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On The Passing of Nancy Reagan

Nancy and Ronald ReaganBy Dara Berger

I learned yesterday on Facebook that Nancy Reagan died on Sunday.  Do I feel sad?  No.  The truth is I haven’t liked her for a very long time.  I hold her at least partly responsible for the health crisis of our children today.

The saying should now be “They all don’t walk and talk” and not the other way around.  Is there anybody out there who doesn’t know a family enveloped by autism?

I think you could live in a cave these days and still have an understanding that we have an epidemic of children whose lives or childhood’s have been decimated by autism.  

Now getting back to Nancy Reagan and the part she played in today’s epidemic.

Fact 1  Nancy Reagan hid her husbands Alzheimer’s illness from the country for years while he was guiding us and making some of the most important decisions for our children.

Fact 2 He signed a law into effect that stripped a parents right to sue a pharmaceutical company when their child got injured or died from a vaccine.

Immediately after Reagan signed this abominable law into effect, the vaccine scheduled practically doubled overnight with absolutely no liability for vaccine makers.  So they kept producing more an more and adding more and more to the already overpacked schedule.  Why not…right?  There were huge profits, no oversight and precisely no negative impact if they didn’t work or maimed and killed innocent children.  Sounds like the best business model anyone could ever conceive.  

So now you have all these vaccines against every disease except a hangnail and children have never been SICKER!  VAERS has never had more reports of vaccine injury than they did for 2016.  Many of these vaccines are manufactured in China and we all know what that means (scary conditions to say the least).

I guess what I am saying is that I would like to think that in a perfect world if Ronald Reagan did not have Alzheimers (the adult form of autism) that he would not have signed that law and be influenced by his somewhat controlling wife.  

I still think that law should be repealed on the grounds of his insufficient mental status.  And I know lawyers will argue (even my friends do) that than you would have to go back and look at every other law he signed.  My answer to that will never change.  I say “let’s go for it”, because this heinous law is actually killing and destroying lives to this day at alarming rates.  

Now I know some of you may argue that as parents of children with autism that we hide their illness in many cases.  And your right, I myself am guilty of that.  But I did not hide his autism while he was governing the whole damn country and signing laws that would change and effect people’s lives forever.  So for that, I say she used very poor judgement.  I often wonder if NR got any money for getting him to scribble his signature on the dreadful document that slowly allowed the pharmaceutical companies to get away with murder (literally in some cases).  

They try to strip away our rights daily, since they want to govern us all.  Everyday I fight back at the horrible injustice done to my son.  Everyday I try to recover his health from that fateful day when he had a stroke at 18 months following a HIB shot.  They robbed his childhood and his health.  What more could they want?  They want him to be forced by law to be injected with more poison for their profits.  

I hate politics, since I think most politicians are money hungry control freaks.  However I will come out to vote for TRUMP.  I don’t care if I like him or not.  I don’t believe that he will ever sign a forced vaccination law into effect, since he cannot be bought by them.  How refreshing it would be to have a person in office who is already so freaking rich and doesn’t need Pharma money!

So today I saw on Facebook that Nancy Regan died and quite frankly "I just don’t give damn"!  No tears will be shed for her from me.  I believe she played a part indirectly in hurting my son and all the other injured children since that horrible day in 1988 when the pharmaceutical shield got signed.

I respect that many of you may feel differently, but this is how I feel today. 

Dara Berger is currently writing a book on Preventing Autism for Skyhorse Publishing.  She is also producing a documentary film on the same subject.  She is enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s program to become a holistic health counselor.



Media Scholar

There is zero evidence which can prove that, while in the oval office, Reagan was incapacitated by Alzheimer's to the point he relied upon Nancy Reagan in any way greater than he already had as his co-equal wife and business partner throughout his ENTIRE political career. It is utter nonsense for the Age of Autism to run such a masquerading article clearly attempting to alleviate former first lady Hillary Clinton from her direct responsibility for upping the childhood vaccine program nationally to match the Arkansas Every Child By Two program that she and Betty Bumpers co-founded.

Autism rates did NOT begin to soar as a result of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act. They began to rise as a result of Hillarycare. While the result of Ms. Clinton's medical sector invention was rejected, the only portion of Hillarycare to receive reception from Congress was steep modifications the Childhood Vaccine Program resulting in a federal Every Child By Two plan where the number of vaccines and does of vaccines multiplied to unheard of quantities.

