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Weekly Wrap: I Think the Donald Is Dusted

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

I've listened to Donald Trump talk and talk and talk and I've waited and waited and waited for someone to state the obvious -- the man is a compulsive talker. I mean, clinically compulsive. Trump is just like half a dozen folks I've known over the years who really and truly can't stop talking. It's not bluster or bravado, necessarily. I worked with a woman who would say something perfectly interesting. And then say more along those lines. And then segue into another very interesting topic, upon which she opined at considerable length and with many interesting sub-points about which there was, apparently, an infinite amount remaining to be said. Infinity is an interesting concept. For example, what is infinity times infinity and how can one person fill it with nothing but words, words and more and more words? You get the idea; in an hour or so, anyone would have to say to themselves -- because there was certainly no opportunity to say it to her -- that this person has some kinda deal where she can't shut up! 

That's Trump. From the University of Google, I've learned that people who talk incessantly are often really insecure, and stopping for even a moment would let the truth start whispering in their ear and reduce them to blubber -- so they blabber blather. This sounds a bit like psychobabble to me. 

The other association appears to be with ADHD. I'm going to say I think Trump is a good candidate for that diagnosis. It's not just the talking. It's the steaks, the condos, the gilded home in Trump Tower, the golf courses, the TV show, the Miss Universe TV show, the book, the other books, the finest wine on the East Coast (which is no guarantee you won't gag to death!), the water, the running for president, the magazine, the airline, the university, the lawsuits that he won't settle because those people gave glowing reviews and if you settle with them it just invites other people to sue about other things, about which a great deal more can be said. And so on. 

Now, what causes ADHD? Why is there an epidemic of it? Mercury and other toxins cause ADHD, in my view. I've done a lot of research on this. In The Age of Autism, we mentioned that a doctor named Still in England in the 1800s was the first to describe ADHD in pollution-clogged London. He also was the first to describe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. And as we know, kids today have a lot of both -- Case 1, Donald T., had autism and JRA -- in his day it was still called Still's disease.

Last week I wrote about the wild and crazy horror writer H.P. Lovecraft and speculated that he got mercury-poisoned because his father had general paralysis of the insane, a form of syphilis that we believe was caused by the mercury treatment then in vogue. That's what reminded me of Trump, in fact -- no, not syphilis, that's got nothing to do with him -- but one of the symptoms of GPI/aka/mercury poisoning.

That symptom would be grandiosity. Epic, endless megalomaniacal self-referential nonstop gaudy fabulous HUGEness! You could just about diagnose GPI on the basis of the delusions of grandeur these people reliably had in the later states of their illness. 

And they couldn't stop talking about it! Gold! Jewels! Power! The noted German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin wrote: 

“The patient thinks he possesses extraordinary physical strength, can lift 10 elephants, is 800 years old, 9 feet tall, the most beautiful Adonis in the world, weighs 400 pounds, increases 25 pounds every week, has an iron chest, sinews like a man-eater, an arm of silver, a head of pure gold, travels a thousand miles a minute, can fly. He is infinite, has died and again come to life, can have intercourse with 100 women, has 1,000 million boys and girls, a compressed brain, has run a race with the grand duke. His urine is Rhine wine; his evacuations are gold. Ten years ago he had an enormous chancre, his sexual organs and fingers are constantly getting larger; his brain is still growing; he has an immense movement of the bowels.”

God give me the strength to leave the thing about "the sexual organs and fingers constantly getting larger" alone. Leo Kanner, of autism fame, also wrote about GPI and described one patient thusly:

“He has several delusions of grandeur. He has two million dollars in a bank. He takes care of all the houses, all the horses, all the cattle, all the farms, and everything. He is to be married to a young preacheress of a very good family. He is the best man in the world next to Jesus Christ. When he marries that girl he will be able to make people very rich; he is going to be a powerful man; he will become President of the United States. ”

And maybe he will!

Trump himself, of course, believes and states -- correctly and courageously, in my view -- that too many vaccines too soon are behind the autism epidemic. He was born in June of 1946, an early boomer, a son of wealth who, according to him, multiplied a small nest egg -- a piffle, a mere million, into billions and billions and billions -- many more times over as Christ multiplied the loaves and fishes.

Upscale New York City after the war was a perfect moment to get vaxxed early and often with thimerosal. The diphtheria shot containing mercury had been around since 1930, and was combined with tetanus in 1947; pertussis was added in 1949. (See our second book, Vaccines 2.0.)

Vaccines and mercury caused the autism epidemic. ADHD is part of the autism epidemic. Non-stop talker Donald Trump pretty clearly has ADHD and smacks of GPI grandiosity. And that's why I think the Donald is dusted.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.





"Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed and no republic can survive. That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy. And that is why our press was protected by the First Amendment the only business in America specifically protected by the Constitution not primarily to amuse and entertain, not to emphasize the trivial and the sentimental, not to simply "give the public what it wants" but to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state our dangers and our opportunities, to indicate our crises and our choices, to lead, mold, educate and sometimes even anger public opinion."

President John F. Kennedy's "The President And The Press" Address Before The American Newspaper Publishers Association; Waldorf-Astoria Hotel - April 27, 1961

Thanks, Dan.

cia parker

From Jill Stein's speech last summer announcing that she would be the Green Party presidential candidate:
"Thirty-five years ago, as a new doctor and mother starting off in medical practice, I saw clearly, even then, that our healthcare system was failing, especially for the poor. I was deeply troubled by the new epidemics descending on our children – the rising tide of obesity, asthma, autism and more."

Maybe find out more about her position on vaccines and autism and maybe get behind her if it's acceptable?


I wish there was a way to get through to Bernie. Isn't there a way?
30 Years of Speeches by #BernieSanders

Dan olmsted

Ok bob that's a deal ... I've said what I have to say about it. Onward and upward!

Bob Moffit

Dan posted:

@Littten -- to say that " the AoA leadership is against him" is a misunderstanding of how AOA works. we don't endorse people for president. we run as wide a range of news and views as we can, consistent with our mission of bringing an end to the age of autism by exposing its environmental cause -- largely due to an excessive and dangerous vaccine schedule."

Just my opinion .. but .. I do not see anything to gain with everyone continuing to post their staunchly held "political opinions" on whether or not Trump is qualified or not .. to lead our country the next four years.

I think it safe to assume .. AoA is NEVER going to "unite" behind a single candidate .. whether they be Bernie, Hillary, Donald, Marco, Ted or Kasich .. so .. why continue this discussion .. which only serves to further divide us .. and .. the LAST thing AoA needs is to put so much time and energy into another "issue that divides" us.

When all is said and done .. we ALL have strong opinions .. and .. NOTHING being said in favor or against Trump is going to CHANGE anyone's opinion .. one way or the other.

So .. why don't we all AGREE TO DISAGREE .. and .. get our undivided attention back to fulfilling AoA's "mission" .. which .. as Dan said .. remains .. "bringing an end to the age of autism by exposing its environmental cause -- largely due to an excessive and dangerous vaccine schedule."

As for myself .. I promise .. this is the absolutely LAST time I will read or comment on whether or not "THE DONALD IS DUSTED.


Hans Litten, you must have missed Dan's article a couple of weeks ago which concluded,
"Right now we have a presumptive major party candidate who says too many vaccines, too soon are destroying the minds of our kids. People should make whatever judgments they want, but I'd like to know they've reckoned with the truth that the importance of ending the autism epidemic doesn't pale in comparison with very much at all."

And JB Handley's article which concluded, "As I said in September: Trumps stands with my son, I stand with Trump!"

