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Finding Hope in My Health Class

CDC 2016 scheduleBy Fiona Jameson

When the second semester of my freshman year started, I felt somewhat prepared for the Health class I was about to begin, but I was concerned about topics what might be discussed. What if a chapter in our textbook included vaccines like my middle school textbook did? What if I had to defend my view of vaccines? What if I defend my views and others opposed it? I’m sure I could have a decent conversation about vaccines because of my family’s experience, but I know I’d feel a little uneasy talking about them because I don’t know my classmates very well yet.

I got my Health textbook before classes began. I went ahead and looked at the index to see if vaccines were mentioned in any of the chapters. They were. A vaccine schedule and a few sections that had quotes from the CDC were in the book too. After I saw that, I looked for the copyright date. I wanted to see when the book was published. It was published in 2001. That’s the year that I was born. The vaccine schedule back then was not as full as it is today. Today’s vaccine schedule is definitely fuller and has more vaccines than ever before.

Some of the vaccine information in my textbook is outdated, but what the CDC was saying in that book is the same thing that they say today – that vaccines are safe and basically wonderful. I hear that all the time, but I know that it is not true for everyone. It was not true for my brother. My brother, Ronan, was affected by vaccines but not in a good way. He lost some skills and abilities after he was vaccinated. He was doing okay before them, but now, he’s non-verbal and has autism.

When the topic of vaccines comes up later this semester, as nervous as I may get, I feel that I must speak up and say something about them. I’ll share my brother’s story. I’ll tell my classmates that I don’t want them to have the wrong information about vaccines. I will tell them even though the textbook only has good things about vaccines, they need to read more about them including vaccine have side effects. But I won’t have to worry about discussing that yet because we are talking about nutrition and food-related illnesses in class now.

We’ve discussed bulimia, anorexia nervosa, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. None of us in the class have problems with those diseases, but we all agreed that knowing about those diseases was good. The more we know, the more we can know how to avoid them. We also all agreed that we should make better food and nutrition choices too because it’s good for our health.

Since nutrition is an important topic, we were assigned to do a project on it. I worked with another student and presented information about the six classes of nutrients, how water is beneficial for health, and how a healthy diet can help change society for the better. We offered suggestions about making healthy snacks at the end of the presentation. Everyone liked what we shared, especially because we brought yummy treats to sample. We did that to show examples of what vitamins and minerals were found in foods that a lot of us already eat.

Something else I got to add in my part of the presentation was Fed Up.  I watched that movie last summer. It’s about “Everything we’ve been told about food and exercise for the past 30 years is dead wrong.” The teacher had heard of that documentary and said that we could watch it later in the semester when we talk about lifestyles and diseases.

We’re watching another movie now called Food, Inc.  That movie “exposes America’s industrialized food system and its effects on our environment, health, economy and workers’ rights.” It took a few days to see the whole thing, but I thought it was great that we got to see it. I’ve seen it before, but I didn’t remember all of it. The movie had lots of helpful information about the food and meat industry. Some of the information was scary like the part where the pigs were slaughtered. I was surprised at other parts of the movie like how some of the people who work in the meat industry refused to be interviewed. Why would they do that? If they have nothing to hide, why are they being secretive? If they don’t go on camera, it leads me to believe that they have reasons to hide. I don’t like that!

Since my teacher is showing these kinds of movies, I’d like to suggest one more for my class to watch. Later in the semester when we when get to the chapter in our book that talks about vaccines, I’m going to ask if we can watch Trace Amounts. http://traceamounts.com/ I got to see that last year. I got to meet Eric Gladen,  the man who made the documentary, and I thanked him. He went through so much and shared a lot about what happened to him. He shared a lot about the vaccine industry too. I think his movie will be more informative than my textbook. I also think his message will be better heard by my classmates. My classmates may not be able to relate to Eric’s vaccine injury if they were not vaccine injured, but they’ll be able to understand the movie. I think they’ll be interested in what he discusses. They may be shocked at all the information, but I bet they’ll walk away wondering about it and can start looking up information on their own.

I’m only a few weeks into this class, but I know I’ll learn a lot more before the semester ends. I was very nervous when it started because I didn’t know what to expect, but so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised. We’ve talked about how good nutrition can affect your body in a positive way and that bad nutrition can affect you negatively. We’ve also discussed things that my family already does like making healthy choices like eating organic and natural foods. I’m hopeful that the rest of the semester will be beneficial for me and my classmates. The topics we get to talk are important, and I know they will come in handy later in life.

Fiona Jameson, the oldest of five children, is a freshman in high school. She wants to be a gluten-free baker, professional volleyball player, a photographer,  and a Mom when she grows up.



Go, Fiona! I look forward to reading follow -up articles from you, on the reactions of your teacher and classmates from the education they received from you !

Fiona Jameson

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for the positive feedback. Next time I bring my Health book home, Mom and I will take pictures of the pages that had the vaccine information. When we discuss that chapter, I'll write a follow up and let you know how it goes. I'm staying hopeful that things go well when that topic is scheduled.


Jeannette Bishop

Fiona, it sounds like you have an excellent teacher, and that you are an important contributor to the quality of your health class! It's good to get an update on what your generation is learning, maybe in spite of the established curriculum.

