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Dachel Media Update: Bob Wright Speaks About Vax Safety

Media updateBy Anne Dachel

Cliff Kincaid wrote about what former NBC head Bob Wright wrote about in his new book, The Wright Stuff, and two presidential administrations that fought efforts by Wright to improve the safety of vaccines. Kincaid wrote about a recent interview of Wright by Alisyn Camerota at CNN.

April 4, 2016, Accuracy in Media: Former Media Power Player Sounds Alarm Over Vaccines

By Cliff Kincaid

...One of the important voices in this controversy is Bob Wright, whose new book,The Wright Stuff: From NBC to Autism Speaks, is getting some important press attention. He ran NBC Universal for more than 20 years and started the organization Autism Speaks, after his first grandchild was diagnosed with autism back in 2004. In his book, he says that President Obama’s key adviser, Valerie Jarrett, killed a proposal to improve the safety of vaccines, so that parental fears about the link between vaccines and autism could be addressed.

The Bush administration killed a similar proposal, he says. In that case, the explanation was that “the White House was afraid of press reaction.”

Wright argues convincingly that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) methodology for identifying and addressing vaccine problems is ineffective and that it must be improved....

As a result of government mandating vaccines—and the manufacturers being given immunity from prosecution for financial damages—they have become a cash cow for Big Pharma. There is a vested financial interest in increasing the number of vaccines, and making them mandatory at earlier ages.

All of this has come at a terrible cost, according to critics of vaccines.

April is National Autism Awareness Month, and the link between vaccines and autism is once again up for debate. Interestingly, Alisyn Camerota interviewed Bob Wright on the topic last week on CNN. The discussion was informative, but didn’t go far enough in ascertaining who in the federal government is stopping much-needed research into the safety of vaccines.

April 1, 2016, CNN: Alisyn Camerota's interview with Bob Wright

Bob, I can't tell you how many parents, dozens, I have interviewed who had the exact same experience that you did. After the children got their standard vaccinations, that night the child had a high fever, they were clearly in distress, they were screaming in mortal pain, they called the doctor and the doctor said you're having a vaccine reaction. I know this is very controversial. Are you satisfied that enough research and studies have been done to prove that there is no link?

WRIGHT: Well, I'm satisfied to date from what has been done, that we can't establish directly that link. And -- but it's -- you know, as we get smarter and we're able to do better research, it's very difficult to do research on vaccines when you're talking about vaccines that go to tens of millions of people, because you need a large sample to make any conclusions about something like this. And that's part of the difficulty. I would also say that, that you -- that we all know without any controversy that a lot of children have very different reactions to vaccines, period.


WRIGHT: And all vaccines essentially are the same, of the same type of vaccine, and the children are all different, and they have different immune systems. So their responses are going to be like this and pediatricians are too quick to say, oh, you fall in a normal category. Well, that normal category is like this wide, and that's where vaccine safety comes in, and that's an area I did spend a lot of time in trying to understand the CDC's vaccine safety program.

And I can tell you conclusively in that one, that program can be significantly improved for very little money and we tried, and I tried with two administrations, the Bush administration, Obama administration and I failed to get it. It got stopped in the White House in both cases.

CAMEROTA: My gosh. WRIGHT: And that's probably one of the most disappointing things that

I didn't get done.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



I was floored when I read that Wright's grandson developed an extreme fever and started screaming after a vaccination because I also saw Wright say that he disagreed with his daughter that his grandson's autism was caused by vaccination. Autism is characterized by brain inflammation. What in the Sam Hill does he think caused it?

We're all at the Mad Hatter's tea party in this country.


One group of people that are routinely vaccinated but who are never studied for vaccine safety or efficacy are the immune compromised. What happens to a vaccine in an immune compromised one knows, literally no one knows. From personal experience I can say that the vaccine doesn't always take because immune compromised kids can still come down with the disease. Recently there was another measles outbreak and the unvaccinated were blamed. We'll never get the pedigree of that particular virus. As there are no more wild viruses in the U.S., it either had come from abroad or it had to come from a lab vaccine. Do immune compromised people who are in many cases force vaccinated, get the disease and then spread it? Clearly in the case of measles the CDC knows that one size doesn't fit all, and does nothing.

It's heartening to hear that someone in the upper echelons is paying attention at least. I wonder sometimes what those people do all day in that gigantic building. They obviously aren't doing any science. They aren't investigating safety or effectiveness of vaccines because they can only investigate up to the point where it doesn't threaten any vaccine. All vaccines are by definition more important than safety considerations. Maybe they make up catchy phrases to feed the media like "all vaccines are safe and effective" or anyone who doubts the ingredients or importance of any vaccine is obviously anti-vaccine and should possibly be in jail. I finally have concluded that change will never come from the CDC, but only from mass refusal of parents to vaccinate their kids. How about an awareness of the relationship between neurodegenerative diseases and aluminum in the brain for starters. How many parents would vaccinate with an aluminum adjuvant if they knew that it could lead to ALS or some other neurodegenerative disease 10 or 15 years down the road.

go away bob wright

@Beth Secosky-seriously? We're supposed to be excited that he is just speaking out now? He should have been speaking out years ago. Interesting how he is speaking out now in a book he wants to sell and makes sure to keep posting pics of himself mingling with the idiots at NBC. Nauseating. No respect for him whatsoever.

Gary Ogden

Shannon: The Wright Stuff is available on Amazon, complete with NBC peacock on the cover.

Shannon Epstein

Say what? Does anyone have the actual book? What exactly was he trying to do that got shot down by the White House?

Beth Secosky

So he's been working behind the scenes all along???

Very exciting that he's speaking out now!


Time to figure out, that everyone is different; More or less it is how much has everyone been vaccinated in the family from previous generations.

We are in for a big fat surprise!

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