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Midweek Mashup: No, We Are Done With YOU Idiots!

MashupBy Dan Olmsted

I tell our fellow editors that the best response to a nasty note, at least in my experience, is “we always enjoy hearing from our readers.” It’s disarming, impersonal, and, as warranted, manifestly insincere without being blatantly sarcastic.

We’re no good bums and baby killers who are in it for the money? Well, we always enjoy hearing from our readers.

Sometimes, though, one is tempted beyond all reason to respond in kind – thus the headline above. Recently we got a comment from a reader that says, in its entirety. “This [never mind which post, it hardly matters] is complete and utter bull. First of all while vaccine side effects can be awful, they are manageable and even so, your child is more likely to be struck by lightning than have an allergic reaction to a vaccine.

“Secondly, your list of ‘actual vaccine side effects’ looks incredibly shady to me. If this list was put together by an actual certified doctor they would never say autism. They would say Autism Spectrum Disorder. If these were common side effects wouldn’t kids be dropping like flies?

“To sum it all up, you should be more scared of lightning than vaccines.”

Well, I would be more concerned about lightning than vaccines if lightning killed or disabled more than 1 in 68 children. Oh, and children are dropping like flies, which aptly characterizes the moral regard in which those children are held by, say, the vaccine “court” and the AAP. And CDC. And NIH. And our reader, from whom we enjoy hearing.

And don’t you love the idea that “an actual certified doctor” must be summoned (presumably from his or her duties injecting 14 vaccines in a total of 49 shots before kindergarten) to help us get the nomenclature right about autism? I suppose we lost credibility when we didn’t title this site The Age of Autism Spectrum Disorder As Defined By The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition.

This reader’s e-mail is titled Done With You Idiots. And the first part of the e-mail address is i.am.definately.god@ …



Someday I’ll be able to program my TV with the following instruction: “Mute any and all random comments about how safe and wonderful vaccines are by people who don’t know what they’re talking about, or maybe they do but are lying for money.”

The proximate cause of this little reverie is the Dr. Drew show the other night.  Dr. Drew is, overall, a pretty sane shrink type. He has had his drug problems, though, in particular getting caught hawking Wellbutrin any chance he got while, oh yes, “hauling in $275,000 in March and April 1999 to push Wellbutrin as an antidepressant that was different from the others in not killing sex drive,” according to AlterNet, which called his behavior “throwing medical ethics to the wind.”

As far as I can tell Dr. Drew never really apologized for this. The other night I had him on in the background, counting down the minutes to the next Forensic Files (addict here), when somehow he found it necessary to mention, in the context of healthy choices like not smoking or doing drugs, the HPV vaccine.

It was, he averred, “one of the safest vaccines in the history of vaccines – do not let the b.s. scare you.”

I agree. Do no let the b.s. scare you. Let the truth scare you. The whole history of this vaccine is a nightmare, one that those who get it, mostly adolescent girls, are old enough to describe in chilling detail – if they are not dead.

Dr. Drew really ought to shut up about medicines. Given his Wellbutrin gig, he qualifies for my falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus list. I learned this concept (“false in one, false in all”) from Mayer Eisenstein – doctor, lawyer, MPH. The idea here is that as a legal matter, you are entitled to doubt all of  someone’s testimony if you know or reasonably suspect they are lying in one part of it. So, for instance, it is OK to infer someone who is paid to say nice things about one drug may be paid to say nice things about another – especially since he never recanted the practice. Even if he wasn’t, a man who threw medical ethics to the wind one time is not worthy of a polite hearing the next time.

What a falsus! 


At least, thank God, the HPV vaccine works. That’s what I’m supposed to conclude from the new study that shows, according to the New York Times, that “a vaccine introduced a decade ago to combat the sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer has already reduced the virus’s prevalence in teenage girls by almost two-thirds, federal researchers said Monday.” (Ah yes, the sainted federal researchers who, Mark Blaxill and I have shown, profited from developing the vaccine and supported shady studies to show it was safe.)

