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Vaxxed Axed from Tribeca Film Festival Under Enormous Pressure to Censor


This weekend the film Vaxxed “from Cover up to Catastrophe” was pulled from Tribeca Film festival by the festival organizers after being pressured to not show the movie because of its controversial content.  New York City's Health Commissioner Jane Zucker issued a statement in support of the film’s censorship stressing in her public announcement on Sunday that vaccines do not cause autism.  On behalf of the citizens of the City of New York represented by this firm and who disagree with Dr. Zucker, the undersigned respectfully requests the Health Commissioner provide the residents of this state with any credible studies, any evidence at all, showing autism cannot be vaccine induced.  Simply attacking the research of Andy Wakefield, and notably without more, is not a sufficient basis for the City's top health official to claim vaccines do not cause autism. 

Vaxxed supporters plan to premier the movie in New York City on April 24, 2016 as planned regardless of the censorship, and would like to put forth any evidence provided by Dr. Zucker to support the statement that vaccines are safe and do not cause autism, other than the same old establishment lame attack on Dr. Wakefield’s research findings and now his new movie.
Why is the Film Vaxed So Important and A Must See
In 2000, a group of doctors from Pharma and CDC got together at a conference in Simpsonwoods, a secluded retreat outside of Atlanta.  The conference was convened to discuss newly uncovered evidence showing a connection between vaccines and brain injury in children.  The transcripts of the Simpsonwoods conference shows comments being made by the CDC and Merck doctor-participants involving potential litigation that would result from their findings, and that it would be “problematic” for industry.  Those in attendance agreed before concluding the conference, not to tell the public about the evidence of vaccine induced brain injury they had uncovered at CDC and Merck, deciding to keep it to themselves and out of “less responsible hands.”
About the same time in 2000, the vaccine schedule for children in the United States was tripled, and also about the same time in 2000, the number of children with autism in the United States skyrocketed to 1 in 60 children.  Soon thereafter about 5000 parents filed petitions for compensation in the Vaccine Court, alleging vaccine induced autism and injuries in their children after they had been heavily vaccinated under the new schedule.  The facts of each of the 5000 cases were all highly similar.  The petitions alleged perfectly healthy children developed autism after being heavily vaccinated starting in about 2000, shortly after the CDC\Pharma doctor’s agreed to keep the evidence of harm they had uncovered a secret and out of “less responsible hands.”

In 2003, the Court identified six cases to represent the 5000 petitioners, and one of those test cases, Hannah Poling’s case was later settled confidentially in 2007, and withdrawn from the program as one of the representative test cases.  Hannah’s case was substituted by another vaccine injury claim of a young boy in New York City.  However, unlike Hannah’s case his petition was dismissed along with all the other test cases, and all 5000 claims denied.  This is remarkable because in Hannah’s test case that was settled by the parties, the government’s own medical expert witness testified that the vaccines Hannah had received had caused a “metabolic overload” resulting vaccine induced autism and other brain injuries alleged in the petition. 
This critical medical expert report from the government’s own witness in the Autism Hearings was required to be admitted into evidence, but was never entered into evidence by DOJ during the Autism hearings but was instead secretly settled, and the most compelling piece of evidence that vaccines had induced Hannah’s autism was withheld again from the public, and the petitioners and during the Autism Hearings was withheld from the Court. 
All 5000 of the Autism cases were dismissed in 2010 for failing to establish a plausible medical theory of causation to be eligible for compensation under the Vaccine Act, and the Special Masters dismissed the six test cases without ever seeing the government’s own expert witness’ report that had concluded to a medical degree of scientific certainty that Hannah Poling’s autism had been vaccine induced by a metabolic overload from all the shots she received during a routine pediatric visit when she was three years old. 
During the Autism hearings, Dr. Wakefield’s evidence proffered in the Cedillo test case was allegedly tampered with by Merck and CDC and also excluded as evidence.  Clearly now all of this was being undertaken in furtherance of the agreement formed in 2000 by Merck and CDC scientists to keep the information linking vaccines and autism from the petitioners, the Court and the public.  On the eve of Cedillo hearing evidence was introduced to refute Dr. Wakefield’s research findings without any discovery or examination of the government’s evidence allegedly manufactured by Merck, and Wakefield’s findings were excluded in the Cedillo case as evidence as a result. 

