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The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes

Country bunny(Cat has the day off with her family.  I hope she is enjoying a mountain of chocolate eggs.)

By Kim Stagliano

We wish our readers a very happy Easter Sunday.  When I was child, I had a favorite Easter book called "The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes." Written in 1939, it sent a clear message that a young mother (of 21 babies) could have a dream, a family and prove to those with lighter "fur" and fancier clothes and bigger bank accounts that heart, willpower and love could overtake those who were "supposed" to "win."  The Easter Bunny gave her a difficult task: to deliver a special egg to a very sick boy who lived high on a  mountain.

As a grown woman, with three autistic daughters, this little book resonates loud and clear with it's message of pluck, perseverance and what a mother will do for her children - and others' too.  (See the autism connection?)

If you aren't familiar with the story: With twenty-one baby bunnies to look after, mother bunny Cottontail abandons her dream of becoming an Easter Bunny. But when Grandfather Bunny spies her perfectly behaved brood, he’s so impressed that he makes Cottontail the most important Easter Bunny of all! Originally published in 1939, Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes celebrates the timeless values of equality, hard work, and patient ambition. Featuring the Caldecott Award winner Marjorie Flack’s original hand-drawn illustrations, a beautifully redesigned cover, and bonus downloadable audio, this seventy-fifth anniversary heirloom edition is perfect for sharing with a new generation of young readers.

I encourage you to find and read this book to your own children. And for yourself.

We are each Country Bunnies. And we can indeed win the races of life to help others, and to help ourselves too.

Happy Easter, friends. 




Thank You Kim. Hope your Easter was peaceful and happy and the book looks wonderful and charming! Thank You for sharing it with us.


Berta Hammerstein

Just thanks for your encouragement. I am a grandmother 78 with guardianship of ab adult with autism. Feeling like I have 21 bunnies some days. Bobs

Jeannette Bishop

Happy Easter, Kim and all!

Anita Donnelly

Happy Easter Kim.
You are my hero.
One child with autism = 7 neurotypical any day
And every day you climb that hill for other children too


Happy Easter to you Kim and to your beautiful family! I am buying the book and can't wait to read it!

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