That leaves just one question – what difference does it make if the virus’s prevalence is being reduced, a question left begging in news coverage. As Mark and I wrote last year in our book Vaccines 2.0:


Manufacturers and public health officials hope the vaccine will ward off the large majority of cervical cancer cases. The key word is “hope.” Because cervical cancer is slow to develop— an average time of fifteen years—there is not yet enough evidence to say that the vaccine will actually work.

Meanwhile, pap smears remain an effective and necessary final line of defense.

But while its efficacy is yet to be determined, the vaccine’s safety profile has been setting off alarm bells. The shot is recommended as a three-dose series at age eleven or twelve, and thousands of teen girls all over the world appear to have been injured by the vaccine—from acute pain and fainting after vaccination to long-term effects including seizures, heart problems, arthritis, and death.


So if you listen to Dr. Drew and read the mainstream press, you’d be convinced that the HPV vaccine is completely safe and prevents cancer. Well, as regards the former, it isn’t; and as regards the latter, who the hell knows. But it’s not too soon to say that contrary to Dr. Drew and meaningless new studies, the risks outweigh the benefits and no one should get it. Our reward-risk ratio placed it at the rock bottom of the 16 vaccinations currently on the CDC’s childhood vaccination schedule, and that’s saying something. As we noted:


The case against this vaccine is one of the strongest we have seen. According to a leading scientific critic of HPV vaccines, Dr. Sin Hang Lee, “HPV vaccination is unnecessary and potentially dangerous to some recipients. This is the first vaccine invented by the government, patented by the government, approved by the government, regulated by the government and promoted by the government to prevent an already preventable disease (cervical cancer) 30 years down the road based on using a poorly demarcated, self-reversible surrogate end-point (CIN2/CIN3 lesions) for evaluation of vaccine efficacy, a big scientific fraud. There are no cervical cancer epidemics in any developed countries.”


Against that backdrop of media groupthink I read with interest, as we like to say (it’s up there with “we always enjoy hearing from our readers” as a benignity), an interview Monday in the WSJ with Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier. According to the headline, he talks about “pricing challenges, R&D – and why big pharmaceutical companies aren’t admired like they once were.”

Oh, brother, I’m being tempted beyond reason again. As you may imagine, there is no discussion of any of the following reasons why Merck in particular isn't, or shouldn't be, admired like it was: The whistleblower lawsuit for faking data (known internally as Protocol 007, yuck yuck) to make it appear the mumps vaccine actually worked, a potential fraud of hundreds of millions of dollars upon the government (meaning taxpayers, meaning you and me); the lack of safety and efficacy of Gardasil, the HPV shot; William Thompson and the concocted MMR data that hid the autism effect on African-American kids and those with isolated autism (Frazier is black); and according to CBS, the "’hit list’ of doctors who criticized Vioxx, according to testimony in a Vioxx class action case in Australia. The list contained doctors' names with the labels ‘neutralise,’ ‘neutralised’ or ‘discredit’ next to them.”

To quote our book again:

“Global pharmaceutical giants do not have a record of being your best friend. In the case of Vioxx, Merck allegedly softened study results to obscure the fact it was causing thousands of heart attacks and strokes, then fought every court case until settling for $6 billion (and promoting the lawyer [Kenneth Frazier!] who devised the strategy to president of the company, while hiring Julie Gerberding, former director of the CDC, to run its vaccine division). It also created a fake medical journal in Australia and filled it with friendly ‘research.’”

So, friends, you can put your faith in actual certified doctors and Dr. Drew and pharmaceutical companies -- those who make, hawk, apologize for and inject vaccines -- or you can put your faith in the parents of children they’ve harmed with their insane vaccine protocol and unwillingness to face the truth.

I know my choice. Regardless, we always enjoy hearing from our readers!


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.


Laura Hayes


Thank you for your kind nomination...I accept! :)

Jeannette Bishop

Re California exemption to thimerosal ban, I don't believe Gov. Brown intervened (if there is a legal way for him to intervene):


As best as I can tell, exceptions to the ban have been granted every three years since passage for the flu vaccine...


with an additional exception in 2010 for Japanese Encephalitis vaccine.

