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Did the CDC Censor Vaxxed? (They Didn't Censor Robert DeNiro)


Vaxxed Error
Read Part 2 and Part 1 here.

By Wayne Rohde and Louis Conte

It’s been one heck of an Autism Awareness Month.

Robert De Niro appeared on the Today Show Wednesday morning to talk about the Tribeca Film Festival. When the discussion turned to the controversy over the decision to pull the film, Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe, De Niro said that he felt that the film should be seen. And then he said much more.

Almost immediately, pro-vaccine not-for-profit groups such as Voices for Vaccines tweeted a post telling main stream media outlet NBC News to get their act together and not to allow these interviews to be conducted.

V4V screenshot

To which Wayne Rohde responded with a question.

There was no return response.

“What’s going on?” sort of sounds like “How can this be happening?”

As the tweet reveals, the expectation of network compliance with not discussing autism and vaccines is fairly obvious. NBC was not doing what was expected of them. One can only wonder what the rest of the day was like down at NBC News.

As one would expect, main stream media outlets unleashed a torrent a “De Niro is wrong”. One that struck me as ironic was this one by Maggie Fox of Today called “De Niro Says ‘Find the Truth’ But Scientists Already did”.

What Ms. Fox doesn’t represent in her article is that scientists at the CDC did find the truth.

Then they threw the truth in the garbage.

In August of 2014, one of the scientists and co-authors of the 2004 Pediatrics study, Dr. William Thompson, stepped forward in and released this statement through his whistle-blower attorney:

CDC data showed that the MMR vaccine was associated with autism in the original data of a study ultimately published by the CDC Vaccine Safety Division staff in 2004 in the journal Pediatrics. However, that data was manipulated to bury the connection between the vaccine and autism in African American children. Some of the data regarding a subset of children with “Isolated Autism” – children with autism who didn’t have other health complications - was so damning that the researchers got together and dumped it in the garbage. Congressman William Posey reported this on the floor of Congress in 2015.

Ms. Fox states that the “independent Institute of Medicine (IOM)” reviewed the science and determined that science has proven that vaccines don’t cause autism.

According to documents released by William Thompson and the statements he made to Dr. Brian Hooker in four legally taped conversations, the IOM was lied to. The IOM reviewed and considered the fraudulent science that the CDC Vaccine Safety Division gave them in coming to their decision about autism and the MMR vaccine. The CDC even removed Thompson from presenting the study to the IOM to make sure that the conflicted scientist didn’t reveal what he knew. 

Vaxxed reveals a CDC where data is manipulated and destroyed, where employees who try to do the right thing are ostracized and where science is a tool of policy interests.

Even worse, Vaxed alleges that the CDC scientists obstructed justice in a federal judicial proceeding.

At the time the study was published, the Secretary of Health and Human Services was being sued by thousands of families alleging that the MMR vaccine caused autism in the Omnibus Autism Proceedings (OAP) held in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. The federal department that runs the CDC was on the hook for billions of dollars in compensation awards to victims of vaccine injuries. When the Special Masters dismissed thousands of cases in the OAP, their rulings relied heavily on the same fraudulent study.

What Dr. William Thompson is alleging is nothing short of a cover-up of a criminal conspiracy that may have resulted in a shocking amount of harm to children and the nation. If true, none of the science produced by the CDC can be trusted.

That is what Vaxxed is about.

This is why Robert De Niro feels everyone should see Vaxxed and also see the film

Trace Amounts, which is about the mercury based vaccines preservative, Thimerosal. De Niro feels that people should see these films and discuss them openly.

Robert De Niro spoke about what his wife feels happened to his son. Like so many other families, De Niro’s son is reported to have regressed after vaccination. Thousands of families report these horrible regressions.

Science has avoided studying parental reports of vaccine induced regression, typically claiming that parents simply missed early signs of autism in their children. Instead, the scientific community has conducted epidemiological studies.

Despite what the press often reports, there has never been a study of health outcomes comparing vaccinated and un-vaccinated people.

Is there any way to ascertain if parental reports of regression following vaccination are true? Is De Niro’s statement that his wife observed a regression supported?

