 20-year-old son with autism. Good morning to both of you.

POLLY TOMMEY: Good morning.

DOOCY: Dr. Wakefield, you are linked to this story ever since back in 1998 you put out a study that linked a connection between the MMR vaccine and autism. And so years later, you've come up and you're putting out this particular documentary because you are talking about the corruption behind the scenes at the CDC.

ANDREW WAKEFIELD: Yes, I've been involved in this debate for 20 years. It's one of the hottest debates in medicine. It hasn't gone away. And then suddenly after 20 years, a CDC senior scientist Dr. William Thompson comes forward and says they have known for 14 years that MMR vaccine is causally associated with autism and they have covered it up. And so the film, it's his words, it's his opinion, it's his documents that really carry the message of this film that there has been a huge cover-up which has put millions of American children in harm's way and it was totally unnecessary.

DOOCY: Well, millions of Americans have heard about your original report where, is there a connection between the MMR vaccine and autism? I know your son, you were once upon a time pro-vaccine.


DOOCY: But then, tell us a little bit about your son, Billy.

TOMMEY: OK, well, I was extremely pro-vaccine as all the parents that are in the same situation as I was. We took our children along to get the shots. We trusted our pediatricians. We didn't think to question --

DOOCY: You had to.

TOMMEY: Quite. So we did this, and for my son, he had the MMR in the morning. By the evening he was in hospital having a huge convulsion. And we never got him back. He's 20 years old now and he is doing the best he can, but he should be at college. He's missed his childhood. He's missed his teenage years. And the future is very bleak for people like Billy. And he's one of millions, millions worldwide.

DOOCY: Do you feel that it was the MMR vaccine?

TOMMEY: Oh I know, as his mother, it was the MMR vaccine.

DOOCY: Because it just happened? Too much of a coincidence if it were not?

TOMMEY: The doctors in the hospital said he's having a reaction to the MMR vaccine, but it will be OK. Well, it wasn't OK. And for every day that the media says vaccines do not cause autism, every day, that injection is going into children and damaging more and more and more babies. It has to stop.

DOOCY: Sure. Dr. Wakefield, I know at the Tribeca Film Festival this was supposed to be played. But Robert De Niro decided not to. He's actually got a family member with autism. Are politics involved in this?

WAKEFIELD: Undoubtedly. I mean, you know, we have tried to convey to people that this is not in any way an anti-vaccine movie. It is reporting upon a fraud in the CDC, the nation's foremost health agency.

DOOCY: This is about corruption.

WAKEFIELD: It is about corruption, absolutely. And Robert De Niro is put in an invidious position, I believe, by the board of Tribeca, where having announced that the film was going to play, he then had to retract it. Repeatedly since that time he has endorsed the film and said everybody must see this film. And that is the case. As you say out there, Fox News, we report, you decide. Please see this film. Make up your own mind. Do not be persuaded by journalists who have written without ever having reviewed the film in advance saying this is an anti-vaccine film.

TOMMEY: Robert De Niro is just a father, just like I am, you know, he's a parent of a child that's been damaged by a vaccine. He just wants to do the right thing. And he's been by our side right from the beginning on this.

DOOCY: I'm going to watch it.

TOMMEY: You need to watch it. Everybody needs to watch it.

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