I for one am totally against Trump. He is a racist, arrogant, hostile, temperamental, dishonest person who has a history of fraud, has profited when his companies went bankrupt, incites violence at his rallies, and would be a terrible president. To me, his sound bites on autism and vaccines don't add up to a commitment or plan that could outweigh his faults. And I really appreciate Dan Burns' comment which Dan Olmsted reposted.

But AoA has not come out against Trump. AoA has posted a variety of viewpoints.


I understand your frustration. I wish that Trump looked to me like a great leader. To me, he looks like a very nasty man who is full of hot air, who if given power, would abuse it. He has said some good things, but overall his personality is the opposite of what I respect in a person. It saddens me to think of American children watching the debates for the crude content. If I was a child watching the behavior, I'd be very afraid that there were no adults running the country. The debates have looked more like professional wrestling than debates of potential leaders.

Believe me, I wish that I saw him as a good man.

I don't know what Merkel's analysis and motivations were, and I don't know the true outcome, but I don't think that she deserves having stones thrown at her for being a humanitarian, even if it went very wrong, even if people got hurt. As a Christian, she probably felt she was doing as Jesus would do to give shelter to those in need. She can be removed from power by her people without jeers from a US presidential candidate or any of us. That's just disgusting behavior. It is appropriate for us to analyze and reflect on what happened in Germany, as long as we have reliable information, but it is not ok to call Merkel a disaster. Her policies, maybe, but not her. Huge difference.


Cia - isn't the green party rep a pediatrician?
If so, not sure she's a good one (open minded and supportive of medical freedom) or a bad one (uncurious one who will limit her self and those she treats to standard of care).

However, the green party sure has a lot of good planks on their platform, many of which would appear to directly support ideologically the freedom to vaccinate or not.

I don't know anything about the constitutional party but found one site that they have the third most registered voters after the Repub/Dems.

Makes me really really question who controls who gets into debates to even get any air time.

Dan Olmsted

@Littten -- to say that " the AoA leadership is against him" is a misunderstanding of how AOA works. we don't endorse people for president. we run as wide a range of news and views as we can, consistent with our mission of bringing an end to the age of autism by exposing its environmental cause -- largely due to an excessive and dangerous vaccine schedule. i don't impose my views on anyone, i express them as part of the mix of voices on aoa.

Hans Litten

"it is never smart to be nasty. "

You cannot get nastier than vaccination Linda .
And here is a potential person of power than can bring the lies to an end , and the AoA leadership is against him (I fully expect Trump to be destroyed one way or another, the resources aligned against him now are huge and as for the public's backbone , well we will see). So Dan presumably you will enjoy Trump's crucifixion (and with it the burying of our vaccine autism justice hopes for another few years).

cia parker


You know I don't like Trump. I don't think he can say anything politely. Not his style. And in a case this momentous, with so many millions terrified of this situation, with nowhere to turn, no way out, no one to help them, I don't think Merkel deserves decorum.

I don't think he'd do anything about vaccines. He said he thinks they're great, it's just that it's too many given at once in too large doses that causes autism. If you do it the way HE did with HIS children, then there would be no problem. He doesn't have a clue, and he is too impressed by watching and listening to himself to be able to learn anything about vaccine injury, which would require listening to someone else. I'm not sure he can read.

I think many are holding too high hopes for him, because there really isn't anyone else who might run who has expressed any concerns about vaccines (since Carson, Rand, and Trump). But there's a long way between expressing concern from time to time and doing anything helpful about it. He hasn't said anything about it in the last few months. He's not intelligent, compassionate, humane, kind, or educated. If he's not willing to say anything now about what he would do about it if elected, I'm pretty sure that he never would. If he's not willing to offend vaccine interests now by talking to us and giving us his plan, why would we think that he'd be willing to do so when elected?

Obama promised that he'd be the autism president, and mounted a huge grassroots campaign promising to listen to the people, with all his local volunteers putting us in touch with the president, who would always listen to our concerns. Remember that? I voted for him twice and am now ashamed of having done so. I might just as well have started to stay at home on election day then: I'm probably going to stay home this coming November. I told a friend the other night that I might go and write on the ballot, None of the above! Vaccine choice!, but she said that no one would read it, I'd better just stay home. She's going to vote for Hillary.

Has Jill Stein, the Green candidate, ever said anything about vaccines? If she did, she might be the default choice, maybe also write Vaccine choice! on the ballot? En masse?



You know, when I changed my name to "For whoever...", I got a little scared - said to myself, 'now Linda, DON'T forget to change your name back for your next comment'. And what did I do? Twice! LOL

Well, I had a good laugh. I bet you're all confused.

Re Trump and Merkel -
It's how he said what he said. Whether you're talking to or about your neighbor or the leader of a foreign country, it is never smart to be nasty.


"Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats party lost big in local elections there this weekend, as the German people protest the disaster caused by her immigration policy last year. There's no reason for Trump or anyone else to try to phrase it diplomatically. The EU is trying to figure out how to get out of this mess now."

Absolutely correct.


"...If Germany is such a great friend to the U.S. why does the U.S. gov't feel the need to spy on her and what information have they gleaned that they don't share with us?..."

Well now, that's a damned good question, with most likely a very complicated answer.

For whoever wrote to me but didn't identify themselves

Definitely not holding our present gov't and leaders up as an example. Of course spying on Merkel was disgusting. I think that Trump has the right to speak out, as long as he doesn't make it personal. Everything with him is a street fight. And he sees our country as a business to be run. We are the employees and foreign countries are his competition. This man who has said that vaccines cause autism is otherwise up to his ears in problems.

For whoever wrote to me but didn't identify themselves

Ben Swann reports on Trump University:

cia parker

Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats party lost big in local elections there this weekend, as the German people protest the disaster caused by her immigration policy last year. There's no reason for Trump or anyone else to try to phrase it diplomatically. The EU is trying to figure out how to get out of this mess now.


re: Trump's undiplomatic comment on Merkel situation

So, would the Obama administration's spying/listening in on Merkel be the more acceptable diplomatic approach to the problem?

So the U.S. must censor itself from speaking publicly against foreign European diplomats (unless they are Arab, African, North Korean, Chinese, from Cuba, or from certain South American countries trying to protect their native natural resources from white-man-world-based corporate highjacking, in which case we have the privilege of witnessing media mayhem) but it's perfectly acceptable to spy on them and what, use the information to manipulate or collude behind the scenes outside of the public eye? If Germany is such a great friend to the U.S. why does the U.S. gov't feel the need to spy on her and what information have they gleaned that they don't share with us?


"Trump is right about Merkel. Her open door policies with migrants, sad as the situation is for real refugees, has caused huge chaos and very significant increase in sex crimes. Her far left policies have opened the door to far right voters on the way to tossing her out. What has been good about Merkel?"

Thank you for posting this. If memory serves, I took the time to post some rather frightening, BUT TRUE, links to various articles regarding the migrant issue in Germany/Europe, but I didn't see it make it to print. Much of this migrant issue is being actively suppressed from the U.S. media, but if one takes the time to check out some of the more reliable alternative websites re this issue, you can read for yourselves what is happening over there.

I do have a first hand account regarding this issue as well. I have a friend whose boyfriend is German. She just recently came back from a European vacation with him and described to me via email just what she saw over there regarding the migrant issue. My friend is truly one of the most heart felt and kindest persons I have ever known, so I know she wasn't at all exaggerating when she told me what she was witnessing.

It is an absolute mess over there. Granted, I think Trump could have stated what he said about Merkel in a more diplomatic fashion, but on the other hand, he is being brutally honest nonetheless re the migrant issue (at least as far as what is really going on in Germany).

However, from what I've read, he has painted in one wide swath the migrant issue as being 'they're all rapists, or they're all thieves," and so forth, but that's just not true.