Despite the availability of Thimerosal-free vaccines (ex. Denmark removed mercury from vaccines in 1991), Ms. Clinton expressed no preference at the time, and claimed the program was deliberately under-funded. The pharmaceutical industry countered her claim stating she had miscalculated the costs relating to all of the program's featured vaccines opposed to the actual number of doses for her vaccine program mandated. (Hepatitis B is one vaccine, but Hillary demanded three doses)

Ms. Clinton's Every Child By Two vaccine program set the table for astronomical increases in Autism Spectrum Disorder due to the fact that Hillarycare employed vaccines laced with ethyl-mercury, perhaps the most volatile form of mercury compounds. Preliminary research indicates that vaccine mercury decomposes far faster than tuna mercury, and deposits far more inorganic, mercuric mercury in the brain. Inorganic, mercuric mercury is the form which causes brain neuron degeneration.

Media Scholar (the date of publishing is incorrect)

WASHINGTON (AP) -President Reagan is under heavy pressure from doctors, drug makers and parents to sign legislation that would bypass the courts and set up a federal fund for children injured by vaccinations.

Approved by Congress just before adjournment, the measure results from a nationwide campaign in 1978 that ushered in strict enforcement of state laws requiring immunization It also resulted in increased injuries to children. Fifty to 75 youngsters each year out of millions vaccinated suffer permanent neurological damage as a result of vaccines, mainly the variety aimed at pertussis, or whooping cough, the American Academy of Pediatrics says.

The Reagan administration has opposed proposals similar to the current one. But Justice Department spokesman Pat Korten said late Monday it is still deciding what recommendation to make to the president. The measure would cost $67 million annually, and only part of that would be paid through a surcharge of 10 cents to $1.50 on vaccine doses. In opposing earlier versions of the plan, the administration said the surcharge represented a new tax and therefore should be defeated. It also expressed fear that the proposal would bring makers of lawn mowers, hair driers and others involved in product liability legislation to Washington in quest of a victim compensation fund. Doctor groups, pharmaceutical houses and parents supporting the legislation were planning a news conference today as they sought to build pressure on the administration.

Barbara Loe Fisher, head of Parents Dissatisfied Together, a group formed to push for the measure, said a 10-year-old Florida youngster, Stacey Scholl, who was injured by a 1 vaccination, will appeal to President Reagan to sign the bill. Parents also have mounted letter writing and telegram campaigns to urge Reagan to sign the bill co-sponsored in the Senate by Sens. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, and Sen' Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass. : "Parents are getting-desperate," Mrs. Fisher said. "They want to take care of their kids' and they're worried about what's going to happen after they die, because, basically, there's no way' financially to get them into an institution." The measure would affect cases arising from immunization with DPT vaccine for diphtheria, pertussis and tetanustsis as well as polio vaccine and MMR vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella.

They, are the vaccines required in most states for entry into school. According to Jackie Noyes, director of government relations for the American Academy of Pediatrics, the pertussis vaccine causes an adverse reaction once in each 310,000 doses. Polio vaccine results in damage in one in 5 million cases - measles, mumps in rubella vaccine even less frequently. Under the bill, a no-fault system would be established under jurisdiction of federal courts.

I trust that Age of Autism will retract this article.

Media Scholar

They intend to keep the bill in the public eye so that President Reagan can not use a pocket veto - in which the bill would die for lack of his signature - without appearing indifferent to the plight of preschool children who have been severely injured from routine childhood vaccinations.

The legislation has the support of the pharmaceutical industry, parents of injured children and the medical profession.

Barbara Loe Fisher, a spokeswoman for Parents Dissatisfied Together, a group formed to push for the measure, said that the "parents are getting desperate" for financial aid to help care for their youngsters.

"They want to take care of their kids and they're worried about what's going to happen after they die because, basically, there's no way financially to get them into an institution."

Parents also have mounted letter writing and telegram campaigns to urge Mr. Reagan to sign the bill.

Media Scholar

The only reason Dutch signed the bill was due to pro-vaccine creeps like Barbara Loe Fisher, who shamed the president for NOT supporting this vaccine-industry reform. She did this in syndicated letters to the editor which posted across America. Every town in the country was being told Ronald Reagan was a bad president for not accepting the sham compensation program which Barbara Loe Fisher co-founded!

I have seen such letters to the editor with my own eyes. Barbara Loe Fisher has done more to damage American children than Nancy Reagan could have ever done.