Cherry Misra

@go Trump- Do you or anyone else here know if the California governor agreed to allow the flu vaccines with mercury for infants?
I had seen the news report that the governor was being petitioned- When I see something like that , my first thought is that I am correct in observing that autism is falling in California, but it will not do for doctors to notice that. There might be a couple of smart docs in California who would say " Hey, we stopped the mercury in vaccines and now we hardly see any autism cases !" So, to counteract that, they put mercury back into babies or pregnant women by hook or by crook so that they can say "See, we took out the mercury and autism is still rising"
Ya know friends, the mercury in the old gold mining areas can only give us so many cases of autism. Ya gotta keep the numbers up" Things are tough these days, You cant even count on pregnant women to eat fish.


Thank you Gary. And you would be Secretary of Agriculture. You'd have 105,778 (2007) employees and a budget of around $139.7 billion - every year. I can't imagine what Tom Vilsack does with all that money and all those employees, but just read that he has been put in charge of tackling the rural drug problem. The Secretary of Agriculture is going to fix addiction. Is there any rhyme or reason? One of his other projects is to address food desserts. His answer is to have convenience stores stock meat, dairy and produce and, no surprise, convenience stores aren't interested. Just thinking, how many supermarkets would $140 BILLION build each year?


Having been involved in presidential campaigns from the inside and knowing too much, I can tell you what candidates say now IS NOT what they will be saying in the future. Remember President Obama was going to do something about vaccines-well he hasn't. I know people don't want to believe this but a candidate will say what they need to say when they want to get elected but once elected-they will say and do what needs to be done for the Party to ensure future wins in Congress and the Senate. They will also do what they are told by the power elite. The President doesn't run the country. It's an illusion that makes people feel secure. All presidential candidates are illusions that will shift into something else the moment they pass vetting not by their party, but by the elite which goes all the way back to the robber barons of this country and traces back into Europe.

Elections are not about the citizens of the US. As George Carlin says in his famous video "It's a big club and you ain't in it". George Carlin "The American Dream" Best 3 Minutes of His Career - https://www.youtube(dot)com.
/watch?v=rsL6mKxtOlQ. Warning *strong language*!

The next President, as Presidents of the past will bow down to this:
The unelected shadow US government is here to stay:

"Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government, owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people." ― Theodore Roosevelt

Read the article and follow the links,it is stunning. Bernie, Hillary, Trump, Carson, Cruz, Rubio etc all posturing for a seat at the table. Only all the chairs are inhabited by the Shadow People who have very specific requirements before they add another.

go Trump

We have a medical elite and vaccine industry that in 2015, cannot make enough damn mercury free flu vaccine for infants...

and in California this year they begged to remove the mercury ban for infants so the injections could begin. Of course at six months, they need two flu shots 30 days apart...

I wonder if Trump talks much about Autism in his travels, but I am sure a number of AoA's seek him out and can at least talk to his staff at various sites.

Anita Donnelly

And to expand on this PTSD--doctors who are afraid of being wakefielded, those of us who cannot risk our jobs because to lose them would cause a stop in what is helping our child heal--are we then made complicit if we don't speak up? So what I do is use pseudonyms and leave stories and books on trains and dr offices . I give What money I can to genren and aoa and learntherisk and NVIC. I tell relatives some of whom thank me some who just treat me like a nut. I speak out where I can ... Write when I can. Mention this sideways as much as I can (discouraging flu shots ) etc . When they silence us they win twice.

Anita Donnelly

@laura Hayes totally get the PTSD. Do I tell every prego woman I see? Or those I care about at work? Do I risk losing my job or jobs respect? The slime campaign about this is one of the most difficult aspects. We heal by sharing and by preventing damage to another to make our child's suffering at least prevent another's. They try to take that away by silencing us. And as RFK JR said so much is silencing the eye witness accounts of mothers is misogyny


I think you are wrong about Trump. Bombastic though he may be, he's winning. That's how fed up people are.

Maurine Meleck

Ha- and I thought I was the only one addicted to forensic files and its reruns. You should try ID too and its reruns. Please enjoy hearing from me.

Carolyn M


In case you did not see this, here is Bernie Sanders on autism (Rachel Maddow show, 9/17/15):

"I think the evidence is overwhelming that vaccines do not cause autism. And it really is a little bit weird for Trump - who, I presume, has no medical background - to be raising this issue. And obviously it is a concern. When somebody like that says it, you're gonna find thousands of people now who are gonna hesitate to give their kids the shots, and bad things may happen."