I feel tremendous sympathy for the REAL refugees who are simply trying to escape the horrors they are contending with in their Homeland. But at the same time, when you read just how easy it is for some of these thugs to gain access to these borders, in the name of 'refugee,' it is no wonder they are having the issues they are over there.


Another reason to vote for Trump. This election is probably our last chance to save American children from vaccination holocaust and save US sovereignty, which is being destroyed by globalist mafia called American elite or aristocracy. Sanders is an alternative, but he is too rigid in thinking and too fixed on all mighty regime’s rule for my taste. The warmonger Clinton is the worst choice of all. Trump 2016.

For whoever wrote to me but didn't identify themselves

I suppose if Trump were running for Chancellor of Germany, his attack on Angela Merkel would be appropriate. But he isn't, and she and her country are our allies. If he disagreed with her policies, he could have said so in a diplomatic way without being so caustically offensive.


david m burd

@ Hans Litten,

Thanks! You're saying what I've said for years now: IF the new President speaks out that vaccines clearly are implicated as to causing autism (and by association, the massive amount of other damages), THE PUBLIC will revolt regards the Vax Schedule.

The future of America rests on this Vaccination Issue --- nothing else is close (except nuclear war, or the Yellowstone MegaVolcano going off).

At least our American Family Destruction by vaccines can be stopped. We have to stop it.

Hans Litten

Danchi , Trump just has to say it one more time , and as president , and its all over .

Vaccines cause Autism , the president says so .
Sb277 would be instantly meaningless .
Who would conform after that ?
If the people say no , then its all over .

For Linda1

Trump is right about Merkel. Her open door policies with migrants, sad as the situation is for real refugees, has caused huge chaos and very significant increase in sex crimes. Her far left policies have opened the door to far right voters on the way to tossing her out. What has been good about Merkel?


You don’t know (and nobody knows) what Trump would do as potus,

The rhetoric of his opposition is not what I am paying attention to. I don't need the bias perspectives of other candidates. I DO KNOW what the limited powers of the President Of the United States are from civics & government classes. I paid very close attention to what occurred during the negotiations for Obama Care and who actually wrote it, I paid very close attention to the Medicaid Part D and who was behind that, I paid very close attention to all the evidence which led to the Iraq Wars and who was behind those and so on.

The people who actually write almost all of the laws that are passed (because some corporation wants something)are not the elected officials, but lobbyist and other people on the hill who are paid to do corporations bidding. The pharmaceutical industry is no different. In fact the pharmaceutical industry is probably the most powerful corporation in Washington. Look at what they have accomplished with their money and power:

-Reagan signed the NVICP billed
-Went to congress and told them they would stop selling vaccines in the United States if they didn't get blanket immunity from lawsuits---and they got it.
-Congress and the Senate won't even schedule hearings that would disparage the vaccine industry.

You can probably count on 2 hands the number of elected officials on the hill that aren't being financially supported by the pharmaceutical industry. They will not vote against their interest because:
-campaigns are expensive they need that money
-they must maintain a cordial relationship with the industry to insure that should they be voted out of congress/senate there is a cushy and well paid lobbying job----OR---- a seat on a board of a corporation associated with the industry waiting for them for being a team player. Go to open secrets to see who the top money winners are: http://www.opensecrets(dot)org/industries/recips.php?ind=H04&recipdetail=H&sortorder=U&mem=Y&cycle=2016
Ck lobbying and influencing to see just how much money is doled out.
-Here's a link to a list of former congressional people who are now working against the American people:

Trump mentioned several time during the debate that vaccines cause autism. Big deal. So what! It was a hook. Now think about this. With the exception of the Scientific America article on what his science agenda would be:

-Has Trump been on the campaign trail talking about Vaccines?
-Has he made any statement on the campaign trail saying "Vaccine cause autism"?
-Has he said anything about vaccines?
-Has he stated: I am going to change the vaccine mandate and expose the dangers, corruption and collusion between the pharmaceutical industry, CDC & FDA?

Had he made any statements on the campaign trial, at his rallies or interviews since the debates about vaccine and as anal as the MSM and that knee jerk response they have when it comes to vaccines,it would surely make headlines.

I haven't even talked about exposing the CDC & FDA. More corrupt than congress.

Let me ask you something, why do you think Trump gives a damn about you or actually citizens of the United States? If Trump is a sociopath as many psychologist says he is (mind you they haven't diagnosed or treated him professionally),
Trump obtaining the presidency is not about wanting to help the country. Two of the standout and most dangerous characteristics of a sociopath is being in control and winning-----regardless of the cost. I personally believe that the pro-choice, anti vaxx communities are already collateral damage of the Trump machine.

Given just these few facts about the money, power and influence it buys on the hill add in the limitations of Presidential powers, who is going to get on board with Trump in Washington? At the end of the day:
"Trump favors Vaccines"

Hans Litten

Hear this well Dan !

Trump is the only politician of that rank to have EVER told the truth on the vaccine autism holocaust , and you back Hitlerary presumably . As expected .

David Foster

This morning on Meet the Press Trump said, and I quote:

"I mean what happened is unprecedented. This sort of thing happens all the time".

And then he just kept talking. Word salad. This is not just a character flaw...although he has plenty of those...this is a DSM-IV diagnosis...or several.


The other night he called Angela Merkel "a disaster". The leader of the most powerful European country and our ally - "a disaster".
Thug for president. What could possibly go wrong?

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Should it matter that Trump has ADHD? Obama is left-handed, and a smooth talker, but its often nonsense. Hillary is too strident a feminist for me. I never try anymore to follow any of their blah blah...

What we need most is to stop the tyranny of the medical establishment and pharmaceutical industry. These are the worst of all the evil forces out there. Many of us see Trump as best able to push and shove them out of the way. Maybe not, but his style is more interesting. He shouts out his ideas the way many of us wish we could.


Honestly I'm kinda po'd. I know a past comment of mine questioning Trump a few years ago on this was pulled, and now one of you writes this? I've come around to seeing that anyone brave enough to speak truth about concerns on this (Trump, Putin, Farrakhan, whoever) is good. I just don't know what to think about your post. I do know that your very right to free speech is at stake and Trump seems to be the only one who isn't bought.

Trump 2016!

I agree with no-vac. Before our current POTUS was elected, the then senator stated quite clearly to one of our own that he didn't agree with the concept of vaccination choice, because giving parents vaccination choice would bring back diseases like polio. Well, we got what we got, and here we are right now, today. Vaccine mandate legislation is looming ferociously and is being formulated in just about every single state in our nation, and there is even the NAIP, the National Adult Immunization Plan, which proposes and seeks to find ways to mandate or force all "recommended" vaccines on the rest of us. Is someone who speaks glowingly of vaccines a proper choice for our next POTUS in 2016?

We have a chance to elect a person who has stated long before running for president that, "Everyone knows that vaccines cause autism." Someone who says that and even that he could reduce the autism rate in our population greatly. I think that to reach the conclusion that Mr. Trump has apparently reached, he must have been presented with some pretty heavy duty information, or been a true eye witness to the carnage. There is no other way to come to that conclusion, as we all know, unless you have a holistic medicine background.

How many relatives do you have at your Thanksgiving dinner table who think vaccines cause autism and have expressed a desire to stop it from happening? I can't think of any at mine. God help us all if we elect someone this time around who just doesn't get it. We cannot "educate" someone who doesn't have the eyes to see what is happening in plain sight. Go Trump, 2016!!!


