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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: The Greasy Nothingburgers Who Constitute the United States Congress

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

I see that Jason Chaffetz’s House Oversight Committee is mugging for the cameras again – I Jason-Chaffetzmean, standing up for the common man who has been lead-poisoned in Flint, Michigan.

A few weeks ago they were bouncing bank shots off consensus candidate for Most Hated Human Martin Shkreli, he of the million-percent drug markup and lopsided grin while taking the Fifth Amendment. With the addition of a twirly mustache, he’d be the perfect person to tie the damsel on the railroad track (that would be Snidely Whiplash for cartoon newcomers).

First of all, let him take the Fifth in peace. That’s what it’s there for, and he is kinda under indictment at the moment, after all. Second, it’s been pointed out before that Shkreli is a great distraction from the real misdeeds of pharma (including, I would argue, triggering the autism epidemic via vaccines).

In the same way, screaming at people about the lead in Flint is the perfect foil when the bigger issue is the toxic poisoning of America by special interests that fund an obeisant governing class. Exhibit A, of course, is Congress itself -- and the government’s own vaccine mandates, its “cover-up court” and its flabbergasting insistence that flu shots containing industrial-waste-grade mercury are just fine for pregnant women and for infants.

Elijah Cummings, Democrat of Maryland who was having a go at Michigan’s governor this week over Flint, used to care about that, Cummingstoo, as you might recall. In November 2012 he played to the crowd of parents and told the CDC’s Coleen Boyle:

“’There's something wrong with this picture. When you've got this combination of shots, and you go from 1-in-10,000 to 1-in-88, it seems to me somebody would say, 'Wait a minute. Let's put the brakes on this,'" he said. "’I wish you could see the people behind you. There are grown men crying behind you... Let's err on the side of keeping children safe, even if we have to do a pause and give children one shot per day.’"

Playing to the audience seems to be a Cummings specialty. He told Shkrelli: "You can look away if you like, but you should see the faces of the people you affect," Cummings said. "You are known as one of the bad boys of pharma."

Congress has more to answer for than Shkreli does when it comes to pharma whoredom, and more to answer for than Michigan’s governor when it comes to the toxification of America. Like answering for its own creation, the ill-advised vaccine “court” and compensation scheme (and I do mean scheme), and its own massive failure in not revisiting its catastrophic consequences (the autism epidemic). Talk about an Oversight!

Like answering for making it impossible to negotiate drug rates for Medicare and tossing another trillion dollars their way. Like answering for crashing through the revolving door faster than Julie Gerberding. (See Billy Tauzin, former head of PhMRA. Wikipedia: “Two months before resigning as chair of the committee which oversees the drug industry, Tauzin had played a key role in shepherding through Congress the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill.”)

Now, as Anne Dachel has reported, Tony Muhammad of the Nation of Islam tried to raise the William Thompson CDC whistleblower issue with Cummings. You’d think Cummings, after saying “something’s wrong with this picture” of multiple vaccines and a soaring autism rate, would take the logical next step and demand Thompson himself be called as a witness. (Even if Chaffetz said no, the public stink would be progress). Instead, Cummings told Muhammad before hanging up, he is “pro-vaccine” despite all the ersatz empathy for the audience. And Chaffetz, I happen to know, has chit-chatted with a who's who of autism advocates including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who you think might get a little professional courtesy from both sides of the aisle.

People are tired of lawmakers in high dudgeon who promptly forget what they’re angry about until the next chance to act tough presents itself. I thought it was just me, but people are starting to notice.

“I’m really glad these lawmakers took their moment in the sun to look so tough,” Mika Brzezinski scoffed on Morning Joe Friday, speaking of the Flint session.  “I don’t want to ever hear those people again. I’m so sick of Washington.”

“And you wonder why Congress has an 11 percent approval rating?” said Steven Rattner.

No, actually, you don’t.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



I just read Classified Woman by Sibel Edmonds, FBI translator turned whistleblower. It explains everything about who our blackmailed and bribed greasy nothingburgers are really working for.

Ronald Kostoff

Following up on my previous comment about the potential dangers of our water supply, there was an article in Truthout today about prescription drugs found in the drinking water ( There appear to be MANY drugs in the water supply; the long-term effects of these drugs individually are little known; and certainly the effects of combinations of these drugs, in parallel with combinations of other chemicals found in the water supply, are completely unknown. So, while the (horrific) Flint crisis is capturing the headlines, perhaps the far larger story in terms of absolute numbers is remaining under the radar.