John Scudamore


Cait from Canada

Sun-Rose, if you are talking about Ronald's book, just copy paste the link without the parentheses. Or Google search his name with the title.


very interesting. Thank You all for your contributions. Going to look for the book now.

Says page cannot be found?


very interesting. Thank You all for your contributions. Going to look for the book now.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

I think we shouldn't get off the main track here. I think those in power now and for -- say since Simpsonwood became known, would be happy as pigs in slop for us to go howling down some vengeful little blame trail. Our constitutional rights are in grave danger and at huge risk in this election year. We need to be extending our hands to each other to get justice for our children and grandchildren, and to work to see a future that will be better for all. The bigwigs want us to get focused on little side issues. We the people remember what Abe Lincoln said about fooling all of the people all of the time.


Correction, re my last comment to Bayareamom:

"I don't know if they still do, but according to Dr. Cutler, they used to CONTAIN THIMEROSAL."


Thanks for the info re President Reagan getting allergy shots. I don't know if they still do, but according to Dr. Cutler, they used to. And we're not talking about one or two shots, we're talking about ongoing injections probably every year. I don't know how much thimerosal was (or is) in allergy shots compared to the flu vaccine.

Cait from Canada

Ronald, thanks for the link. I will check it out.


We can't assume that's what occurred. Reading your comment made me wonder if President Obama and family have each gotten a flu shot for each of the past 8 years.


Health and medical history of Ronald Reagan:


"...Reagan underwent hyposensitization shots for hay fever, and may still have been getting "maintenance" injections at the time of his 1980 election. With this course, his hay fever "was under control." He did not have adverse effects from the shots. 16..."



The July 4, 1989 horse bucking and discovery of Alzheimer's:

"In July 1989, barely six months out of office, my father visited friends in Mexico. While out riding he was thrown when his horse shied at something in the trailside scrub. That my father, even at age 78, would be bucked off his mount was, in itself, an ominous sign. It's a wonder he didn't break any bones, but he did hit his head hard enough to cause a sizable contusion. After initially refusing medical attention, he ultimately relented and was transported to a hospital in San Diego. Surgeons opening his skull to relieve pressure on the brain emerged from the operating room with the news that they had detected what they took to be probable signs of Alzheimer's disease. No formal diagnosis was given, as far as I know. I have since learned from a doctor who happened to be interning at the hospital when my father was brought in that surgeons involved in his care, in what my informant characterized as 'shameful' behavior, violated my father's right to medical privacy by subsequently gossiping about his condition." Page 217.

"Doctors recommended to my mother that further tests of cognition be conducted the following year to measure any decline. Those tests, at the Mayo Clinic, confirmed the initial suspicion of Alzheimer's." Page 217.

"I've seen no evidence that my father (or anyone else) was aware of his medical condition while he was in office. Had the diagnosis been made in, say 1987, would he have stepped down? I believe he would have. Far less was known about the disease then, of course, than is known now. Today we are aware that the physiological and neurological changes associated with Alzheimer's can be in evidence years, even decades, before identifiable symptoms arise. The question, then, of whether my father suffered from the beginning stages of Alzheimer's while in office more or less answers itself." Pages 217-218"

david m burd

Linda1, (and Dara, and All)

Let's recall Dr. Hugh Fudenberg's analysis who asserted that 5+ years of annual flu vaccines were linked to 9+ times the incidence of Alzheimer's in senior citizens.

A reasonable bet is President Reagan was directed by his personal physician to take an annual toxic flu shot every year (all the flu shots loaded with ethylmercury).

Reagan (his generation trusting doctors) would have course complied to the mercury- laden flu shots. The destruction by vaccines never stops, and is being slowly, obstinately, revealed in every aspect of the human experience, including Ronald Reagan.


Reagan was not a libertarian nor a conservative. He was a neoconservative, which means "a democrat in disguise". Democrats do not beleive you have the right to refuse a vaccine, because either a) rights don't exist, or b) the health of everyone else is danger, so just shut up and bear with it. If you believe you are a democrat and beleive that people have a right to refuse any kind of medical procedure, then you are not a democrat at all. You may be a progressive or a liberal, but not a pure bred democrat. Democrats are people like John Dewey or Theodore Roosevelt. A full blown God complex. Don't fall for the official story as most republicans and conservatives do and have been doing for more than three decades.

If you beleive "they" have the obligation to not harm you or your children, no matter what, then you are simply a libertarian. Not a libertine, not a pothead, not a Christian, not an Atheist, not an Objectivist, not a science junkie, not a homeschooler, not a pirate, not a murderous psychopath, not a gun freak, not an Anarchist, not a hermit, not a hippie. You are just a libertarian in the most important thing: life.

