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Anti-Truth Media Coverage

Truth-has-no-agendaBy Anne Dachel

Anti-truth coverage from the mainstream press

I wrote this after looking at the pathetic, one-sided reports on the "Vaxxed" premiere in New York City by the New York Times and others.

After fifteen years following how the press covers autism and vaccines, I can tell you what they're really saying:

We've been helping to cover up the link between an ever-increasing vaccine schedule and autism for so long, we can't suddenly start to legitimately report on this topic.
We're so dependent on advertising revenue from the pharmaceutical industry that we won't say anything that could jeopardize that income.  
For these reasons and others....
 We won't look into the conflicts of interest of the experts we cite who deny a link between autism and vaccines.
We won't interview Dr. Wakefield and let him defend himself regarding the charges that have been made against him. Instead, we'll constantly talk ABOUT him, never WITH him.
We will never interview any of the parents of the study that Wakefield wrote about in his 1998 Lancet piece.
We won't talk to any of the experts mentioned in the film "Vaxxed." That includes Dr. Rachel Ross, former U.S. Representative Dr. Dave Weldon, Noble Prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnier, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh, MIT professor Dr. Stephanie Seneff, or Dr. Jim Sears.
We won't ask the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention why they've never called for a simple study of fully vaccinated and never vaccinated kids to compare their autism rates, even though we all know it could settle the controversy instantly.
We will absolutely never talk about the independent science out there that challenges all the pharma-funded studies we constantly cite in our stories.
We will continue to blame actress Jenny McCarthy for stirring up concern over vaccines and autism.
We will universally label a film about a scientist at the CDC who says his agency destroyed critical research data as merely "anti-vaccine."
We will never mention the fact that the same British government that removed Dr. Wakefield's medical license also indemnified the maker of the MMR vaccine, thus the government would be liable if a link between that vaccine and autism is publicly recognized.
We certainly won't ask Dr. Jon Poling, the father of Hannah Poling, about the fact that the U.S. government conceded her claim that the vaccinations she received caused her autism.
And we won't discuss the fact that no one is liable for a vaccine injury since doctors and vaccine makers have been indemnified by the federal government and therefore there is no real incentive to produce truly safe vaccines.
We're sorry, but the consequences that would result if we honestly and thoroughly covered this controversy are simply unimaginable. What if an uncheck, unsafe, liability free vaccine schedule were doing incredible damage to children everywhere? Who would be held responsible for such a horrible mistake? We simply can't consider that possibility.
It's so much easier to ask the agency with vast money ties to the vaccine makers if their vaccines are safe. It's so convenient to say that all the autism is the result of "better diagnosing" and "an expanded definition"  and not mention that the diagnosis was widened back in 1994 and what followed was a continual, steady increase for the next 20 years.
Most of all, we're not ever going to show concern about the epidemic number of children out there with autism. And it's April, we're ready to talk about all the blue lights and calls for awareness.




John Stone there are at least 40 pages of internet blather on the blood party story and I have taken a couple to refute your position that it had no impact. On the contrary it was used to demonize him no matter what you personally think this is what is true.


One of the strangest parts of the story of Dr. Wakefield’s research is the birthday party where blood was drawn from his child’s friends who were given five pounds each.
Dateline NBC included this in their recent story, A Dose of Controversy. Here are two clips from that show, spliced together:

Callous disregard: Wakefield preys on kids

British government vaccine safety whistleblower - who he later betrays - the charlatan's foul conduct delights his audience. ...
The video above, screened on US and UK television following its disclosure by Deer, samples the following remarks about how Wakefield bought blood from children, some as young as four years old, at his son's birthday party....

MMR row doctor 'paid children £5 for blood samples at son's birthday party'
Last updated at 00:28 17 July 2007

The doctor who sparked the MMR jab scare paid children £5 for blood samples at his son's birthday party, a hearing has been told.

Dr Andrew Wakefield, 50, who linked the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine to autism, was accused of giving youngsters cash to take part in his research without worrying about the distress and pain they suffered....

Read more:

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The GMC’s judgment on the now notorious ‘birthday party’ incident – in which Dr Wakefield took blood samples to use as controls from guests at one of his children’s birthday parties and subsequently told the tale as a humorous anecdote ....

It was never ever about the truth or the research it was about protecting the MMR vaccine from scrutiny and any method of killing the messenger would do. However to quote another infamous personality.

"If the messenger is so dark why is the message so bright?"