Ronald Kostoff

In my comment below on the Flint water crisis, I made the following statement:

" There may be larger concerns that the present excessive lead crisis in Flint is masking. There are many potentially toxic substances that enter our water supply. We believe that our public servants (EPA et al) are looking out for our best interests, and monitoring our water supply for toxicity. We assume that 1) these potentially toxic substances have been identified; that 2) 'safe' levels have been established; and that 3) our water treatment facilities remove these potentially toxic substances. How do we know any of these three critical steps have been/are being followed?"

In examining the biomedical literature this morning on a completely different topic, I came across the following article [The need for a reassessment of the safe upper limit of selenium in drinking water], containing the following excerpt:

"Epidemiologic studies that investigated the effects of selenate, an inorganic selenium species commonly found in drinking water, together with evidence of toxicity of inorganic selenium at low levels in from in vitro and animal studies, indicate that health risks may occur at exposures below the current European Union and World Health Organization upper limit and guideline of 10 and 40 μg/l, respectively, and suggest reduction to 1 μg/l in order to adequately protect human health."

So, similar to the excessively high guidelines I mentioned for water fluoridation in the comment below, we have the potential for excessively high guidelines for selenium in the water. Does anyone believe these are the only two substances whose Federal guidelines for water concentration are substantially higher than levels known to cause disease?

Grace Green

Sean Burke, congratulations on your decision, and the best of luck in your future life. You did the right thing in telling the school principal your reason for taking the kids out of school. The message will quickly get through. Be sure to wipe the dust from your feet when you leave that state!


Thanks for sharing your interesting smallpox story. You know, I really doubt that there was smallpox vaccine in President Bush's syringe. Would they risk killing a president like that?

Thanks too for all the smallpox history and links.



"Most people have no clue what is going on."

And these are the educators.
Good luck with your move.

Sean Burke

California is lost. We pulled our kids out of school this week as we are leaving the state. I told their teachers and principal it is because of the mandatory vaccine law and had to explain the whole thing to the principal. Most people have no clue what is going on.


Last week I was walking through a building to pick up my granddaughter at daycare and I saw on the building lobby TV Congressman Chaffetz talking about the riots against Trump and basically taking the media line that this is Trump's fault. So I was puzzled because it was out of context but then I realized...Oh this is the head of the Reform Committee that isn't willing to subpoena Thompson. Here he is on television being primed for a national audience. My instinct told me that he is being courted in order to keep the CDC fraud under the rug, do this and we'll make you a star. Maybe something similar happened in the California legislature when Autumn Burke voted against SB277 but now won't support a moratorium because she is a rising star suddenly. What would happen if someone decided to challenge the status quo? Would they become Falling Stars. We just have to keep shoving the truth in front of them a often as we can and attempt to elect other officials. So, so disappointed Chaffetz, so disappointed in Liu, in the whole lot of them that they care so very little about the poisoning of children----in California, the forced poisoning of children. Really??? They ran for office to get famous and important not to do any good at all for anyone... it's hard to imagine.


Well it appears that I did indeed have smallpox.
The pustules were the size of half dollars.

I was put in quarantine for a good two weeks, while in the hospital

The old country doctor said it was small pox, at that time; By the way there is nothing small about small pox He said he had witnessed it several times before, and he knew smallpox. He also seemed certain I got it from being around the small pox vaccines, not that I had a vaccine -- just been around them.

I had had a small pox vaccine only four years earlier when I entered the first grade. LOL, so the question is; was my small pox milder since I had a vaccine like they claim? It is about as sick as I have ever been, in my entire life - ever? Hmmm and I was covered in big huge blisters, similar to the picture they showed us in high school of the last small pox case in Africa.

My parents did not get their small pox vaccine until they were 12 years old. How did they keep from getting small pox until they got a vaccine?

Geesh, I guess they were not around a whole gym full of nurses giving small pox vaccines.

So that might be a lesson for when we get a Disney Land measles outbreak - the center is probably from the vaccines.

At a time when this all should be studied, we get instead lies and deceit and research all but shut down.

How do we know that chicken pox my kids had - that were mild, and mostly on their privates, was some kind of morphing mild small pox? And what is this stuff all my friend's grandies have now a days after the chicken pox vaccine has come along; - this mouth, foot, hand disease, that looks like chicken pox mostly on the feet, hands and in the mouth.

Congress has done us in, it really, really has.
Dr. Wakefield said that the way the graph of autism is plotting out - by the year 2030 - that is 15 more years - half the population will have autism.


Linda1, this is what I have compiled about smallpox. Every aspect of the official story is a fabrication. And I mean even the aspects going back hundreds of years. The whole thing is made up.

The three main planks of the smallpox story are false:

1) Claims of its eradication are a bare faced lie. It still exists both from laboratory evidence and symptomatic people but the circular argument of “smallpox doesn’t exist anymore so everytime we see smallpox we will just declare those observations to be the product of sorcery” wins the day each time.