There is – children compensated by the United States government for vaccine induced regressions that resulted in encephalopathy (brain damage) and autism in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

MMR cases like this one:

And from other vaccines, like this one:

In Unanswered Questions From the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, 83 cases of vaccine-induced brain damage that included autism were identified from a small sample of cases the government compensated for vaccine injury. These cases are very similar to what Mr. De Niro says happened to his son. A significant number are MMR cases.

De Niro will now get pounded as being “anti-vaccine” in article after article claiming that “science proves him wrong” even though it is the CDC’s version of science – and not his statements – that ought to be in question.

Wayne Rohde and I have been looking into the people who will deliver that pounding in our previous reports. We noted that Alison Singer of the Autism Science Foundation proudly announced in a Guardian article in late March that a select group of Vaccinologists are members of a public relations response team called the “IAC Listserv.”  This Listserv acts as a sort “anti-vaccine” community monitoring and response team. The IAC is the Immunization Action Committee, a not-for-profit that relies heavily on funding from the CDC and the pharmaceutical industry.

Singer admitted in the Guardian that it was the IAC Listserv that pressured De Niro and the Tribeca Film Festival to pull Vaxxed. De Niro indicated that he now regrets that decision.

Mr. Rohde and I have reached out to Ms. Singer and the IAC for information. It is our assumption that the members of the IAC Listserv would be readily willing to reveal their identities and talk about their work, like Singer did. If you are willing to instigate censorship, you should be willing to say who you are.

None of our emails or phone calls have been answered. Other than Alison Singer, no one has admitted that they are on the IAC Listserv.

Members of the IAC Listserv who pressured De Niro and the Tribeca Film Festival may also have pressured the Worldfest Film Festival in Houston, Texas to censor Vaxxed as well.

The members of the IAC Listserv remain anonymous. They will continue to exert pressure to censor films, books, scholarly articles, other work products and even art deemed “anti-vaccine.”

It is assumed that IAC Listserv members identify themselves when they call film festival directors, journalists and others to exert influence. It would be wise for those contacted to ask if the callers are CDC employees, CDC contracted employees, receive CDC grants or if the university or not-for-profit they work for receives CDC funding. Given the vast number of organizations receiving CDC funding, it is unlikely that these unidentified but influential people are free of CDC influence.

Robert De Niro spoke out on the Today Show. He has questions about what happened to his son and wants an open dialogue about vaccines and autism because he saw Vaxxed and Trace Amounts and knows that something is wrong with what the public has been told.

Those now attacking him want silence. They will not reveal who they are. They will rely on the media to label De Niro as “anti-vaccine” even though he is asking reasonable questions.

Like so many, Robert De Niro wants the truth.

Those now attacking him are pro-silence and anti-truth.

Louis Conte and Wayne Rohde

* Louis Conte discloses that he was a co-author on the Unanswered Questions paper noted in the article.

Vaccine Injuries Lou Conte The Vaccine Court book The Autism War_revised cover

Louis Conte, author of The Autism War and co-author of Vaccine Injuries

Wayne Rohde, author of The Vaccine Court – Dark Truth of America’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

All books published by Skyhorse Publishing – New York City


Cherry Misra

To Lisa, I have the impression that Rosenthal couldnt care less about the whole topic of autism and vaccines. Take a look at what Jon Rappaport wrote on this topic about 6 days back- something about how what was bothering Rosenthal was the thought of problems with her celebrity party guest lists.

Cherry Misra

Tainted /contaminated vaccines in China ?????? Or did they maybe give so many doses of polio drops that they now have about half a million cases of vaccine induced paralysis, that need to be explained away(This is what has happened in India.) Let me guess- Is one of the symptoms of the tainted vaccines - paralysis? Just wondering?


I saw the interview with Al Roker as well. I thought Rosenthal looked and sounded pathetic. She was practically jumping out of her seat as she sat there and watched DeNiro continue to say that people should see this movie and that there is definitely "something there." The expression on her face said it all. It was all emotion for her, no logic. She very obviously bought the lies from the CDC hook, line and sinker, and now her programmed abrain can't take in the new information. So the best thing for her, and for everyone, is for no one to see this movie. That way her programmed brain won't have to suffer from having to consider facts that she emotionally and triumphantly discarded as "discredited" years ago. Truly pathetic.