John Stone


Tim Lundeen

The HuffPo censored Lance Simmon's article on VAXXED:


Things are changing for the better. Powerful people are getting the message that we have been lied to and all our children have been put in harms way by our government.

If you do a search for "Vaxxed" you will see genuine information come up. No "science based" bs at the top of the search or even on the first page. Front and center all down the page you will see the words - CDC, corruption, fraud, vaccines, autism, etc - together, in proper context.

I think google et al are figuring out they've been scammed.

John Stone

Hi Willie

"5. As a result of the disavowed Wakefield paper – which was pulled not because of the content of the paper but because he drew blood from the children and allegedly did not disclose his intent to the parents who gave their consent- People are reticent to look closely at the MMR vaccine for the potential answer to autism because they are intimidated by the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex."

This is actually not correct. The issue of the blood samples while utterly trivial, was not connected with the fabricated and disproven charges surrounding the 1998 Lancet paper.



1. In my humble opinion, Wakefield will never be irrelevant and quite frankly we should be very thankful because anything less than that would be ingratitude.
2. Wakefield brought attention to the main vector of autism the MMR vaccine cocktail
3. The tremendous pressure put on the vaccine makers made them have to destroy Dr. Wakefield and his work and they did.
4. The level of cover up is quite unprecedented and the reason for the ongoing vaccine schedule is still an enigma to many – but not all
5. As a result of the disavowed Wakefield paper – which was pulled not because of the content of the paper but because he drew blood from the children and allegedly did not disclose his intent to the parents who gave their consent- People are reticent to look closely at the MMR vaccine for the potential answer to autism because they are intimidated by the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex. PIC
6.The PIC has placed a wall around the MMR and said it was off limits using virtually every dirty trick that they can and every useful idiot that they can find as a convenient tool to decry any criticism of the MMR vaccine or the premise of questioning the vaccine or the efficacy of giving vaccines at all. How many times have you heard a TV clown ask another person are you anti vaccine? This is done to cow them and it works probably about 99.9% of the time because most people on either side of the argument do not have a clue as to why they are for or against vaccines.
7. Parents are more involved than ever and know why they are against vaccines because they were percipient witnesses to the injury of their child and it leaves a lasting effect and provokes self education and scrutiny of the injuring agent. I certainly became motivated and began looking into like nobody’s business because it threatens my child my marriage and my family, yeah I am motivated.
8. We look at everything much closer now and no one gets the benefit of the doubt and everything is questioned – The terrible two’s are a reflection of the damage that is caused by the MMR vaccine given at 18 months or 6 months before the 2 birthday. When the child starts acting out rather than evaluate the child for some medical injury they make up a new phenomena called the terrible 2’s like this is something that has been around since the dawn of man. No it has been around since MMR. Below is an excerpt from the Mayo Clinic. No one even considers the possible relationship to the MMR vaccine and this is just how they want it - incognito

“keep in mind that 2-year-olds are undergoing major motor, intellectual, social and emotional changes. Their vocabularies are growing, they're eager to do things on their own, and they're beginning to discover that they're expected to follow certain rules. However, most 2-year-olds still aren't able to move as swiftly as they'd like, clearly communicate their needs or control their feelings. This can lead to frustration and misbehavior — in other words, the terrible twos”

The above paragraph is just hog wash – pure hokum as one of my professors used to say. These people are simply not smart enough to look at in an investigative fashion what is injuring our children because they have lost their equanimity and are unable to think objectively and scientifically. They have been in no uncertain terms and quite pointedly ,told that vaccines are off limits to evaluate scientifically and if you do investigate them scientifically we really do not care what you the messenger finds and as a matter of fact we are going to hang you, the messenger right up there on the cross right next to Wakefield, De Niro and others that have tried to tell the truth, any truth about vaccines. We are not having it.

