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Utah Whistleblower Lawsuit Alleges Data Errors and Research Misconduct as CDC Report Releases U.S. Autism Rate of 1.5%

VAXXED Director Andrew Wakefield Breaks Silence on Vaccine Violence Against Children and CDC Coverup

2016-logoNOTE:  The 2016 political season has brought forth candidates that the political and corporate machines both fear and loathe for their willingness to speak out. Americans know that most systems are so stacked against us that the voting process is almost an exercise in futility.  Sadly, while so many can see how the Bank of Americas, Goldman Sacha and Monsantos of the world do not have our interests in mind, they refuse to even consider that pharmaceutical companies, who have paid billions in product liability and fines for outright lying could also have been harming a generation of children via vaccination.  The disconnect is shocking. The calls for censorship by those who would expose any other wrong are perplexing in the extreme.   However, both Trump and Sanders represent a chink in the armor of the status quo.  Love them or dislike them.  Let's hope 2016 is the year that Americans finally get to see, hear and read about the vaccine violence that has been set upon our children like a biblical Passover visit when none of us had an X over the door.  As always, profound thanks to Dr. Wakefield for never, ever giving up on the search for science on behalf of our children. YOUR children. KS

Below, VAXXED director Dr. Andrew Wakefield is interviewed by Gary Franchi revealing the truth behind the CDC's cover-up of the link between Autism and vaccines and to present his side of the story in the wake of attacks against his research exposing the link.
Dr. Wakefield: "We have a senior scientist from the CDC admitting to covering up for 13 years the link between MMR vaccine and autism, and in black boys in particular this age of exposure risk. ...
"And what it means for the autism community is that they have been deceived. ..."
Andrew Wakefield announced that he and others presented the question of a link between the vaccine and autism to the CDC in 2000, "and they found it was the case in 2001."



The CDC knew, the government knew, the scientists knew; they all knew. Why didn't the doctors complete any research on what they were injecting into innocent babies? $$$$ and depopulation plans?? Thank you Dr. Wakefield, for all you have done.


Worth looking into the Wikipedia "hit page."


"Scientists at the CDC and elsewhere also reported facing challenges with regard to publishing their own work in scientific journals regardless of the level of controversy associated with the topic. The highest proportion of respondents disagreeing or strongly disagreeing that they are allowed such publication rights was at the CDC (29 percent, 412 respondents)....

Survey results suggest that the CDC may be giving political interests too much weight in decision making. Fifty-two percent of CDC respondents (632) reported that the level of political influence at the CDC is too high. One respondent noted that scientific integrity at the CDC could best be improved by implementing 'more of a firewall between political considerations and scientific decision making.'"


Vaxxed press conference version 1 - 3/30/16

Ronald Kostoff

The study by Dr. Moran referenced by Jeff has been published in a journal. The Abstract can be accessed openly through Pubmed ( Dr. Moran was supported by the National Institute for Drug Abuse for this study. I find that interesting, since I would have thought a study related to vaccine use would have been supported by the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

The Bloomberg School of Public Health, in which Dr. Moran is located, houses the Center for Immunization Research (description appended). As stated below, " CIR investigators primarily conduct Phase I and II safety, immunogenicity, and efficacy trials of new vaccine candidates." Also, the Bloomberg School has a Johnson & Johnson Community Health Care and Scholars Program (, where people are funded through grants from J&J. J&J is involved in vaccine development through myriad channels (e.g.,

Also, the Bloomberg School has a Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has pledged $10B over the next ten years for global distribution of vaccines ($10-Billion-in-Call-for-Decade-of-Vaccines).

Also, the Bloomberg School has a Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness, which consists of two Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-funded programs. As I mentioned in a previous post about bioterrorism/biosecurity, vaccines have been suggested decades ago for use against bioterrorism agents. If one needs to stockpile separate vaccines against myriad potential agents, the market could potentially be yuuuuuuuge (to paraphrase D.J.T).

The bottom line here is that one should not be surprised that a Bloomberg School faculty member is making negative statements about the 'anti-vaxxers', given the depth of involvement of the institution in promotion of vaccines.

The Center for Immunization Research (CIR) is part of the Department of International Health of the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH).

The CIR was established in 1985 by Dr. Mary Lou Clements-Mann. For more than 25 years, the CIR has provided leadership in the areas of early phase vaccine evaluation and vaccine education efforts.

CIR investigators primarily conduct Phase I and II safety, immunogenicity, and efficacy trials of new vaccine candidates. The CIR is also the world leader in training other research professionals to develop the skills and infrastructure needed to design, conduct, and evaluate clinical vaccine trials, with a focus on applied Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

We are actively enrolling volunteers in clinical research studies in Baltimore.

To learn more about participating in a vaccine clinical trial, visit our ENROLL now page or you may contact us at (410-955-7283) (toll free 877-863-1374).

The CIR Director is Dr. Ruth Karron, please click here to read her welcome message.

John Stone


I was just able to access it.


the link appears to be broken. I can't find this information.
Is it possible it has been removed?


Ignaz Semmelweis.

Hand washing between women who had recently delivered a child. And when he imposed this, the rate of childbed fever fell dramatically.

What Semmelweis had discovered is something that still holds true today: Hand-washing is one of the most important tools in public health. It can keep kids from getting the flu, prevent the spread of disease and keep infections at bay.

You'd think everyone would be thrilled. Semmelweis had solved the problem! But they weren't thrilled. For one thing, doctors were upset because Semmelweis' hypothesis made it look like they were the ones giving childbed fever to the women.

And Semmelweis was not very tactful. He publicly berated people who disagreed with him and made some influential enemies.

Eventually the doctors gave up the chlorine hand-washing, and Semmelweis — he lost his job.

