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Meet the Yanomami: Magnificent Microbiome and No Autism? Part 2

YanomaniBy Teresa Conrick

In Meet the Yanomami: Magnificent Microbiome and No Autism? Part 1 I hoped to shed some light on what seems to be happening to the Westernized Microbiome.

Here is Part 2.

What This May Mean for the Yanomami and Western Man

Let's go back to that quote:   We believe there is something occurring in the environment during the past 30 years   that has been driving these diseases, and we think the microbiome could be involved."

Let's add these quotes:

What has happened in the last 30 years  that has made us so afraid of these diseases in the U.S.? Why has the vaccine schedule increased so dramatically? The only significant event in the last 30 years that we could find through our research was the passing of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in 1986. This gave way to the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) which completely absolves pharmaceutical companies from any legal responsibility for vaccine safety and shifts the burden for compensation payments to the American taxpayers.

Autism rates climbed nearly 30%  between 2008 and 2010 and have more than doubled since the turn of the century, according to a new study from the U.S.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The condition is now believed to affect one of every 68 8-year-olds – up from one in 88 just two years earlier.  That means virtually every grade in every elementary school has at least one child with autism – a seemingly astonishing rise for a condition that was nearly unheard of a generation ago.

I could conclude here but I needed to find out...why did these people, the Yanomami, have antibiotic resistant genes and what might the future hold for them?  In looking at their environment, we know that 1- vaccination of a past generation of tribes occurred and 2- there seems to be a huge issue of MERCURY quite possibly in their lives:

The presence of Brazilian garimpeiros – or wildcat prospectors – in the headwaters of the Ocamo River has been extensively documented since 2009, when several community members were sickened, apparently by mercury poisoning. Mercury is commonly used by miners to separate gold from ore in the field, creating a serious health hazard in wide stretches of the Amazon rainforest.

Over 1,000 gold-miners are now working illegally on Yanomami land, transmitting deadly diseases like malaria and polluting the rivers and forest with mercury   

.,,,Yanomami health is suffering and critical medical care is not reaching them, especially in Venezuela.

The Brazilian congress is currently debating a bill which, if approved, will permit large-scale mining in indigenous territories. This will be extremely harmful to the Yanomami and other remote tribes in Brazil.

Then there is the real possibility of mercury exposure and increased risk for Malaria in the Yanomami:


We have conducted epidemiological and toxicological studies on co-exposures to mercury and infection. Our epidemiological studies are cross-sectional using census-based and convenience sampling methods. Our toxicological studies explored mechanisms using mouse models of malaria and autoimmune disease, as well as in vitro studies of human lymphocytes.

Results. Mercury exposures are related to consumption of piscivorous fish from watersheds impacted by garimpagem, and to working in or living near garimpagem. Many of these populations live in regions with high rates of malaria transmission. In epidemiological studies, we have reported on associations between exposures to mercury and odds of prevalent malaria infection.....

Assessment of mercury exposure and malaria in a Brazilian Amazon riverine community.    .... the odds of reporting a past malaria infection was four times higher for those also reporting a history of working with mercury.

That, in itself, seems to be a connection for the Yanomami and very possibly all of us as mercury seems to be connected to increased risk of infection and antibiotic resistance via horizontal transfer of plasmids -- " Exposure to mercury might be a specific driving force for the acquisition and maintenance of mobile antibiotic resistance gene carriage in the absence of antibiotic selective pressure.”  

                                                                       The Future for the Yanomami and Us

We know that mercury has infiltrated the lands of the Yanomami. In an exchange with the lead author, Maria Dominguez-Bello, of the Yanomami study, she was very nice about answering some questions and giving permission for me to report them here:

My questions—

  1. Is there any autism among those Yanomami you saw?
  2. Has anyone thought to test for mercury exposure as there is much research showing that it can cause antibiotic resistance? (Gold mining uses mercury)
  3. Have the people been vaccinated?

