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Dachel Media Update: NYT on Trump & Vaccine Safety

Online newsFeb 29, 2016, NYT: Even as He Rises, Donald Trump Entertains Conspiracy Theories, By Maggie Haberman

VIDEO: "Of course there's his false theory that vaccines can cause autism. ...There is simply no scientific evidence that links vaccines to autism. And it's not correct to call autism an epidemic, as Mr. Trump often seems to do."

He has also promoted the notion that vaccines cause autism, a claim that has been widely debunked by doctors and scientists. “Just the other day, 2 years old, 2-and-a-half-years old, a child, a beautiful child went to have the vaccine, and came back, and a week later got a tremendous fever, got very, very sick, now is autistic,” Mr. Trump said at a Republican debate in September. When another presidential candidate, Michele Bachmann, then a Minnesota congresswoman, made a similar claim in the 2012 campaign, she was savaged by news media commentators for the remarks; Mr. Trump received little serious blowback.

Trump must be crazy. He believes in all these paranoid conspiratorial plots......including that vaccine somehow cause autism. And where did that slam about autism NOT being an epidemic come from? There is no proof of that. Overwhelmingly autism affects CHILDREN, since no one has ever shown us a comparable rate among adults--especially adults with severe, regressive autism.  (Still waiting for ABC's John Donvan and Caren Zucker to show us the lost generations of ASD adults. They spent 15 years researching their book...Where are they?)

The New York Times needs to go back into their archives and look at their coverage of the Hannah Poling concession by HHS medical experts. Government doctors agreed that the nine vaccines Hannah received in a single doctor's visit caused her autism. They even printed a letter from Terry Poling, Hannah's mother, in response to Dr. Paul Offit criticism of the decision.

Response from Terry Poling to Paul Offit, New York Times, April 5, 2008

To the Editor:

Re “Inoculated Against Facts,” by Paul A. Offit (Op-Ed, March 31):

Our daughter, Hannah, developed normally until receiving nine vaccines at once. She immediately developed a fever and encephalopathy, deteriorating into what was diagnosed, based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or D.S.M. IV, as autism.

The federal government, not an “unusual court,” made the concession. The decision wasn’t “careless,” as your subheading called it. It was based on a thorough review of Hannah’s records by Health and Human Services doctors.

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program does rely on a “preponderance of evidence” standard, which Hannah’s case met. It doesn’t necessarily compensate families “quickly, generously and fairly.” We filed our claim six years ago, pain and suffering are capped at $250,000, and Hannah has yet to receive compensation.

Dr. Offit’s assertion that “even five vaccines at once would not place an unusually high burden on a child’s immune system” is theory and risky practice for a toddler’s developing brain. No one knows if Hannah’s mitochondrial dysfunction existed before receiving vaccines. Dr. Offit’s claim that Hannah had “already weakened cells” is unfounded.

We support a safe vaccination program against critical infectious diseases. We need straight facts, serious science and speedy answers on these important issues. Jon Poling

Terry Poling
Athens, Ga., April 3, 2008

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Jerry Nelson

So Trump is a medical doctor as well as being a failed businessman? When will his genius ever end?

Jerry Nelson

Cherry Misra

I often imagine the autism world having a cartoon contest. In this case, Ms. Haberman would be depicted as a little baby being spoon -fed by the pharma devil. On the spoon would be some mush labelled "debunked". One other babyfood jar would be labelled "autism- highly heritable" . Any more suggestions for the babyfood , friends?

Hans Litten

Rumours out there the end is nigh for Bluesky Clinton .
The email scandal just will not go away .
Oh god lets hope its true .


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Go Trump

Haha it may even turn more people on to the idea as they see the media and elite policians go crazy and desperate in trying to attack the common sense Trump.


Go Trump!! Keep saying it loud and clear about how beautiful babies are being shot full of aluminum and it goes right into their brains and it doesn't come out. Every day I watch as parents in grocery stores, strolling their children in the street, coddling their children on Facebook completely love their children and would never want to harm them. A waitress's mouth began to quiver as she said her baby had had her shots two days ago and still has a fever. How sad that our government has so little backbone to stand up for babies. And as far as the New York Times is concerned....what can I say but from promoting the Iraq war with the mobile weapons labs to announcing (wrongly)that we were going to war with Syria, to declaring in a "faked study" that there is no difference between organic and pesticide ladened food, to promoting vaccine, after vaccine.... They are always on the wrong side in my book. In fact when someone says the New York Times says.....blah blah I tune out and pass judgment on them for believing anything those war mongering bamboozlers have to say.

Hans Litten


Hillary Clinton , supporter of sb277 and a woman who WILL propagate mandatory vaccination-abomination.

Hans Litten

Message to the Neo-con Nazi's , the fluoride isn't working anymore .

Trump for President
Vaccination Abomination


Poor Ms. Haberman. Her efforts to "savage" Donald Trump in the press just aren't working.

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