The link is:


Given his statements, Bernie Sanders is not educable on this subject.

I will be voting for Trump.

Gary Ogden

I should add that the Dream Ticket would include Laura Hayes as attorney general, Linda 1 as FDA commissioner, Toni Bark as surgeon general, Ronald Kostoff as science and technology adviser, David L. Lewis as the head of the EPA, and a diplomatic initiative to elevate John Stone to PM in the UK.

Ronald Kostoff

Laura Hayes,

" the insanity of the many ways our children (and all of us) are being poisoned from every angle (each government-approved)"

You are being much too kind. Given the 1986 Vaccine Act, the 1996 Telecommunications Act, the Warner Amendment, and other government measures I have described recently, as well as the State vaccine mandates, Government-enabled or Government-driven or Government-mandated would be more accurate than merely Government-approved.

Gary Ogden

Thanks, Dan. I truly don't believe the general public believes a lot of the crap the media reports. This is why Trump and Bernie have done so well; people are fed up. I see ugliness ahead, though; the oligarchs won't give up their control easily. It has pleased me to see Trump poke two fingers in the eyes of the Republican Party, and Bernie give major heartburn to the Democrats. Both parties work for the oligarchs. But Trump is unelectable. He has offended every Latino (40% of California) in the country, and he doesn't seem to understand the concept of religious freedom embodied in the First Amendment. Absent an Olmsted/Blaxill ticket, with Kim Stagliano as Secretary of DHHS, I'll be voting for Bernie, unless Hillary steals the nomination, in which case I'll vote for nobody. On a side note, the NVIC post yesterday reported our local Assemblyman, Henry Perea, Jr., quit in the middle of his term to become the chief drug pusher for the western states for PhARMA, that most beloved lobbying group. He always struck me as a bit sleazy. And now the taxpayers of the county get to fork over for a special election (they don't come cheap) to replace him. Curiously enough, he abstained on SB 277.


Well- I used to enjoy some of Dr. Drew's shows. No more!


Trump will win the Whitehouse ,I`ll be surprised if he doesn't,

Trump has made a pledge to bring back high paying jobs to America. Global Elitist have spend decades moving good high paying jobs out of America into third world countries which perform the same job but at dirt cheap wages and not complain. Since Hillary was part of the elitist that pushed NAFTA, if the choice for the Elitists is for someone who helped facilitate the elimination of good high paying American jobs and someone who has made a pledge to bring high paying jobs back to the US--- guess who suddenly will drop out of the race or what you will see is a swing towards another Candidate that the Elitist can control Democratic or Republican.

Angus Files

Trump will win the Whitehouse ,I`ll be surprised if he doesn't,my opinion not of AOA`s just me ...and he has a family interest in Autism and he`s not kicking it about like a political football either,but I see a lot of wheelchair voters coming out supporting the Donald..and the politicians are missing something big that we all know on here...the world is becoming more disabled..


Jeannette Bishop

Hear, hear, hearing!

Bob Moffit

@ Annie

"My personal opinion is that those of us who want the issue of vaccine-induced autism to be honestly and seriously addressed by our culture and our government we need to follow the lead of RFK Jr (Sanders endorser), and get off the Trump stump. Otherwise critics will continue to be able to write us off as "crazy anti-vaxxers".

No offense taken .. but .. in all seriousness .. do you really believe "critics are going to stop writing us off as "crazy anti-vaxxers" .. if we follow RFK Jr's "lead" and support Sanders?

Have I missed something .. do you have any reason to believe those "critics" stopped "writing" RFK Jr off as a "crazy anti-vaxxer" .. since he endorsed Bernie?


Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus:

Donald Trump is a xenophobic, racist, climate change denying, birther.

So where does that leave us?

My personal opinion is that those of us who want the issue of vaccine-induced autism to be honestly and seriously addressed by our culture and our government we need to follow the lead of RFK Jr (Sanders endorser), and get off the Trump stump. Otherwise critics will continue to be able to write us off as "crazy anti-vaxxers". I don't think there's any real way that Trump will win the White House and maligning great organizations like AoA with him is going to set the vaccine-safety movement back at least another ten years.