@ danchi:
You don’t know (and nobody knows) what Trump would do as potus, but he is wise not to bring vaccine issue as a major discussion topic during elections, because the vitriol of his opposition would only increase. I believe, Trump is deeply patriotic and as president will abolish vaccine court and all vaccine related criminal laws, and would give full vaccine choice to Americans, which all western European countries and Russia enjoy and thus have much healthier populations. Therefore Trump is our only choice at this presidential race. I don’t trust anybody else. American genocidal vaccine policy is massively killing and maiming young Americans and those politicians who support it are the greatest enemies US ever had. I was previously a democrat, but now see that parties are simply mafias looking after their own interests. I am voting simply for the best Person. Go Trump 2016.


I really appreciate reading everyone's diverse views.
You know how Trump always says that he is funding his own campaign, proud that he doesn't have to take money from special interests in order to run for president? Well, has he ever proposed a way to fix the system so that the job is open to those without his billions? Or does he think that only billionaires need apply?

Cherry Misra

I doubt if this is Trump's diagnosis, but some people who suffer from "pressure of talk" are in fact hyperthyroid. And life is tough for them.

Jeannette Bishop

Along the lines of Trump being a compulsive talker, this suggests something like that (maybe it's a little more that when Trump's under a spotlight then he can really get going?):

Carson also gave an interesting analysis of the man he’s endorsing, noting that there are “two Donald Trumps.”

“There are two different Donald Trumps,” Carson said, explaining why he's throwing his support behind Trump. “There's the one you see on the stage, and there's the one who's very cerebral, sits there, and considers things very carefully. You can have a very good conversation with him. And that's the Donald Trump that you're going to start seeing more and more of right now.”

Trump agreed: “I think there are two Donald Trumps. The public version and people see that and I don't know what they see exactly but it seems to have worked over my lifetime. But it's probably different, I think, than the personal Donald Trump. I think -- Ben said it very well today. Perhaps there are two Donald trumps, but well, you know, I'm somebody that is a thinker. I'm a big thinker."

Ronald Kostoff


"Alter vaccination schedules to avoid autism: Trump says he favors vaccines, but giving children smaller doses over a longer period of time. He has blamed vaccines for causing autism in children."

That's a major statement by a leading candidate. Candidates may make extreme statements (e.g., build the wall at the Southern border) if they believe there is a critical mass of people who would support them. They will not make extreme statements completely disconnected from their Party goals OR from the beliefs of their audience. What would any of the candidates gain politically by taking a strong 'anti-vax' position of any type; the potential gains are few and the potential losses could be fatal. There are hard battles to be fought on the major issues being discussed in this campaign. You and I might believe vaccines may be extremely harmful, at a minimum in the dosages and patterns on the Schedule today, but that's not where the majority of the American public is today.

The statement I have quoted above is about as radical a statement on vaccines as any candidate could make without committing political suicide. It's not limited to vaccines. How many candidates would make a statement about eliminating most cell towers? Again, political suicide! We don't hear ANY candidates making statements about reducing exposure to wireless radiation to any degree.

So, the vaccine statement quoted above should be viewed as courageous for any Presidential candidate, even though we realize it will have modest impact in the real world if implemented.


Mr. Trump does not support this system and is one of very few who can try to get out a separate message through the bought out American news media.

Of course he supports the system and has used it to his advantage for decades. How do you think he became a billionaire? He has gone bankrupt numerous times and has regained his fortune by what-playing the lottery? Do you honestly think anyone can become a billionaire by not only supporting the system but using every tactical advantage to manipulate the system. Why do you think he will not release his tax returns? Because he doesn't want people to know what he's really been up to for years. Romney, another billionaire, wasn't owned and bought by anyone either-he wouldn't release his tax returns either. Not hard to figure out why?

"bought out American news media."
Trumps the owner. Billionaire most likely owns not only pharmaceutical stock but also stock in the media corporations. He's not owned by anyone, he's probably an owner.

The present protests at his rallies are “planned and paid for" by his opponents and will sadly continue in an attempt to block out his message.

So they are planned-so what. Presidential rallies are scripted just like reality TV shows.

Question: How do you know Trump's people are not the one creating a false reality? How do you know that the plants are not paid for by Trump's camp? You don't. It makes perfect sense. Publicity - good or bad is better than no publicity and with Trump being in the media every day----that's great PR. McCain and Romney's campaigns did it often by manipulating photos from speaking engagements to give the appearance that of large crowds of people attended when the numbers of attendees were low. Reality creation was done by the bush people when Iraq was invaded when the statue of Saddam was pulled down. The pictures showed hundreds of people around cheering but when some photo experts zoomed in it showed the pics were photo shopped using the same group of people, strategically placed over and over again to give the appearance of hundreds. All this stuff come from the Edward Bernays playbook Propaganda.

At the end of the day for Trump, this is what he says about Vaccines:

March 9, 2016, Scientific American: The Science of President Trump
Alter vaccination schedules to avoid autism: Trump says he favors vaccines, but giving children smaller doses over a longer period of time. He has blamed vaccines for causing autism in children. (my note: how does this protect children when the ingredients in vaccines have a cumulative effect?)


Trump says he favors vaccines



Besides, Trump knows and publically said that vaccines cause autism. None of the candidates, except for Trump, understands that ......

Trump has no intentions of doing anything about the vaccine mandates. He is not going to mess with the Chinese trade agreement to manufacture vaccines-of which 98% are made there and he is not going to take on the pharmaceutical industry and the CDC. Not going to happen. He made a statement to dangle in front of people to con. Here is his position on vaccines Anne Dachel posted in an article a couple of days ago:

March 9, 2016, Scientific American: The Science of President Trump

Alter vaccination schedules to avoid autism: Trump says he favors vaccines, but giving children smaller doses over a longer period of time. He has blamed vaccines for causing autism in children.

Bottom line about Trump:

The above is the clearest and most concise statement Trump has made to date.


The Trump article I mentioned in my comment.


About two years ago I picked up a free magazine at the health food store. Trump was on the front and Ivanka. The article inside talked about how he is a health food fanatic. Organic foods, exercise, clean living. I wish I didn't throw it out because I'd really like to see exactly what he said today.

Pair that clean living philosophy with his vaccine comments and you're not going to vote for him? Because you don't like his media created and fueled persona?

Who is better? Snake in the grass Hillary? Everything is going to be free Bernie? Any of the other special interest funded Republican candidates?


Jenny Allan

I rather liked this perspective by Steve Hilton, published in today's Scottish Mail on Sunday.
From Above:-
"He(Trump)is a much more serious, interesting and historically important political figure than his detractors allow. Trump is challenging not just some of the basic tenets of Republican ideas, but those of the Democrats too. The truth is, we live in a world that is run by bankers, bureaucrats and accountants. For decades, they have pushed a technocratic agenda that has been implemented by politicians of both Left and Right."
By Steve Hilton, Former Adviser To David Cameron For The Mail On Sunday
Published: 00:19, 13 March 2016

go Trump

Wall Street and Pharma choose several Presidential candidates each election cycle for America to vote on. Depending on who wins, that party’s billionaires will get a bit more free money handed out to them during that presidential term.

The other party’s billionaires struggle for a few years and beg the party faithful to send in money so they “can take back over” in the next election. The media enjoys running endless campaign commercials, Jeb Bush spent about $25,000 for each vote he received in Iowa.

Mr. Trump does not support this system and is one of very few who can try to get out a separate message through the bought out American news media. The present protests at his rallies are “planned and paid for" by his opponents and will sadly continue in an attempt to block out his message.

Fortunately the debates are a bit more peaceful, but they will not bring up the vaccine choice issue on live television as they do not have control of the response and cannot allow the truth of the issue to be spoken.

There is nothing more dangerous than Mr. Trump stating the Federal Reserve should be audited to find out exactly where America’s money supply has gone the past 100 years.