On appeal, the Justices of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit were highly critical of the government’s handling of the Wakefield evidence, and were openly critical as to why it had been excluded and not considered by the Special Masters in the proceedings.  During the appeal phase of the Autism hearings, none of the Appellant’s were even aware that Hannah Poling’s case had been settled and that the government conceded the vaccines she received induced her autism, and their appeals were dismissed.
Out of ten government conducted studies on vaccine-autism-safety in the United States half of them are corrupt and non credible. The government autism studies done by CDC are at best unreliable and at worst fraudulent, a far cry from the alleged corruption Dr. Wakefield was accused of in his now discredited study.  Even more disturbing than the crucifixion of Wakefield, on August 27, 2014, Brian Hooker, Phd., biochemist and a parent of a vaccine injured child, released transcripts of recordings with a distraught Dr. William Thompson, a Senior vaccine scientist at the CDC since 1998, confessing to a cover up during the 2001 Congressional Hearings on the- controversial MMR vaccine and its link to Autism, and nothing has been done about the public outcry over Dr. Thompson and the “CDC Whistleblower’s” admissions. 
Congressman Bill Posey of Florida gave an impassioned speech before Congress demanding Dr. Thompson be subpoenaed and called upon to answer for the alleged research fraud he admitted to on the tape recordings, and yet nothing has been done by Congress. Dr. Zucker has not commented on the now debunked CDC vaccine autism studies, but continues to attack the twenty year old Wakefield research and his movie Vaxxed, without any evidence to support a sweeping claim that “vaccines do not cause autism.”  Well they do cause Autism.
Surely, the State of New York has more than a retracted study published in the Lancet Medical Journal twenty years ago, and a movie to go on before recommending more and more vaccines for children that could kill, rather than prevent the spread of illness.  Dr. Zucker please explain how Dr. Thompson’s admissions to research fraud in the CDC Autism studies support your statement yesterday that “vaccines do not cause autism” and why the Vaxxed movie should be censored in New York City.  Please address the audio transcripts released by Dr. Hooker, where Dr. Thompson says:

"I was complicit, and, ah, I went along with this. We didn't report significant findings. You know, I'm not proud of that and, uh, it's probably, it's the lowest; it's the lowest point in my career that I went along with that paper ... I have great shame now when I meet families with kids with autism, because I've, because I have been part of the problem.” 
The other well known vaccine safety research study of the CDC,  known as the Danish Studies, that so called proved vaccines do not cause autism was conducted by CDC’s Dr. Pouel Thorsen, a.k.a “America’s Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitives”  and is equally corrupt and unreliable as the Atlanta Studies proffered in the Autism hearings that were conducted by Dr. Thompson. 
Dr. Thorsen, the lead CDC researcher in the Danish Studies, has since been indicted for stealing the research money and is now on the lam in Denmark somewhere hiding in plain site from the FBI and the CDC.  How does this support a claim that vaccines do not cause autism?  These are the two leading CDC researchers and two leading studies that were relied upon in the Autism hearings, and used as evidence by the government to show no link between autism and vaccines and relief upon to discredit Dr. Wakefield’s research.
Dr. Paul Offit, another major proponent of vaccinations and critic of Dr. Wakefield like Dr. Zucker, claims to be an unbiased scientist with no personal interest in vaccination. Yet in 2008 while sitting on the ACIP as a voting member, the Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania sold its royalty stake in Dr. Offit's vaccine RotaTeq for $182 million, and Dr. Offit received an unspecified percentage: his share of the intellectual property, said to be "in the millions."  
In another pending federal lawsuit in Pennsylvania, former Merck scientists alleged the current supplier of the MMR vaccine is falsifying evidence on the efficacy of the vaccines in controlling the spread of measles and mumps.  That means if proven to be true, the MMR shots the scientist knew were causing brain damage in children in 2000 do not work as reported, and these kids who developed autism were injured for no reason because the Merck MMR vaccine that injured the children doesn’t work.
Finally, it is worth noting that if you are injured by any vaccine in the United States, including the defective MMR vaccine, there is no liability to Merck. A person injured from a vaccine in the United States is compensated in a special court established by Congress in 1986 that shields manufacturers from any form of tort liability to "protect vaccine supply." Yet vaccines are so cheap to produce and so lucrative a product, Pharma hardly needs a no fault liability program to stay profitable in the vaccine market.  
The Vaccine Court since its inception has compensated $3.2 billion in damages to people injured by vaccines, including death cases.  So Dr. Zucker vaccines do cause injuries including autism.  Therefore, the People of the State of New York that oppose censorship, and oppose the vaccination mandates request of the Health Commissioner more than a movie critique, and to provide some reliable evidence that vaccines do not cause autism, and if there is no evidence to support the Health Commissioner's  claim vaccines do not cause autism, then it is the duty of the State to hold Pharma accountable for their crimes against children and crimes against humanity.


