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Levi Quackenboss: Use All The Western Medicine You Want

Dollar-sign-of-pillsExcerpted from Levi Quackenboss.  We hope you read his blog regularly....

“If you’re not going to vaccinate, don’t come to the hospital when your kid is sick.”

“If you’re not going to vaccinate, you shouldn’t get to use western medicine.”

“If you’re anti-big pharma you shouldn’t be able to buy insulin.”

“If you hate pharmaceutical companies so much you shouldn’t be allowed to buy an EpiPen for your kid.”

Let’s get one thing straight, knuckleheads.  If someone decides that it’s in the best interest of their child’s health, well-being, or right to life to forgo vaccination, they still get to do whatever the hell they want when it comes to treating disease, whether you like it or not.

Guess what, Einsteins? Antibiotics aren’t man-made.  They weren’t invented, they were discovered.  The very definition of antibiotic means it is a naturally occurring substance produced from microorganisms and fungi.  The synthetic crap is antimicrobials, not antibiotics.  Antibiotics are a lot closer to the natural medicine movement than your prescription for Zoloft or Xenical.

Besides that, penicillin was discovered in 1928.  The first smallpox vaccine that became the standard for vaccine production (freeze-dried with added peptones to reduce contamination and injected with a needle) didn’t come about until 20 years later when it was invented by Leslie Collier.  So the use of natural antibiotics predates the first “western medicine” vaccine by two decades.

Plus there’s the fact that a First Nation tribe in Canada has been using a powerful antibiotic clay found north of Vancouver to heal infections for thousands of years, and now “western medicine” is all on their jock to appropriate it.

If we reverse the declaration and instead say, “You shouldn’t be allowed to get vaccines if you refuse to use antibiotics” do you hear how stupid it sounds?  After all, antibiotics were here first.  “You don’t want to use the clay?  No DTaP for you then.”

Let’s be honest:  most people who know enough to not vaccinate don’t want to use antibiotics anyway.

How about this fact:  the examples you give of the “life-saving western medicine” non-vaxing parents should be deprived of are for conditions caused by vaccination.  Remember, most “anti-vaxers” are really “former-vaxers” who already sacrificed one child for the herd.  So you’re saying that a child who developed a deadly condition like juvenile diabetes or anaphylactic allergies after its parents attempted to conform to the vaccination schedule should then be deprived of the only available treatment to save their lives?  Where do you get off saying such a thing?    Read the rest at Levi's blog: HERE.



I think anyone who has criticized the safety of any car should never be allowed to drive a car again. That makes sense, right?

British Autism Mother

From out of the mists of time:- I remember reading about an old folk custom in England where hot cross buns were nailed to a beam in an old country kitchen. The buns grew a green mould. When someone had an angry red infected cut, one of the buns would be taken down and wrapped against the cut which then healed. I've always thought this to be an early usage of penicillin. If anyone knows more precisely, please post to correct me.


One of my medieval history profs thought that a crude form of penicillin existed in the Middle Ages. Think how that could have changed history if the average person had access to that. Of course, in Europe, it could be dangerous to use medical knowledge in case it infuriated the Catholic Church. By the Renaissance, you could be burned at the stake, tortured, or thrown in jail if the authorities didn't like what you were doing. We're a little too close to that attitude again.


All major drug companies should be nationalized and run non for profits by the public. Nature and scientists, supported mostly by public money, invent medicines, while private drug cartels profit from these inventions at expense of the people. Nationalized drug companies will produce only medications which people need, but not poisons, which kill or cripple millions. This is the only rational way to go. Nationalizing drug companies would, of course, eliminate their toxic bribery of US regime and congress. Go Trump 2016.


Love it.

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