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Where There Is Risk, There Must Be Choice

Risk-Management-ProgramJan. 27, 2016, KVMR 89.5 Nevada City, CA: Anti Vax Advocate Laura Hayes interview with Jeanie Keltner - Follow-Up Interview

"Where there is risk, there is risk, there must be choice"

Interview with vaccine choice advocate Laura Hayes.

Jeanie asked Laura about her background with this issue. Laura is the mother of vaccine injured children. She has spent 20 years investigating this controversy, getting to know other parents, and she knows the truth about lack of safety behind the ever-increasing vaccine schedule. She has coined the term, "robotic vaccine givers" to describe doctors who vaccinate children yet have no real understanding of what's in a vaccine.

According to Laura, the evidence of vaccine injury is everywhere, yet the medical community refuses to recognize what's happening. During her interview, Laura was adamant about vaccines, "They've never been safe; they've never been effective."

Laura talked about her 22 year old son who has "vaccine-induced autism."

"He is a boy in a man's body. He didn't graduate from high school. He didn't go to college. He doesn't have a driver's license. He's never read a chapter book. He's never gone on a date and never will. He won't ever hold down a paying job. He will never live independently. He will never live on his own. ...He has to be supervised 24/7. He still works with tutors. He's sweet but he's about the age of a five year old. ..."

Laura discussed the fact that the manufacturer's insert that comes with the vaccine says, "...do not administer to patients who may be allergic to any of the ingredients in the vaccine. How do you know what a fetus is allergic to? How do you what a newborn...a toddler...? No doctor knows."

Laura brought up the fact that while mercury has supposedly been reduced in vaccines, aluminum is in many shots in ever-increasing amounts, and it's another known neurotoxin. The proof is the chronic illness and disability that's rampant in our children.  She said that doctors are  taught only how to give vaccines, not what's in them, what a serious vaccine reaction looks like, or how to report an injury from a vaccine.

Parents were urged to investigate vaccines for themselves and not just accept claims from doctors.

 The issue of SB277, which has ended all parental religious and personal exemptions in California, was discussed. Medical exemptions are the only option left and Laura said that any doctor should be willing to sign a medical waiver because all children are at risk for harm from vaccines, given their ingredients, and that they are injected into a closed system with access to the brain and all bodily systems and organs.

Legislators listen to lobbyists, not the electorate, according to Laura who has tried for years to have a face to face meeting with her representative in Sacramento.

Here are Laura's previous 2 interviews with Jeanie Keltner, both of which were featured here on Age of Autism:

(TV interview, 9/15)

(Radio interview, 8/15)

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Tony Bateson

As ever Laura gets to the point in this absurdly delayed removal of doubt about the indictment of vaccines in autism. I live in the city where fifty years ago Richard Doll an eminent epidemiologist and surgeon spoke about the fact that nine out of ten patients in cardio-thoracic wards being treated for lung cancer were former smokers. But in the wider world outside only three out of ten people smoked. This was a nail in the coffin of industry claims that their products were safe.

Vaccines and autism are analogous, few autistic cases are found in unvaccinated children whilst the industry does all it can to draw a smokescreen around this. It says for example that it would be unethical to compare vaccinated vs unvaccinated. Of course it would if the sample groups were segregated and treated differently. But there is huge amounts of data about health outcomes including in Britain a longitudinal study of most births in Avon since 1991(south west England) it is believed this contains birth and health outcomes of over 30,000 children.

It is criminal that this study has not been researched in pursuit of reliable data about this vexed question that shows no signs of going away.

Tony Bateson Oxford UK

Angus Files

Well done Laura as always you cover it all.



Laura :
I am sorry, I did not mean to distract the great, wonderful, horrible hard, nerve racking, frustrating and brave work you do.

It is just here we defending our right to say no, and on the defensive when it should be pharma, medical, government that should be on the defensive. It is insane, upside down, backwards.

Michelle B

Great job as always, Laura!

Jeanie is wonderful, too. ;-)

Laura Hayes

Wow, thank you David, Bob, and Sylvia for your extremely kind words. Each of you has inspired and encouraged me in this wearying battle we are fighting side by side.