These issues seem very important as the microbiome is researched not only for the Yanomami but for the people here as we see the surge in Westernized diseases and as the research shows, autism is a big one.

Thank you.

Her answers:

Hi Teresa,

Thank you for your questions.

I have not seen autism there, but my sample size is too small... I only visit a handful of villages.The regions I have been working in are isolated from miners, and thus not contaminated -yet-.

Yes, vaccination is being performed, together with programs of eradication of Onchocerciasis and malaria treatments.

I think there is no evidence of association between vaccines and autism, and the paper that claimed that was retracted. Vaccines save so many lives.... people who do not vaccine their kids are taking advantage of protection of others who do and are immunized and act as a shell... this is called herd immunity... but if these kids travel to areas of the world where the diseases occur, they will be at high risk... and we would expect future generations to travel far, easily...

Certainly autism, as any disease rocketing (autoimmune, obesity)  must have an environmental or microbiome component... but we do not know yet...




Hi Gloria,

Thanks for your response.  I thought there were articles describing gold mining as very prevalent and concerning.

Mercury and malaria seem to be a part of goldmining..

It is possible that exposure to inorganic mercury may be more "autoimmunogenic" than exposure to methylmercury, ...... time spent at the site and in gold mining was positively correlated with likelihood of elevated ANoA. This variable, time spent at the site, may represent length of exposure to both mercury and malaria infection. ......co-exposures to mercury and infectious diseases, including malaria, may set the stage for eliciting discernible alterations in immune function.

Her response:

Sure... Miners are a huge problem But not in the region I go. The Amazon is big...


Oh, and I'm sorry. I meant to add if the soil had been tested for mercury and any of the people there? Thank you for all your research as it's very interesting!

Her response:

Not that I know...I don't work on mercury.

Thank you to Maria Dominguez-Bello.  I appreciate her permission to print her responses.  As we look at these diseases of the Microbiome and the environmental assaults that can alter or damage it, this research on the Yanomami may be critical as we see Westernization enter their lives and their Microbiome.  Will the diseases of Western Man soon follow? Will it be the young and the elderly who first succumb to neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative symptoms? Will Autism appear as mercury exposure increases and vaccinations become the norm?  

Teresa Conrick is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.

Will there be "a wave away from the original point?"



"tradition is based on beliefs that babies with any sort of physical defect have no souls and that others, such as twins or triplets, are also "cursed".
Infanticide has claimed the lives of dozens of babies each year, say campaigners fighting to end the practice.
Babies who are girls, who have some disability or who have unmarried mothers are all in danger of an early death in a shallow grave in the rainforest. Others are suffocated with leaves, poisoned or simply abandoned in the jungle.
According to Dr Marcos Pelegrini, a doctor working in the Yanomami Tribe Health Care District, 98 children were killed by their mothers in 2004 alone."




Linda, Thank for replying to that big long thing.

You wondered "Re the population of Native Peoples on this continent when the conquerors arrived - I wonder how much of those accounts are to cover up genocide. Man has a habit of hiding his crimes in tall tales."

The numerous digs; are showing that it was not genocide. But rather an unusual weather pattern driven by volcano eruptions of Iceland and Greenland. Europe's populations also plummeted at the same time too.

Also there was no measles vaccine in the mid 1970s here in modern United states. But they are giving some primitive people, that could not pay - for any modern medicine; a measles vaccine in the 1960s. And I don't doubt that the Yanomami was not some delicate, never seen measles before either. Measles was I am sure endemic to the Yanomami like all the rest of the world.


Very interesting, Benedetta. I wonder too about the Yanomami and measles. We don't know if the report is true though about 1/2 of them being wiped out. The photo journalist's account also isn't dated. Wonder if they were vaccinated against measles before that happened, if it did. Also wonder what the other conditions were and if they were given vitamin A - now considered standard life saving treatment.

Re the population of Native Peoples on this continent when the conquerors arrived - I wonder how much of those accounts are to cover up genocide. Man has a habit of hiding his crimes in tall tales.