And, as you very well know, most other people are so confounded about everything. You don't have to beleive conspiracy theories, you don't have to listen to those stupid philosophical podcasts of boastful people, you don't have to study Austrian economics. Just defend your liberty and your life, and allow others to do the same. It is so easy.

God Bless you all!


Ronald Kostoff
Is this the - hmmm sound waves they use to break loose the plaques in the brain, that you are talking about?


Here is another one that knows and is part of the problem.
He is going to be at the Drug and Heroin Abuse Sumit coming up soon.

Dr. Tom Frieden
Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Frieden_Tom-lgDr. Tom Frieden, MD, MPH, became Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in June 2009 and has worked to control health threats from infectious diseases, respond to emergencies, and battle the leading causes of suffering and death in our nation and around the world – including tobacco and prescription drug overdoses. He previously served as Commissioner of the New York City Health Department, where he directed efforts that reduced the number of smokers by 350,000, cut teen smoking by half, and established the largest community electronic health records project in the country – which became the national model to expand electronic health record use. Dr. Frieden received both his medical and Master of Public Health degrees from Columbia University, and completed infectious disease training at Yale University. He has received many awards and honors and has published more than 200 scientific articles.


I am no expert on Nancy and Ronald Reagan. I don't know the answer to the question I'm about to ask - not arguing just asking...

Dara, you state that Nancy Reagan knew for a fact that her husband had Alzheimer's while in office and that she deliberately shielded him and kept his disease from the public. My question is, how do we know this? Because if it is true that she enabled a mentally impaired president to stay in office, that would be a crime. It would be treason. If it is true, who else knew? Each president has a doctor that follows him around. Did the president's personal doctor know that the president had dementia? Who else? Personal friends? Others in and outside of government? That's a bombshell, or at least it should be.

They raked Clinton over the coals for having an affair while in office (not that I'm defending him). They constructed a huge circus around a very expensive federal investigation into how many and whose stains were on a red dress, appointing a special prosecutor and going over tapes between girlfriends ad nauseum, literally destroying the life of one young White House intern, while just a few years prior we had a president in office known to be suffering from dementia and everyone looked the other way? Seriously, is this true?

Ronald Kostoff

Cait from Canada,

"Ronald, you have mentioned your ebook a few times; what is the name of the book, and where is it available?"

"Pervasive Causes of Disease"
It is available online, Open Access, at (

It is based on the concept that preventing, halting, or reversing disease requires eliminating the major foundational (tangible) causes of disease. This is almost opposite to present day medical care (for chronic diseases, at least), where treatment comes first, and most causes are allowed to remain in place. The eBook identifies about 800+ foundational pervasive causes of disease, and shows why this may be a gross underestimate (Chapter 9).

Jeannette Bishop

I read an online comment once that said that Reagan had a personal physician who kept giving him "extra" flu shots, to keep him healthy I guess. Is anyone aware of a source corroborating or clarifying this?

david m burd


Countless of us feel the utter anger and pain of vaccine damages (or death) to our children, grandchildren, even great grandchildren.

The parents of every child vaccine-damaged or killed were guided and persuaded by the Vaccine Cabal (and a couple of generations now of pediatricians) that it was best for their child to get their shots.

I don't think you would blame your children, if they had become old enough to become parents, to then have your grandchildren, for the horrible vaccine-damages then inflicted by a totally corrupt Medical System - they (tragically) trusted their doctors!

The Reagans clearly were naive and ignorant -- but so were 98% of their fellow Governors, Congressional Members, etc.

It's still the same today -- Except for the swelling tide of knowledgable parents who have tragically learned, and are now passing their knowledge via such as AoA, your own contributions, and a plethora of like citizens' organizations. And, there are now millions of parents-to-be being aroused to vaccines' horrible consequences.

Yes, I am also very mad ----- but I aim my anger at the hopelessly corrupt Leaders of today's Government Medical Institutions, who literally deserve to jailed the rest of their lives.

Ronald Kostoff

In my comment below, I observed that Dr. Bredesen's paper on halting reversing AD/dementia/cognitive impairment received nine citations in the SCI. Let me place that in the larger context. The paper was published in September 2014. How many citations did other papers published in that time frame, or later, receive?