9. As a result of Wakefield paper and the MMR apocalypse and subsequent conspiracy to cover up the truth, the most artisan , tolerant , progressive , diversity minded , inclusive , open, forward leaning , forward thinking, unbiased , non prejudicial , global warming enthusiast , liberal speaking , gun banning , secular , socialist , types from every faction of the 4 corners of America have come out against the freedom of the individual or the parent s of an individual to control their own body. The “parents right to choose” not to vaccinate their child with life and family altering drugs is just not as sacred as the right to abort a life. This is left wing fascism plain and simple.
10. Life and liberty is extended to our children and in the view of the mad vaxxers life and liberty are not for all just for whom they choose and they do not choose ANY child to have life and liberty and no parent or doctor who supports real science for people
11. Autism turned our children’s world into one of mediocre expectations. I am sure that you are all familiar with the common experience of giving kids a medal or some other token of accomplishment for just participating in a competitive event and usually the medal or token was reserved for the winners only. All of the kids getting a medal irritates some people because they think that this removes competition. The premise is true to a point. Today however I spoke to a friend of mine whose Grand Father was the governor of the state and he went on to become a chief supreme court justice. This friend is doc like me and he is a fairly serious person well read and he has an injured child and he is not taking it well at all because he now knows why his child was injured. I would say if you like me and my attitude you would love him. We were residents together and our chief resident was like a lion tamer.
In any case he was discussing his child who I have never met but appears from all indications to be very mild on the spectrum. His kid works hard to be in sports and he is good at some sports and not as good at others and this is not uncommon. However his skill level drops off apparently precipitously and although clearly good enough to be on the team and play he does not get in as much as he or his family would like. My friend who is a serious competitor is upset because he does not want his child’s spirit to be broken and for him to give up and so he comforts him. While discussing it with him and attempting to give him just an wise counsel, it clicked in my mind that there are so many kids like this that the parents in an effort to cultivate self motivation and perseverance in children want to give them all a medal or a ribbon or some small token of positivity. This token is not to bring down or dilute the accomplishment of the other children who performed well but to salvage a ray of hope and comfort in their child. Their child who had his opportunity for equal greatness taken away even before he put on his uniform or got signed up for the team all done in the name of healthcare. I did not realize it until I spoke to my friend that I too had been blinded by my lack of awareness and need for tokens of positive reinforcement. My eyes are now further opened.
12. The Wakefield paper opened the eyes of the public to real academic fraud and real conflict of interest. Look at the fake journal articles and the fake research done to prop up the MMR. Who will ever forget Poul Thoresen and the fact that he was not ever arrested in as display of putrid selective enforcement of the law. Is he really above the law or is the entire vaccine industry above the law.
13. The Wakefield paper revealed just how much your doctor cannot be trusted to be smart or honest and that you have to be involved at the point of care for your child and trust no one. Who will ever forget the published work of JB Handley exposing the economic relationship between the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Pharmaceutical industry essentially laying out the case that the PIC is in charge of your childs health care not your no nothing see no evil hear no evil speak no evil about the PIC pediatrician.
14. The Wakefield paper demands an answer to the real question from the paper and that question is who is really in charge of our healthcare? Is it your doctor or is it the man and woman and other creatures behind the curtain who keeps saying “Pay no attention to the creatures behind the curtain”. I think we all know the answer to that question.
15. No we needed Wakefield and his paper and we needed his sacrifice and his courage and his indomitable spirit and his veracity and perseverance and we need him to be vindicated because that vindication will be our further validation of one constant that we must never ever forget or forgive because …..


John Stone


Of course, that is what has to happen but before that can happen other people will have to stand up, and it is courageous of anyone who does.

Ronald Kostoff


"the meaning of DeNiro's remark is very clear".

Most of the AoA posters are side-stepping the major roadblocks we face in making progress on this issue. The focus seems to be hanging on the words of celebrities like DeNiro, McCarthy, RFK Jr, Trump, or biomedical people outside the mainstream, regarding the problems with vaccines. That's not what is required to make any type of major change in the public's perception, which in turn would (hopefully) make a major change in Congress' actions.

What is needed for vaccines, wireless radiation, glyphosate, etc, is for people like the Surgeon General, Head of the IOM, Directors of NIH, CDC, FDA, Deans of Medical Schools, Heads of academic biomedical Departments, to address the potential dangers of these technologies, as they eventually did for smoking, alcohol abuse, recreational drugs, etc. In parallel (for vaccines), the Pediatricians and Immunologists who are in the front lines of vaccine administration have to address the potential dangers as well. None of this will happen until there is a credible basis in the media for identifying such dangers, whether that media is the published technical literature, the mainstream Press, the 'discovery' literature in legal proceedings, or credible documentaries.

That's what's needed, and focusing on personalities for salvation, no matter how prominent, will contribute nothing to solving the problem. I have no idea how to reverse this process, and I have seen no strategic plans posted that will achieve the desired goals. Because of the stranglehold of large Pharma, large Fossil, large Telcoms, large Agrichemical, etc, on what enters the mainstream media above, it's not clear to me whether such reversals of opinion are even possible any longer. We may have passed the point-of-no-return on many of these health dangers!