Lynn Rice

Ask yourselves.....why would the CDC want to convince people to endanger their children by giving them vaccines that cause autism? .......wait for it......they wouldn't. Autism is more prevalent today because people are willing to put a label on the condition. Vaccines build antibodies and if your argument against them is if you get the measles it won't kill you and you will build natural immunities, why not vaccinate with a lesser strand of the disease?

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

I can only hope that as more and more of our nation's children become brain injured, that there will be a tipping point reached, that time when the people can no longer believe the liars. Thank you for publishing this, AOA.

Elizabeth S.

Thank you for this. I've yet to hear a parent say, "My child was not immunized--not even Hep B on day 1--and yet he has Autism."

-a Special Ed teacher in California

Jeanne J

This was under a different thread, The Issue, here at AOA. Everyone really needs to view it.

What I really hope is that the film is placed on DVD, and that people are allowed to purchase it, so that the producer can re-coop his investment. And then, it would be good to set up a vehicle for people to purchase as many additional copies as they chose, so that DVD's can be distributed free of charge to the average person on the street.


Gary Ogden
I was trying to explain to my adult children at dinner on Sunday that it doesn't matter what the film is about, this is a First Amendment issue. I gave them the example of those movies and books Dinesh D'Souza wrote about Obama and how so many inaccuracies and outright lies and distortions were revealed in them but---it was his right under the First Amendment to show and write what he wanted-accuracy be dammed. I didn't like it but I would defend his right to say and write those things. The same thing with Vaxxed-it is a Free Speech and Arts issue.

What I found astounding is the out pouring of outrage (we know most are just the legion of Machiavellian trolls, as the study labeled these people) doing their masters bidding, commenting on a film that they haven't seen. That's my first question when I respond to a comment ---So, you've seen the film. Tell us about it? You must be an amazing psychic because it hasn't been released yet. IMHO, a lot of people had never heard of the film, now it's been exposed to millions of more people than it would have been had the film been allowed to run at Tribeca.


This is an excellent interview that ABC of course censored down to seconds. The producer Del Bigtree paid wonderful homage to Dr. Wakefield in this interview.

VAXXED: the ABC News interview that Big Pharma didn't want you to see:

Leah McLean

So glad to be part of this conversation and exchange of information. How do we share this discussion so the public can become increasingly aware of the conversation? Getting Vaxxed on YouTube would be amazing...

Gary Ogden

Danchi: I find the FDA statement you've quoted absolutely astonishing. This is why the Tribeca debacle played out as it did. This is official confirmation that we're not allowed to question vaccine policy. I used to teach my students the Constitution, and they, and I, were believers in the rights it appears to guarantee. Little did we know that that is no longer the case.


If the New York board of health called Robert DeNiro and told him that if he shows Vaxxed that he will be responsible for deaths, of course he had no choice. He was supposed to go against the board of health? They would have crucified him.

My hope is that his friends have started working on a screenplay that will tell this sordid story.


What about placing VAXXED on YouTube with an option to watch it after payment of a few $. This way the whole world would be able to see it. Censoring this film certainly tremendously increased the appetite of parents to see it world wide.


Tim Lundeen

@Danchi -- Thanks for the Hilary Butler info, got to lover her :-)

Martin Hewitt

How long has it been since the UK (as well as US) national press reported so widely an issue about the autism-vaccine issue? I can't remember when. Perhaps we should thank deNiro for his failure of nerve. Despite the old chestnuts about 'discredited' research, the debate has been reignited once more and isn't going to disappear. Despite some powerful bodies sitting on the lid, it just won't stay shut. This issue is not going to go away until our children - now young adults - get justice. Well done Andy, Polly and rest of team. Inspirational!


