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Manufactured Medical Consent Versus Informed Consent

Pharmocratization of America

Viruses are to 2016 what Communists were to 1962.  BE AFRAID! Instead of building bomb shelters for our kids,  American children are shuttled into pediatric offices for an ever increasing number of vaccinations to protect them from the horrors 0f our germy world. 

How does your Presidential candidate fare in this review of pharma donations?  The two most "mainstream" candidates, Clinton and Bush (whoa, flashback, where's my plaid flannel grunge shirt) took in the most from pharma.

Pharma donations 2016



Pay them off in more hidden ways like Rick Perry's deal, do you think?


Bob thanks for pointing that out -for I too wondered about Rick Perry and his connections.

Something is not right about the chart though. Are not all the contributions a bit low for all the money that big pharma has and is willing to spend. I mean my gosh; my guess is that they spent way more than even the highest Hillary's; on a University nursing or microbiology professor to set him up with a lab some where to make some extra money.


I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my seat when Hillary was talking last night about going after drug companies.

Bob Moffit

Very Surprised to see former Texas Governor Rick Perry last ... with only $250.00 in pharma money?

As I remember it .. Rick Perry .. as Governor of Texas .. issued an executive order that "Mandated" every young female in Texas .. can't remember the age but I think the girls were teenagers in high school .. be administered the Gardasil vaccine Within two weeks the Texas Legislature over-turned his "executive order" .. and ... it was shortly revealed that one of Perry's top staff had serious "conflicting interests" favored the pharmaceutical industry.

Trust me .. there would have been no "executive mandate" .. if Rick Perry had only received $250. from the industry.

Also not surprised that Donald Trump received next lowest contribution .. $1010.00 .. which to Trump wouldn't even be high enough to classify as "chump change".


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