Just looked at new interview with Robert Deniro, Jane Rosenthal and Al Roker
This short interview was in response to his previous invterview on Today a few days ago because the Today show are clearly in damage control mode. The clip is entitled "Robert De Niro still has mixed feeling about anti vaccine film" which suggests he is sorry he even considered an "anti vaccine film" as they have labeled it for Tribeca. You can clearly see Jane Rosenthal does not agree with Robert De Niro as before. Unlike Robert DeNiro she is not urging you to see it but instead to read read the reviews instead. If some of those reviews are from Variety they be clearly misinformed. We all know those reviews are biased from main stream media writers (I won't call them journalists) many who have never seen Vaxxed and they are probably all rehashed from other bogus reviews. She also says the movie is contradictory and as such it has flaws. She is disgraceful in my opinion and running scared since the last interview. Robert De Niro is not given a lot of air time to discuss the movie but he said the people should still see it and suggests links between the CDC and big Pharma (ya think?). He said he is doing further research and he urged people do the same, however as we all know it depends on the source of that research as to where the truth lies. Obviously, Jane Rosenthal is suggesting it be movie reviews so you will look no further. At times it looks like he unwittingly agrees with some of her comments but I don't think he realises that main stream media movie reviews have been coverups of the truth. I wonder if Al Roker will be hauled over the coals because he said the controversy has given great publicity to the movie and as such more people are likely to want to see it now. Robert De Niro seemed reservedly happy about these comments from Al.


Karen Ernst's entry into vaccine advocacy is like a skunk running across concrete.

Dashes in without much thought, then to her chagrin starts sinking into thick wet cement.

As she thrashes, she realizes too late that things aren't always as they seem at first glance.

But because she's gotten herself stuck so deep in muck -- a catastrophe of her own making -- all she can do is protect herself by rearing up and spraying anyone within firing range.


Every state should have a list of's a link to those in NC and sure enough there's a person, an address and a phone # for a Mer ck Lobbyist. Wonder if a round of calls and/or letters at the lobbyist level would help slow down the vaccine extremists.


Parents should protest on their front lawns, and expose to their neighbors what these people actually do for a living

Sensory integration is general paralysis

Time to reach out to politicians - again - and also maybe industry lobbyists. What Merck lobbyist with a heart would continue to drive home the vaccines are great - regardless of the damage to some - message to elected officials after seeing VAXXED.

Every state should have a list of's a link to those in NC and sure enough there's a person, an address and a phone # for a Mer ck Lobbyist. Wonder if a round of calls and/or letters at the lobbyist level would help slow down the vaccine extremists.



I would really like to know who is suppressing the truth about vaccines by pressuring the media and demonizing parents who don't vaccinate. I think you are hot on the trail so I hope you can pursue it and do a real expose.

How long will the gullible public continue to believe in such catch phrases as vaccine preventable diseases when parents are more terrified of autism than measles, or autoimmunity than chicken pox. There were so many stunning moments in the movie VAXXED but I am thinking now of the head of the UCLA department that works with autistic children, when she compared the measles outbreak in Disneyland to the escalating crisis of autism. What will happen if something similar to Gulf War Syndrome begins to show itself in highly vaccinated populations--explosion of ALS cases or early onset Alzheimer's? Seriously, how long are parents going to buy into the myth that mumps is worse than debilitating, lifelong chronic disease?

go Trump

There was a second film banned at the Tribeca film festival.

It was called "Shrapnel" which was created and directed by an “anti-airbag” group.

John Stone

Hi Karen

I think perhaps the answer with Wayne was that it took you some time to reply and the article was submitted some days ago.

The answer regarding Wakefield is that lots of lies were told about him to discredit him which is just what you would expect from you people.

It remains the case that V4V's parent organisation Task Force for Gloabal Health is a partner organisation of the CDC.

PS Karen, can you tell me why comments by yourself and Dorit Reiss admitting your involvement were removed from Mark Crispin Miller's 'News from the Underground' blog?

