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Dachel Media Update: Vaxxed Axed Tribeca Film Festival Coverage

Error VAXXEDBy Anne Dachel

Thank you to Mary Kelly Godley for her incredible reporting on HubPages. It should be happening everywhere. Instead, all the major news outlets are telling us how Robert De Niro has redeemed himself by cancelling the showing of “Vaxxed” at Tribeca. Stories that applaud the censoring of the film are everywhere on Google News at the moment.

In this article on HubPages, Mary Kelly Godley gives us the background on “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.” (It  may be that she’s so well-informed because, as she tells us, her own son is affected.)                                                       

Godley wrote: “While the title in itself may be considered controversial in many quarters the real issue that had everyone up in arms is the fact that the co-writer and director of this documentary is none other than the infamous Dr Andrew Wakefield.”

Godley explained about Wakefield’s research on the novel form of bowel disease he and “the other researchers” found in their study of 12 children, and about how the media has misrepresented everything about their work for years.

The article talked about how the actions of Robert De Niro, first endorsing, then cancelling the presentation, set off a firestorm in the media and in the medical community. By even bringing up the subject, De Niro was now in league with the anti-vaccination movement, according to every major news source.

Godley reported on the details left out of news stories.

Apparently De Niro had met with Congressman Posey on Friday before making the announcement. Bill Posey is a politician who has been actively trying to get the CDC prosecuted for this fraudulent activity. He advocates very strongly that there needs to be a proper investigation carried out with regards to practices within the CDC especially with regards to this scientific study into the MMR and autism.

Godley said that De Niro should have expected the immediate backlash that happened after he publicly said he was allowing the film to be shown. (Those of us who are very involved in this controversy are well-aware that there is no tolerance for any dissent when the subject is vaccine safety.)

However in summary it was very brave of Robert De Niro to endorse the film to begin with and in doing so it has ensured that Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catasrophe, is now receiving unprecedented publicity on a scale that it would not have otherwise received. To use the words of Oscar Wilde seem appropriate here:

‘The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.’

Godley also looked at all this publicity from a slightly different angle than the rest of us.

There have also been some so far unsubstantiated and speculative statements being made on the Social Media that perhaps Robert De Niro already knew that the other members of the festival committee and/or their corporate sponsors would not ultimately allow ‘Vaxxed-From Controversy to Cover-Up,’ to be part of the Tribeca Film Festival’s programme. That the purpose of this scandal was to garner a huge amount of publicity for the documentary and to highlight the fact that free speech and the right to an opposing view are just not applicable when it comes to discussing the issue of vaccination. That the real purpose of his statements were in fact to highlight the lack of freedom to speak surrounding this issue.

Very interesting perspective.

 I can’t imagine that any of the vaccine defenders who’ve attacked De Niro and Tribeca would ever have wanted the media storm we’ve seen over the past weekend.

…At present all involved are giving no indication that this might be the case. Instead it seems likely pressure from the Tribeca Film Festival Committee, its sponsors and political interests led to Robert De Niro to removing the documentary from the Tribeca Festival programme. Yet nothing gets people interested in something more than if it has been banned censored or is viewed as too controversial for general viewing. Yet why a documentary produced by a such a well-respected Producer as Del Bigtree would be considered too controversial for general viewing remains rather a dubious theory.

Godley also included video of Congressman Bill Posey’s appeal for a hearing on the whistleblower on the floor of the House of Representatives, along with the official trailer for “Vaxxed.”

In addition, she posted the fascinating uncut version of a 13 minute interview of the film’s producer, Del Bigtree, by ABC News. (ABC News used only 5 seconds of Bigtree’s comments in their coverage.)

In addition, Godley included a statement by Mike Adams of

This is the first time in the history of film and media that the totality of the media establishment has condemned a film that none of them have ever viewed, desperately trying to make sure no American ever witnesses the hour and a half of film footage that is now "forbidden" to be viewed in a nation founded on free speech.

Godley ended her article with this chilling summary of what the shutdown by Tribeca means for Americans:

As in America (and globally), it is now believed to be in the public interest to not allow them to view the contents of the documentary and make their own minds up about it. Instead corporate interests are now deciding what is suitable viewing for us all as we are deemed to be incompetent and would not be able to understand the facts presented in the documentary. The premise being that the general population is no longer intelligent enough to make their own minds up about information that is presented to them i.e. we would be taken in by lies, fraudulent claims and pseudoscience and by the babblings of lunatics and guys wearing tinfoil hats etc., That is the image presented in the media and any credibility afforded must be removed and censored for the greater good.

Everyone interested in why “Vaxxed” was cut from Tribeca should listen to what the producer, Del Bigtree, told ABC News in this interview.