2) All of the claims about smallpox wiping out entire populations are fabricated.

3) Where actual counted data is available it is clear that the vaccine did nothing to reduce smallpox deaths.

Proof for the above:

Given that the virus thought to cause smallpox is so tiny, how on Earth did the great medical minds know that it didn't exist anywhere on the planet when they declared it to be eradicated? Are they omniscient because one would think that no mere mortal could possibly know such a thing?

But hang on. Surely if the CDC/WHO etc had found smallpox then the whole caper would be over right? Well that’s the thing. Just like with other so-called vaccine preventable diseases, circular arguments are all pervasive in this paradigm.

The CDC actually admit that positive tests along with smallpox symptoms would not generally mean a smallpox diagnosis because - in a wonderful piece of circular reasoning - smallpox doesn't exist anymore.

“In the absence of known smallpox disease, the predictive value of a positive smallpox diagnostic test is extremely low; therefore, testing to rule out smallpox should be limited to cases that fit the clinical case definition in order to lower the risk of obtaining a false-positive test result."

and what is more even the deified polymerase chain reaction (PCR) can and has apparently given positive results for smallpox since its supposed eradication but, again, it couldn't have been smallpox because we all know smallpox doesn't exist does it?

"Widespread smallpox testing, in the absence of disease, is likely to result in false-positive test results with unnecessary and alarming public health and security responses”

along with

"in the absence of endemic smallpox disease, the indiscriminate use of variola tests *will* [emphasis mine] lead to false positives"

Here are two stories related to the same outbreak.

but not to worry you see because our erstwhile medical officials almost immediately decided that despite the children dying of pox conditions it couldn’t possibly have been smallpox

Note that they had already decided it wasn’t smallpox before they had done the lab tests.

And just in case you are left in any doubt that smallpox still exists – here is the photographic evidence:

And by the way, all the talk of hundreds of millions of people dying of smallpox before it was eradicated are just wild guesses. These estimates come from countries with no cause of death data and barely any population data so there is no way of knowing how many people died, let alone what they died from (to give an example, historians (who were never there) claim that smallpox killed over ten million native Americans but Cortes (who was there) devoted just half a page to this supposed scourge).

We do have actual smallpox mortality data from the likes of the UK and other European countries in the 18th century and it is clear from that data that the smallpox vaccine provided no measurable benefit. And the mortality rates from smallpox from those countries where smallpox deaths were actually counted as opposed to guessed are absolutely nothing like the propaganda. Smallpox death rates in London were typically around 2 per 1000 per year before the vaccine. Not trivial but nothing like the propaganda we are fed. And that was for a densely populated city which would presumably have seen orders of magnitude higher rates of smallpox cases and deaths than rural populations.

What is more, deaths due to smallpox in those countries where actual data is available decreased at similar rates after the smallpox vaccine during the 19th century than it did for other diseases even though those other diseases (such as pertussis, diphtheria etc) had no vaccine at the time.


however "vaccines don't cause autism" it's a mental disorder"..this bought media, coupled with the retraction of important scientific information are disabling and killing our kids..just another sickening news piece..sorry

For Benedetta

@Benedetta, yes I can imagine the tea partiers and Moveon org all cozying up. They're all NWO!

david m burd


Your most recent, extensive comment makes the perfect point that back in 1970 there were still honest, objective "Establishment Medicos" that weren't afraid to criticize the likes of yesterday's CDC.

Today, the 100's of $Billions of dollars channeled the last 25 years through NIH/CDC et al. have effectively suppressed or denied any $monies to judge vaccines' dangers, such as any studies easily taken and analyzed of vaxxed vs unvaxxed.

Of course, the national mainstream media vie as the biggest whores, taking $Billions every year in advertising that promotes endless Pharma products and vaccines.

So, all Establishment Authorities, such as Merck Manuals, have long been bought & sold, soon after the 1970 date of your reference.

Thanks for your diligence!

Laura Hayes

Gary Ogden,

A massive rebellion does not necessarily have to mean uprisings, which seem to imply aggression and violence. What if the massive rebellion included:

1. Parents refusing to send their children to school if their children must be vaccinated in order to attend. Home schooling for all until vaccine mandates are abolished.

2. School superintendents nationwide joining together and refusing to implement vaccine mandate requirements for students.

3. Americans adopting a new attitude to help bankrupt pharmaceutical companies: "striving to be Pharma-free!". Americans learning to view food as medicine and learning about the many risk-free (i.e. non-Pharma) ways to protect, maintain, and enhance their health and that of their children.

4. Nationwide effort to make any politician a persona-non-grata wherever he or she goes, including in their own neighborhood, if they support in any way vaccine mandates, pesticide use on our food supply, the genetic adulteration of our food supply, the fluoridation of our water, etc. Citizens unite and develop plans to make such politicians terribly unwelcome wherever they go. This could be expanded to include Pharma executives, Big Ag and Big Chem executives, etc.