PPS It is very clear that you people are trying censor legitimate debate. SHAME Please, you people, stop trying to pretend you believe in Freedom of Speech. The truth is that the reputation of the vaccine industry can only now be maintained by the most unpleasant behaviour.

Thomas Johnson

Didn't Brian Hooker publish a paper using the CDC data Thompson saved? Is it in the film (I haven't been able to see it yet)?


Hi Wayne,

You claim I did not respond to your tweet, but looking at the actual tweet, it is pretty clear I did respond:

YOU: Have you seen the movie?
ME: I'm not even talking about the movie made by a man who is no longer allowed to practice medicine because of fraud.
YOU: I can reserve a few tickets for you when the screening of VAXXED comes to Minneapolis in June.
ME: Perfect. See you there.

All together, since we both think everything the other person says is completely wrong, the conversation ended nicely and on good terms. Why make it sound like I ignored your tweet? Here I thought we were going to be movie buddies. The dream is dead.

Vaccines can talk?

"Anti-tobacco Dr who says Cigarettes cause smoking discredited by tobacco industry studies" and
I didn't know vaccines could talk but maybe it's the human DNA making that possible (re voicesforvaccines--really?)
"Anti car MADD parents exposed for being anti-science after claiming children's coincidental injuries caused by cars" (we won't mention that the cars have drunk drivers and we won't mention that the vaccines have a cocktail of chemicals)
"Concept of harmful Bolus doses apply to every thing in the world ---except vaccines!!!"
"Scientists have discovered the only 100% safe all the time magic substance--vaccines!"

Georg Elser


While adjuvants enable the use of less *antigen to achieve the desired immune response and reduce vaccine production costs, with few exceptions, adjuvants are foreign to the body and cause adverse reactions”, writes Australian scientist Viera Scheibner Ph.D, (1)


As mentioned in a previous comment, I suspect Perri Peltz and/or Ian Lipkin are on the Listserv.


One of the things that struck me in the two interviews I saw/read with DeNiro and Jane Rosenthal is that Rosenthal can't express what's wrong with the movie. She thinks (because she read it or someone told her) that there's something wrong with a graph and someone in the movie said something in one place and then said something different later. Can you vague that up for us, Jane?


Let me tell you how all humans are - but esp Americans - we all are here because most of us had the genetics of not being able to control our tongues and hearts and brains to begin with ---

I decided to give it up years ago when my children were small -- just the way it is -- try to live with it - but it ate me up --

And that is why now, my friends I am as Kim the Stag tells me the Queen of blogging.

De Niro was going to do that too -- but the more you hold it in -- the madder you get.

The more we hold it in - the more the hold us back - the madder furious we become, the more it hurts. It is like steam in a pressure cooker - and denied free speech is the hot flame that continues to drive it.


"To read the vast number of articles written in major newspapers and magazines, one would think the film was about Andrew Wakefield and his paper, rather than about fraud committed by the CDC on its last, and perhaps most important, MMR/autism study."

Good. Let them keep telling aggressive, desperate, vicious, blatant lies. Unlike Dr. Wakefield's paper, Vaxxed is in full public view. The more they lie, the more they prove the accuracy of the film's content. It's a beautiful thing. Checkmate.

Dan Burns

Voices for Vaccines plays whack-a-mole.


To give you a taste of how absurdly inaccurately the mainstream corporate media has reported the story of Dr. Andrew Wakefield and the paper on MMR/autism he co-authored, all you need do is observe its absurdly inaccurate reporting on the movie Vaxxed. To read the vast number of articles written in major newspapers and magazines, one would think the film was about Andrew Wakefield and his paper, rather than about fraud committed by the CDC on its last, and perhaps most important, MMR/autism study. It’s strange how the media can get so hysterically fired up about a supposed fraud committed by one guy, and yet when it comes to an alleged fraud committed by an agency of the US government… nothing. That, in-and-of-itself, is worthy of investigation.

short reflections

Marco Cáceres is the Managing Editor of The Vaccine Reaction:

The first link is his blog titled "short reflections" and it's very interesting. His articles on VR are clear, concise and well researched on vaccine matters. Barbara Loe Fisher is the Executive Editor.


