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Prof Pollard Again: Oxford University Hosts British Government Vaccine Committee

Pollardandrew2.previewBy John Stone

By now Age of Autism readers will be familiar with the story of Prof Andrew Pollard who was appointed to the chairmanship of the British body which makes recommendations for the UK vaccine schedule (the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation) and soon afterwards chaired a discussion which recommended the infant use of the Meningitis B vaccine (Bexsero) for which he has been named lead developer in official documents as Director of Oxford Vaccine Group. It will be no surprise (since this has become routinely the case) that the minutes of the latest JCVI meeting are published without disclosures of interest. Rather more unusual is the fact that instead of being held at a Department of Health building in London the most recent meeting was held at the lavishly funded Oxford research institution Oxford Martin School, at which Prof Pollard is listed as Senior Fellow and lead researcher.

Equally noteworthy is mention of a substantially unminuted event the previous day referred to as a “retreat” in which the Mad tea partycommittee were entertained at Prof Pollard’s college St. Cross (which sounds like something out of one of the more fanciful episodes of Inspector Morse). While nothing in the JCVI Code of Practice would seem to preclude this departure – perhaps no one ever anticipated it - in practice it might seem cavalier and unwise. Among the roles of the chairman of JCVI is also his job of appraising other members and senior officials every year (Code of Practice clause 21) so presumably everyone was on their best behaviour.

John Stone is UK Editor of Age of Autism.


Elizabeth Hart

Also consider the influence of lobbying organisations such as the Meningitis Research Foundation which, when the JCVI originally rejected the Bexsero MenB vaccine in 2013, "called on its supporters to lobby MPs to press for a change of heart by the JCVI".[1]

This is another means for Big Pharma to influence government vaccination policy, i.e. via 'scientific advisory panels' of lobby groups. See for example the scientific advisory panel of the Meningitis Research Foundation, which includes Adam Finn[2] whose research has benefited "from funding from Novartis and manufacturers of other meningococcal vaccines"[3].

Adam Finn is also a member of the JCVI.[4]

An online CV for Adam Finn provides more info on his industry connections, e.g. "Current & recent external industry consultancies: Wyeth - Advisory boards regarding paediatric vaccines and antibiotics; Glaxo SmithKline - Paediatric Vaccines Advisory Boards (Rotavirus, HPV); Sanofi-Pasteur – HPV and vaccines European advisory boards; BPL – subcutaneous gammaglobulin advisory board."[5]

And he's associated with the WHO, where his brief bio notes he undertook a fellowship in Paediatric Infectious Diseases at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, USA under Stan Plotkin.[6] I guess Paul Offit is also a buddy. Interesting to see how the web of vaccine ideologues is connected.

Finn and Andrew Pollard both presented[7] at the industry sponsored European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases annual meeting in 2015.[8] A GSK supported session at this conference was titled: "Dilemma of providing vaccine advice to parents beyond national recommendations: the case for varicella and meningococcal vaccines".[9] But thanks to GSK's mates on the JCVI they don't have to worry about that now in regards to meningococcal vaccines do they? All sorted and funded by the UK government to the tune of millions of pounds. Next is varicella I presume, so watch out UK the pressure is probably on to add varicella/chickenpox to your schedule too, the vaccine for this mild childhood disease (or used to be in my day) is already on the schedule in Australia and the US.

Other industry supported sessions at the ESPID conference included "BEXSERO in Practice: International Experience to Date" (Novartis); "Pertussis caught in the crossfire" (GSK); and "Is it time for vaccination to 'go viral'? How to maintain and increase vaccine acceptance and coverage for all age groups in the digital era" (GSK)[9]

1. Meningitis B vaccine rejected by UK. Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation says there is not enough evidence to justify routine jabs with Bexsero. theguardian, 24 July 2013:
2. Meningitis Research Foundation - Scientific advisory panel members:
3. A letter titled "Immunisation against meningococcus B" co-authored by Adam Finn and published in The Lancet notes: "The University of Bristol and University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust have received funding from Novartis and manufacturers of other meningococcal vaccines for clinical research, consultancy, and speaking engagements undertaken by AF [i.e. Adam Finn]. The Lancet Vol 382 September 7, 2013:

Grace Green

Elizabeth Hart, astonishing too that there is no mention of balancing any possible "side effects" against the cost effectiveness of the vaccine!