Just my opinion, I hope I did not offend.


Mishmash plus distractions.
NYT article:
"the prevalence of the four strains of HPV covered by the vaccine had decreased by 64 percent in girls ages 14 to 19. Among women ages 20 to 24, the prevalence of those strains had declined 34 percent. The rates of HPV in women 25 and older had not fallen."

What exactly does this mean? From my readings on the subject of HPV, children do not develop HPV. Where is the raw data with lab confirmed test on all of these 14-19 years olds. This is like saying Lays Baked Potato Chips have 30% less fat without any scientific data to confirm this on the packaging.
Since NYT is what Sharly Attkisson calls an Astro-turf site I'm sure the last thing they want to do is provide actual data and lab confirmed tests. This is a clear example of Voodoo science masquerading as real.

The timing of the NYT mythical story of real science is of not a coincidence. Throughout 2015 numerous reports from around the world revealed young girls being damaged by the HPV vaccines and articles challenging the safety and effectiveness of it:
-Merck Dr. Exposes Gardasil Scandal: Ineffective, Deadly, Very Profitable
-India: Supreme Court HPV Vaccine Controversy Continues
-HPV Vaccine Trials in India: Is Merck above the law?
-HPV Vaccine Damaged Girls in Colombia Stir International Quest for Justice http://www.activistpost(dot)com/2015/01/hpv-vaccine-damaged-girls-in-colombia.html
-TV2 Denmark Documentary on HPV Vaccine Shows Lives of Young Women Ruined http://healthimpactnews.com/2015/tv2-denmark-documentary-on-hpv-vaccine-shows-lives-of-young-women-ruined/
-French petition against HPV vaccines http://sanevax(dot)org/french-petition-hpv-vaccines/
-Japan: International Medical Researchers Issue Warning about HPV Vaccine Side Effects http://sanevax(dot)org/japan-medical-experts-warning-hpv-vaccine-side-effects/
-Breaking News from Japan: International Symposium on the Adverse Reactions Experienced by those Vaccinated with Human Papillomavirus Vaccines: http://sanevax(dot)org/japan-hpv-adverse-event-symposium/
- HPV Vaccines: Japan requires disclosure of side effects http://sanevax(dot)org/hpv-vaccines-japan-requires-disclosure-of-side-effects/
-Why HPV Vaccines May Not Be As Effective As We Thought: New research points out a potential flaw in the vaccines' designs
-Gardasil: Criminal complaint filed in Spain: http://sanevax(dot)org/gardasil-criminal-complaint-filed-spain/
-Ireland Pushes Back Against Gardasil Vaccine Program as Mainstream Media Reports on Real Vaccine Issues:http://vaccineimpact(dot)com/2015/ireland-pushes-back-against-gardasil-vaccine-program-as-mainstream-media-reports-on-real-vaccine-issues/
-Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: Fatality after Gardasil:
-Brazil: Uptake of HPV vaccine drops from 83% to 40%:http://sanevax(dot)org/hpv-vaccines-updates-from-central-and-south-america/.
-Several Mexican Schools cancel HPV vaccinations :http://www.milenio.com/region/Rechazan_vacunas_papiloma_escuelas_Tampico_0_525547539.html
(use google translator)
-Parents of HPV Vaccine Victims Protest in the Streets of Colombia: http://vaccineimpact(dot)com/2015/parents-of-hpv-vaccine-victims-protest-in-the-streets-of-colombia/.

These are just a few of the reports posted over the last year or so. Next you have this:
-Gardasil Vaccine Becomes International Scandal: Deceptive Emails by Health Officials Exposed to Public:
Allegations of Scientific Misconduct by GACVS/WHO/CDC Representatives et al An open-letter of complaint to the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Margaret Chanchanm@who.int: http://sanevax(dot)org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Allegations-of-Scientific-Misconduct-by-GACVS.pdf

Just about on the tail end of Dr. Lee's very public letter to the WHO, CDC, Japans Minister of Health, Vice Chancellor, Professor Stuart McCutcheon, The University of Auckland, this appeared:
-New Concerns about the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine
American College of Pediatricians – January 2016

