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Media & Public Health Reaction If Lead in Water was Handled Like Mercury in Vaccines

Drink up quicksilverBy Julie Obradovic

I’ve watched the Flint water crisis unfold like everyone else. To be sure, it’s horrific. The people responsible for causing and perpetuating the disaster deserve to be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. The victims deserve treatment and compensation. Most important, they deserve recognition and an apology.

As empathetic and outraged as I am, I can’t help feel like this issue is the perfect one to point out the utter hypocrisy and lunacy of the exact opposite reaction of our country to mercury in vaccines. For really, it’s quite simple their position:

Lead in water. Outrage! Mercury in vaccines. Fine!

CDC would lie about the safety of water? Of course, they would! CDC would lie about safety of mercury in vaccines? NEVER!

Apparently that’s where the CDC draws their moral line in the sand, we’ve determined. Water? Meh. Vaccines? No way!

Although sarcastic, the following would seriously be how the Flint water crisis would be framed if the lead had been discovered in vaccines instead. Or rather, how the world would respond to it if we considered water as sacred as vaccines.

Clearly, for whatever reason I can’t figure out, we don’t. Because as far as I can see, none of these things have happened to the folks involved in bringing this disaster to the world’s attention. In fact, it’s been the exact opposite.

If we treated lead in water like mercury in vaccines:

  1. Anyone who spoke out about his or her concerns regarding lead in water would be labeled “anti-water”. This label would follow them forever, used to discredit their position, discredit them personally, and come to be defined as “pro-death”. For water is life, its defenders would claim, and any criticism of water is the same as being against it. It would apply equally to all citizens, parents, scientists, journalists, and celebrities that voiced their concerns.
  2. These same “anti-water” people would be told they aren’t qualified to know what lead poisoning is, looks like, or what levels could be dangerous. If they didn’t specialize in toxicology or water safety, they have no credibility and can’t be taken seriously.
  • The same type of lead allowed in the water would have been banned from dog water, tree water, seed water, and contact lens solution for toxicity over two decades ago.
  • The Water Industrial Complex (WIC) would be given the funding and authority to determine if they in fact had done anything wrong. Then they would hold a secret meeting to discuss their internal findings; brainstorm how to handle them, and send the data off shore or destroy it so no one could replicate their work.
  • The CDC would admit they allowed for the WIC to accidentally triple the amount of lead in water, and that it is precisely then we saw an explosion in the symptoms of lead poisoning in those who got the water happened, but after years of self-investigation, would officially claim it a coincidence. They would then ask the IOM to confirm it who would then ask that no one over study the subject again.
  • Years would pass where the WIC would waiver, not really sure if lead in water is bad, but not really sure if it’s good either. Some of their studies would have found lead to be neuroprotective…it makes you smart, gives you good fine motor skills, and prevents autism. But some would have found it causes tics. They just don’t know. Eventually, within a decade, they would determine the former is the answer. It’s good for you. It’s safe. And it would turn out; leaving lead out of water is dangerous to the water program, and therefore all of us. Their oversight error was a blessing in disguise.
  • Victims of lead poisoning from their water would have to go to water court. The water industry got fed up with being solely liable for safe water in the 1980’s and demanded liability protection from the government. They got it. Now a tax is on all water bills to fund the court. If someone is hurt, he or she can ask the WIC to use their own science, studies, and lawyers to determine if he or she did get hurt, and in the rare case he or she won, pay himself damages. Also, if they did win, they would have to promise to never speak of it if they wanted their award. The case would be sealed.
  • In the same court, thousands of alleged victims of lead poisoning and toxic water would be grouped together in one big lawsuit. If all didn’t have it conclusively caused by toxic water, none would. Except one. She would be pulled out and compensated on the side. Only the WIC would say she didn’t have lead poisoning from water. She had an underlying condition that resulted in the features of lead poisoning after being exposed to the water, but she didn’t actually have lead poisoning and the water didn’t cause it.
  • Anyone compensated for lead poisoning from water would be considered acceptable collateral damage, for water saves lives. Some people have to die or get hurt so more can live. If that means a bunch of people get lead poisoning, children included, so be it. Furthermore, no family that loses a child to lead poisoning may be exempt from being forced to drink the same water the rest of their lives. Humanity trumps family.
  • As people started buying filters for their homes and/or not drinking water, a PR campaign would develop to shame them into compliance. First, the multi-million dollar inventor of a water system approved by the government for household use, who has no expertise in lead whatsoever, would write books about the safety of water and the dangerous people who say lead in water is bad. He would warn everyone against filters and alternative sources of water, claiming it unnecessary and dangerous.
  • The same campaign would start a hashtag called #watersaveslives. They would have billboards too. Victims of lead poisoning from water would be reminded everywhere they go they don’t matter.
  • People who presented with the symptoms of lead poisoning after drinking the toxic water would be told it’s a coincidence. Furthermore, they would be told they should not treat it and sent home with a prescription for behavioral therapy. It’s genetic, they’d be told, and something they simply didn’t notice before in their families. Around forever, they’d insist.
  • Parents who decided to treat it anyway would be accused of not loving their children, as they are, and dangerous fools who use snake oil.
  • Chelation would be written about in the media as dangerous, foolish, and unnecessary. The FDA would storm offices that used it to treat lead poisoned children and shut them down.
  • Children that got better through chelation would be said to have never had lead poisoning to begin with.
  • Hillary Clinton would tweet “The sky is blue. The earth is round. Water works. Give your kids water.”
  • The Obama Administration would ask the media to stop covering the story. At the same time, President Obama would give a state of the union address warning against the high levels of lead in the environment.
  • The WIC would convince the world the type of lead in water was not actually toxic in the amount present. They would also claim the dose made the poison (although they would never study what that dose actually is) and that actually; it’s the safe kind of lead we find in water.
  • After years of controversy, the WIC would pretend to have everyone’s best interest at heart and begin to phase the lead out. However, it would remain in the water of 50,000,000 households with pregnant women and children. Even so, we would constantly be told it was gone from the water supply.
  • A whistleblower from the CDC, one of the leading scientists on lead in water, would call the father of a lead poisoned child, admit he felt deeply ashamed of covering up the data that proved it causes damage, and share thousands of documents showing how and why the CDC did it. He would text a fellow doctor whose life had been ruined by the CDC’s lies to apologize. He would secure the leading whistleblower attorney in the country and tell Congress he wants to be subpoenaed. But nothing would happen. The media wouldn’t cover it. Everyone would dismiss it. Congress wouldn’t care.
  • All droughts would be blamed on “anti-water” conspiracy theorists, and every year, there would magically be another drought. Each time the media would pit angry parents worried about not having water against parents who have spoken out about its safety. The WIC would also be presented as the victim of the whole situation, these poor, dedicated water people just trying to do their jobs and save lives, and these irresponsible, conspiratorial water consumers who won’t let them.
  • As less people agreed to use the government’s water, legislation to remove the option to use it would sweep the nation. The powerful water lobby, particularly in democratic states, would win. No parent would have the right to choose to drink their water or not if they wanted any water. The water lobbyists would dance in the aisles of the capitol buildings when they won the vote, convinced they were saving lives. Yes, there is lead in water, they know. But it’s the safe lead. They’ve proven it. And they’re done dealing with people who disagree. You simply don’t have the right to distrust them, their science, or their water any more.

Every single one of those things has happened regarding mercury in vaccines.

This, is in spite of the fact mercury is a minimum of 500 times more neurotoxic than lead, the kind found in vaccines created in a chemistry lab for the expressed purpose of being MORE toxic that methyl mercury, proven by science to leave the blood faster and get trapped in the brain twice as much.

Regardless, it remains in “trace amounts” in vaccines to this day, and in full dose amounts in 50,000,000 flu shots now recommended for all pregnant women and children.

I can only hope I live long enough to watch our descendants shake their heads in confusion at how stupid we were, and at how this position, that lead in water was outrageous but mercury in vaccines was safe, simply defied logic.

Julie Obradovic is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism. Her book “An Unfortunate Coincidence: A mother’s life inside the autism controversy” is due this fall from Skyhorse publishing.



One thing I don't understand is -- why the mercury-in-vaccines and the mercury-in-'silver'-amalgam and the mercury-in-water groups do not band together. Join, coalesce, aggregate.

Mercury in all of those cases is causing BIG problems. In vaccines, injected is much worse than ingested. In amalgam, the fumes (and perhaps particles, over time) can go straight to the brain by way of olfactory nerves. And water . . . well, fish and plants that people eat, in addition to drinking the water or using it for cooking. And there must be environmental groups concerned about mercury in the air, from wildfires or volcanoes or industry.