I sent an email to Gina Kolata at The New York Times. I don't know whether she's ever reported on vaccine issues, but overall I respect her health reporting more than any of the other health journalists at the Times. I asked her, now that her newspaper has gleefully reported the decision of the festival to censor this movie, would the Times itself consider doing some actual reporting on the Dr. William Thompson whistle-blower case?

If many of us wrote to her, I think she would not be inclined to ignore us all. She is not a knee-jerk government stenographer like so many of her colleagues.


Ran across this doing some research. It ties in here:

So who is the fanatic?

Several times, I’ve been asked to explain my silence, and why I have not written about Andrew Wakefield in the past. My concerns started in 1981, and go much deeper and relate to much more fundamental issues than “that” paper. It’s up to Andrew Wakefield to clear his own name. It’s up to Deer to prove he’s right. There are far more serious, fundamental issues people need to face up to when it comes to vaccines.

On 6th February 2001, I wrote an article called More Motives Reviewed based on a publication WHO had put out in 1997 called “The CVI Strategic Plan Managing Opportunity and Change: A vision of Vaccination for the 21st Century.” (PDF is 5.23 mb) 1997 was the year that I realised that Henry Gadsden, Chief executive of vaccine manufacturer Merck was right, and that the plan was bigger than any one drug but encompassed as much of the drug list as feasible - including vaccines. I was shocked at the “reach” laid out by the WHO. And not surprised that "consumers" were never considered. This was all about conditioning people to accept vaccines, and demand them. This was all about getting the pretty, the famous, billboard names, media and the politicians to promote Henry Gadsden et al's vaccine dream.

Plainly, Wakefield had never read that plan, for if he had, and if he had had his pulse on the new vaccine development in the pipeline, he would have known that

the CVI Strategic Plan was only possible, if the record of both the DPT and the MMR remained utterly unblemished, so that layer upon layer of other vaccines could be added into both of them to eventually result in super vaccines containing many antigens.

Whether his article was right or wrong was immaterial, because no doubts can be allowed to exist.

His article put a monkey wrench in the CVI Strategic Plan, as well as those of MMR II’s maker, Merck, Pfizer, SKF, Sanofi Pasteur, Chiron - whoever else thinks that their stability on wall street will be funded through vaccine sales. You can’t split a triple vaccine back to singles, (designed that way for ease of administration and to stop parents actively chosing what they will and won’t have) and achieve the ultimate long term aim of super-vaccines containing maybe even 30 vaccines in one needle.

"Choice" is an oxymoron, when the aim is 100% compliance in a world where so called "rights" take on new meaning when money is involved. People have the "right" to be protected from those dirty non-vaccinated, don't they. I suppose those vaccinated people don't believe the vaccine will work....

“The CVI Strategic Plan” makes no bones about how high the future cost of “managing opportunity” would be, and what a challenge that would become as the "cost" took up an ever increasing slice of government money.... In New Zealand vernacular, WHO’s vision was “THINK-BIG” and “THINK LOTS OF MONEY”.

This "vaccines are a gold mine" attitude, was echoed in another WHO publication called “Vaccine & Immunisation News” dated March 1998 which on page 3, in a sidebar signed by Jong Wook Lee MD... said, “... unlike El Dorado, vaccines are for real.” Know your history? What’s “El Dorado”? Jong Wook Lee went on to talk about how WHO must make new and better vaccines and “find ways of ensuring they are fully used.” The mantra was, and still is, “full steam ahead and be damned Jeeves”. To that end, anyone who gets in the way of those opportunities will be character assassinated or smeared in any way possible. Never will the real issues be addressed.

It was exactly this agenda which lead to the silencing, and backrooming of both Drs Bernice Eddy and John Anthony Morris. There were also 20 something other scientists silenced at the same time, but of those, only Dr Morris chose to fight, which resulted in a Senate Hearing (S.3419 April 20, 21; and May 3,4 1972) which revealed a huge raft of other nasty truths about lying vaccine companies. He also sued FDA in an action which was strung out for 7 years and won. But would you want to work for an organisation as utterly dysfunctional as the Senate Hearing revealed?