Here is a little know bit of information on a member of the WHO: Board Member Of The World Health Organization Is A Large Shareholder In Vaccine Company-http://edgytruth(dot)com/2015/03/09/board-member-of-the-world-health-organization-is-a-large-shareholder-in-csl-vaccine-company/.
"one of the board members of the WHO, Prof Anne Kelso is also a MAJOR shareholder in CSL Ltd(page 6 of this document shows the affiliation of adviser and company ).
What is CSL and how do they affect me? Well, CSL is a global biotherapy company that makes many pharmaceuticals and vaccines. CSL is one of the worlds largest producers of named branded vaccines that are scheduled and injected in people around the world today. Gardasil, Fluvax,M-M-R II and others are among the long list of their products. Their flu vaccines are widely sold in the US and other countries. Document at link.

Remember it was discovered that 2 board members who were pushing the H1N1 had strong ties to companies that manufactured and distributed flu vaccines in 2009. Conflict of Interest is really being put on the front burner and it's about time.

Fortunately many doctors have NOT been recommending the HPV shot and uptake of this lethal injection is way down which worried Merck and the rest of the cartel. They could easily blame the low uptake on those pesky anti-vaxxers who actually read. With all of the above information hitting the public (plus more) and a recent poll suggest 40% or more parents are not submitting their children to the vaccination ritual, MERCK, CDC, WHO, FDA. stockholders, paid for medical researchers and celebrity and all those who profit from the distribution of these drugs are officially in Freak Out Mode. They are in Code Red-High Alert. In steps the Epidemic Intelligence Service(EIS)or a similar agency within the CDC.

Jon Rapport reports about the EIS: "I can tell you they create disinformation on a scale that must make the CIA jealous." The CDC sends certain people to Langley for CIA training, and when they come back they have advanced security clearances. Graduates of this EIS program, as proudly stated by the CDC, have gone on to occupy key positions in the overall medical cartel: Surgeons General; CDC directors; medical school deans and professors; medical foundation executives; drug-company and insurance executives; state health officials; medical editors and reporters in media outlets.

Each year, EIS officers are involved in several hundred investigations of disease and injury problems, enabling CDC and its public health partners to make recommendations to improve the public’s health and safety.” From the CDC’s website, “50 Years of the Epidemic Intelligence Service”.
So, Several hundred investigations a year. An unparalleled opportunity to shape the truth into propaganda. Control of information about disease. Which brings me to the newest propaganda ploy by pharma and the CDC:

Did Two Medical Journals Just Blacklist Gardasil Research Showing Dangers of the Vaccine? http://vaccineimpact(dot)com/2016/did-two-medical-journals-just-blacklist-gardasil-research-showing-dangers-of-the-vaccine/.
Sounds familiar? Wakefield, Hooker.

In reading the article you will discover the two men for pulling the papers are vaccine insiders:
Dr. Gregory Poland:
The journal Vaccine, there is a conflict of interest. The Editor-in-Chief of Vaccine is Dr. Gregory Poland who personally rejected the recent Gardasil HPV study. The Mayo clinic’s website has this to say about Dr. Poland:
“Dr. Poland is the chairman of a safety evaluation committee for investigational vaccine trials being conducted by Merck Research Laboratories. Dr. Poland offers consultative advice on new vaccine development to Merck & Co., Inc.” Dr. Poland has conducted four studies to date with direct affiliation to Merck. https://mayoclinic(dot)pure.elsevier.com/en/persons/gregory-a-poland%283ade76c3-195d-4ad3-805b-acec6973be84%29/institutions.html

The Editor-in-Cheif of the Journal of Neuroimmunology, the first journal to withhold and then reject the Gardasil HPV study, is Dr. Michael Racke. According to the American Academy of Neurology:
“Dr. Racke has received personal compensation for activities with EMD Serone, Novartis, Roche Diagnostics Corporation, Genentech, and Amarantus as a consultant.” EMD Serono, Inc. is a subsidiary of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.

So with the NYT times articles stating 64% reduction in HPV, dozens of articles saying how HPV leads to cancer (just to scare the beejeebes out of parents) and states every child should be shot up and now the retraction of papers that had been accepted , the industry is on the downslide of the hill they were on top of for so many years. Can we say CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Spread the word!