Semmelweis kept trying to convince doctors in other parts of Europe to wash with chlorine, but no one would listen to him.

Even today, convincing health care providers to take hand-washing seriously is a challenge. Hundreds of thousands of hospital patients get infections each year, infections that can be deadly and hard to treat. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says hand hygiene is one of the most important ways to prevent these infections.

-Dr. Wigand is a Chemist, Scientist, Activist and he became one of the most famous "whistleblowers" in history. Wigand’s personal life reads like a soap opera and it far too involved to post here. He began his journey down the whistleblower’s path in 1994. Wigand began to work for Brown & Williamson in January 1989 and was fired on March 24, 1993. He says that he was fired because he knew that high-ranking corporate executives knowingly approved the addition of additives to their cigarettes that were known to be carcinogenic and/or addictive, such as coumarin.

1994, Wigand broke his confidentiality agreement (Brown & Williamson) and agreed to work as a consultant with CBS's 60 Minutes producer Lowell Bergman on a story about tobacco industry efforts to develop a "fire safe" cigarette. Thus began a dramatic two years that would see Wigand become one of the most famous "whistleblowers" (corporate informants) in American history. Driven by a potent mixture of moral outrage and desire for revenge, Wigand slowly overcame his fear of retribution to expose the tobacco industry's lies about the health risks of cigarettes. On November 29, 1995 he gave deposition testimony in a case brought by the state of Mississippi against tobacco companies in which he stated that tobacco companies manipulated nicotine content, suppressed efforts to develop safer cigarettes and lied about the addictive properties of nicotine. Excerpts of his testimony were published in the Wall Street Journal. After months of debating whether to risk provoking the ire of the big tobacco companies, on February 4, 1996 CBS aired a 60 Minutes interview with Wigand during which he made his attacks on the tobacco industry directly to the nation

Wigand's decision to become a whistleblower came at great cost to his personal life and even brought risks to his personal safety. Under enormous pressure and stress, Wigand turned to drinking heavily. His drinking problem became so severe that he stole a bottle of liquor from a convenience store, got into a drunken physical confrontation with his wife and eventually filed for divorce. Brown & Williamson then unleashed a ruthless smear campaign against Wigand that publicized – and greatly exaggerated – such incidents to paint him as a raging alcoholic, wife-beater and pathological liar. Wigand's home and his lawyers' offices were broken into and robbed of personal documents, and he received several death threats that forced him to abandon his home and live secretly in various hotels with a full-time bodyguard.

For braving such hardships, and exposing such revelatory information about the tobacco industry, Jeffrey Wigand will go down in American history as one of the most daring and important whistleblowers of all time.

Dr Andrew Wakefield like the two history makers posted above, took the risk on behalf of the children on the planet and told the world that there is a connection between vaccines, MMR specifically and Gut disease in children. The children who have these Gut disease happened to have a common ailment, AUTISM. Dr. Wakefield, like the heroes above lost his careers and his reputation,initiated by the ruthless organized crime organization know as CDC/pharmaceutical industry.

Like Dr. Semmelweis and Dr. Wigand, Dr Wakefield will one day be the reason the genocide perpetuated against children on this planet is revealed and stopped. For this to happen Doctors, Nurses and others who KNOW vaccines are damaging and killing children need to step up and become a conscientiousness part of humanity by advocating aggressively and vocally for children. In doing so they must realize they may save one of their own one day.


Tim Lundeen/Linda 1
Thanks for the Suzanne Humphries youtube I will be sure to subscribe. I am already familiar with James Lyons Weilers website, if you click under aluminum there is a great article about how the science is clear when the CDC is not involved. Eagerly anticipating some views on Vaxxed till I can get the DVD. Anyone go in person and like to give details? :)

Tim Lundeen


Another good resource is the site, which includes full-text copies of powerful peer-reviewed research.

James Lyons-Weiler has a column on studies that support a vaccine-autism link at, and the rest of his blog is also helpful.


It is confusing because the people who are entrusted with pubic health are lying - big time. Why, I couldn't tell you. The obvious is to protect the pharmaceutical industry and their positions, but it seems there is more than that.

You don't need a degree to read and understand the research. If you want to hear the perspective of an MD, then see any talk online by Dr. Suzanne Humphries (internist-nephrologist). Her latest lectures online titled "Manufactured Consent" is excellent. She explains what's going on:

She also co-wrote an excellent book:


Way to go, Dr. Wakefield! This world could use more people like you.

Mary S. Holland

Well done! Thank you.
Mary Holland


As it's said in the gaming community---it's on! Yahoo just ran this ridiculous article about Measles outbreaks and of course their legion of trolls have been activated. You think Tribeca is censoring--I have posted multiple comments on Yahoo but I have not seen one. They all fall within the posting guidelines yet they have removed them. Doesn't matter, I will find another way.


Hey AoA, Megan Moron says you guys don't know jack about real science.
"Study author Meghan Moran, an associate professor in Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School’s Department of Health, Behavior and Society said, “So the science itself was strong, but the way it was being interpreted was not very accurate. It was being distorted to support an anti-vaccine agenda.”
"Anti-vaccination websites are generally presenting wrong and misleading information according to a new study. The study team found that many websites have cited actual peer-reviewed journals and studies but they have misrepresented the conclusions of the studies to promote their anti-vaccination agenda. Detailed study findings were presented at the American Public Health Association’s Annual Meeting in Chicago on November 3."
Now if I am reading this right She is admitting there is peer reviewed science behind the claims "anti vaccination" websites are making right? And then She is telling the readers to disregard that science and just listen to her instead. I am confused because the peer reviewed science clearly states different ways vaccinations can cause autism in some children.

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