Don’t think that "eliminating any doubts" is some new agenda. It has always been the underlying motto of vaccine defenders, as was stated on Friday June 1st 1984, in the FDA’s Federal Register (justifying new laws legalising sloppy Polio vaccine manufacturing processes) on page 23607. The FDA said,

“...any possible doubts, whether or not well founded, about the safety of the vaccine cannot be allowed to exist in view of the need to assure that the vaccine will continue to be used to the maximum extent consistent with the nation's public health objectives.”

It is this same hypnotising pendulum which lies behind the 2011 statement by Sanofi Pasteur that "At this point no correlation between influenza vaccine and febrile seizures has been established. Adverse events after vaccination may be causally related to vaccine or may be coincidental,"

And even if there is a correlation, we will still be told that there are no lasting effects and that the flu vaccine is just wonderful so use it anyway, because that's the plan. Even if the Cochrane Collaboration continues to say the vaccine is useless.

It's this same philosophy which lies behind WHO's rapid adherence to bowing, scraping and doing whatever vaccine companies want. And it's to their benefit as well, since they partake in the largesse.

To quote Jong Wook Lee, M.D. from the same sidebar in “Vaccine & Immunisation News” dated March 1998:

"And there's no reason why we shouldn't succeed; just 3 years ago there were "only" about 150 candidate vaccines in development; today, only 4 years after GPV was created there are about 240.

Yes, indeed, the news for us in the vaccine business is good."

As Lee said, "There is no reason why we shouldn't succeed." Unless... there are a whole lot of studies, for instance, which show that the health of the never vaccinated is vastly superior to that of fully vaccinated.


“no possible doubts, are allowed to exist, well founded or not ” doctrine, is extensively written up in their own words, by their own pens, in their own medical literature. You just have to know where to look for the needles in their mountainous haystack. The system relies on you not believing that there is something to look for, let alone trying to look for it.

If you look for it, or write about it, or talk about it, even with the proof of words from their own mouths, you are suddenly a "conspiracist" who has maliciously twisted words to mean something the writer didn't intend. Ha.

Your convictions are only allowed, .... if .... they align with the agendas of Henry Gadsen, Bill Gates, Paul Offit, Gregory Poland etc etc, whose mottos are compliance and control. Nothing else will do. If you know otherwise, - (and I meant "know", not "believe") -

you are a fanatic with “low cognitive complexity in thinking patterns, reasoning flaws, and a habit of substituting emotional anecdotes for data.”

Let me repeat the FDA 1984 statement:

“...any possible doubts, whether or not well founded, about the safety of the vaccine cannot be allowed to exist in view of the need to assure that the vaccine will continue to be used to the maximum extent consistent with the nation's public health objectives.”

Not news, not conspiracy, but black and white reality. Remember that, because herein lies the “prime operative” with all vaccines.

If Andrew Wakefield is wrong, he's history. If he's right, he's history. All that matters is that all doubts must be eliminated. Academically, as in the past, History will tell us who was telling the truth and who was not. In the meantime.....
Question. Exactly WHO... is the fanatic?

Can you answer this question in a loud voice and with real conviction, right now?

I'm not easily impressed but this, leaves me speechless.



An Oscar winning actor gets a movie he wanted to screen at his own film festival pulled because of pressure from whom?

This really shows what we are up against doesn't it?

I guess they gave him an offer he could not refuse. Where is Luca when you need him?

This is clearly censorship and it surprises many people I am sure because the film people are all about:

"freedom of expression and freedom of speech and free love and free sex and their most famous freedom of course is free to be tolerant, yes lets all be tolerant we need more tolerance !!!!

We need more tolerance and INCLUSION!!

Yes free to be inclusive as a matter of fact freedom of tolerance and inclusion to almost any perversion that the artist interprets EXCEPT the freedom to discuss the damage caused by vaccines.

NO, NO, NO, we shan't and we cant talk about MMR and vaccines and the injury that they cause no sir no maam, not here not now, not in any venue and we do not care if YOU DO OWN the film festival!

We will tell you what you can show and when you can show it and to whom you can show it to!!