Hans Litten

Elizabeth Hart , many of us here are counting on the subsequent carnage Bexsero will cause (1 in 45), will lead GSK to go bust .

Elizabeth Hart

Consider this extract from a News article titled "Five minutes with...Andrew Pollard, chair of JCVI", published in thebmj on 23 February 2016:


“The amount and severity of a disease are the most important factors that drive vaccination decisions. Invasive meningococcal disease due to capsular group B meningococcus (MenB) infection is rare and has decreased significantly over the last decade for reasons we don’t fully understand. And babies under 1 year of age are consistently at highest risk.

“Then we look at the vaccine. Is it safe, and does it work? For many vaccines data from clinical trials show how much disease they prevent. But MenB is so rare that trials couldn’t measure this as an end point, so we had to use laboratory data to get the best estimate.

“The next stage is to look at cost effectiveness. We assess the likely benefits of a vaccine, taking into account the current burden of disease and the consequences of having it. For meningococcal disease, these costs include deaths, intensive care admissions, and complications, such as those leading to amputations.

“Academic health economic and disease modellers then take this information and model the likely cost impact of vaccination. The reason why we recommended vaccinating the under 1s was that it was the programme most likely to be cost effective. And even that is pretty borderline. During our deliberations there were three different findings on this. The first suggested that MenB vaccination was just cost effective, a second iteration suggested that it wasn’t cost effective, and the final model, after external consultation, showed that it was just cost effective.


So, to summarise, Andrew Pollard acknowledges that MenB "infection is rare and has decreased significantly over the last decade for reasons we don't fully understand."

Pollard admits that MenB is so rare that clinical trials can't measure how much disease will be prevented by vaccines.

And even massaging the figures i.e. 'modelling', they've still only been able to come up with an estimate of cost-effectiveness "that is pretty borderline". I wonder who was responsible for the 'external consultation' on this matter? Any guesses?

And on the back of this, mass vaccination of babies in the UK with the Bexsero vaccine has been implemented? It's mind-boggling...

A nice little earner for GlaxoSmithKline though... According to a FierceVaccines report: "For £20 per dose, Bexsero will be added to the country's national immunization schedule, enabling the annual protection of 800,000 babies at a costs of £16 million..."

The FierceVaccines article also notes: "Glaxo, though, had some incentive to wrap things up, as it needs Bexsero to deliver - and quickly. After shipping off its drugs to Novartis and picking up most of the former's vaccines, GSK is counting on vaccines to deliver 14% of its sales going forward."

(Ref: "GSK finally seals UK Bexsero deal for £20 per dose, report says":

Angus Files

Thanks Hans and all just to say that, my father-in-law was a prize winning student for achievement at Oxford in his day. After nearly 40 years of service to the church now only this year, a retired Episcopalian Cannon. My wife has said to me not to mention any of this to him as it would upset him too much, to think of Oxford in this disgraceful light.
Such a failing of achievement Pollard is casting on one of the greatest places of learning in the world.Shame on him.


British Autism Mother

I remember reading several sets of minutes of the JCVI dating from the late 80s. They were sparse to the point of "we know we've got to do this but we're not going to tell you anything, so there!" I see nothing has changed. Writing as a former high-speed shorthand minute-taker the JCVI's minutes were of atrocious quality.

Hans Litten

Is there anything illegal about the JCVI now meeting in secret ? And not taking decent minutes of the items discussed . Are they just making up their own rules now ?
Could these people be individually sued for the destruction of childrens health (Pollard knows the destruction Bexsero is going to do).

does this secrecy suggest they are scared of the business they are in ? It doesn't strike me that they are quite so confident after all that vaccines are safe and effective , or more accurately that they will get away with that lie .

Bexsero maim rate of 1 in 45
Gardasil maim rate of 1 in 40
Autism MMR maim rate of 1 in 50 (I don't know precisely , they don't tell us anymore - South Korea 1 in 38)
the whole vaccination exercise seems to be a project to see just how far they can push the "maim" rate before they get noticed and there is a backlash from the masses , the herd.

Next thing will be the members identities of the JCVI are not disclosed to the public .

John Scudamore

Don't miss this 'dear', Glaxo? guided, Professor's assessment of the adverse reactions. What sort of signal was he thinking of? How many coffins or wheelchairs did he have in mind? Enough that they couldn't keep the lid on?