5. A daily commitment to educate those in one's community about the many ways American citizens are being poisoned and harmed, most of it legally, due to the bought and paid for votes of our legislators and bought-off government regulators.

6. Nationwide boycotts of companies that engage in destroying our health and environment.

As I said in my earlier comment, the obstacles blocking this needed rebellion center around a lack of awareness by the masses. Furthermore, often times when and where there is awareness, it is often after harm has been done, harm that makes it more difficult for that person to engage in the needed rebellion...more difficult, but not modeled by the many parents, grandparents, and relatives here on AoA!

It's a slow process to wake up Americans to what is being done to them and their children, but it is happening, and it most often happens in one to one let's all keep at it!

I always appreciate your excellent contributions to the discussions here on AoA, please keep them coming! 😊


More re smallpox...
Here's a lovely little chart from our friends in Pennsylvania:
(you can zoom in to enlarge and see better)

The above is from an historical timeline from The College of Physicians of Philadelphia:

Isn't that just like "modern" medicine, to justify current practice just because it was done 400 or even 4000 years ago? Instead of pointing medical students to RESEARCH and even common sense, they show them a quaint historical timeline. That's right, (some) medieval kings survived vaccination and that's why you should continue the TRADITION with your patients today. Mind games at every level.

I'm looking for their timeline glorifying the history of bloodletting.


Thank you for responding to my comment. I didn't even get to the second part of it about autism. I first went to look further on the smallpox stats. You are 100% correct. More than three decades before publication of Merck's book in 2003, those stats were known to be an erroneous estimate from 1947 that was challenged in 1970 in the below cited paper written not by some upstart anti-vaccine activists, but by US gov't public health officials and Johns Hopkins. And, it looks like they admit that not only did the vaccine cause illness and death, but that the vaccine caused smallpox. Thanks for making me look further.

The Journal of Infectious Diseases October 1970

"Complications of Smallpox of Ten Statewide Surveys"

"From the Smallpox Eradication Program, National Communicable Disease Center, Health Services and Mental Health Administration, Public Health Services, United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Atlanta, Georgia; and the Department of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland"

Direct surveys of physicians were used to identify patients with complications of smallpox vaccination occurring in 1968 in 10 states, which comprise 11.6% of the total population of the United States. In 8 of the states a survey at the end of the year yielded a total response from 83%. In 2 states, where quarterly or monthly surveys were conducted, 49% and 44%, respectively, of the total number of questionnaires were returned. Eighty-four percent of complications occurred in primary vaccinees. The rate of ACCIDENTAL IMPLANTATION AND OF GENERALIZED VACCINIA, the nonfatal complications, was 529.2 and 241.5 cases, respectively, per million primary vaccinations. These rates are 10 and 21 times as great as the rates computed from data from national surveillance of complications. The rate of postvaccinial encephalitis and vaccinia necrosum, potentially fatal complications, was 12.3 and 1.5 cases, respectively, per million primary vaccinees. These rates are 4 and 1.6 times greater than rates from national surveillance data. One death (from postvaccinial encephalitis) and 1 case of fetal vaccinia were detected."

From the body (caps, my emphasis):

"In the country little attention was given to complications of smallpox vaccination until Greenberg reported a mortality rate of approximately one per 1,000,000 in 1947 [1]. Reports following this one included Kempe's [2] and that of Sussman and Grossman [3], each citing cases and reporting on the effects of vaccinia immune globulin (VIG). the first published data on complications for the entire United States were for the year 1963 [4,5]. ...

Complications of vaccination against smallpox are not considered as officially reportable diseases, and statistics on incidence are not gathered systematically in the United States. A comparison of finding of the cases through the records on the use of VIG in 1963 with cases found through retrospective surveys of physicians in 4 small states indicates that COMPLICATIONS OF SMALLPOX OCCUR MORE FREQUENTLY THAN CAN BE DETECTED BY THE SYSTEM OF VIG DISTRIBUTION ALONE [4,5]. THE VIG DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM MISSES MOST OF THE PATIENTS WITH LESS SEVERE CLINICAL ILLNESS AND FAILS TO DETECT MANY PATIENTS WITH POSTVACCINIAL DISEASE OF THE CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM [7]."

John Stone


MMR vaccine also commonly causes temperatures of >39.5C, as well as 38.5C (6 in 100 for toddlers).

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Use of a surgical clamp on the umbilical cord immediately after birth is not safe. How could this not be clear? Clamping the cord was recommended by Apgar and colleagues in the 1950s. Removal of the newborn from the "sterile field" for quick repair of the episiotomy was accomplished by clamping the cord as soon after birth as possible.

