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Meet an Adult with Autism - "Ben Learns To Spell"

Smoke_Mirrors_ClipartJohn Stone has been writing about the media push to normalize autism and drum up increasing numbers of adults with the diagnosis.   While it's agreeable to go back in history and claim geniuses in science, arts and math as surely having had autism, it seems less palatable to claim the despots, blood thirsty rulers and murderers who also showed perseveration and  focus on a topic and goal.

Below, we introduce you to Ben, son of our Contributing Editor Dan Burns.  Ben is approaching 30 years of age.  Ben is an adult with autism.  We need to make dead sure that the Bens of the world and the Mias, Giannas and Bellas (my girls) are not just accepted for their autism, but safely and uniquely housed, employed and socialized in a way that respects their differences. There will be no high tech job for Ben. There will be no scientific breakthrough in the history books with his name.  Our job at Age of Autism is to educate readers on the autism epidemic. Not fantasies. Not media embraced smoke and mirrors that obscure the unreal hardship, struggle and disability so many of our families face. We love and adore our children, from tots to adults.    Is the world ready to work with Ben? With your child?    I hope this video brings you the same melancholy hope that it brought me. Thanks to Dan for letting us share. KIM



I am appreciating your great attempt to reveal the facts related to autism and it will be helpful to change the attitude and believes of the society towards autism. It is really touching and sad one. We can see how Ben is struggling to interact with others. All people are the part of society and inclusion of people with autism can create a better world. This blog really bring me a melancholy hope and thank you for Ben's family to share his video.

Angus Files

So hard but good to see the young man trying so hard..I see that and I have all the inspiration I need,



A sad and touching video. You can see how hard Ben is trying and the connection between him and his teacher.
But the neurodiverse advocates need to start realizing that this is what autism looks like for so many.
Thank you to Ben and his family for the video.

Dan Burns

Thanks again Kim. Your words are true.


I just read a magazine in Whole Foods put out by Dr. Andrew Weil on how to be healthy. In it he was plugging flu shots and the wondering why more people weren't getting the HPV vaccine. He only had reservations about Roundup. This "holistic" doctor really knows how to tow the line. He only questions what it is safe to question. All his meditation in Arizona has marvelously enlightened him. A question apparently appeared in the mist: Why aren't people getting more vaccines?

John Stone


That too.


Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Thank you, and thanks to the Burns family.


Why have we got these people doing he media rounds with their fairy stories?


Because the people who did this to our children, don't want to go to jail.

John Stone

Why have we got these people doing he media rounds with their fairy stories? How many books does the world really need about the magic of autism? The truth is there is no spontaneous demand. People like Silberman, Donvan and Zucker are a public relations exercise for an experiment with our children which went wrong. A little more than generation ago they weren't needed - now they are trying create a market. The market itself may be slow but you will certainly get invited to the best parties.

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