I would hope Mr. Trump will make the CDC vaccine schedule an issue soon. .....HOW COULD YOU LOSE ANY VOTES WITH A public fraud CHILDREN’S ISSUE ??

He should tape a 1983 CDC schedule and a 2016 CDC schedule to the front of his podium at the next debate, perhaps with a Dr. Thorsen wanted poster..



Interesting article and not at all surprising.

"They are unable or unwilling to make a connection between the challenges faced by any president and the knowledge and behavior of Donald Trump. In a democracy, that is disastrous.”

The term that's been used on this site that explains the above behavior: willful ignorance.


Sorry, my previous unfinished comment by mistake went to wrong discussion topic.
Almost all politicians (like most Americans) were vaccinated as children, hence have some degree of brain damage, except for G.W. Bush, who was not vaccinated because his family “does not do vaccines” - as he stated. Still Bush was the most stupid and evil of all presidents (next to his father). Trump is talkative, but is bright, energetic, decisive, savvy, and is not psychopath like Clinton, Rubio, or Cruz. Sanders is not acceptable for me, as he would destroy middle class even more by introducing totalitarian laws and decrees, while Clinton would take us to more wars – what she promised. Both of them believe in mandatory vaccination of all children do death. We simply have no alternative to Trump, he is our best man for this time. Besides, Trump knows and publically said that vaccines cause autism. None of the candidates, except for Trump, understands that when you poison entire population with toxic vaccines, very soon you are going to have no country. Therefore for me, my family and friends there is nobody else, but Trump.


I'm not weighing in with any sort of personal feelings about Trump, but nonetheless, when performing a google search, I found this article, which is pretty interesting:


"...But for at least one mental-health professional, the Trump enigma, or should we say non-enigma, is larger than the bluster of the man whose own Web site calls him “the very definition of the American success story, continually setting the standards of excellence”—to this mind-set, Trump may be a kind of bellwether. Mr. Gardner said, “For me, the compelling question is the psychological state of his supporters. They are unable or unwilling to make a connection between the challenges faced by any president and the knowledge and behavior of Donald Trump. In a democracy, that is disastrous.”

Jeannette Bishop

These kinds of recent reports of fraud also happened in the Republican Primary in 2012: (50:21 to 53:50)

I wouldn't be surprised if the same tactics are in use now against Bernie, really against all of us and our "democratic" processes.

So we might want to focus on how to stop the corruption in the process (on top of everything else we're aiming to clean up) while or before giving focus on who to try to "elect" via the process. I'm wanting a none-of-the-above option that requires the parties or states to run different candidates if none-of-the-above gets the most votes (which might encourage them to run people with integrity the first time)...but we'd still need a system without fraud. We need a way to know our vote counts the way we vote (and that imaginary people or people who've left this life, etc are not voting).


PPPHFT! Everytime we get a chance another so called autism advocate drops the ball and gives it to the other side. GO BIG OR GO HOME DAN


Well - that is a nice note to end on Dan.

Dan Olmsted

David! You are such a valued member of the AOA community -- I was reading your comment on Katie Wright's story out loud to a friend yesterday to explain why it is such gratifying work. But I do think writing about Trump is not inconsistent with "why you started Age of Autism," as you put it. in the last couple of weeks we've had two flat-out Donald Trump endorsement posts, including from JB. As the editor, I do get to offer a point of view, as do they, as do you, as does everyone else. Regarding my politics, I'm not a socialist or communist, i'm a progressive, and i've said that many times, mostly in despair over being abandoned by my fellow progressives. Autism is both a horrible story and, from a journalistic perspective, a great one in that it requires us to come to grips with history, science, medicine, journalism, the political system and the best way to deal with it, and just about every other issue worth thinking about. And that's what all of us try to do here -- think about things. That was the point from the start.


This "protest" sounds much moe like a staged event, where the foot soldiers were not all given the talking points.

From reading various articles online, the protesters purchased their tickets online just like the supporters. Could their be instigators or plants, sure. However you can't disregard the fact that Trump encourages rowdy behavior and physical altercations at his events.


Dan- your appraisal of Trump in my opinion is a more accurate analysis of his supporters (in general) not necessarily of him. He is just another pol who wants a bite of the apple. Of course Trump's ideas are abhorrent yet he has gained stupendous traction, making monkeys out of the gibbering political kommentariat along the way.

We already have an living breathing example of what it could look like, this is from three days ago, in America:

"The Republican-dominated Senate Judiciary Committee approved the bill on a voice vote, sending it to the full chamber for debate. It's the latest in a series of measures from GOP conservatives in recent years that have put Kansas at the center of a national effort to remake state courts.

The bill supplements a provision of the state constitution that says Supreme Court justices can be impeached and removed from office for treason, bribery or "other high crimes and misdemeanors." The bill outlines a list of misconduct covered by the latter phrase, including attempting "to usurp the power" of the Legislature or executive branch of state government."

You read that right- the state political apparatus in Kansas really and truly is trying to it make it "treason" for the judiciary to declare illegal laws illegal.

Love him, hate him, or just don't care- Trump is like every other politician elected to national office over the past 50 years- they say whatever they need to to get elected. As someone once remarked, our system is perfectly designed to winnow out anyone who is actually qualified to be President.

The surprising aspect is that a politician who channels brownshirts can achieve such resonance- the closest recent analogy in my mind is Marine Le Pen in France- and I believe her support ultimately topped out at 25% of the electorate.....

Trump is a threat to the current model of fascism in America, via totalitarianism.


For Dan: and ...?

p.s. I like Trump, in case You couldn't guess.


The article is about Trump so lets' stay on point. Isn't that what we would tell trolls who try and distract and misdirect when we are in discussions about vaccines.

Ronald Kostoff


"I wrote my piece before last night's melee in Chicago, and if I had factored that in I would have really picked on poor Donald."

Last night's protests were absolutely disgraceful, and a blot on this country. It is the first time that I can remember that a Presidential candidate was prevented from speaking at a rally because of either the perceived threat of violence or the real expectation of continual interruption. That's not what the First Amendment is all about.

Further, neither you nor I nor any of the AoA readers have any idea who was behind these 'protests'. They could have been spontaneous, or caused by Clinton or Sanders 'plants', or caused by the Republican candidates' plants, or caused by the SuperPAC plants, or caused by Trump plants.

The following article is the best that I have seen on the Trump phenomenon.

What the author describes is really the only path open to Trump if he wanted to run for President. He didn't have the decades of government experience that the rest of the politicians have, so there's no way he could compete with them on policy. Now, there's an old adage that states when you're fighting a battle, you try to fight on your own turf with your own rules. Trump's turf is his experience in closing deals and connecting with audiences.

He needed to pick out a unique niche. The one he selected overlapped with that of Sanders. Sanders has taken a class-based approach, and Trump has taken a fear/anger-based approach.

I see a parallel between the Presidential race and the vaccine issue. Along with the expertise that the candidates have comes the Albatross of being beholden to the special interests, what I have called the Government-Industrial-Media Complex (GIMC). So, the expertise is great, but it is used to support the agenda of the GIMC. For the vaccine issue, the 'experts' are those in the CDC, and many other organizations that receive funding from the GIMC. Again, the expertise is great, but it is used in the service of the GIMC.

So, it's easy to criticize Trump on lack of policy specifics, as it is to criticize many 'anti-vaxxers' on lack of detailed knowledge of immunology. But, as an outsider, Trump recognizes and emphasizes the main issues affecting many of his working-class supporters, and the 'anti-vaxxers' recognize and emphasize the potential dangers of vaccines (and EMF radiation, and atrazine, and glyphosate, and fluoridation, and biosludge, and...). In both cases, one can always find experts who can define policy more specifically, but what's most important is to identify the proper overall objectives, not those on the agenda of the GIMC.

