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Microbiome Transplant Normalizes C-section Microbes

Microbiome7By Teresa Conrick

The MICROBIOME continues to make headlines.  I am all for it as I have a daughter very ill with both an Autism and Autoimmune diagnosis.  She was born vaginally with high apgar scores but experienced regression after vaccination. This current study has been going a bit "viral" as it shows the power of gut bacteria and viruses.  An example of the media reports:

Microbiome transplant normalizes C-section microbes - Vaginal microbial transfer shows positive early results, could improve long-term health.

Among other functions, the microbiome helps train the immune system, inhibits harmful microbes and makes essential nutrients. So researchers worry that establishment of an abnormal microbiome could have possibly harmful effects.

Epidemiological studies report associations between C-section delivery and obesity, asthma, allergies and immune deficiencies, although these don't establish cause. Theoretically, the new procedure could reduce the risk of such illnesses associated with abnormal microbiomes....

....The study examined C-section infants who were given microbes from their mother's vagina in a procedure called vaginal microbial transfer. The microbes were collected on gauze that had been placed in the vagina before birth for one hour. The gauze was then swabbed onto the newborns' mouth, face and body.

Follow-up testing showed that after 30 days, the C-section babies developed microbiomes more characteristic of vaginally delivered babies than C-section babies who didn't get the treatment. 

Study after study is showing that the collective bacteria and viruses of the gut are involved in AUTISM.

Here's the LA TIMES report actually mentioning AUTISM:

......."Previous research has shown a correlation (though not causation) between people who were born via C-section and an increased risk of obesity, asthma, allergies and autism......."

Well, there was also a very large study done some years ago showing NO relationship with AUTISM and Cesarean births (C-sections):

C-sections did not affect the rate of autism

Some questions remain:

  •   Is it possible that the vaginal Microbiome is important, but a connecting issue may be the use of strong antibiotics with a c-section that eliminates beneficial bacteria? 
  •   If an abnormal Microbiome is a concern for negative health outcomes, like Autism, what about vaccines and vaccine mercury, (Thimerosal, a mercurial agent with bactericidal activity against a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi),and their effect on the Microbiome -- ie- the collective bacteria, viruses and fungi?  

The research on the Microbiome is mounting and the ramifications of what can alter it "remain to be seen":

.......new organisms are expected to move into the empty niches created by vaccine elimination of organisms. Thus the structure of the microbiome is altered by vaccines. The unintended consequences of this alteration remain to be seen.



I am so happy to see this research being carried out, because the lack of microbial exposure has been linked to an increased risk of asthma, allergies, obesity and some immune deficiencies.


Have these same links been made for completely unvaccinated c-section children?


I watched some kind of history program last night. They discussed the famous Kenningston stone found in Minnesota,and concluded it was a land claim. They went on to make awesome connections to the Vikings, Denmark, Scotland, Sinclair, knight Templars,Free Mason, the Newport/Sinclair tower in New England, and the Holy Grail.

At last they made connections to the very deep - booby trapped money pit on a man made island in New Foundland called Oak Island.

LOL! I do believe Margaret it is there we will find the Holy Grail of the perfect gut mircobiome - cause Gates, and the WHO have already been to the four corners of the earth with vaccines and Ho-Hoes!

Teresa Conrick

Hi Christina,

I couldn't agree more with you. This research is extremely helpful for those babies born of C-sections but also research on the microbiome....and thus autism. What I am trying to point out is that C-sections are not THE reason that there is an epidemic of autism. The fact that normalization of important microbes can be established is very important and very hopeful to many. Thanks for your comment.


Something I haven't seen mentioned, but how do we know that the mother's gut is in good health? Antibiotic use isn't of recent origin. I would say that most babyboomer mothers were exposed to antibiotics before having children. We can easily be on the third generation of gut-damaged mothers having children. We may just be seeing accumulated damage in the autism statistics, and many of the other chronic conditions that have become epidemic.


Obviously vaginal birth is best but with so many immune compromised kids who eventually become pregnant women it's not always possible to give birth vaginally. My immune compromised daughter never had a normal pap until she was diagnosed with celiac and went on a gluten free diet. She had had so many biopsies that she didn't dilate and ended up with a C section. She did breast feed although that didn't go too well and her milk had dwindled after about five months. Working mothers have a hard time pumping enough milk. The one thing she didn't do, though, was vaccinate, or give the vitamin K shot. She has a healthy 2 year old.

She knew several other women who also had to have a C section due to a scarred cervix. I suppose I should ask why do doctors give so many biopsies if they know that C sections are bad? Why do they give so many vaccines filled with aluminum a known neurotoxin, why do they over stimulate the immune system when they know inflammation leads to autoimmunity, etc. etc. The fact is that not only are autistic kids entering adulthood so are millions of kids who never received a diagnosis but grew up chronically ill. They suffer from hyper anxiety, allergies, and autoimmune diseases. Many can't have natural births as a consequence. Another case of blame the patient when its the medical establishment at fault.

Christina Hemming

I am so happy to see this research being carried out, because the lack of microbial exposure has been linked to an increased risk of asthma, allergies, obesity and some immune deficiencies. It's important for this research to continue because if there is direct causation between this simple process and improving the longterm health of c-section babies it could help improve so many lives.


Hmmm; Funny that; how epidemiological studies can just change to suit!

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