Before the 1950s all textbooks of obstetrics taught that pulsations of the cord should cease before tying or clamping it. Redirection of blood flow from the placenta to the lungs cannot be forced by clamping the cord. Many children suffer compromise during the neonatal period with fetal heart valves that remain open, or partially open.

By the mid-1980s immediate clamping of the cord after birth replaced the former teaching in textbooks. Nurse midwives and others have pointed out this error repeatedly over the past 30 years. How can the obstetric profession insist that more randomized-controlled studies are needed on the "tradition" of cord clamping?

A unique pattern of brain damage caused by a brief lapse in respiration at birth has been known since the 1960s. Injury within the auditory pathway, basal ganglia, oculomotor nuclei, cerebellum, are well described in the medical literature. These injuries are all implicated in the neurological signs of autism: Developmental language disorder, repetitive motor movements, and lack of eye contact.

The vaccine schedule is wrong, and more clearly evident than obstetric procedures. But present-day obstetrics is unethical. How might we demand a return to tradition???

david m burd

Linda1 and All,

From the current Professional Versionn of The Merck Manual, informing doctors about the MMR Vaccine:

"Adverse Effects
The vaccine causes a mild or inapparent, noncommunicable infection. Symptoms include fever > 38° C, sometimes followed by a rash. CNS reactions are very rare; the vaccine does not cause autism."

There we have it - Thank you Merck Manual, no need at all to worry anymore!

david m burd

In my just-previous comment to Linda1 about the vaccine makers' honesty or lack thereof! I should have included how the CDC is equally dishonest and flagrantly corrupt about vaccine reaction outcomes, for example the CDC William Thompson whistleblower affair conveniently languishing in dark cloakrooms in Congress, ignored by such as Cummings, subjects of this Post (I add this comment mainly to inform new AoA readers).

david m burd


The Merck Manual citing adverse reactions and/or death rates caused by a vaccine such as smallpox are regurgitated numbers from so-called trials by the vaccine makers themselves; and we know how objective they are!

Just curious, what does the Merck Manual you refer to claim are autism-spectrum rates caused by other childhood vaccinations?

Gary Ogden

Laura Hayes: This is exactly what scares the hell out of me-mass uprisings. The Republicans will be doing everything in their power to deny Trump the nomination, and if they succeed, likely all hell will break loose. I'm not a fan, but it is refreshing to hear a presidential candidate speak with such abandon. In any case, things will never be the same, thank God. I have a persistent fantasy that, come November, everybody in Congress gets fired, except for Bill Posey, and President Sanders names Trump Secretary of DHHS, Agriculture, and Education, Trump abolishes them all, and goes back to wheeling and dealing, or whatever he does.

Gary Ogden

11%? How could it possibly be that high? Somebody's lying. Truth be told, our nation political class has so thoroughly screwed things up that they not only don't care about fixing them, they have no idea how. The only saving grace is that we have many millions of competent, honorable people who are not in the political class, and who do the actual work of caring for their families and each other, and running the uncorrupted institutions that make life tolerable. I've been disgusted with the Republicans at least since Nixon, but after SB 277, I find the Democrats just as odious. I'll be voting in the future for issues, but rarely for politicians. We deserve Bernie vs. Trump, and let the chips fall where they may.

go Trump

In other news today, two Americans killed by terrorists in Istanbul... should we spend another trillion on a new war ???

As with EVERY DAY and always / TEN infants died in the USA today of SIDS. no cause for alarm for these likely 2-6 month olds... they were probably well vaccinated.

WAR is when the government tell you who your enemy is,

REVOLUTION is when you figure it out for yourself.


Almost seventy years of awareness, and nothing in place to save our children from being sacrificed . How can anyone change this.

Sandy Raitt

Wasn't Calfornia's Congressman Darrell Issa going to be our hero a few years ago? What happened? Big fat nothing.


Louis said:

"Where are leaders with moral courage?"

Bernie Sanders led the fight last week to defeat the Dark Act - to fight corporate control and to allow Americans to know what is in their food - so they can opt out of buying and eating GM food. He fought hard to give the people the power.

But this same man defends Pharma's move to inject every person without right of refusal with, among other nasty things - GMO's!

Are they all hypnotized? Makes no sense whatsoever.


From the Merck Manual 2nd Home Edition, c 2003:

"Vaccination against smallpox was once routine for everyone in the United States. Smallpox vaccination was discontinued over 20 years ago because of the elimination of the disease. Because the vaccine's protective effects wear off after about 10 years, most people are now susceptible to smallpox...The vaccine is generally safe, although serious adverse reactions develop in about 100 of every million previously unvaccinated people, and death occurs in 1 per million. The risk of serious adverse effects and death is lower in previously vaccinated people."