Birgit Calhoun and Linda;

There has been some serious archaeological digs taking place the last three decades.

A few years ago my son took a class, and they have discovered a great deal of what was going on prior to the 1400s.
For one thing; way before the Europeans even set foot in America, There were huge cities in Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio - mound builders, cultivating corn similar to South America. The population was huge.

They even found a burial of a chief in Missouri mounds that had buried with him a bunch of people, mostly young women who were killed at his death.

They have established that there was a drought, that brought these huge cities to an end, and brought an unstable environment that even reached and affected the nations of the eastern forest with war, thus devastating further the populations.
When the Europeans arrived in the 1600s the Native American populations had yet to fully recover. The Europeans had set foot on a land with a low population of people. Surprised! I was!

Another thing that a lot of people do not appreciate and that is there was a massive intermingling and marriages between the Native Americans and the Europeans. Not so much in the western areas I suppose, but very much so in the mid west, and mid south. If you look at the history of the massacre at a Fort in Alabama around 1812 the population that the Indians attacked were all mixed which pretty much described about all the population that was again on the rise called Americans.

The Cherokee nation was in fact, a few bunch of people sitting on a huge amount of land, while most of their children were mixed, and leaving. Some of my own forefathers were included in this. The Cherokee women that married white men, all took up the more European way of life.

I know that the last great Cherokee chief Joseph, I think he fought in the 1760s Indian wars, he too was half Scot and half Cherokee; he only had two children. He complained that the white man bred healthy children like rabbits while his only two, both were sickly. His daughter was - well it sounds to me a lot like autism - I don't know. His son had some kind of bone problem and was lame.

Yet, all around him; were mixed Europeans and Native Americans and they were breeding like rabbits healthy children. .

I would love to know what was really going on, in the environment with the ones that decided to stay together as a nation?
I have wondered if too many diseases had hit the Cherokee all at once, causing inflammation too.

But the Indian blankets with small pox did happen
Captain, William Trent, on June 24, 1763, dignitaries from the Delaware tribe met with Fort Pitt officials, warned them of "great numbers of Indians" coming to attack the fort, and pleaded with them to leave the fort while there was still time. The commander of the fort refused to abandon the fort. Instead, the British gave as gifts two blankets, one silk handkerchief and one linen from the smallpox hospital.

You know, what is a mystery to me is that the Yanomami has had centuries to come in contact with measles and has, you now it has. So it makes me really wonder what kind of measles virus was in those vaccines that was given in 1960s which made measles suddenly spread from the bulls eye of where the measles vaccines were first given.


Your comment prompted me to look further. Found this excellent history of people in the Americas before they were killed in the European led holocaust which exterminated most of them. Supposedly, there were 70-100 million people in the Americas before there lands were invaded 40-50 million in South America.

I know the official story about measles and other diseases wiping out a large portion of these populations. Seeing the history through the lens of the crime that took place and that there are credible accounts of deliberate transmission of smallpox to the Indians, I wonder how much of these measles cases were actually smallpox or measles and smallpox at the same time? I wonder how many of those deaths were actually from homicide? We're talking about the 15 and 1600's. It's not like we have medical and lab reports to go by. How do we really know what happened? Because, you know, autism has always been around too. The official story is not always true, especially when it's being told by the criminals.

I posted about what I found on the other site because I thought it was relevant to the whole picture, that these people at some point were vaccinated, not sure when in relation to the reported (ie anecdotal) deaths from measles, and their exposure to environmental toxins because of the stripping/encroaching of their lands by outsiders.

I don't really know the whole story, but it seems that man gives more thought to protecting and respecting animals in the wild than to respecting the rights of indigenous peoples to live their lives as they see fit without exploitation of their culture and without taking and stripping THEIR land.

Good article: http://www.dickshovel.com/500.html

History of infected blankets given to the natives: http://nativeamericannetroots.net/diary/252


Coincidentally, I was talking to my daughter about this tribe a day or two before your article and could not recall the name.  In my college class we referred to this tribe as the Yanomamo. 