Bendetta and Linda1, I agree with you wholeheartedly. No one should be knowingly poisoned as is now happening from nearly every angle in this upside down country of ours...via toxic vaccines whose awful effects not only last a lifetime but which also affect future generations in a family line; via pesticide-laden food that is coated and infused with potent poisons; via genetically-modified food which also has the potential to modify our genetics and which allows for even more pesticides to reside in our food waiting to be consumed; via pesticides sprayed virtually everywhere including at schools and parks where children spend huge portions of their childhoods touching, breathing, and ingesting poison after poison; via fluoridated water which is yet another example of forced medicine without informed consent in our country; via toxic cleaners used everywhere which end up in our bodies; and on and on the health-and-development-destroying list goes. And it's all government-approved, legal, and in the case of vaccinations, mandated. We are living in insane times, where our own government seems hell-bent on destroying its own citizenry. Truly insane.

What helps keep me sane during the insane times in which we find ourselves is so many of the readers, writers, and commenters here on AoA...home to those who seek to expose and publicize many ugly truths in immense and intense efforts to spare others what we have learned the hard way...the very, very hard way.


"We need public awareness, we need punishment, we need justice, we need transparency, we need media coverage, we need a lot more than just the scrawny right to say no."

Well said, Benedetta.

Made me think too of GM food. We don't need labeling, because many people can't afford to avoid the poison even if it is labeled. Even if it is labeled, it will still be in hospital, school, airline, prison, and restaurant food. Poison has to be banned, not labeled.


Another powerful, articulate and fact-filled discussion with the amazing Laura Hayes!

Thank you Laura!

Bob Moffit

I agree with prior comment by David Taylor describing Laura Hayes as "one of our greatest warriors in this battle and one of the most knowledgeable people in America on vaccine injury". AMEN DAVID

This is the first time I heard Laura referred to as a "citizen expert" .. another well-deserved, well-earned title of great respect for her knowledge and her persistence in offering her knowledge to all who will listen.

Sure would love to see Laura have a nationally televised debate with the BEST "pharmaceutical expert" on the subject of vaccines .. now THAT would be a debate worth watching.

Yesterday .. Dr. Ben Carson offered his support to Donald Trump .. and .. I hope they BOTH stay strong and VOCAL on the subject of vaccines.

Surprised to hear the cautionary comments by Russia's Putin regarding vaccines and other chemicals infesting the children of many Western democracies. Maybe Trump can meet with Putin on THIS subject someday in the future.

All in all .. Laura .. you are not only a "citizen expert" .. you are the pure definition of a "warrior mom" if I ever saw one.


"We need public awareness, we need punishment, we need justice, we need transparency, we need media coverage, we need a lot more than just the scrawny right to say no."

This statement should be up on a billboard somewhere. Benedetta, you just made me cry.


We can go ahead an yell all we want about our rights.

Many here have already had a vaccine injury rock our world. we of course want the right at the very least to refuse more, and do it with out a Doctor's permission, since they let us down so much the first time.

But - Oh But I am so unsatisfied with just having the right to say no thank you. Does it down deep make this tight feeling inside your chest, and your teeth clinch up, and your hand make a fist?

Do you feel down deep just less satisfaction of we have the right to say no and that is all?

Something is wrong here. What?
I think that is because in effect, we are saying; We are not our brother's keeper, the hell with the rest of the world, I will just protect my own. Yeah, I learned my lesson the hard way about vaccines and the heck to all the rest out there. I have the right to say no, but I am not changing the world for the better.. NOT AT ALL!

Analogy: I have the right to not give all my money to something crooked like a Bernie Madoff scheme, but everybody else has the right to buy into his schemes. That is like saying there are no laws to stop his schemes and tricking people. No laws to stop people from being hurt.

That is where we are at in the vaccine injury situations.

We need public awareness, we need punishment, we need justice, we need transparency, we need media coverage, we need a lot more than just the scrawny right to say no.

Dorie Southern

It is unfair to call those who don't want vaccines "anti-vaxxers" when they are just asking to be exempt. They re not taking vaccines away from those who want them and should be safe due to them. People don't seem to understand that the body is usually self healing if it is cared for properly with food and water. Of course a lot of what Americans eat is junk.

David Taylor

Laura Hayes is one of our greatest warriors in this battle and one of the most knowledgeable people in America on vaccine injury. Any interview with her, like this one, is worth sharing widely. Please Tweet and Like.

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