I have wondered too how many people got sick or died from this vaccine and the vaccine was not blamed. But they're admitting that in a birth cohort of 4 million, that 4 healthy babies would be expected to die, each year, from the smallpox vaccine. This was apparently accepted when we were kids.

Would be interesting to look at disease incidence to see what decreased when smallpox vaccination ended.

Louis Conte

Thanks for getting this out there.

Congress - and other members of the federal government - created creeps like Shkreli. Now they get all indignant because he was caught and remained arrogant.

Paul Offit isn't arrogant? Look at Dan Burton's 2000 OGR report on conflicts of interest in the vaccine approval process for his rota-virus vaccine.

Hearings were held then and nothing happened.

This is some of why people have lost faith in the government.

The autism epidemic represents the greatest mass poisoning in human history - what I call The Great Poisoning.

Where are leaders with moral courage? I recall watching the Watergate Hearings as a child and seeing Republicans standing up against the behavior of their President. Other than pounding this one pharmaceutical industry punk, would any of these officials have the courage to speak out against the industry itself? Would any of them stand up and say "I refuse to take money from this corrupt industry?"

Other than affected families and a few courageous doctors, researchers and journalist - who have been sanctioned for speaking out - no one in leadership has lead.


Can you imagine and the Tea Partiers all being cozy together, carrying anti Trump signs and sharing chants and songs and maybe a cup of cocoa.


The Republican establishment has piled it on thick when it comes to Trump. There are a lot of the dye in the wool Republicans going to go to all the trouble to go to the polls and write in their candidate's name.

They are even calling him just evil, and quoting the Bible to me. LOL!

Sigh, I see what makes us all so mad when some one quotes the Bible and that person knows the Bible, and can read too.

I have a couple of good friends and family on my face book that claim they are tea party members and after listening to all the Republican establishment; I do believe they are ready to go join in the protest with opposing views of Move on. org

Weird out here, been weird for a long time.

I have got one telling me that abortion is the main issue not autism -- and they have two young children with autism.

If I think too much about it, I usually need to take some aspirin.



They told us it was life long. The scar is!

If that is the case then, my old country doctor was right; that I did indeed have small pox, not chicken pox, when I was in the third grade.

I was in the hospital with it for two weeks. The old country doctor said there was always plastic surgery. Except for five spots it all did go away, only two small ones were left on my face.

I think I got it at the end of the school year; in the third grade, I sat for an long while on the balcony, above the gym and watched all of the little kids come get their small pox vaccines.

So that answers that question of why my chicken pox was so bad.

We are so easily confused, are we not! Wow.

Bush didn't get the anthrax vaccine did he?

No, he is still walking around.


They are all greasy for power or money. Or they can be blackmailed. All except Trump.


I've read that the small pox vaccine is only expected to work for 10 years (and who knows what the real number is).

To all,
Re Trump...I believe that being able to protest is very important to democracy. However, the protests at the Trump rallies are disruptive to our democracy. I don't think that a candidate should be prevented from speaking or people prevented from hearing what any candidate has to say, by loud protesters. That's not right. It means that anyone can be shouted down by opposition and that's not democracy.


This is the kind of country we live in. Hulk Hogan sues for the release of a sex tape on the internet. After a 2 week trial and 6 hours of deliberation, he is awarded $115,000,000.

The Vaccine Court takes years to award a limit of $250,000 for the DEATH of a child by vaccination, if the parents can prove causation. The premise is that healthy babies just sometimes coincidentally die after vaccination.

The severely injured do not fare much better. Most are turned away, few are compensated in dribs and drabs at a tiny fraction of what is paid to a celebrity whose 'injury' was that his privacy was invaded. While Hogan walks away with $115,000,000 to do with as he pleases, the parents of a severely disabled child are required to account to the government for every penny awarded for the care of that child whose life has been taken away by vaccination. Nothing for the family either, whose lives have also been forever altered by the devastation brought upon their child and sibling.

Laura Hayes

Great article and great comments so far, too.

We need a massive rebellion in our country, but unfortunately, the majority of our population seems unaware of this and/or too inTOXICated from iatrogenic harm and government-approved poisonings to comprehend or be in a position to do something about the dire straits in which we are living.

Without such awareness and comprehension, and minus the faculties and abilities needed, which have been altered in so many by toxins and poisonings, the will to do something about our dire situation won't be triggered. Quite the conundrum, eh?

Ronald Kostoff


"i do think if someone like cummings had enough intellectual consistency to at least demand a hearing, it would help."

Down deep, I'm sure he would like to do it. But, I'm also sure he wants to remain in office. Demanding a hearing would be the kiss of death.