The above comments don't mean that I support Trump; they are provided to throw whatever miniscule amount of light I can on this complex situation.

david m burd

@ Dan,

I've got to ask: "Are you a closet Socialist?" Or, "A Communist?"

Just in case I've missed any of your prior thoughts on the subject. Kidding, kind of.

Only nuclear war, and/or Chemical Intoxication of respective surviving cultures, merits any comparison to the Vaccine Onslaught upon us.

Dan, stay focused, please, on the why you started Age of Autism.


Trump's quote"

"When a little baby that weighs 20 pounds and 30 pounds gets pumped with 10 and 20 shots at one time, with one injection that’s a giant injection

Seven years later, he still seems to have thought that the injections are “massive” and that children being immunized against infectious disease are being treated like horses. Here is the vaccine schedule for children ages 0 to 6 years. Here is the vaccine schedule for horses. Here is how vaccines have changed over the years, now having far fewer of the components that trigger the immune system while still being effective.

You can see from the childhood vaccine schedule that a child does not get “pumped with 10 and 20 shots” at one time. Each vaccine is timed to prevent the development of a disease at a stage when a child is most at risk for complications."

Now you all going to walk the walk or just talk the talk?

Which is it going to be?

I can't take another Bernie Baby and it's Mom so adoringly holding it.


and I do suspect ever since the Movie "You've Got Mail" that the off hand joke about evil Republicans means that a lot of people have sat around and taught their kids to be a strong Democrat, and actually HATE the other party cause ?? well that is just the right thing to do.


Donald Trump

And then there’s his belief about autism. Eight years ago, Trump was evidently convinced that vaccines cause autism—or at least, vaccines as administered according to the recommended schedule. He decided in 2007, he said at the time, to have his son administered “one shot at a time” in what he described as “a very slow process.” He also said that his “theory is the shots” are responsible for autism.

Trump seemed to have been under the impression that a child gets a dozen or more vaccines at once, perhaps from a quart-sized syringe with a pump on it, given his comments at a 2007 press conference:


Quiet Kasich;

Kasich on vaccinations: The political debate du jour is vaccines for children, and presidential prospects everywhere have been asked to weigh in.

Kasich fielded the question in Dayton, Laura A. Bischoff and Lynn Hulsey report for the Dayton Daily News. "You have to get vaccinated," Kasich said. "This is not a choice. Are you kidding me? I mean, my kids are gonna go to school I want to make sure that they get vaccinated for those basic things that protect all of us."


Little Rubio:
WASHINGTON -- Breaking from several of his potential rivals for the White House, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said Tuesday that parents should "absolutely" vaccinate their children to preserve the health and safety of those around them.

"Unless they are immune suppressed for medical exceptions, but I believe all children should be vaccinated," Rubio said following a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Cuba, which he chaired.

"Absolutely, all children in America should be vaccinated," he added.

The Florida Republican cited his grandfather, who was disabled by polio, as an example of why vaccinations are necessary.

Rubio's comments on the issue stand in sharp contrast to those of his Republican colleague Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.). The libertarian-leaning senator said Monday that parents should have some degree of choice in the vaccination of their children because it is a matter of personal freedom.


Cruz; My friends and second double cousin insist is a Constitutionalist -- is that anything like fundamentalist, or the Bible says what it means and no analogy are implied? Not sure, but this is his quote on the subject.

"Cruz, a Tea Party favorite, is known for his adherence to the Constitution and notes requirements on whether vaccinations should be mandatory is a state issue. “Most states include an exception clause for good faith religious convictions, and that’s an appropriate judgment for the states to make,” he said. “But on the question of whether kids should be vaccinated, the answer is obvious and there’s widespread agreement: Of course they should.”.


"Sanders points out that even though the parent might feel they have a certain right to control their child’s health and what goes into their body, that child inevitably interacts with other children, and thus can impact the health of others. While parents understandably want to have input on matters relating to the health of their child, Sanders asserts that when that input ends up impeding upon the health of another child, that decision becomes problematic. Health is not just a personal issue — it is also a public issue."

This was an easy quote find. The hardest part was deciding which stupid quote of his on vaccines I had to choose from.

Too bad about Bernie baby. oh, I am soooo sorry - it was so cute.

Angus Files

Still Trump for me and I will be the first to say when he lets us down if he does. If anyone's needing therapy its the populous of the world after being exposed to Rupert Murdoch marrying Jerry Hall,and the rmifications of the wedding night... what sort of diagnosis does that manifest outwith ADHD ETC.

Keep talking Donald we need the news as it is, and not through a censored media.



Hillary Clinton from her Verified account 
The science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue, and #vaccineswork. Let's protect all our kids. #GrandmothersKnowBest

Carolyn M

Regarding agents provocateur:

My husband was watching live coverage of the "protests". A reporter tried to interview 2 different protesters. When asked why they were protesting, both of them refused to answer the question. A protester who believed he had a legitimate grievance would be extremely likely to have seized the opportunity to air it.

This "protest" sounds much moe like a staged event, where the foot soldiers were not all given the talking points.


"I don't think diagnoses of ADHD and of Narcissistic Personality disorder are mutually exclusive. Trump may well have both disorders and be a sociopath / psychopath to boot"

Now that is a terrifying thought!


Go Trump

You can't speak truth when you contradict what you say a week or so later or are proven by way of video that you are not speaking the truth!
-Pathological lying. He has been courting the White Supremacists and the Nazi but denies the connection:
*Donald Trump Jr. appears with white supremacist on radio show
*Trump says he doesn't know who David Duke is
http://www(dot) -this otherwise
*Trump Plays Dumb On David Duke’s History Of White Supremacy. Here’s Proof He’s Lying.

If you are proven to be a pathological liar in one aspect you can bet the lying goes on in all aspects.

Jeannette Bishop

The world is so toxic...we're all (except maybe some few exceptionally proactively protected individuals) on a dusted spectrum I think.

It's really hard to comment on this race...I just keeping think of how most of these young protestors/supporters would have been injected with more thimerosal/aluminum than any previous generation... in case that has anything to do with anything.

Also want to share:

Go Trump

Whatever else is true, you better all be worried (in light of last night's rally attacks) about the shutting down of freedom of speech. It's exactly what they're doing to vaccine questioners and it is dangerous!

Go Trump

Dan, I think part of what you say has merit. I still think, against all odds, that Trump's actions and plans are the most noble of ANY other candidates. He speaks truth. There is a Jane Austin saying about appearances bring deceiving and I believe this is the case with Trump.

Dan Olmsted

well put john.

i do think one thing that's different from being immersed in it over here is an increasing level of violence and a failure by trump to condemn it, whoever "started it."

dan burns' comment on my last trump post is worth putting front and center in the discussion:

Dan Olmsted, you asked, “The importance of ending the autism epidemic pales in comparison to …” My answer is, "not much that I can think of after two weeks of trying." But Trump's campaign is not about autism, a trial balloon that didn't float. It is about fear. Try asking, "The URGENCY of ending the autism epidemic pales in comparison to..." My answer is, "The forced deportation of 11 million undocumented workers and their children." My partner teaches English to their bright, eager four-year-olds at a charter school in south Dallas. My Rotary Club sends their teenagers to community college. I judge their high school speech contests, where they talk about their responsibilities to their families and their goals for the future. And they tell me their fears: that if a certain megalomaniac wins the general election, the next knock on their door could be the police coming to tear their family apart. That's a fear that trumps autism and related vaccine injuries for 11 million of our neighbors. And support for the fear monger is a delusion and a shame.