The Gardasil 9 makers admit a 1 in 40 serious reaction rate which is rather obvious malfeasance and makes u doubt the 1 in 1,000 figure, and then some

Figures from the government body that monitors vaccine safety, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), show 8,228 adverse drug reaction reports since the HPV jab was introduced, or one in 1,000 vaccinated girls. Seven relate to girls in Redbridge. Of the total reports, 2,587 are classified as “serious” by the nurse or doctor logging it........Prof Andrew Pollard, chairman of the government’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), said: “We have no evidence of a safety signal with the vaccine."



Perhaps the entry of the Gods into Vallhalla

Dan Olmsted

we need morse to put some opera on the record player, crank up the volume, pour a stiff drink and wonder how we've lost our way. thanks as always for sharing these outrages.

John Scudamore

he has the feel of a 'useful idiot' over the usual sociopaths of vax world.

Let's not forget vaccination has been proven a racket from day one 200 years ago, and they have had the cure for meningitis, Vitamin C, from 80 years ago when they were curing Whooping cough in the 1930s

Just the Vitamin C story proves child health has no relevance in vaccine world. Read 'Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins: Curing the Incurable' which contains 1,200 citations.,+Infectious+Diseases,+and+Toxins

"The matron was convinced that the diagnosis was meningitis so she prepared a lumbar puncture. I had however, seen this problem before. Lumbar punctures performed by me had been negative and the infants died....the trauma of inserting a needle..might result in a haemorrage that might cause spinal cord paralysis. So I decided to give an injection of vitamin C..I probably gave as many as 6 injections, each 100mg. After half an hour Mary was normal. It was hard to believe, but I had performed a miracle!...I found that any viral infection, including measles and hepatitis, could be dramatically 'cured' by administering Vitamin C intravenously in big doses--provided that treatment was commenced early."---Dr Kalokerinos MD (Medical Pioneer of the 20th century p175)

Dr Cathcart
"This disease is made more deadly because of the "acute induced scurvy" involved. This means that intravenous sodium ascorbate and later bowel tolerance doses of ascorbic acid should be administered along with the appropriate antibiotic. Not only does the ascorbate broaden the spectrum of activity of the antibiotics against bacteria and works synergistically with the antibiotic, but it avoids allergic reactions to the antibiotic. The susceptibility of sick people to allergic reactions is because of the up-regulation of the immune system while you are sick. This up-regulation is caused by free radicals. If the free radicals are neutralized by massive doses of ascorbate, the immune system, as far as allergic reactions are concerned, is down-regulated so that allergic reactions to the antibiotics do not occur. However, unlike steroids that universally down-regulate the immune system, ascorbate up-regulates the ability of white cells to kill viruses and bacteria......The incidence of meningitis "surges" after the flu because the acute induced scurvy induced by the flu decreases the ability of the body to fight off the meningitis bacteria."

Swine flu and meningococcal amputations are needless--Hilary Butler

Hans Litten

Angus , I'd be happy enough if you or JohnDS were appointed to sit on the JCVI . Yes its true , I hardly trust a soul in this excuse for medicine but Maureen Watt is plain wrong that ONE has to have worked for the Pharma to understand a casualty harm rate of 1 in 45 for Bexsero means this vaccine should never go live & national or global on any kind of mass scale.(Sorry Lee ,petition man)

JDS , I blame you for this , the JCVI is effectively having its meetings in secret now . WELL DONE

Angus Files

Ah yes, “birds of a feather flock together”. Maureen Watt MSP ,when she replied to my petition referring to the JCVI.
"it would be almost impossible to recruit the clinical expertise such a committee demands, without the membership having had at some point in their career, some contact with the pharmaceutical industry".
Or put another way one (Royal) ,must have conflicts of interests to be employed this way dissenters will be few ,if any ,and with £40 million pounds GDP on the table they possibly outgrew the previous Bexsero trough.

Thanks John.


Jenny Allan

In the 'old days', this kind of thing was regarded as corruption.

Bob Moffit

It makes perfect sense to me .. the JCVI is far more worried about the public's perception .. of appointing Prof Pollard chairman of JCVI .. at the same time he is listed as "lead developer as Director Oxford Vaccine Group.

After all .. it just wouldn't "look good" .. (bad optics) .. to the public .. or .. said another way .. "pass the public's smell test" .. if the JCVI were to "publish the minutes of the JCVI meetings" that INCLUDED his obvious "conflicts of interests". Common sense that.

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