Cait from Canada

On another AoA thread someone has posted a link to the Lance Simmens article:

John Stone

Thank you Grace,


Grace Green

John Stone, The truth is the truth and will never change. The lies will be seen for what they are. Your persistence in this matter has been awe inspiring, even to me a relative newcomer. One day, your efforts will pay off, I'm in no doubt.


John and Dan -- Just Wow!

John Stone


Good -the heart of the matter is the endless deceit. We are dealing with a culture which is about nothing else. You will go from one thing to another and you will find nothing but lies. Whatever good could have come from the science has been utterly destroyed by the lies and the bureaucratic rubber stamp.

Dan Olmsted

john there is a passage in buddhism where a discipline is trying to figure out how to untie a knotted handkerchief. "you must take the middle part, the heart of the knot, then separate each part and it will come untied," the disciple said. "good," said the buddha, "if you wish to untie the knots, begin at the heart." i agree that de niro was saying he did not necessarily buy that wakefield was a fraud, which is the heart of the knot. "even that" may be untrue, de niro was saying. he's starting to untie it at the heart.

John Stone

Things have their relevance and their irrelevance. As I understand it the film which I haven't seen is primarily about Thompson and the CDC fraud, so they deflect attention by going after the messenger, Andrew Wakefield. But then they all told a lot of lies about him and for the same reason. Of course, they told so many lies it is hard to know where to begin - it is indeed an endless tangle, a Gordian knot. How to slice through it?


To me, the meaning of DeNiro's remark is very clear: he is not convinced that Wakefield has been discredited. I'm surprised it could be taken any other way.

In any case, Wakefield is not "kind of irrelevant." Wakefield is very relevant here because he directed the film which is the focus of the controversy. To say that takes nothing away from the contributions of the many others who have fought the good fight over the years. We know who they are.

By the way, what ever happened to the Geiers? I remember when they were practically the only ones (or at least the only ones who got coverage) speaking out about the vaccine-autism connection.


. In reality they should be embarrassed for removing the article.


That's what I thought you meant, and I agree.

Just wasn't sure if you meant they should have been embarrassed for having posted it.

Cait from Canada

Barry, the first 404 message I saw from Huffington Post said "I am so embarrassed!" Presumably they mean they are embarrassed because the link doesn't work. In reality they should be embarrassed for removing the article.

Tim Lundeen

@shannon @barry I use Everclear to capture the original article, so it can't "disappear". You can also take a screenshot that way. Sometimes you can find them on the way-back machine, but things that have been up for an hour probably not...


If autism existed with the same prevalence as the CDC suggests then why are all these school districts suddenly having no where to send this wave of brain damaged children? If they have always been there then the school districts would not be having this sudden problem. I hope Thompson gets his chance to testify soon.


Shannon, not long clearly. The link now leads to a 404 message. And Huffington Post is so embarrassed... As well they should be!


Embarrassed by what?

Cait from Canada

Sorry, that's Lance Simmens, not Seemans.

Cait from Canada

I followed the link from author Lance Seemans Facebook page and the 404 message now reads "Don't look at me, I'm hideous."

Cait from Canada

Shannon, not long clearly. The link now leads to a 404 message. And Huffington Post is so embarrassed... As well they should be!

Shannon Epstein

Well, I did a double take when I found this on HuffPost about an hour ago-a pro-Vaxxed piece. Wonder how long it will stay up?

Cherry Misra

Great article. Im going to print it out and send it to the major newspapers on the west coast who have not reported correctly on autism and who have supported mandates vaccines.
By the way friends, I am always looking for some of the principles of human health - ways of looking at health that give us new insights. Here is one: google on Biologic Periodic Table. This table shows us the elements of life- the elements that are found in mammalian bodies- the foundation of life on Earth. Some elements are NOT found on this periodic table- Two of those are aluminium and mercury. Should this not be right up there with Hippocratic rules- Do not put elements not found in the Biologic Periodic table into the human body.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

It's getting tired and old (much like myself.) You are so right on the dot of the issues, Anne Dachel! Please don't give up, not ever. The entire world may go up in some kind of flames before our cause is ever concluded, but it is increasingly important to stand for what is true. May the Force be with you. Thank you, Anne Dachel!

Eddie Unwind


I think you might have misinterpreted De Niro's remark about being 'not sure' about Wakefield. In a rant at Resentful Idiots, Orac interpreted his comment to mean that De Niro wasn't sure that Wakefield is truly the fraud that the media implies, especially as De Niro added (murmured) 'even that'.

For what it's worth, I would agree with that De Niro meant to support Wakefield here, despite that the media predictably have chosen to interpret it the other way around.