Where do you think you are ?!? The land of the free and the home of the brave?!

There is no more free and you certainly are not allowed to be brave not now and not ever again because that time has passed!!

Indeed if you start spouting off about vaccine injury we may have to take your ability to make a living away from you and we can do it and we will do it!!! We have done it before and we will do it again!!!

Please do not get it twisted you people are not in charge WE ARE IN CHARGE!!!


That is correct I will instruct you who to vote for and you will like it too because I know what is best for you.

All this madness concerning Trump bah!!!! You will not be allowed to vote for anyone that has ANY intention on raining on our vaccine parade. Get used to the idea of getting shots for you and your family just get used to it."

Yeah that is kind of how I envision the conversation by people at the top of this monumental crime conducting business.

You would have an easier time of finding out killed JFK than getting to the bottom of this fiasco.

This is true fascism, true Nazism, true tyranny and they will say anything to anybody at anytime to keep the truth from bubbling over into the public.

Their time however is short, yep it is short because their will be a cure for autism , not a recovery but a cure and then that certain unwavering truth will have to be acknowledged.


David Taylor

Patricia Finn--Please let us, the readers of AOA, know how we can join your efforts.


Forgive me for stating an obvious fact here but as the MMR is still given privately as a spaced out vaccine I.e. given in separate doses over a longer period of time and that parents are finding this a safer option, then surely it is the amount of vaccine given at once that is the problem. Why have I not seen more discussion of this factual aspect?


Film Vaxxed should be rapidly distributed to the public (sold) on CDs and watched at homes, churches, neighborhoods etc. Censorship of this film is worst than that of Nazis, Stalinists, or Great Inquisition and genocide committed by pharma-mafia exceeds the holocaust.

Dan Burns

The big news here, to me, is that supporters plan to premier the movie in New York City "as planned." Where can I find more information about this plan?


It's not hard to believe that the CDC manipulated the results of the 2004 MMR-autism study once you realize that it's not the first time such a thing happened. It's not even the first time in 2004, as reported by that other wretched hive of scum and quackery, The New Yorker:

"This is where things often get strange—the baffling and destructive role played by public agencies in lead-water crises. In Washington, it got much worse. The C.D.C. produced, in 2004, a mendacious paper concluding that water-lead levels in the city were lower and less concerning than had been reported, and that no children with dangerously high blood-lead levels had been found. [Marc] Edwards questioned the paper’s methodology, which was, in fact, fundamentally flawed. And yet it took six years for the C.D.C.—the C.D.C.—to admit its errors. Meanwhile, the report was used by cities across the United States, including New York, as fodder for arguments to dial back their costly lead-abatement programs. The C.D.C. is, of course, the nation’s leading institute of public health and safety. The unfortunate truth is that political influence shapes the work of every public agency, and the Administration of George W. Bush was intent on reducing spending on clean-water programs and the replacement of aging pipes.

Edwards, whose professional reputation was smeared during the Washington crisis and its aftermath by officials at the C.D.C. and the E.P.A., was ultimately vindicated. He received a MacArthur ‘genius’ grant for his work in Washington, in 2007, which helped defray the cost of the many Freedom of Information Act filings that his research into official misconduct required." [Emphasis added]

John Stone

John Stone

Vaccines can and do cause autism and the US government knows it. This was admitted by Merck's chief strategist Julie Geberding when she was head of the CDC (ncidentally she went from the CDC to Merck in less than a year). She told Sanjay Gupta of CNN:

“Now, we all know that vaccines can occasionally cause fevers in kids. So if a child was immunized, got a fever, had other complications from the vaccines. And if you’re predisposed with the mitochondrial disorder, it can certainly set off some damage. Some of the symptoms can be symptoms that have characteristics of autism."

Government officials also told journalists Sharyl Attkisson and David Kirby on seperate occasions:

"The government has never compensated, nor has it ever been ordered to compensate, any case based on a determination that autism was actually caused by vaccines. We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures."

It is evident enough beneath the bureaucratic doublespeak what all this means. Mealy mothed false distinctions between autism and autistic symptoms. Suggesting that it was encephalopathies that were being compensated not the damage consequent on the encephalopathies (if there was no long term damage, why compensate?)

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