I did a quick search of all papers published in Medline in 2015, so I'm being very conservative in my approach. These papers had four less months to accumulate citations than the Bredesen paper. There were slightly over one million papers indexed in Medline in 2015. Of those, the 48 most highly cited had 100 or more citations, with the most highly cited paper receiving ~1000 citations!

The four most highly cited papers focused on disease statistics, with three of them focused on cancer, and the fourth focused on heart disease and stroke. About 30% of the top 48 papers focused on novel treatments (mainly drugs and mainly clinical trials), and a reasonable number of papers focused on different aspects of renewable energy (better solar cells, etc).

So, the one paper that offered the potential for halting/reversing AD et al, was one to two orders of magnitude below the top papers in terms of numbers of citations! The very top papers showed global statistics on cancer et al. Interesting, but how does that help prevent/halt/reverse the disease? Why aren't the top papers focusing on the many hundreds of foundational contributing factors to cancer et al about which we already have information, and stating quite clearly how and why these foundational contributing factors should be eliminated?

That's the shell game being played with the mainstream medical literature. We have a self-reinforcing network among the research sponsoring agencies, the research advisory panels, the drug and diagnostics and therapeutic equipment providers, the research institutions, the research community, the medical literature, and the mainstream media. They all quote each other, cite each other, and reinforce each other as a closed community. The final result is almost always more money flowing to each of the above members of the GIMC, and little of benefit to the afflicted (at least for the chronic diseases). No better examples than what is happening with Dr. Bredesen's paper in the literature, or Dr. Thompson's allegations in the mainstream media and in Congress.


Here is some one to blame:

Thomas Insel NIMH 2011.JPG
Born October 19, 1951 (age 64)
Dayton, Ohio, United States
Institutions National Institute of Mental Health
Emory University
Alma mater Boston University (B.A.)
Boston University (M.D.)
Known for Research on oxytocin and vasopressin and their impact on social behavior
Thomas Roland Insel (born October 19, 1951) is an American neuroscientist and psychiatrist who lead NIMH as mental illness -- sky rocketed!

Cait from Canada

Ronald, you have mentioned your ebook a few times; what is the name of the book, and where is it available?

Bob Moffit

I would agree that holding Nancy Reagan "at least partly responsible for the health crisis of our children today" is going a "bit far".

Consider .. an explanation of the legislation that Ronald Reagan signed into law can be read at:

Upon reading this explanation .. the very last paragraph reads as follows:

"The special master's decision may be appealed and petitioners who reject the decision of the court (or withdraw their petitions within certain timelines) may file a claim in civil court against the vaccine company and/or the health care provider who administered the vaccine."

And so .. Reagan's legislation DID NOT strip a "parent's right to sue a pharmaceutical company's vaccine for damaging their child .. it was the despicable decision of a majority of the Supreme Court in the "Wyeth v. Bruselwitz" case .. that denies parents their constitutional right to seek legal redress in State or Federal CIVIL COURTS if they rejected the FINAL decision of a Vaccine Court Special Master.

We ought not forget that Nancy Reagan .. the same generation as my own .. grew up believing that vaccines were indeed miracles that had successfully eliminated polio and small-pox .. which would explain Ms Clinton's spontaneous ill-informed reaction to concerns raised about vaccine safety with her (paraphrasing here) "the sky is blue, the earth is round and vaccines work .. grandmother knows best".

There are MANY people .. of the best autism organizations of those days .. who .. with the best of intentions .. supported the Combat Autism Act .. over the objections of others .. such as .. Dr. Bernard Rimland who warned should have been named the "Pretend to Combat Autism Act".

I do not hold any of those people "responsible" for their decision to support the CAA .. because .. just like Nancy .. the actual benefits of the CAA have never been fully realized as they believed they would be.

Trust me .. there are a whole host of "living" politicians that are far more deserving of "blame for the health crisis of our children today .. than blaming Nancy Reagan.


You are giving Nancy way too much credit. Nancy controlling? No! She was more like a Stepford wife.

We are all responsible for this mess. I along with the majority of the people of this country respected, to the point of worship medicine, and pharma.

Pharma found in roads through education.
We worshipped science way too much. Think about the low fat diet!

Reagan died of a vaccine induced disease.
Both Mr. and Mrs Bush the first; both came down with Graves disease. That is an autoimmune disease of the thyroid. Now Bush the first has Parkinson. My Dad does too - the exact same kind. It is slow, it starts at the bottom of the legs and slowly works it way upward; Guillain–Barré syndrome really slowed down?