Why not get groups together?


And John Oliver would say as a part of his rant, "although I don't live in Flint, I have driven to Flint, filled up jugs of Flint water and my premature baby will have all her formula mixed with 100% Flint water."

Joy Hoover

Bravo, outstanding article. I was wondering if you saw this article,which also connected some dots between water and vaccines for me.


Birgit Calhoun

Metals, mercury & aluminum are detrimental to the human body especially when injected but what people don't realize is it's not just the metals. It's the entire chemical construct. I understand that mercury & aluminum are dangerous but I've tossed it around that maybe the obvious is not the absolute cause. Maybe it's the other stuff that's more of the problem than the mercury. Many vaccines have had mercury removed yet children continue to suffer vaccine damage & death. The question is why?

After reading "Fear of the Invisible" and "The Vaccine Papers" by investigative journalist Janine Roberts, I realized that the entire product is contaminated:
The dangerous impurities of vaccines:

Mercury & Aluminum are being injected because they can't be completely removed from the final product but also being injected is HUMAN BIO-MATERIAL harvested from donors. Not only is DNA from humans in the vaccines-there is DNA from bovine,pig,chicken,insects not to forget aborted fetal cells etc. There is a chapter in "Fear of the Invisible" called Highly Contaminated Vaccines. Blow your mind.

From "Fear of the Invisible"
How 'Measles Virus' is isolated for a Vaccine.

Maybe it's not just mercury. If this vaccine formulation applies to all vaccines-it may not just be mercury, maybe children are also being damaged and dying because they are being poisoned.

Birgit Calhoun

By what I understand, ethyl-mercury is still used in the process of making non-live vaccines. The mercury is supposedly then taken out again to make the vaccine almost mercury-free. Is that still the case? By what I understand the mercury cannot be 100% removed. That's why the are still trace amounts in the final product. My question is how much adjuvant (e.g. aluminum) does it take to show that the vaccine causes a reaction. If my memory serves me correctly strange things have happened regarding adjuvants. Was it rabbits blood that was added? Can anyone enlighten me?

Birgit Calhoun

I have been looking for a list of pollutants found in the Flint water supply. I can't find it. Checking the map
displayed in Mother Jones, there has to be mercury in the water, too. The mercury would cause a synergistic effect with lead. Why is mercury left out of the equation when it comes to Flint water. There seems to be a concerted effort to keep the subject of mercury out of the news. Question is: Who is doing it?

Georg Elser

Laura, Gary
unfortunately , Indiana is not going so well . sb162

Gary Ogden

Magnificent piece of work! Thank you. I'm with Laura; I think 2016 will see the tide begin to turn. A lot of folks are pissed off with our government; this is why Trump and Bernie have done so well.

go Trump


Pediatric heavy metal toxicologists from CHOPs (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) have now been on site in Flint for several weeks.

They have just completed a telephone survey with over 300,000 phone calls made using digital phones attached to Google heavy metal databases. Some people were not home (those calls still count... )

The scientists found that Flint children who drank 4 glasses of water per day were just as smart as those who drank only three... IQ data will not be released....

The SCIENCE IS SETTLED, the "question has been asked and answered" there is nothing wrong with the Flint water supply.

In order to “not bias the data” the CHOPs research staff brought in there own drinking water from an outside source.

The Flint data will now be destroyed to “protect the children” of course.


This is why our strategy hitherto of yielding on vaccine efficacy has been so catastrophic.

People will grind up angels and inject them into their children so long as they believe that if it weren't for the smallpox vaccine they would be dead and if not for the polio vaccine they would be crippled.

Vaccines are, as you say, sacred. The only way to properly defeat them is to destroy the illusion that they actually work.

Because the schedule is so daunting for so many parents, these parents are far more susceptible to arguments against vaccine efficacy than they would have been a few decades ago. Nonetheless, if you don't argue against their efficacy, the overwhelming majority of the parents will just grit their teeth and run the gauntlet (or to be precise, make their kids run it).

And they will expect our kids to do the same.


Julie, that's an awesome article; very well done.

Ronald Kostoff


"and repealing the Act that never should have been initiated, much less passed into law, the egregious 1986 NCVIA."

