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Victoria: Touching Ground

Dan Burns AquaponicsBy Victoria Kelley with Dan Burns

I took Hunter to get his MMR shot at 15 months. Within 48 hours he was rocking back and forth on the floor, screaming and banging his head. “Give him Tylenol,” the doctor said. “He’ll settle down in a day or two.” But my happy toddler was disintegrating before my eyes: guttural sounds, head tilted, scratching his face. I surrounded him with pillows to protect his head. Many frustrating medical checkups later I finally read the vaccine package insert. That’s when I knew: My son has autism.         We took him off prescriptions meds, detoxified his body, changed his diet, put him on cannabis oil, and reset his gut bacteria. He opened up to us with smiles and hugs.

Three years ago, using what I learned from my research on diet and my experience with Hunter, I started an online magazine about growing healthy food. If someone were to ask me one of the most beneficial therapies for autistic children, besides cannabis oil, I would have to say gardening. Put your kids’ hands in the dirt teach them how to grow food. Better yet, teach them aquaponics: growing fish and plants together. Dan Burns of Appleseed Ventures sent us his indoor aquaponic waterfall garden. Hunter and his brother installed it. Hunter loves to watch the water bubbling, the fish swimming, the plants turning toward the light. He tests the pH levels and lets me know if there are any ammonia or nitrate problems. It’s a way for him to Aquaponicslearn about biology, science and ecology, the components of the system working together. The waterfall calms him. And he loves the fish.

We just celebrated Hunter‘s 17th birthday. Today he can talk all day about the universe and new star systems. He creates online games from scratch, grows food, and draws some of the most amazing things we have ever seen. Our son has recently been asked if he would like to write a children’s book about gardening, and who better to teach other autistic kids how to garden than a young autistic man who has done it himself? It’s been a long and difficult road, but worth the journey. I can now kiss my son on the face without him pulling away. He’s reconnecting with the earth, with himself, and with his family.

Victoria Kelley is ASC Magazine Editor.  Aquaponics How To Guide.



Cherry Misra

Very interesting. Thanks for the info. And from my side- have you tried Haritake? This totally wipes out candida in a few days and often results in unexpected health and behaviour improvements. It is without side effects ,and can be taken more or less permanently. (However, there will be some diarrhea as the candida dies) Haritake is a favourite of the mercury toxicologist Chris Shade, PhD - for other reasons. After I began taking Haritake, I was not sick with ANYTHING for a full year- perhaps for the first time in my life.


I am pleased that you discovered cannabis oil early on. It has a calming and healing effect. Many youngsters also struggle with debilitating seizures as a result of vaccine injury. There is nothing on the planet quite like high CBD cannabis oil for fixing the seizure problem. It is not psychoactive like all but only two of the Pharma seizure medications are. Many of the Pharma meds for seizures destroy their teeth and have other awful side effects and are not nearly as effective. Here is a video relating one family's success with CBD.

Here is an account of a girl with vaccine-induced seizures and cannabis relief.

There are hundreds of videos out there on that are instructive. I recently met a young woman and her afflicted daughter who had hundreds of seizures daily since she was a infant. She said the meds were killing her. I asked her if she had tried cannabis oil. She got very excited that someone understood and was able to freely talk about it. She said that it was the only thing that worked. With the first dose she gave her she was immediately seizure-free for nineteen days. She said that as she progressed, she had "met" her daughter for the first time as she was freed from her prison and her personality was able to be expressed and developed.
Forget THEIR meds. They come from the same Rockefeller Medicine Men who caused so many problems to start with. I urge you to avoid taking your children back to the same poisoned well for relief. ~brad


Thank You dear Victoria for such a happy story!



Wonderful!! :)

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