Sanders don't know.
Hillary don't know
Clinton did not know.
Mr. and Mrs. Bush II did not know.
and they are so propagandized they are uneducated.

Reagan after a few years after he left the presidency was still riding horses. The disease had not started yer. I suspect any health problems he had was from being shot.
OR perhaps the details of the Iran/Contra deal was best forgotten.

Best not rewrite history. It is all shocking as it is!

Ronald Kostoff


"I guess what I am saying is that I would like to think that in a perfect world if Ronald Reagan did not have Alzheimers (the adult form of autism) that he would not have signed that law"

In a perfect world, the members of Congress would not have signed, or even proposed, that bill. But, in the world in which we live, the Washington, State, and even some Local politicians are owned lock, stock, and barrel by the GIMC (Government-Industrial-Media Complex). Reagan signed it for the same reasons that the members of Congress authored and signed it.

An added problem is that the great majority of Washington politicians are not scientists, much less immunologists or pediatricians who would understand the workings or consequences of vaccines. Other than non-technical inputs from campaign donors, they get their technical inputs for decision-making from the anointed 'experts'. For an issue like vaccines, they would nominally turn to the NIH, CDC, FDA, IOM, and the leading academics in research institutions typically in their own State. That's the basis on which they would defend their decisions to their constituents. And, in turn, these 'experts' would point to publications in the most 'prestigious' journals to support their recommendations. We all know what those publications conclude. The politicians will not consider seriously advice to the contrary even if coming from non-mainstream M.D.s and researchers.

Congress could have over-ridden Reagan's refusal to sign, if that had happened. I have not been able to find the actual vote on that Bill; all I have seen is that it passed the House on voice vote (if someone has actual numbers from the House and Senate, I would appreciate it). If a President Trump were to veto such a Bill in the future, I have little doubt his veto would be over-ridden without Congress breaking a sweat.

Shifting gears. John Stone's NYT reference (in his comment) focuses on yet another novel high tech diagnostic for AD. That's what fires up the media component of the GIMC: better high tech diagnostics; better drugs; better 'cures', etc. Meanwhile, the incidence of AD keeps increasing, and all we hear is the cry for more 'research' to 'fight the war' on AD.

In my eBook (p.262), I devote a substantial section to the work of Dr. Dale Bredesen, a researcher at the Mary S. Easton Center for Alzheimer’s Disease Research, Department of Neurology, University of California, Los Angeles. He developed a therapeutic regimen using a total systems approach to 'treat' cognitive impairment, dementia, and AD.

Nine of the first ten patients who utilized this program/ regimen "displayed subjective or objective improvement in cognition beginning within 3‐6 months, with the one failure being a patient with very late stage AD. Six of the patients had had to discontinue working or were struggling with their jobs at the time of presentation, and all were able to return to work or continue working with improved performance. Improvements have been sustained", and at the time his paper was published [mid-2014] the longest patient follow‐up is two and one‐half years from initial treatment.

So, there it is! Why this obsessive focus on high tech diagnostics, high tech research, high tech treatment, high tech cures (none of which works), when at least one researcher has demonstrated that we have enough information here and now to reverse these so-called incurable diseases. Insufficient evidence from one study? Fine; why aren't the Federal agencies responsible for these diseases funding ten parallel clinical trials to validate or invalidate these results? Here is a list of National Institute of Aging clinical trials for AD ( Most are for specific drugs; some are alternative approaches. There is nothing listed that appears even in the same league as Dr. Bredesen's study, much less the expanded approach eliminating more causes that I mentioned in my eBook.

Dr. Bredesen's study was published about eighteen months ago. According to the SCI, it has received nine citations. Nine citations for a paper by a credible researcher claiming to have reversed or at least halted the serious diseases mentioned above! This crystallizes the pathology of modern medicine and medical research today: focus on what benefits the GIMC and the bottom line, not the hapless patient.

John Stone

Perhaps this is going a bit far. I found details of this expert assessment on the web:

I don't know what the history is of Presidents refusing to sign legislation which has been through two Houses. I guess basically it is true that Reagan could have stopped it. Would George Bush (1) , former board member of Eli Lilly have stopped it? I don't think so somehow. Indeed, Wayne Rohde notes in his excellent book on the Vaccine Court reports that Reagan had misgivings but was pressurised by Vice-President Bush and by James Baker.

I write as an old-fashioned liberal who was never particularly keen on Reagan (or even Mrs Reagan RIP).

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