Voices for Vaccines: 11 Facts Show How it’s a Propaganda Ploy for Emory University, CDC, and Big Pharma: Jeffry John Aufderheide

You should know that the Voices for Vaccines website is owned by the Task Force for Global Health, the third largest charity in the United States. Voices for Vaccines claims that it is “a parent-led organization that supports and advocates for on-time vaccination and the reduction of vaccine-preventable disease.” [2]


This is rich. Long article in today's New York Times about how millions of tainted vaccines have been given in China, blamed on one rogue pharmacist and the Chinese press and police that did't do enough to stop it.

The New York Times is an accessory to the biggest medical fraud and cover-up in the history of mankind, refusing to accurately report on our own CDC whistleblower and the government, scientific community and pharmaceutical industry that have been suppressing the truth about poisonous vaccines promoted by the American government - for decades.

The Chinese immunization program is losing the people's trust, don't you know. No problems to report here, however.

"China’s Vaccine Scandal Threatens Public Faith in Immunizations"

Hans Litten

First it was observed how all the mainstream major outlets released the same talking points at the same time. None of the presstitutes, er journalists, differed from those talking points, such as “Wakefield’s discovery was discredited”, and it’s been proven from third party research that there is no connection to autism with vaccines”.

So how are these journalists orchestrated to sing the same song simultaneously on cue? The Null-Gale article exposes the CDC’s tentacles into mainstream journalism. The CDC’s headquarters in Atlanta are lush and lavish, and every year they demand a bigger cut of the federal budget.

The CDC even has its own intelligence agency, trained at Langley’s CIA headquarters, according to a recent Jon Rappoport article on his site. They gather information and report to headquarters with ways to create pandemics and promote vaccinations as well as other intel projects that involve statistical manipulation.

The CDC-Association of Health Care Journalists (AHCJ) fellowship program sponsors one week long camps for every mainstream editor and writer health writer to be programmed into the CDC’s version of national health policy. And they have all the big mainstream outlets passing their scribes through their propoganda mini-camps

Hans Litten

They’re fully prepared, without a shred of conscience, to explain how their attack on your child’s life had absolutely nothing to do with them.

Jon Rappoport

John Stone

Voices for Vaccines is a sub-agency of Task Force for Global Health, a non-profit partner organisation to the CDC and has a big history in unpleasant astroturf operations:

It is possibly interesting that the chair of Task Force for Global Health is a leading product liability lawyer, Jane Fugate Thorpe:

Certainly, one thing they are engaged in is the protection of the reputation of a class of industrial products.

As to the IOM it is a matter of history that they were hired by the CDC not to find anything (I think one could call it a conspiracy) and the principal papers in the IOM review all had a provenance which led back to the CDC:


Voices For Vaccines?

Seriously?... a pro-vaccine, not-for-profit group, that was formed to protect a 25 Billion dollar a year business??

Who were the forming members of this group?

Bob Moffit

"...a select group of Vaccinologists are members of a public relations response team called the “IAC Listserv.” This Listserv acts as a sort “anti-vaccine” community monitoring and response team."

The simple fact that a "public relations response team" was even created .. is .. by itself .. damning evidence the CDC, HHS, IOM, AAP .. and their vast array of "pro-vaccine" media sources .. feel threatened by their increasing inability to silence the voices of parents of vaccine injured children .. who are demanding answers the CDC cannot .. will not .. adamantly refuses .. to answer truthfully.

I consider the "IAC Listserv" as professionally trained (propagandist) "shock troops" .. on standby alert .. 24 - 7 .. expert at confusing "sound science" .. with .. "sounds like science" .. to protect the increasingly vulnerable public health bureaucracies and policies .. that have done so much damage to our most precious national resource .. our children.

I like to think of "Listserv" as the LAST RESORT .. threatening, intimidating, bullying .. all done more or less anonymously .. lest they someday will have to defend their membership in this cabal of profiteering scoundrels.

VAXXED has caused them to crawl from under their here-to-fore .. well concealed rock .. for all the world to see.

Who are THEY? Why don't THEY proudly declare their membership in Listserv .. so we can judge for ourselves if their service is as "scientifically altruistic" as they would want us to believe?

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