Bob Moffit

Laura Hayes posted:

"I am so thankful that we have this forum in which we can come together to discover and share truth, know that there are others out there who fully comprehend the insanity of the many ways our children (and all of us) are being poisoned from every angle (each government-approved), vent and rant when needed, and provide support and encouragement for one another during our daily struggles.

Amen to those words .. thanks to all who make it possible.


Yes to everything you said Laura.

I think too that we are programmed deep in our DNA as a basic survival mechanism to warn others of danger. And the powers that be are trying to shut us up so that they can have their way with the naive. They are trying to redefine our roles as communal human beings to assigning only the designated as those who warn of danger and are trying to criminalize what we are supposed to be able to do according to our constitution which is in keeping with the way that we naturally are.


This might be a little off topic, but...

I was grading papers last night while Frontline was playing on PBS, some documentary about the current opioid epidemic. I was gradually drawn in by the program's focus. Instead of stressing the pain killer to heroin trend in 30 to 50 year olds, the one I observe here in Appalachia, all the case studies were of under 25s. And the kids lived in rather affluent bedroom communities. I suddenly became fixated when one mother mentioned that her daughter's path to addiction appeared to being in middle school with an ADHD diagnosis, anxiety and anorexia. I assume the poor girl had prescription meds at that point, but the mother didn't say, or that part was edited out. Shortly afterward the girl began self medicating with pain pills and eventually heroin.

That got me really wondering about the documentary's premise - that the sharpest increase in opioid addiction is occurring in middle and upper middle class communities, and moves from prescription medication abuse to heroin addiction. In their case studies at least the film makers seemed to have shorted the chain. What about the increasing dependence on ADHD meds, anxiety meds (which are often highly addictive), seizure meds much earlier in life? Their use is certainly going up. My son, who is severely autistic takes anxiety meds (sparingly, we fear them) and seizure meds (he must have them). Several of my nephews take ADHD meds. Perhaps the path to drug addiction is now beginning in early childhood, for some at least. And with prescription meds for conditions which arguably are being used to treat the symptoms of vaccine injury? Does anyone else wonder about this? Has anyone seriously studied it?

Laura Hayes

Excellent, Dan!

Every single day rants run through my mind on a seemingly endless reel. How can they not when we are bombarded with propaganda and the people who buy it hook, line, and sinker, refusing to question, dig deeper to find the truth, and simply notice the evidence all around them?

In addition to endless rants racing through our minds, I think those of us who've experienced vaccine injury firsthand and/or in a loved one endure PTSD daily, too. For just one example, every single time I see an infant or toddler, my heart races and I feel panic stricken...does the mother/father know how UTTERLY DETRIMENTAL/POTENTIALLY FATAL/ASSUREDLY LIFE ALTERING (for the worse) vaccines are??

I am so thankful that we have this forum in which we can come together to discover and share truth, know that there are others out there who fully comprehend the insanity of the many ways our children (and all of us) are being poisoned from every angle (each government-approved), vent and rant when needed, and provide support and encouragement for one another during our daily struggles.

Thank you, Dan, for choosing to fight the good fight. You didn't have to, you chose to, and for that we parents are most grateful.

Birgit Calhoun

I hope these unwanted writings can "definitely" be kept down to minus 1.

Dan Olmsted

Hi Anna -- good to hear from you! I will now confess that I not only watch Forensic Files but Forensic Files reruns.

Anna Quandt

My wonderful son is 24 and high functioning. I spend most of my time and energy giving him support. Many times I just sit with him to help with the anxiety.
When I have time to myself I watch --wait for it-- Forensic Files. I never admitted that before. I feel liberated. Thank you Dan. You made my day.

Anita Donnelly

Forensic files ( I think?) once did a show where the culprit was mold in the home. Or someone mimicking them. We need a forensic file where the culprit is proven to be adjuvants. We lay out all the facts and solve the mystery. To us it is obvious.

Dan there is a special place in the hereafter for those of you who take on our fight despite not having a family member who has been harmed. One of you makes up for zillions of those hideous deluded trolls. Thank you.