However, I was talking to her about how quickly modern medicine changes your body (teeth).  This was a different tribe though that my dentist was telling me about years ago.  The study concluded it was the western diet destroying their teeth.  I thought otherwise ;OD 

You motivated me to find out what happened to the Yanomamo and I stumbled on the study my dentist was talking about:



It's a shame.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Teresa, I may be totally off-base, but do you know how childbirth is handled by the Yanomami? Are babies delivered by local midwives, or do mothers now go to hospitals to give birth? Midwives are less likely to use a surgical clamp on the umbilical cord immediately after birth.

I still think the protocol adopted in the mid 1980s to terminate placental blood-flow immediately after birth (immediate clamping of the umbilical cord) should be investigated as a factor in the increased prevalence of autism since the 1990s.

Birgit Calhoun

It is not exactly a secret that native Americans all over North America way back in the 1600s already died of the measles. The original population had never been exposed to it. So they had no protection against this disease. There were many other disease that were imported by the white invaders. That's not unique to the Yanomami. It certainly has nothing to do with vaccines because there were no vaccines in those days. So, let's leave that aside. What is more important is the use of mercury in extracting gold from the ore and it's toxic effect.

Joy B

"It is a religious conviction to proselytize."

That's exactly what it is, this is no different than the conquest of the Americas. Except this time it's every continent, archipelago, and island, and tiny favela on the planet.


Well, that is a very interesting twist, I did not see that coming! Surprise to me!

Teresa tied an early article she had written on a scientific study finding that hospitals using a mercury cleaner caused an increase in antibiotic resistant microbes, starting in the the 70s, and 80s in hospitals.

I have a doctor friend, and past school mate; who told me that the CDC further stroked my old professor's ego by giving him the task of working on these hospital antibiotic resistant strains. My ol'e professor; it bears repeating was subsidized by Merck, by giving him his own medical lab. All he had to do in return, was tell all the microbiology students, and nurses (so many nurses), that vaccines were totally safe, and those parents that said otherwise were all confused, pitiful ignorant things.

He was no doubt just one of many professors across the country that were preparing the way for the 1986 Congressional act, that we all know gave indemnity for the vaccine manufactures.

It has been 37 years since I have been out of college, and I will never ever get over that betrayal and deceit.

But the main thing here that Teresa found out; THERE ARE NO GOLD MINES AROUND the Yanomami, but there are vaccinations.

Same when it came to the people of the Appalachians which were given, after WWI; a three in one typhoid vaccine, every year, or every other year. The lay of the land and circumstances, at that time caused typhoid to be endemic in the area. In the Appalachians, they did not call it autism, or bipolar, or mental illness, or auto immunity; but lumped it all together as slow, backwards, lazy people.

The same will be said about the Yanomami in the future as they too must migrate to other areas or die because the hunter/gatherer society requires independent personalities, and fine motor skills. Many will migrate, but some will stay behind, and then the need for drugs will begin. Just as in the Appalachians which became the very first in the country to have pill mills, a major drug problem that rivaled any inter city slum. The Appalachians - became known as "Little Columbia".

Many on this website were eager to point out coal mining, like gold mining. Here too in the Appalachian it is a large area. There are not coal mines on every hill -coal mines are few and far between.

Maria Dominguez-Bello, even though she tells Teresa,the same old standard wore out theory on how safe and necessary are vaccines, she also unknowingly points to vaccines in her findings.

Maria Dominguez-Bello found in remote areas - far from gold mines antibiotic resistant strains in the gut microbiome, of a primitive and isolated tribe of people.

Again mercury causes antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. Mercury is in the vaccines, and even if not the mercury; vaccines by design stresses out the weaker strains of gut microbes, leaving the more sturdier resistant strains.

Maria can't see that; does not want to see that, too much riding on her career to see that.