John Stone

I am not sure that anything is very different from a couple of weeks ago. That Trump can cause one extraordinary feelings of ambivalence - an extreme sense of sway - given what he has occasionally said about vaccines, but also what he has said about almost everything else, is accepted. That we are where we are is the result of decades of execrable, criminal government (55 years of ignoring Eisenhower's warning) and as Dan has also said there isn't anything more important you can vote over than vaccines. I think one critical thing here is that at some point before the election (supposing he gets the nomination) Trump is going to have return to this, and everyone will have to listen very carefully to what he says.


I meant two kids with ADD.


Jenny Allen is right, I too have worked with ADHD, I have too with ADD, and I have a nephew that is over the top eat up with it.

And everyone thinks they have boundless energy. They don't, they need and demand their quiet time, they become exhausted quickly at the most inappropriate times, they have to take frequent naps.

It is not what people think it is.


I've been bewildered by Trump's reversals, how "pathetic losers" one minute become "able men" the next. Which neurotribe is Donald a member of? Does he have an Indian name? Maybe that will help me figure it out.

Your hypothesis helped me bust out of the framework I was using (strategic? rookie? straight talker?) which just had me spinning in circles. Thanks.

Sheri Nakken, former RN, Homeopath

As far as Chicago goes, I have been in many protests over the years and there are such things as agent provocateurs who are there to cause trouble and make the person or the cause look bad. "They" are doing all they can to make him look bad.

Bob Moffit

"Bob, it's pretty clear that we're going to have to disagree. I wrote my piece before last night's melee in Chicago, and if I had factored that in I would have really picked on poor Donald."

Dan ... are you implying that Donald Trump is somehow responsible for "last night's melee in Chicago"?

Amazing how "convenient" .. days before Tuesday's crucial primaries .. where Trump leads in many polls .. that "melee" has already proven to be .. exploited by Cruz and Rubio .. providing them with ample opportunity to SMEAR Trump as having "caused it".

While I expect that from Cruz and Rubio .. I am none-the-less extremely disappointed that you .. who I believe should know better.


Rubio and Cruz are blaming Trump for exercising his right to speak freely ... while dismissing any responsibility for those who .. by their words and actions .. succeeded in their determination to DENY HIM HIS OPPORTUNITY TO SPEAK.

Am I missing something here?

My friend ... there is a stark distinction between a person's legitimate "right to protest" .. and .. those defending (Cruz, Rubio, Olmsted..) the "right to protest" .. who suddenly find themselves having to defend the frenzied actions of a "mob" .. many of whom are not interested in merely "protesting" .. rather .. those individuals are seeking to silence the voices of those with differing political opinions .. who engaged in conduct meant to "provoke" over-reaction by those they have (political) disagreement with .. such as .. anyone carrying a trump sign .. the police who are tasked with maintaining "order" by those who violently refuse to comply as ordered .. or .. forcing Donald Trump .. in the interest of protecting the public well-being .. to cancel his speech.

Dan you are right .. if you want to defend that "mob" by blaming Donald Trump for their provocations .. so be it .. we will just have to agree to disagree.


I think there is a valid reason that one does not discuss religion and politics in a crowd of people that have no common interest other than a loved one suffering a catastrophic illness.

Do we have to put a label on everything?


I don't really care if his walls are gold encrusted, as bizarre as that is. What concerns me is his flippant acceptance of violence when it suits his whim. He has said, matter of factly, with not a shred of hesitancy, that torture is just fine with him, that water boarding is not torture enough (real tough guy talk), and that the families of terrorists, which would include babies and children, should be murdered. And people are falling all over themselves because he said he thinks vaccines cause autism. You have to look at the whole person.

No surprise that Christie supported him, because I would bet that they travel in the same circles. But note Christie's disturbed, twisted up face, as he did.

That Carson has supported Trump means that Carson is a book smart guy who has no street smarts. No doubt Trump called him and sweet talked and promised him a job in his administration and he took the bait. It's a good thing that Carson dropped out of the race.

Jenny Allan

Trump is Trump and he blows his own trumpet, sometimes 'out of tune', sometimes ridiculous, but never boring. Of course we all agree with his vaccine comments, but never forget he simply put a voice to his own observations, 'too many too soon' and regression after certain vaccines. Other less powerful persons who made similar observations, were vilified and hounded out of their positions and employment. Some of these people are now dead.

Trump is like the little boy who stated the Emperor was naked, but in this wicked world everyone is looking the other way, many too terrified to publicly state the truth.

I have worked with ADHD children. They are neurologically damaged. No amount of psychological analyses or counselling ever improves things, although dietary interventions often help. I am quite sure Trump does not have ADHD. I regard it as unseemly to indulge in any amateurish analysis of his personality traits. Like I said - Trump is Trump!


President Obama at the beginning of his campaign for president was surprised and way laid by some poor parent that said their kid's ill health was the vaccines and vaccines caused autism.

In true perfect politician speech, Obama said well we will research this, but of course vaccines and getting all of the vaccines are very important.

And people fell all over themselves.

When he finished giving some kind speech with pretty phrases, everyone said it was a great speech and he said as a matter of fact - that it was a gift.

Obama is a good politician. On the good leader list there is No room for butter cups politician speechmakers.

Sean Burke

I was hoping that this community would rally around the one person with the courage to speak out this issue but boy was I wrong. We deserve the government we get.

Cait from Canada

This analysis of Trump is quite apt. To my mind it is neither mean-spirited nor a hit piece – Dan just tells it like he sees it. Danchi also makes some good points, though I don't think diagnoses of ADHD and of Narcissistic Personality disorder are mutually exclusive. Trump may well have both disorders and be a sociopath / psychopath to boot.

I am amazed at the possibility that the US could elect such a man to the presidency. It's all very well to challenge the "Government-Industrial-Media Complex" but I don't see Trump offering anything of value in its stead. If anything, he appeals to the worst values and instincts of Americans.


I sure wish mine were dusted with a bit of Trump's dust, by the way.

Dan Olmsted

Bob, it's pretty clear that we're going to have to disagree. I wrote my piece before last night's melee in Chicago, and if I had factored that in I would have really picked on poor Donald.


And, I will add to what I just submitted, that when I first saw him running for president, I was appalled for that reason. But now, fully realizing the pervasive systemic corruption in our government, I'm not sure that it makes a difference. The only person who I think is not corrupt is Sanders. Ironically, he won't be allowed near the White House because he isn't corrupt. He won't play nice on that level. The real twist in the plot is that the American voter who thinks he is voting in his own best interest, doesn't realize that he's been effectively trained to outright reject someone who is not corrupt.


What about Chris Christie and Dr. Carson that has got behind Trump?

That is big news.

You got the governor of New Jersey whose population has 1 out 1 out of 37 (or some scary number) of kids with autism. Chris when asked about mandatory vaccines, you could tell chose his words carefully, as did Rand Paul that, well that we should have the right to say no.

And then there is Dr. Carson a neurologist and on the board of immunization safety. He mentioned some time earlier that he was for some mandated vaccines, and yet in the very first debate to my shock, and surprise he back Trump up on the vaccine cause autism subject

Can I not fantasize that we have in this country a few good people left, that have banned together against a powerful industry and establishment to really save us all.

He never stops talking? I only get to see him on the news which is filtered most of the time. I have not been to one of his rallies though.

As for shutting down a rally last night, most not all of the college students seemed to be really coated with some kind of dusting.

And watching a 40 looking year old woman in a crowd; throwing up her middle finger to all the cars of people having to leave the rally because it got cancelled, for sure is dusted.

You know it might be too late for the American people.
I guess the government will finish taking it all away from my bunch, well on the way as a matter of fact.

I think we do all need to keep our guns for protection cause society has gone nuts.