Bigtree was asked why he was willing to produce this film. He said that in his experience as the producer for the television show, The Doctors, he was used to getting into controversial topics. He had heard about the CDC whistleblower story, which he said, “led me all the way to Andy Wakefield.” In his subsequent investigation, Bigtree examined the data that CDC researcher Dr. William Thompson had provided. “And it is the most compelling evidence of fraud I’ve ever seen in my life, and I realized in that moment that I was looking at probably the biggest story of my lifetime. And as a journalist, I realized it was a story I had to tell.”

The ABC interviewer showed no interest in the stunning claim of fraud at the agency that regulates vaccines that Bigtree had just mentioned. Instead, she asked about the charges that had been leveled against Dr. Wakefield.

In response to a question about what he hoped people would get out of the film, Bigtree replied with what would seem the obvious response: We need to change the way we regulate vaccines.

My first hope is, I want people to know the truth. I think that vaccines need to be made safer, …More research and study needs to take place.

Bigtree criticized the testing that is done on vaccines, calling it “fraud.” Then he talked his utter frustration over the role of the media in this.

I’d really like a lot more reporters to start getting on this story, getting to the bottom of it. It used to be when something like this happened in the media that we would all jump on it. When a CDC whistleblower, a top scientist from the CDC, comes forward and says, hey, we’re committing fraud in here, I would have expected every news agency in the world to jump on that story. I’m amazed that this film is the only one that is looking at it, so, I want the truth. I want vaccines to be safer for our children, I want vaccines to be tested with the same rigor that every drug we take are. There’s this free pass being given to the vaccines, …

The reporter had no follow-up questions after the incredible statements made by Big tree. Instead, she remarked that the trailer to “Vaxxed” is “scary.” She asked if the film was intended “to scare people, or just inform them.”  Bigtree said the purpose is to educate. “It’s alarming. We all thought that this was over, that the vaccine-autism link had been disproven and we could all move on. I know I thought that and everyone I worked with thought that until new information came forward.”

The ABC reporter moved right along without any interest in what Bigtree had said. She wanted to know how the MMR study in the film was different from the original Wakefield study from 1998. “Is there anything new in this that he wasn’t saying then?”

Bigtree tried to bring the discussion back to reality by saying, “We have the most important health agency in the world, that is supposed to be looking out for the health of children, and they are throwing out data, …and changing numbers on studies to make the vaccine seem safe. That’s nothing like what Andy Wakefield was involved in.”

Bigtree did say that the CDC conducted the 2004 MMR study because of what Wakefield had done, “and it appears they found the exact same thing that Andy Wakefield did. And when they saw it, what they decided to do was hide it and cover it up.”

Once again there was no reaction from the reporter. She moved right along asking about the research that had been done on the picture. Bigtree said they spoken to scientists and doctors from all around the world in the making of the film.  Then he made the riveting statement: “The really sad thing is the amount of doctors I’ve spoken to that say to me, ‘Del, I know that vaccines are causing autism, but I won’t say it on camera because the pharmaceutical industry will destroy my career, just like they did to Andy Wakefield.’ And that’s where we find ourselves, being bullied by an industry that doesn’t actually care about the health of our children like it should.”

Seemingly oblivious to what Bigtree was telling her about the power and control of the drug industry, this reporter could only ask what Bigtree would say in response to critics of the film. His answer: “See the movie, and then you can have an opinion about it.”  He berated the people who condemned the film, and at the same time showed no interest in what an insider at the CDC had to say about the corruption at his agency. He added that this is not a movie about Andrew Wakefield. It is about fraud at the agency that runs the vaccine program.

What ABC News did with Bigtree’s interview was to cut it down to five seconds of airtime. Five seconds where the only thing the film’s producer was heard to say was, “This film is just the truth as we have found it.”

And here we have more proof that the media is the mouthpiece for an industry intent on covering up every aspect of the worldwide nightmare of vaccine injured children.





Angus Files

De Niro is no fool he is in control of this and he knows the long term result well done Mr De Niro,cooler in life than on the movies.


Mary Godley

Thanks to Anne Dachel for this lovely review of my article, I only just saw it! I am delighted that my theory with regards to Robert De Niro appears to be the case. Well done to him for his interview yesterday with regards to Vaxxed being axed from the Tribeca Film Festival. It will now garner a lot more publicity for Vaxxed and hopefully help propel it across America at even greater speed.

Betty Bona

The movie needs to be a topic of conversation - "What do you think about the CDC cover-up?" If it is released to YouTube, I'll bet people will grant themselves a pass and not spread the idea that makes them uncomfortable. No one wants to feel like one of those crazy conspiracy theorists, but if a large number see it in theaters in the next month or two, it will be a legitimate topic.