Only one of many. Congress passed the 1996 Telecommunications Act, which I encountered recently when opposing a proposed cell tower. The Act does not allow health issues to be a criterion in the decision to construct or not construct a cell tower. This, despite numerous studies that have shown that people who live closer to cell towers have a higher incidence of cancer (and many other health problems).

And, I came across one I hadn't encountered previously a few days ago. How many of you have heard of the Warner Amendment (see appended)? It is a Congressional Act that removes liability from government contractors who participated in nuclear bomb tests that exposed hundreds of thousands of people to potentially harmful radiation.

I suspect the 1986 Vaccine Act is only one of many that protects the perpetrators who have caused, and are still causing, damage to our health. Until these 'Laws' are removed from the books, there will be little incentive for those who value profits over ethics to change their behavior.


"Abstract: Hundreds of thousands of American soldiers and civilians
were exposed to radiation during atmospheric tests of atomic bombs
between 1946 and 1963. An undetermined number of them are now ill
or dead from diseases traceable to that exposure. In the early 1980s,
some of the soldiers and civilians, or their survivors, brought damage
suits against the private contractors that had helped the United States
government carry out the tests. In 1984, Congress interfered with the
judicial process by passing the Warner Amendment, which retroactively
provided sovereign immunity to the contractors and required dismissal
of the suits. Professor Fletcher shows that the Warner Amendment was
passed for the specific purpose of requiring dismissal of the suits,
thereby protecting the government and its contractors from the legal
consequences of acts long since completed. Professor Fletcher then
argues that the Warner Amendment's intrusion into the judicial process
violates the Separation of Powers.

This is a story of irresponsibility, deceit, and betrayal. It begins
shortly after World War II, in 1946, when the United States tested two
atomic bombs at Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands. The atmospheric
testing of atomic weapons went on intermittently for the next
seventeen years, both in the Pacific and in Nevada. The last American
atmospheric testing was performed in 1963 at the Nevada Test Site
northwest of Las Vegas. During this testing, hundreds of thousands of
active duty servicemen were exposed to significant doses of radiation.'
Over one hundred thousand more civilians downwind from the
Nevada tests were exposed to significant radiation. An undetermined
number of those people are now ill or dead from radiation-induced
diseases traceable to that exposure.

The United States government is immune from suit by those who
were soldiers at the time of their exposure under the sovereign immunity-
based doctrine of Feres v. United States, and is significantly protected
against suits by exposed civilians under the sovereign immunity-based
"discretionary function" exception to the Federal Tort Claims
Act. But the government has been significantly assisted in performing
these tests by a number of private contractors that did not have the
sovereign immunity-based defenses of the government. Those contractors
include Lawrence Livermore Laboratory and Los Alamos
Laboratory, both run by the University of California; Sandia Laboratory,
a subsidiary of American Telephone and Telegraph; and Reynolds
Electrical and Engineering Company. The government and the
contractors early recognized that the contractors might be sued for
their actions during the testing program. They therefore entered into
indemnification contracts under which the United States would reimburse
the contractors for any attorneys' fees and any judgments
against them in suits arising out of the atomic weapons testing.

Beginning in the early 1980s, a number of lawsuits were filed against
these private contractors. Rather than defend the suits on the merits-
by arguing, for example, that they had acted properly given what
was known about radiation at the time of the tests, or that the illness
and death had not been caused by radiation-the contractors, assisted
by the Reagan Administration, sought help from the Congress.

Their first attempt was rebuffed when, after hearings, a subcommittee
of the House Judiciary Committee found that the statute they sought
would be unconstitutional. The next year, Senator Warner of Virginia,
at the request of the administration, introduced the statute as a
rider to the defense appropriation bill. It passed without hearing or
publicity, and was signed into law by President Reagan in 1984."

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you! So very well-written.

The more I consider the way the global corporate military empire promotes and protects so many other weapon-like financial ventures...I think we're either pretty lucky that lead is on the public radar as a threat, thanks I guess to persistent and brave researcher(s), or there was something about the vaporization of lead into the air that was hard to stomach by the powerful.