But Teresa has caught it, found it, figured it out, written about it, it is on the internet for all to see that have eyes to see. God Bless you Teresa and good work.


I was curious to know about the sticks in her face. Found this compilation of photojournalist reports. A few interesting excerpts:

"The shaman is in a trance with both eyes shut. He is about
sixty years old and is the headman of the Hwayau village. During the construction of the Northern Perimeter Highway in 1976, the whole Wakathu River valley was infected with measles. A messenger had walked five days from Hwayau to the health outpost where Claudia Adujar was to request help. She and a health practitioner had to walk back to the village to assist as best they could. Half the people of the village died from the measles epidemic. The shaman, who was himself facing death, told her, “When I die everything will become dark, the night [death] will come like the wind or like the morning sun. I will be without defenses or power.” He noted that with the introduction of outside diseases,shamans were losing their power to cure people."

"Yanomami women often carry their children when they walk through
the forest. The women wear baskets on their backs for transporting items, and a child may sit on top of the basket. The child keeps in close bodily contact with the mother until breast-feeding is over, at around three years of age."



I also read Missing Microbes and shuddered when I read the author's blase comments regarding vaccination. Everyone being so smug about their precious vaccines need to read up on the history of medicine. There you will find "experts" who do not see the need for washing hands, who consider bleeding a patient (including those who have lost blood) a sound medical procedure, and had no issue with mercury as a medicinal. We know our history. Why are these so-called modern experts brain dead when it comes to vaccines?

Birgit Calhoun

Tetracycline is one treatment against malaria. So if mercury is around while tetracycline is used, there would be a synergistic effect. It might have even killed people in the process of treating them depending on how much there was at the time. The mercury connection, in my opinion, could be very significant. Of course, no mercury, no autism.


To add to my comment: From "Leukoctye transcript alterations in West-African girls following a booster vaccination with diptheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine" Scandinavian Journal of Clinical & Laboratory Investigation, 2013;73:349-354:

"...several studies suggest that DTP affects the mortality ratio between girls and boys [4-6], being associated with several fold higher female than male short-term mortality [6-10]. Also, DTP-vaccinated girls have higher mortality than DTP-unvaccinated girls."

"Another approach we used was to identify the top genetic networks being altered after vaccination. This showed, not unexpectedly, that inflammatory response was among the top five networks in six of the eight girls..."

"The immunological explanation for the nonspecific effects of vaccines is not known at present."
These scientists poisoned the Yanomami and altered their genetic expression and their microbiomes. What medical follow-up was given after these vaccines? Informed consent for this vaccination experiment would be impossible for these people to give. How many Yanomami were in the original research done to verify safety and efficacy of the vaccines they were given? None.

This is also a crime against all of humanity. What if it turns out that the cure for modern illnesses lies in the ancient microbiome that has been wiped out by antibiotics and vaccines in all but the Yanomami? And that the scientists just wiped out the last of those microbes, rendered them extinct via vaccination? They had no right to go in their and alter these people in any way. This was a great injustice for the Yanomami and for everyone else. These ignorant reckless scientists may have just endangered the whole planetary herd, for real.


Thanks Teresa. In the book, _Missing Microbes_ Martin Blaser describes how scientists were excited to find a remote tribe and took samples of their flora back to the laboratory. They were so thrilled to find people who were not contaminated by modern medicines. So what did they do? They had them vaccinated, of course. Can't leave them uncontaminated. It was a pretty good book until that point.

These people have been healthy, have thrived and done just fine for maybe thousands of years. What hubris for the scientists to think that the people wouldn't be able to survive any longer without the scientists' vaccines. Did the people voice intention to leave their enclave for the modern world? That was not my impression. This was scientists being intrusive, altering what they found. In the scientists' minds, it would have been negligence not to vaccinate. This is not science. It is a religious conviction to proselytize. They committed a crime against these people - and their microbiomes. The scientists have NO IDEA of what they did to them - or anyone else, with those concoctions that they call vaccines.

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