THE AUTISM EPIDEMIC - Whom should you believe?
Robert DeNiro on Tribeca Film Festival VAXXED Controversy: "Grace and I have a child with autism..."

Teaching Americans To Hate "Anti-Vaxxers"

This graphic was circulating on Facebook regarding politics and terrorism. Looks just like the playbook of the VID (vaccine injury denial) community. Once you have hatred, you can do all sorts of nasty things via the law, medicine, in the media. We've seen it for years. Let's keep changing ignorance to EDUCATION. Then hate will turn to logical analysis.

Hate Fear


Sean Burke

One thing I always hear from the skeptics (all these online bullies) is that autism is genetic. Despite tens of millions of dollars on genetic research I don't see anything saying it is genetic. Do you? Ask them to show their studies. Science is their God so where is the science. There is more plausible research saying it is caused by the shots or at least "eppa-genentic". So you can't prove it is genetic be we have to prove beyond a shadow of the doubt that it is due to the vaccines. God, I pray this is facade is crumbling.


He needed the shots to be healthy, according to the he's not healthy, he will never be "healthy" again.

That dr (.. like my sons dr) walked away completely scott free. And has likely done the same thing to countless other defenceless children since.


I do too Barry. Dr told me "we have to catch him up, we CANNOT wait any longer, don't you want him to be healthy?" He had not been healthy after every round of vaccines. At 18 months, 7 vaccines while still struggling to recover from the pneumonia he got from the prevnar. Then an accidental 2nd flu shot 2 weeks later. He needed the shots to be healthy, according to the he's not healthy, he will never be "healthy" again.


Every parent of a vaccine injured child, used to be pro vaccine.

I consider it the biggest, most regrettable mistake of my entire life.

Bob Moffit

Ron .. I agree with your astute observation regarding $$$$ .. but .. I would suggest the $$$$ be the "fuel" to provide the "fear" .. not necessarily the "flame".

Ronald Kostoff

One key item missing from your graphic. The 'fuel' being used to generate the flame is $$$$ (the profits from the vaccines and the therapies necessary to address their adverse effects).

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