Betty Bona

I don't like the idea of releasing the movie to youtube until it has its day in the theaters. At my son's insistence, I have watched several 9-11 videos on youtube. After all, how can I refuse when I ask him to watch vaccine videos on youtube. At least one of these 9-11 videos was very well done with impressive people saying the official story is not the truth. But I told my son that I know nothing about buildings and bombs and such and will just keep that worry on the back burner until more credible sources than youtube tell me the same story or until many others with expertise can corroborate the youtube story. It is too uncomfortable for me to take a stand in opposition to the official accepted story that almost everyone believes when I know that I can be shot down so easily as a non-expert. I allow myself not to think further for myself. I think the same will happen with Vaxxed if it is released directly to youtube or to DVD. It might make people uncomfortable, which is good, but I'm betting a bigger impact will be had if it does some time in the theaters. Maybe it could be released in many areas at the same time as the film would have shown at Tribeca.

Gary Ogden

An email in my inbox this morning said that Vaxxed will be screened at the Angelika Theater in NYC from April 1-7.

Ronald Kostoff


"If Dr Wakefield and Del Bigtree want to educate, wouldn't the best way to ensure people see the film be to release it to YouTube, then embark on a publicity drive for it?...... What have I done wrong"

Exactly! You have done nothing wrong! Three days ago, I posted on the thread "The Lies About Andrew Wakefield" that the film should be placed on the Web and advertised with the use of modern communication tools. However, the process of attempting to get the film screened at Festivals and other official outlets, and then having it rejected/censored may result effectively in increased advertising, which would help any future Web posting. Unfortunately, we don't know the strategy of the protagonists, and therefore cannot place all these actions in their proper context.


ABC sucks. The woman was not a reporter, but simply an accomplice to the censorship.


Err... What have I done wrong?

John Stone


It strikes me that you would be the last person on earth to give good advice to Andrew Wakefield. What we need to see now is whether the corporate bullies try to stop the film being screened at all.


If Dr Wakefield and Del Bigtree want to educate, wouldn't the best way to ensure people see the film be to release it to YouTube, then embark on a publicity drive for it? Surely the publicity about it being withdrawn from Tribeca alone will ensure thousands of views, many of them from undecided people who want to see what all the fuss has been about.


Tribeca axed Vaxxed, but the media firestorm that resulted will give the film much more publicity than it would have had if Tribeca had never included it in the first place. Americans are increasingly fed up with the media, big pharma and politicians as it is.

I see the vaccine issue having the potential to be the last straw, as this information gets out to more and more people, the power structure in this country will lose its last shreds of respectability in most American's minds. It's more than simply a controversial issue, controversial issues where money and power are used to influence the government, media and scientists are a dime a dozen. tobacco, climate change, guns, abortion, and food policy are just a few examples. Vaccines have become something much greater than any of those. Ten years ago, if they admitted vaccines could lead to autism (and gastrointestinal disorders, immune dysfunction etc.), or even just allowed debate without trying to censor it so vigorously, they may have still been able to save face to some extent. At this point, that's no longer possible. Considering that every mainstream media outlet is repeating the same shrill, simplistic dogma about Andrew Wakefield and the anti-vaxxers, there's no way they can save face anymore if people realize what's going on.

The vaccine issue is now about more than autism and other vaccine damage, huge as those issues are. It's about more than the CDC, William Thompson and Paul Thorsen. It's about the respectability of the entire media-industrial complex. I, for one, think it's about time that straw brakes their metaphorical backs.

Anita Donnelly

This reminds me of when our "Catholic exponent"
Magazine came out listing the "condemned movies" which we really wanted to see!

Joe Sulaco

The film had to be banned in order to remove a point of reference. Anyone questioning the current onslaught of vaccines could point to the film for support. That can't be allowed to happen.

Bob Moffit

Anne .. the "unseen" ABC interview with Vaxx producer Del Bigtree explains everything .. especially the fact that those who pressured the Tribeca Film Festival into removing Vaxx from their schedule are terrified the public will finally learn about CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson's stunning allegations .. possibly even criminal crimes .. committed by the highest levels of the CDC .. who willfully manipulated and destroyed critical evidence that clearly shows a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

That ABC "reporter" .. even though I am confident she had a "monitor" listening closely to the conversation .. should be ashamed of herself for asking question after question regarding Dr. Wakefield's reputation while studiously avoiding ANY questions regarding Bigtree's insistence the TRUE story of VAXX is not about Wakefield .. but .. the CDC whistleblower Dr. Thompson.

Imagine what will happen if Dr. Thompson's name becomes as well known as Dr Wakefield's name in the only court that matters .. the court of public opinion?


“Is there anything new in this that he wasn’t saying then?”

What planet is this reporter from? Do they not do ANY homework before an interview like this? Did she not even look at the trailer?

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