Gary Ogden

Fiona: Fine piece of writing. Like Anita Donnelly, by the time I got to the end of the piece, I only remembered "freshman," and thought you must be a college freshman, because of your command of the language. You will raise the awareness of vaccine injury with your classmates and teacher by sharing about your brother, and that is a great blessing for all. My experience of high school, more than half a century ago, included many first-rate teachers, and it sounds like you've been fortunate enough to get one for your Health class.


Very nice article, Fiona. I think your classmates have no idea how lucky they are to have you in class and I hope they soon find out.

I am amazed that vaccines are mentioned specifically in health class! What other pharmaceutical solutions have been singled out as being worthy of being advertised in classrooms? Have you come across any?

I wonder if you would consider posting the name of the text book, and the publishing information.

Anita Donnelly

Wow Fiona I assumed you were a freshman in college by your writing! Just high school?We are so lucky you are in the world to help set things right and tell the truth!


I don't know why it posted like that!


Dear Fiona, what a good article! I think You and your class would like this awesome one too.


Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Fiona, thank you for reminding us that what we learned in high school is much more important than a lot of complicated gobbledygook we stress out learning later on.

For me, in 10th grade biology we learned that the anatomy of the heart must change after birth, for the lungs to take over respiration from the placenta. At the same time (long ago) big-wig academics decided it was "smart" to use a surgical clamp on the umbilical cord, immediately after birth.

The vaccine schedule is inexcusable, and thank you for the comparison with 1983, but the medical establishment has gone too far unchecked in other areas too. Childbirth practice and many other medical procedures and treatments must be changed.

Tim Lundeen

Fiona, it warms my heart to see you stand up for good science and what's right, instead of allowing bought-and-paid-for bad science to go uncontested!

Another film you could suggest is Sweet Misery, about aspartame/NutraSweet/Equal. Aspartame breaks down into methanol alcohol when it is ingested, and the methanol is converted by our bodies to formaldehyde, which is highly toxic. It causes heart attacks, strokes, Altzheimer's MS, autoimmune illness, and is a factor in developing autism.

Aspartame is not the only source of methanol alcohol, though. Cigarette and cigar smoke has extremely high methanol, which explains much of the long-term injury from smoking.

Processed fruits and vegetables are also high in methanol: best not to ingest any of these from a can or bottle, even if they are "fresh squeezed". Jars of prepared baby food are also high methanol, are a factor in developing autism, and affect a child's ability to heal from autism.

There is a wonderful book about this by Woodrow Monte, While Science Sleeps: http://www.amazon.com/While-Science-Sleeps-Woodrow-Monte-ebook/dp/B007127OFY/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1457901078&sr=1-1

Cherry Misra

Excellent thoughts and excellent writing style ! Good luck

Grace Green

Fiona, thank you for sharing this information with us. Your health classes on nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle sound very good. However I think the section on vaccines could more correctly be described as indoctrination. I don't believe we have any such teaching in our schools here in the UK. I think state schools should have to keep to pure subjects, not propaganda. If students learned pure sciences to a high standard they would be better able to counter the wrong information we are often given on vaccines, GMOs etc., when they become adults. You should not have to fight the cause against those in authority at your age, but if you do I have the greatest admiration for you and wish you success.
Cathy, have you thought about complaining to the school about this false teaching? I know you have a lot to do, but this seems like a disgraceful abuse of young peoples minds and responsibilities to me. I'd love to jere from anyone in the UK if we have similar textbooks here.


How brave and brilliant you truly are! Thank you so much for this fascinating perspective! Knowing there are people out there like you Ms Jameson gives me such hope for the future!

Thank you again!


Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your high school experience. It sounds like you have a very good teacher. I'm glad that you are there to not only learn, but to share your tremendous insight. Good for you for having the courage to speak up even when what you have to say counters what is being presented by those in authority. That takes a lot of courage and strength, but when you know you are right, as you are, it is the right thing to do. I hope that your class gets to see Trace Amounts. That is a great idea. Hey, maybe in addition to your other career aspirations, you can also develop school curriculums. You'd be good at that too :o).

Bob Moffit

Fiona .. you are a remarkably mature young woman for your age .. and .. I hope and pray my own granddaughter .. who is just about your age .. has someone in her "health class" as informed on the subject of vaccines .. with the courage to share her experience with her classmates .. as you are.

It is sad to contemplate .. but .. I suspect there will be at least a few of your classmates .. just like my granddaughter .. who will appreciate the personal courage it takes to speak up on a subject that has meant so much to you and your family.

Would love to ask your teacher if she/he has noticed more and more students .. just like yourself .. willing to share their family's experience with vaccines over the last decade?

Consider .. using the "neurotribes" logic .. it would go something like this:

Every year .. it seems more and more students attending school .. claim to have experienced siblings or extended family members who had mysteriously "regressed and subsequently diagnosed autistic" .. (peanut allergies, type 1 diabetes, seizures, SIDS, etc) .. in addition .. so many of their school-mates suffer autoimmune disorders that were unheard of when their parents .. and .. teachers .. attended school.

But .. not to worry .. it doesn't mean there are an INCREASE in the numbers of these misinformed children .. or .. an increase in the numbers of autoimmune disorders .. indeed .. BOTH have ALWAYS been here .. it's just that in all their previous years of teaching experience they somehow just didn't notice .. (hear or see) .. them before.

Gee .. maybe a teacher ought to write a book?

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