Jeannette Bishop

RT fills the void (selectively maybe) where the corporate media fails.

Thom Hartmann with Dr. Wakefield and Del Bigtree:

Hans Litten

Patricia , Andrew Wakefield is kind of irrelevant .

This is about Vaccines and Autism , and the parents and children . Nothing Else .

This is definitely NOT a one man show .

As great as he is , this is not SOLELY about Brian Hooker either . And everyone here and all other sites should be talking about him . Brian's contribution has been immense .
But there have so many others .

Bernadine Healey
Sherri Tennpenny
Russell Blaylock
Professor Boyd Hayley
Professor Chris Exley
Stephanie Seneff
Jeff Bradstreet & Paige Adams
Liz Birt
John Dan Stone should be included for BEXSERO work def.
Judy Mikovits
Hans Moolenburgh (fluoride)
William Thompson deserves credit he really does - he has done the right thing

And for different reasons I'm thanking Poul Thoresen lol

I've missed loads out - because I'm rushing but there have been so many


To add to what I just wrote -

The idiots spouting gibberish include Vincent Ianelli, who can be identified by his avatar which is a photo of him, but it is interesting to note that he is not signing his name and MD this time around. There is nothing he can say. His usual lies and nonsense will not work because the movie is educating the public. He is called out on every idiot point that he tries to make.

Thank you to the makers of this phenomenal film.


On any site that does not (appear to) censor comments, the comments on these idiot articles have been overwhelmingly intelligent and informed. The trolls are coming in late to each party like a pack of rabid wolves and are talking 100% idiot gibberish once they get there. There is nothing they can say that can undo this.

Vaxxed is fulfilling its mission.

John Stone


The problem, of course, is the incredible levels of deceit and falsification to which Andy has been subject. Even meeting him does not disentangle it all. This is something I prepared. It does not necessarily answer all the questions - it does show that people are lying in order to keep Andy discredited. The people who ought have to answer the questions are the people telling the lies, not Andy.

Louis Conte

This is really the issue in a nut shell, isn't it?

The implications of the Great Poisoning are just too horrible to deal with.

The other side has continually blown every opportunity to address this in a way that would allow them to protect children and explain their actions.

Instead they've doubled down on radical vaccinology, claimed that they are above discourse and engaged in a pattern of behavior that can only lead to criminal prosecutions.

There are some things that money can not buy.

There is no way for this to end now without severe consequences for those who caused this catastrophe, those who created PR campaigns to promote it, those who sought to silence opposition and those who enabled it.


Can't we somehow persuade de Niro to meet Andrew Wakefield. He has admitted he is not 'sure' about AW. He needs to talk to him face to face. He has so obviously been 'got at' by his co producer.

What a scoop for a mainstream paper that would be!!!!

Your report is deeply depressing Anne but every word is the truth.

Maurine Meleck

And lastly,the sky would have to turn lime green, the earth square, and the oceans dry up before we would ever publish this piece from Anne Dachel.

Hans Litten

Operation Mockingbird – was launched in 1950 in a bid to influence the international media. The implementation of this operation was handed over to Philip Graham, who later became the editor-in-chief of the Washington Post. Declassified documents have already uncovered that such high-profile media outlets including ABC, NBC, CBS, AP, Reuters, Time, Newsweek, and many others have been compromised by the CIA. To achieve the stated objectives of the operation, American agents influenced journalists, students, cultural organizations and whole journals to publish whatever sort of stories they deemed necessary. As the operation started targeting foreign media and political organizations as well. As the operation developed even further, the CIA started bribing foreign media and political figures. According to Western media analysts, the assets that were acquired during the Operation Mockingbird have been put to “good use” by the CIA and the White House up to and including today to influence the US and foreign media outlets. This fact was confirmed by a German journalist who works for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Dr Udo Ulfkotte. However, the continuous abuse of the Western media that is forced into feeding fabricated information to its readers and viewers has resulted in a serious crisis of trust, since most people no longer believe anything Western media sources report

Bob Moffit

Napoleon: "The world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of bad people, but, because of the silence of good people"

The Founding Fathers knew a "free press" would be critical if the people were going to hold those in power accountable for their actions .. unfortunately they never considered the good people of the "free press" .. would silence themselves.

It would be one thing if it were only the good people of the "free press" that have silenced themselves .. but .. there are far too many otherwise good people .. doctors, politicians, academics, public health bureaucrats, scientists, etc. .. who .. by choosing to remain silent .. are just as guilty of allowing the "violence" being done to our children go on .. and .. on .. and ..

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