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Dachel Media Update: Wisconsin Bill Would Prevent Vaccine Opt-out For Children

Online newsFeb 15, 2016, The (WI) Badger Herald: Bill would prevent child vaccination opt-outs for personal reasons

...Stephanie Schauer, Wisconsin Department of Health Services immunization program director, said vaccines are one of the most effective ways to prevent against diseases.

“Vaccines are among the safest ways to go ahead and prevent disease,” Schauer said. “Vaccines undergo very rigorous testing before licensure, as well as afterwards to make sure that they continue to remain safe.”

But Shane Ellison, who holds a master’s degree in organic chemistry, said in his blog that parents should not vaccinate their kids because vaccinations can lead to autism, seizures and nerve damage.

Schauer, however, said these sorts of claims are not scientifically supported. There have been some smaller studies that linked vaccinations to things like autism, Schauer said, but when the science behind these studies was investigated those claims were proven to be false.

This is a bill from a Democrat in the state assembly. With Republicans in charge, it's probably not going to go anywhere, it's evidence that the push to end exemptions is relentless. Notice the acknowledgement that there is research showing a link to autism, but those were "smaller studies," and they were "proven to be false."

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



Highly recommend watching the documentary "Trace Amounts", available on Amazon Prime and elsewhere. The cover up by the CDC of the link between vaccines (in particular those containing thimerosal) and autism as well as other auto-immune diseases is criminal. I don't know how any parent would vaccinate their children knowing this information

John Stone

As stated by US government officials on separate occasions to Sharyl Attkisson and David Kirby:

"The government has never compensated, nor has it ever been ordered to compensate, any case based on a determination that autism was actually caused by vaccines. We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures."

Schauer might like to contempate this. ("Nothing to see here folks, move along please")

Jenny Allan

From above:- "Notice the acknowledgement that there is research showing a link to autism, but those were "smaller studies," and they were "proven to be false."
Almost certainly a reference to the Wakefield et al 1998 Lancet paper, "Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children "
Volume 351, Number 9103 28 February 1998 A J Wakefield, S H Murch, A Anthony, J Linnell, D M Casson, M Malik, M Berelowitz, A P Dhillon, M A Thomson, P Harvey, A Valentine, S E Davies, J A Walker-Smith

The paper was an 'early report' on 12 children with a then 'novel' neurological and bowel condition, reported by their parents, (not so 'novel' now!) The paper asks for more research and states the report does not prove any link between MMR vaccine and autism. There's no question of any 'false' or 'fraudulent' claims, only possible hypotheses, which were prevented from being researched. The paper was retracted following the GMC 'guilty' verdicts on co-authors Dr Wakefield and Professors Walker-Smith and Murch, but two years after the GMC verdicts Prof Walker-Smith was completely exonerated in the English High Court,Feb 2012. The GMC hearing lasted 3 years and cost an estimated £8million. High Court Judge, Lord Justice Mitting, took less than 4 days to quash the GMC verdict on Prof Walker-Smith, with some damning comments about the GMC's 'superficial and inadequate' and often just plain 'wrong' examining of the evidence supplied by 'attack dog' Murdoch Times journalist Brian Deer. Deer was also permitted to publish his 'evidence' against Dr Wakefield and his co-authors, even whilst the GMC hearing was taking place. In a REAL UK court this would have been treated as criminal contempt of court. Following Prof W-S's exoneration, the GMC so called 'courts' ceased to exist, and a good thing too.

The hideously conflicted Wakefield/Murch/Walker-Smith hearing, made a mockery of both UK justice and 'due process'. Sadly, Dr Wakefield could not afford a High Court Appeal, and Professor Murch, who was permitted to keep his licence to practice medicine, being junior to Prof W-S, has had to live with the 'guilty' smear. I hope this talented and compassionate clinician, who treated my grandson for his bowel problems, has not had his career blighted by this outrage. The GMC is financed by UK doctors and surgeons, who are obliged to register and pay an annual fee. I would be very interested to know if any public, and or pharma cash, subsidised the GMC 3 year hearing against the 3 doctors. There's no question the then UK Labour Government, led by then Health Minister John Reid, put pressure on the GMC to prosecute Dr Wakefield and his colleagues in order to 'protect' the MMR vaccine.

In the US, Deer's fanciful claims about Wakefield fraud, have been accepted as 'gospel truth'. Even the complete exoneration of Professor Walker-Smith in a REAL UK High Court, was dismissed as 'we let off' the Prof on account of his age, as if the nasty little Deer, with NO scientific or medical qualifications whatsoever, was 'best buddies' with the Judge. If Deer had an ounce of compassion, he would never have been complicit in this distinguished physician, being dragged through a three year GMC hearing, seven years after he retired from his clinical position at the Royal Free. Professor Walker-Smith described the stainless steel surroundings as a 'torture chamber' and the 3 year GMC hearing as an 'inquisition'.

These days, Dr Wakefield is seldom referred to by name in published US articles. Instead , oblique references to ‘false’ and ‘fraud’ are bandied about. Dr Wakefield, hounded out of his Royal Free Research position and his country, has resided in the US for 14 years, and is now very active within the autism community, concentrating on media information. His research findings have been replicated in several countries, and an autism-bowel link is now accepted by so called 'mainstream' medicine. A recent Emily Willingham Forbes article, ridiculously blaming Dr Wakefield for the lack of research into autism bowel disorders in the 18 intervening years, got a letter from Dr Wakefield's lawyers, resulting in a very grudging Forbes retraction.

As for Brian Deer, he has plainly become an embarrassment to those pharma sponsored pro vaccine propagandists, although now, more than 11 years after Deer's first Times article, Deer is still banging out the same old slanderous rubbish on his website, and any other news or internet outlet prepared to provide him with a platform.


…said in his blog that parents should not vaccinate their kids because vaccinations can lead to autism, seizures and nerve damage.

Schauer, however, said these sorts of claims are not scientifically supported.

If we ruled out everything that wasn't "scientifically supported"… then no-one would have ever lined up for a vaccine.

Bob Moffit

"This is a bill from a Democrat in the state assembly. With Republicans in charge, it's probably not going to go anywhere, it's evidence that the push to end exemptions is relentless"

We ought not be surprised the "push to end exemptions is relentless" .. as that relentless push is the direct result of the 2015 updated National Vaccine Adult Immunization Plan "strategic plan" .. that established a "wide-ranging cabal of stakeholders" .. working in unison to achieve their goal of increasing adult immunizations by the year 2020.

First objective .. remove all exemption options so adults will not have the opportunity to exercise them when the time comes for adults to "roll up their sleeves".

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