Vaccination allows them to directly violate a baby's internal and otherwise fairly well-shielded systems (I guess the risk of toxic individuals excreting some of that poison into the sewer doesn't outweigh the benefits of bolstering several pharmaceutical lines as well as the opportunity to maybe acquire more resources from unhealthy, unenergetic, maybe less intelligent, and rather defenseless individuals) and it comes with possibly the most potent selling tactic (GERMS!!!! TAKE COVER!!!) and it's promoted by a tri-vector propaganda program from professional areas we seem to desperately want to trust (doctors, teachers, governors) starting as as early and as impressionable an age as possible ... I hope more learn from this water episode how corrupt and captured the culture is (and consider how healthy we are not despite their advice--and not just swallow suggestions that the current state of health in the country is some inevitable function of defective from birth or conception genetics)...otherwise, lead might by making a huge comeback...

Laura Hayes

Wow...thank you, Georg, for such a kind compliment :)

Our ranks are growing in strength and numbers...may 2016 be the year we finally hit the tipping point to turn this ship around, stop the vaccine holocaust in its tracks, help the millions of vaccine victims, and hold the many perpetrators accountable for their crimes against humanity, both monetarily, AND more importantly, with STIFF prison sentences.

As many of you have probably read or heard today in the news, Obama is going to ask Congress for $1.8 BILLION to fight the Zika virus (which is not even likely to be the cause of the birth defects being seen in Brazil...more likely are the vaccines the pregnant women received in combination with the toxic levels of pesticides used in Brazil). Autism now affects, at minimum, 1 in 45 U.S. children, yet Obama does NOTHING to address or stop the Autism CRISIS plaguing our country. He is a disgrace and should be held fully accountable with all the rest for his part in allowing the autism epidemic, along with other vaccine-induced epidemics, to not only continue, but to proliferate.

For Georg


Yes, Laura is a hero but it doesn't assist anything if you make disparaging or offensive remarks about others. It is just divisive and obnoxious.


The country had been warned about corporate rape of the country, government overreach & corruption by Presidents Eisenhower & Kennedy. Snyder is just a pawn doing exactly what he was trained to do just like a little monkey. He knew about the water problems and with his installment of "city managers" which removed elected official from many cities in Michigan-there may be more water contaminated countries yet to be discovered. Two presidents saw this coming yet you can't warn people that the American dream that has been embedded in their consciousness for decades via very slick government propaganda is actually a nightmare that just goes on and on and on.

Presidents warning.

Pharma is a huge part of the military industrial complex with all their test sites for biological weapons and the fact that military personnel are guinea pigs for any new drug/vaccine that they want to test.

On at least one occasion, President Eisenhower was heard to say by those in the room, “God help this country when somebody sits at this desk who doesn’t know as much about the military as I do.”
-Eisenhower Farewell Address -- Military Industrial Complex
President Eisenhower's transcribed text

"My fellow Americans: This evening I come to you with a message of leave-taking and farewell, and to share a few final thoughts with you, my countrymen. We have been compelled to create a permanent armaments industry of vast proportions. Three and a half million men and women are directly engaged in the defense establishment. The total influence, economic, political, even spiritual, is felt in every city, every state-house, every office of the federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. … In the councils of government we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence whether
sought of unsought by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes."


- "President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech" & "Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex"

Despite the deceleration that Michigan has some of the cleanest water in the country-it has always been toxic because it's fluoridated. Fluoride, as you know was used in WW1 to make prisoners docile and compliant. Ingesting fluoride does nothing for tooth decay and it has proven to be toxic yet other than it is a way for some corporate entity to rid itself of slough off from one of their chemical processes, it contributes greatly to the deterioration of brain cells and IMHO and has contributed to the intellectual decline of children in the US. Military personnel get a dose of it because it is in some vaccines & drugs.

This goes beyond the inept government stooges that were patting themselves on the back thinking they were pulling a fast one on the people in Flint, this goes directly back to corporate America, the US government in it's various forms and higher. The country was warned and Americans - in all states, should not waste their anxieties and fears on ISIS or other terrorist groups because they are distractions from what's happening right in front of their eyes.


Such a great article! Applies not only to mercury in vaccines, but to vaccine safety issues in general.

Georg Elser

Laura Hayes
its heroes like YOU that have brought this about :

another state doesn't dare !
California obviously isn't going well for them .
Long live the vaccine resistance .

Laura Hayes

Spot on and fabulously written, Julie, per your usual. Will definitely be sharing this far and wide, including with my willfully ignorant and/or corrupt elected representatives, who have yet to properly represent citizens with regard to immediately stopping this manmade vaccine holocaust, banning vaccine mandates, fully restoring individual and parental rights with regard to medical decision making, and repealing the Act that never should have been initiated, much less passed into law, the egregious 1986 NCVIA.