Look at what's happening to Trump. His policies are no more extreme than those of the other Republican candidates, and in some cases, even less extreme than some of the Democrat candidates. But, he comes across as a 'loose cannon', not easily controlled by entrenched interests. Even the mild statements he has made about vaccines and the invasion of Iraq, which are by no means part of any of his policies, have aroused the ire of the entrenched interests. He is now being bombarded by attack ads on the order of $20M/week, and they are being ramped up.

There is a message being conveyed by these actions to other politicians and political candidates. Any deviation from the narrow line desired by the entrenched interests (the GIMC, in my terminology) will result in the type of onslaught being waged against Trump. How many politicians could withstand such an onslaught? it is only Trump's unique media persona that is allowing him to survive; 99% of the other politicians would go under with this type of opposition. So, Cummings can read the tea leaves, and he probably figures that remaining in Congress and effecting the minimal change that is acceptable to the GIMC is better than nothing. We may believe he is overlooking the major causative problems of many of our health (and other) issues, and we are probably right, but he actually has little wiggle room.


Chicago's water was on the news last night too.

And this article has been needing to be written since 2003. I know Dan Burton meant it, but nothing came of that hearing either, except a dressing down!

I am 59 now; and I have a small pox scar on my left upper arm.
So what I want to know is why President Bush was getting a small pox vaccine back a decade ago, in front of the whole world - as he joined 500,000 troops who were ordered to receive the inoculation?

Did he not already have one as a child?

He did not already have one?

Dan Olmsted

Hi Ronald, i agree that a hearing in the present climate would probably not move the needle, so to speak. as i mentioned i do think if someone like cummings had enough intellectual consistency to at least demand a hearing, it would help. that's why this short-attention-span theater in which they hop from outrage to outrage and never do anything is so maddening.

Ronald Kostoff


I listened to the Flint Hearings for about an hour, but had to turn them off before I regurgitated. Many of these Congressional Hearings on sensitive topics are pure Kabuki theater; anyone who thinks that a Hearing on Thompson's MMR vaccine revelations would be any more meaningful is fooling themselves. It would be a deck stacked by both sides! The CongressPeople are figureheads who represent the GIMC (Government-Industrial-Media Complex) almost exclusively; they are bought and owned by the GIMC. Even under the extremely unlikely case that a future President would support a more reasonable and flexible vaccination policy, Congress would override it almost unanimously.

The Flint water issue is by no means unique. Washington, DC had a problem with excessive lead in drinking water about a decade ago, similar to what Flint is experiencing today. Congressional oversight hearings were held. The conclusion, in part, was:

"Congresswoman Norton sat with a House Science and Technology subcommittee during a hearing on its investigative report issued today that accused the CDC of making inaccurate and indefensible claims in a 2004 report concerning lead in the city's drinking water. Following the hearing, Norton said, "The CDC has participated in nothing short of a cover up that may have harmed families, especially children, in ways that could be difficult to redress." The subcommittee's investigation found that the number of children in the District of Columbia who had elevated blood lead levels (BLLs) in 2002 and 2003 was more than three times higher than the CDC reported. The subcommittee also found that that the laboratories that conducted these blood tests determined that at least 949 D.C. children had elevated blood lead levels in 2002 and 2003, although the CDC reported that only 315 D.C. children suffered from elevated blood lead levels at that time."

This may be the tip of the iceberg! There may be larger concerns that the present excessive lead crisis in Flint is masking. There are many potentially toxic substances that enter our water supply. We believe that our public servants (EPA et al) are looking out for our best interests, and monitoring our water supply for toxicity. We assume that 1) these potentially toxic substances have been identified; that 2) 'safe' levels have been established; and that 3) our water treatment facilities remove these potentially toxic substances. How do we know any of these three critical steps have been/are being followed?

I posted a brief mention to Dr. William Marcus in AoA, a while back. He was a toxicologist and Senior Science Advisor at EPA. He reported potential cover-up of cancers (by National Toxicology Program) resulting from fluoride ingestion, and was fired in 1992. He challenged this decision in court, and was re-instated. Unfortunately, the literature remains infested with 'manufactured' research on the safety of fluoride. The EPA maximum contaminant level goals (MCLG) limit of 4 milligrams per liter for fluoride remains in effect, even though the Public Health Service recommends 1/6 that concentration as a limit. Even then, how valid are these EPA and PHS limits? Are they any more stringent than the obscenely high FCC limits for non-ionizing radiation? After the EPA's suppressive efforts on the fluoride findings of Marcus and the biosludge findings of David Lewis, why should we trust the validity of ANY limits they impose on potentially toxic substances?