So cervical cancer will appear to go down because they will name it something else and stop diagnosing it. My hope is that what happened in flint woke a lot of people up to the fact that govt and CDC lie just to protect their reputation no matter whom they hurt.

Shawn Siegel

Since we must assume there are a few scientists on board in the FDA, the approval of the HPV vaccines was a travesty from the word go. Placebo was used in only 5% of the control subjects in the Gardasil trial, and in none in the Cervarix trial. Adopting the illusion for the moment that injection of known neurotoxins could in any way be beneficial for anyone, it was still literally impossible to assess the safety of the vaccines without the use of a legitimate placebo; the trial reports should have been thrown back in the face of the manufacturers, instead of the faces of trusting American parents and teens. The corruption isn't just deep, it's deafening.


Dan, once again…bulls-eye summation.
"Someday I’ll be able to program my TV with the following instruction: “Mute any and all random comments about how safe and wonderful vaccines are by people who don’t know what they’re talking about, or maybe they do but are lying for money.”

Signed: 63 year-old, healthy, never-vaccinated Addict to "Forensic Files."

Tim Lundeen

Thanks, Dan. I needed that!

Marcos Cáceres has a new site for music that speaks to him. My favorite is Moby's The Day, with the lines "Slaughtered like Gods / When the silver shines so hard", which I take to describe the morality of our medical system.



I will be very surprised if the HPV vaccine prevents a single cervical death. To the contrary, I have been reading that it may actually render other strains of the virus more virulent. Which means, the net effect of the vaccine will be to greatly INCREASE, not decrease, cervical cancer deaths. Combine that with declining screening rates (i.e. over-reliance on the vaccine), and you have another major public health disaster in the making. But, not to worry, drug companies. It will take at least 15 years for the data to become clear. Between now and then you have plenty of time to concoct some ridiculous explanation for an increase in cervical cancer deaths, which your drug-company-owned media will be only to happy to parrot for you.

John Stone


The argument about HPV vaccine was being deliberately skewed by the manufacturers from day one, to focus on the issue of adolescent sexuality, but it was always a bit of red herring because whether or not it made sex safer it did not make it safe. But doctors have had to live with dealing with these issues for many decades. The real embarrassment is that so many young women (whose parents are not necessarily weighed down by puritianical attitudes) are being injured by the vaccine - and even if you can intimidate every media agency, word gets out.


It is much easier to cover up the cumulative damage to infants from other vaccines.


How can the message be not enough teens are getting the hpv vaccine AND the vaccine has already reduced rates of hpv?

Just a few short months ago the media reported not enough doctors were recommending the shot because they were embarassed to discuss it with parents because it involved thinking about the sexual activity of their children.

Do they ever think about the mixed messages they put out?

Mercky Business

Diane Harper, MD, of the University of Louisville, explained via email that she was not surprised by these findings, considering the millions of dollars invested in the cervical cancer vaccine, Gardasil (Merck), but emphasized that preventing cervical cancer would have more to do with screening than the vaccine.

"Cervical cancer prevention in the U.S., though, relies on the routine participation in the screening program as neither Gardasil nor Gardasil9 [the HPV 9-valent vaccine] can prevent more than 50% of all CIN 2/3 disease which is one of the primary aims of our screening and early detection programs," Harper, who was not involved with the research, wrote to MedPage Today.

But Harper points out that in these 10 years covered by this CDC study, the organization has also reported a significant decline in cervical cancer screening programs nationally.

"This is worrisome as to date the U.S. has yet to see improved health outcomes for the health dollars and energies spent with a clear signal that screening is declining," she said.

Limitations to the study include potential vaccination overreporting or underreporting, that some analyses may be limited by small sample size, and that there may be residual confounding due to unadjusted changes or differences in sexual behavior not measured by NHANES."



New FDA nominee:
Califf wrote that he wants to review the FDA’s restrictions to “harmonize the goal of protecting the public health with First Amendment interests.”


William H. Gaunt

Great diatribe. Thanks.

Not an actual certified doctor

Dan, I feel that you're channeling my anger. Watch two episodes of Forensic Files and call me in the morning. We will survive.

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