What a different world it would be had our elected officials immediately halted the vaccine program which was injuring and killing many versus indemnifying those doing the harming and killing via vaccination. So painful to think about all that didn't ever have to happen. If only concern for our nation's children had ruled the day, versus protecting and increasing the profits of the vaccine a very different world it would be today.

Aimee Doyle

Bob - I agree with you that the federal oversight of vaccines in general, and mercury in particular, has been abysmal. Federal accountability is certainly lacking for many environmental disasters.

However, I also place a lot of blame on our elected officials - elected Governor Snyder turned a deaf ear to the lead crisis in Flint (and ducked a subpoena for a Congressional hearing); elected president George W. Bush promised to get mercury out of vaccines (crickets); and our elected congressional representatives have consistently failed to hold hearings on the CDC whistleblower matter. Yet these individuals often get re-elected. Perhaps the people need to put more pressure on their elected representatives. But I know that when I've contacted my senators and congresspeople on this issue (or pretty much any issue, for that matter) - I don't get a response. Perhaps if I were in a position to contribute to their campaigns...

And I place a lion's share of the blame on Big Pharma, which has managed to co-opt many of the federal agencies responsible for oversight. How many federal bureaucrats have ended up with lucrative Big Pharma jobs?

Not only does Big Pharma make the vaccines and market the vaccines and control the journalism surrounding vaccines, Big Pharma was also responsible for strong-arming the elected Congress into providing absolute liability for vaccine injury and for persuading elected officials to make vaccines mandatory. And of course, Big Pharma donates generously to both political parties, helping pro-Pharma politicians get elected and re-elected.

Bob Moffit

Julie writes: "... Some people have to die or get hurt so more can live. If that means a bunch of people get lead poisoning, children included, so be it"

Isn't that more or less the same callous disregard for children as was that majority Supreme Court decision that defined vaccines as "unavoidably unsafe"? Using that same logic .. the Supreme Court .. as Julie suggests .. would probably decide that "water" is "unavoidably unsafe".. therefore no reason to demand those who FAIL to provide citizens "clean, safe drinking water" be held responsible for the damage done to the people they CARELESSLY DAMAGED.

Unfortunately .. we are no longer a country that is governed by the "people" .. we are a country that is governed by unelected, unaccountable .. well-entrenched federal bureaucrats .. that rule over us knowing they will NEVER be held accountable for the damage they do.

Julie mentioned the lead contamination in Flint Michigan .. which is just the latest in a growing number of federal regulatory failures .. such as .. the CDC sending Anthrax samples through the mail .. or .. the investigation by the Dept of Interior that found the EPA was SOLEY responsible for a toxic spill .. containing arsenic, mercury, lead and other contaminants that flowed into the Animas River .. eventually contaminating rivers in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and the Navajo Nation in August 2015. Thousands of drinking water wells as far as 100 miles away, created a "man-made" disaster.

These disasters are "man-made" .. their main "cause" is sheer bureaucratic .. irresponsible .. carelessness .. and .. they have become common .. because .. NO ONE is held accountable for the damage these federal bureaucrats do .. NO ONE.

Unfortunately .. our next President will have no option except to rely on those very same well-entrenched federal bureaucrats .. and .. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT MUST BE CHANGED IN OUR COUNTRY.


Dear Ms. Obradovic:

"Clearly, for whatever reason I can’t figure out, we don’t. Because as far as I can see, none of these things have happened to the folks involved in bringing this disaster to the world’s attention. In fact, it’s been the exact opposite."

The pHarma/industrial complex is a behind the scenes player dominating the ACIP. That is why the messaging from the vaccine complex is always so consistent, across the country.

Vaccines policy has been usurped by unaccountable, secret military think tanks, which in turn are dominated by PHarma.

Including HPV vaccine on the latest CDC recommended list is going to be a hard sell. That vaccine, above all others, is dangerous, useless, and coming under increased scrutiny in US and abroad. It seems the vaccine fascists are getting arrogant. We the people are being coerced, forced, and conditioned to just shut up and take the damn vaccines. If you question, you are on "the List." Expect a visit from flinty eyed government types questioning your patriotism and competence. Vaccine McCarthyism. There are 662 unvaccinated lids in your school system, and they have a list.

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