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Adult Autism Data Fabrication in the United Kingdom Part 1

Happy Autism Day!

GroundhogdayWelcome to Autism Awareness Day! Yes, February 2nd is the one and true day that sums up the state of research, funding, government action, media skew and general American "huh?"

Yes indeed.

6 more weeks.

6 more months.

6 more years.

6 more decades.

And how many more kids? 

See the shadow?  It's gigantic and dark.



"As of January 29, of the 4,180 reported cases just 270 have been confirmed as microcephaly, and 462 have been thrown out.

Of the confirmed cases, only six have so far been linked to Zika. SIX".

See more here: http://www.vox.com/2016/2/2/10898436/confirmed-zika-virus-microcephaly-cases


Shouldn't microcephaly and lead poisoning be considered contraindication for vaccination?


I noticed, too, how quickly the Zika virus was a global emergency. I also read it could be the DTap vaccine, or maybe Bill Gates genetically modified mosquitos. This is the first time I heard there was just 270 cases not 4000, so it's probably hyping a new vaccine.

I'm trying to remember a book that I read in the late 80s or 90s on autism. It was my first awareness of the word autism. I think the parents were Californians, although the mother was Japanese. It was a shocking book because it gave a very detailed description of how difficult it was for this mother to handle her son. I also got the impression from the book that it was a California phenomena. Anyway, that was my first awareness of autism. When my daughter became chronically ill I didn't think of the word spectrum. At that time there was no "spectrum" except the color spectrum, it was like phrase vaccine injury is today. If you said the word spectrum in relation to disease you were somehow ignorant. There also was no such thing as minimal brain swelling. Brains swelled like in a serious recognized disease or they didn't. What was once this tiny dot on a big screen now encompasses the whole thing--unfortunately.


Only 270 confirmed cases of microcephaly with the 'suspected' Zika virus now a global health emergency...



Yes, Happy Autism Day!

And for those paying attention, it took WHO just a few months to declare the Zika virus a global health emergency, even though Brazilian health officials are reporting only 270 confirmed cases of microcephaly, not 4000, and WHO themselves conceding that the link is not scientifically established. Again, the Zika virus is a global health emergency with the cases and cause still in doubt.

And autism?!

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