Additionally, why would we think fluoridation would be a unique case? How many other potentially toxic substances have not been identified, or more accurately, have not been openly reported in the public domain? Of those that have been identified, like fluorides, how many have approved EPA safety levels that are well above concentrations known to cause serious diseases? Finally, how well are excessive levels of toxic substances measured and reported to the public? It wasn't done in Flint for lead initially; why would anyone believe this is an isolated example?

The present Flint narrative is that when the lead in the water has been brought back to 'acceptable' levels, the water will be OK again. I'm concerned that this may not be the case, and what Marcus found for fluorides could be applicable for many substances. And, it certainly wouldn't be limited to Flint!


Today's Washington Post:

""This new research confirms the true scale of the hidden mortality crisis in autism," said Jon Spiers, chief executive of Autistica, an autism charity in Britain. "The inequality in outcomes for autistic people shown in this data is shameful. We cannot accept a situation where many autistic people will never see their 40th birthday.""

david m burd


I don't think I'm telling you or the AoA family anything new, but I want to get it off my chest.

Human Nature is the fundamental reason explaining the Congressional Reps who express great concern one day, and drop the topic the next day, and it is precisely connected to the age of virtually all those like Cummings on various Congressional Committees (with rare exceptions such as Dan Burton, et al. some years back).

The vast majority of those in Congress were born and raised from the 1940s through the 1980s, before the vaccine/poison onslaught that rocketed up in the early 1990s as you and Mark Blaxill so wrote about in your book exemplified by the Brick Township parents who then got stonewalled by our corrupt CDC, and ever since. On top of that, Cummings et al. have been guided by Pharma money and lobbyists for many decades.

Human nature can also explain the U.S. "army of pediatricians" that massively poison our babies, as this army was also raised healthy pre-1990, and they were naively (and cowardly) indoctrinated in med schools the last several decades that vaccines were the greatest medical success, ever.

As to all the Mainstream Media shills, again it's simple indoctrination, and money.

Cummings et al. simply don't study history and care to learn about the numerous, horrendous Medical Mistakes by "modern" human cultures. So, with their own limited experience growing up healthy before the vaccine onslaught, they naively trust what they are told by the likes of Leaders at NIH and CDC, on and on. It's human nature, as is also their corruptness (both Cummings et. al and the NIH/CDC).

It is unprecedented in history what has sprung up in the last 30 years as you and Mark have abundantly exposed - the massive damages and destruction by vaccines to our newborns, though to a relatively much smaller degree this same damage and death was amply demonstrated by the Decrees forcing smallpox inoculations in the 1800's. THIS smallpox inoculation genocide took place all around the world, but is conveniently covered by the mists of Time.

What is also extremely relevant is the Flu vaccine horror brainwashing and permeating not only adults in Congress, but also the public, taking place every year, virtually all through the year now, because this reinforces the false belief that vaccines are effective and safe, despite study after study showing the opposite. But, advertising works - that's human nature.

And, human nature is also why even my own family members shrug off most of what I say on this; they just "stumble over the bodies, pick themselves up, and keep walking, without seeing what they tripped over" (not original to me).


Thanks Dan for a great column this morning.

"whoredom"- is that an actual word?

Sounds about right.

Dan Olmsted

thanks bob! very well said. these folks are never going to help us.

Bob Moffit

Dan .. you couldn't have picked two better .. take your pick .. either corrupt or cowards .. as prime examples of ALL that is WRONG in Washington .. REPUBLICAN Jason Chaffetz..Chairman of the .. (pretend) .. House Oversight Committee .. and .. his DEMOCRATIC colleague Elijah Cummings .. (pretending) sincere empathy for parents .. while solemnly scolding a witness .. "I wish you could see the people behind you. There are grown men crying behind you.."

For DECADES .. these corrupt cowards .. BOTH PARTIES .. have been hiding behind the façade of a well-entrenched .. financially lucrative .. completely unaccountable to the public .. federal regulatory bureaucracy .. that allows the industries they are supposed to be "regulating" .. to actually WRITE their own self-vested "regulations" .. such as .. those you mentioned in your comments.

Of what use is a House Oversight Committee .. when the "regulations" they are pretending to oversee .. have been written by the industries themselves?

As for the quote by Mika Brezezinsiki on Morning Joe:

“I’m really glad these lawmakers took their moment in the sun to look so tough,” Mika Brzezinski scoffed on Morning Joe Friday, speaking of the Flint session. “I don’t want to ever hear those people again. I’m so sick of Washington.”

I only have ONE question .. WHAT THE HELL HAS TAKEN MIKA SO LONG? I would suggest the media to which Ms. Brzezinski belongs is as "corrupt and cowardly" as are those politicians she now claims to be "sick of".

In fact .. while Congress has an 11% approval rating .. I wouldn't be the least surprised to learn the "media's approval rating" is even lower.

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