Hmmm, which way to go on this article. #1. Wow, just wow. or maybe #2. So you've got a little bit of Howard Stern in you, Dan. Shucks. Well, I suppose we all do. Or how does #3 taste: If you have some inside dish about Bernie, Dan, do tell!

All I care about at this point is that Hillary not be in the final race. I'm all for dividing and conquering THAT particular battalion. I don't know enough about the other republicans yet.

Anyone stepping into the political race has to be either in it for the power/money, or harboring some version of having enough of an ego to think that everyone would be better off doing what you say they should do. I suppose there may be a few in there actually listening to constituents, just not as often as they pretend to be - and there is a big range there between listening/representing vs pretending to listen/represent, where on the spectrum is each potential?
Up to now, the egos coming into the system have been easily swayed by highly paid lobbyists that hone in on finding out the tradeoff that can reign those egos in and use them to their advantage. I suspect that the powers behind the lobbyists recognize that Trump doesn't seem to be held back by that ever-present human weakness: the fear of failure. They haven't figured out a way to offset Trump's ego and frankly, I love that. A person can get a lot done without the fear of failure.

And If Donald is too too for some people, HOW APROPO!!! Those in high and powerful places may finally get a small inkling of what it's like to try and manage a soul that is not limited by fear and has no desire to be contained by the typical limits society places on it! Grab a box of popcorn, the show is just starting.

Wouldn't it be nice if Sanders had a bit of Trump in him and if Trump had some Sanders in him?
Both Trump and Sanders seem to present paths of hope to the autism community although they are 2 very different paths. One path appears more direct in his recognition of the downsides of over vaccination, but we can't see the detours yet. The other looks circuitous at the outset, but environmental insults & corporate overreach are, in the end, the underlying mechanisms supporting vaccine poisoning. The other candidates are status quo with their snuggling up to big corporate interests never saying anything that could remotely be perceived as challenging any corporate agenda.

At the very least Sanders is showing the individual American that one can get much further along in a campaign on individual donations than people like the Kochs would want you to believe is possible. At the very least Trump's presence thus far has shown how completely fed up people are with career politicians.

Autism families should use their best strategies during the primaries to keep the others out of the final running. At the primary stage one can be strategic in trying to keep the best of the worst in the race. That seems to be Trump and Sanders. We need to get Hillary out of the race.

maurinemeleckMaurine Meleck

Trump meets all the criteria for a psychopath. Vaccine issue or not, I could not get myself to vote for him. (Even if the president of the US takes orders from the military, industrial, and medical complexes and our votes are pretty worthless anyway). Which leaves me what??


I read this with an open mind, I'm pretty sure that the behavior and mindset has nothing to do with mercury or ADHD or GPI. Trump is who he is because of how he was raised and who he was raised by and around and because of the company he's kept his entire life. They all think and talk that way and strive to live in gilded homes. It's part of the culture. I'll leave it at that.


I was observing over the years this behavior in Trump:
-The Ability to manipulate & con. The gift of glib.
-Impulsiveness-leading to unpredictable behavior or the loose canon syndrome
-Ego-centric behavior

-Lack of tesponsibility (demonstrated by the recent violence at one of his rally's where he stated:
'I certainly don't incite violence': Trump has no regrets over saying he wants to 'knock the crap' out of protesters - but will not take responsibility for the fighting
-Said he has 'no regrets' about February 1 comments telling his supporters to 'knock the crap' out of protesters: http://www.dailymail(dot)
Doesn't incite violence but says he has no regrets about telling his supporters to "knock the crap" out of protesters is talking out both side of his mouth at the same time.

-Pathological lying. He has been courting the White Supremacists and the Nazi but denies the connection:
*Donald Trump Jr. appears with white supremacist on radio show
*Trump says he doesn't know who David Duke is
http://www(dot) -this otherwise
*Trump Plays Dumb On David Duke’s History Of White Supremacy. Here’s Proof He’s Lying.

-Untruthfulness and insincerity.
-Lack of remorse and guilt: He clearly has demonstrated this a number of times when violence breaks out at his rally's.

-He's a Narcissist.

-Overblown sense of self importance

In my profession I've seen these behaviors a lot and when we send people for psychological's (required by the courts) the diagnosis doesn't come back ADHD. The diagnosis is usually Sociopath or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. But hey, if you read many of the psychological studies on this disorder it is believed that these are common traits in CEO's of fortune five hundred companies, business people who are considered )real go getters and politicians, drug lords, pimps etc.

david m burd

"WE are the ones we have been waiting for --- to halt the rise of the oceans --- blah, blah --," and paraphrasing:

"I think I'm the greatest President since Lincoln --- blah, blah" (two years into his first term)

Dan, guess who?

And guess when all the NIH/CDC/FDA Medical Leaders were born, and who have careened scores of millions of children and families into despair with their vaccine dogma? Answer: mid-1940s to mid-1960s with their received vaccine onslaught a small fraction of today.

At any rate, I'm afraid AoA will lose steam if diverted to all kinds of conjecture about the candidates' personalities. THE enemy is Medical Groupthink robotically believing vaccines have minimal risk and fantastic effectiveness, along with the Vaccine Cabal having no liability for the horrible carnage they have instituted - and still growing.

Bob Moffit

"Non-stop talker Donald Trump pretty clearly has ADHD and smacks of GPI grandiosity. And that's why I think the Donald is dusted."

Sorry to read of your "diagnosis" that Trump "clearly has ADHD" .. and .. "smacks of GPI grandiosity". My friend, I expected better of you.

After all .. we both have witnessed first hand those or similar "diagnoses" .. no more valid than your own .. mean-spirited labels .. designed to stigmatize, marginalize and isolate those .. such as .. Dr. Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy to name just two of many more .. probably including yourself .. who dare to give voice to their opinions that conflict with those who want to silence them.

If, indeed, the "Donald is dusted" .. I suspect it won't be his "ADHD or GPI grandiosity" that has done him in .. it will be the result of the determined will of the powerful corporate oligarchs .. who donate to BOTH political establishments .. having recently gathered on some remote grandeur island .. where they formulated their "scorched earth attack" to destroy him at all costs.

Last night may have signaled the beginning of THEIR newly energized .. "scorched earth strategy" .. causing the cancellation of Trump's speech .. not because Donald had ADHD or GPI grandiosity" .. it was cancelled because that is what the powerful do .. by any means necessary.

Stigmatizing Mr Trump as having "ADHD and GPI grandiosity" is exactly what those oligarch's would applaud coming from someone as well respected as yourself.

Ronald Kostoff


A 'hit piece' like this masquerading as some sort of psycho-medical analysis is beneath you. We could examine the leading Presidential candidates one-by-one, find all types of character flaws, and ascribe all sorts of arm-waving subjective 'causes' to them. The reality is that it takes a certain type of person to put themselves through the rigor of a Presidential campaign. Your average person is not going to subject themselves to that level of continual stress for a large portion of two years.

Both Trump and Sanders have an even higher challenge and levels of stress, since they are, to some degree, challenging the Government-Industrial-Media Complex (GIMC). The GIMC does not go down easily, and we are now seeing the myriad weapons they are employing against (mainly) Trump, at present. Sanders has not yet received the same level of attack, because until recently, he was not considered as a serious candidate. The tactic against Sanders was mainly being ignored by the media. If he gets to the point of being a serious challenger, expect the attacks to increase dramatically.

As I've stated previously on this blog, I have no expectations that Trump or Sanders or any of the other candidates will make vaccinations or EMF radiation or.... an issue of their Presidency. if elected. The stranglehold the GIMC has over Congress and the local politicians effectively insures that these potential causes of myriad disease will remain with us for the foreseeable future.

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