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Dachel Media Update: Pope Francis Administers Polio Vaccine

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Thank you, Cathy Jameson, for alerting me to this story. 

KTVU TV in San Francisco said the pope gave the boy a vaccine and a hug.  I hope he also said a prayer so that this child wouldn't have a reaction to the vaccine he gave him.  What better proof could there be that vaccines are safe for every child?  The Pope endorses them!

Beyond that, as a Catholic and the mother of two vaccine-injured children, this leaves me speechless.  From the various accounts in the news, it seems that Pope Francis helped launch a vaccine campaign against polio.  The Pope also visited a children's cancer ward.  I wonder if he thought about why so many children today have cancer and a host of other life-threatening conditions.  Did he ask why their immune systems are so weak? 

Is there a chilling connection between the little boy getting the polio vaccine and the 15-year-old cancer patient who sang "Ave Maria" for him? 

(And Ken Stoller, MD, just informed me that "the oral polio vaccine ... uses aborted fetal cell lines. "There is just a global lack of understanding of what is in vaccines and how they actually work or don't work as the case may be.")

Pope Francis gives a vaccine to a boy held by Mexico's first lady Angelica Rivera during a visit to the Federico Gomez Children's Hospital (CNS)

Feb 16, 2016, Catholic Herald: Pope Francis visits Mexico City children’s hospital

 Hospital staff asked Pope Francis to help them launch a polio vaccine campaign, which he did with the willing cooperation of five-year-old Rodrigo Lopez Miranda. The Pontiff administered medicine to the boy, who then climbed into the Pope’s arms for a hug.

Feb 15, 2016, KTVU San Francisco: Pope Francis gives medicine to young patient

According to the report, he helped launch a polio vaccine campaign at the hospital.  He gave a 5-year-old the vaccine and a hug.

Feb 15, 2016, Religion News Service: Pope administers 'kindness therapy' at Mexican children's hospital

He even administered a polio vaccine to a young patient called Rodrigo, and was serenaded with a version of “Ave Maria” sung by 15-year-old cancer patient, Alexia Garduno.

Feb 14, 2016, National Catholic Reporter: Francis ends Sunday visiting children in hospital

Francis arrived at the Federico Gomez pediatric hospital at about 5 p.m. local time, almost 30 minutes ahead of schedule. He was greeted by Mexican First Lady Angelica Rivera, who introduced him to many of the children.

After visiting with 38 children one-by-one in an oncology ward -- kissing, hugging, and handing each child a rosary -- the pope made brief remarks on the need to express gratitude and give blessing to others.

...Following his remarks, Francis again went around meeting children one-by-one. In one memorable moment, he took five-year-old Rodrigo Lopez Miranda in his arms and helped a doctor administer some medicine on the child's tongue.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



Anita Donnelly

Let's all write to the pope and our local priests and bishops and tell them our stories. It is not fair to expect people to know what we didn't know. I vaccinated my son. I wasn't evil I was trusting. I only heard one side of the story.


With all respect, I would not be basing this article in what the mainstream media shows, specifically KTVU TV in San Francisco.
I am the parent of a vaccine injured boy. Thanks to prayer (lots of prayer) and bio-medical treatment, my son recovered. I will spend the rest of my life educating people about the risk of vaccination, but I learned that not everybody shares my point of view. Most people are against forced vaccination, however, those who have not experienced what I did, still administrate at least a few vaccines to their kids, included with these vaccines is usually the polio vaccine, and that does not make them bad parents. I do not expect Pope Francis to know every single detail on the situation that I live in California with forced vaccination, (how could I, after all he is from Argentina and they probably do not vaccinate as much).I could not find information on Catholic media about what kind of medicine Pope Francis administrated to that kid. I found the original video from the Vatican site. First the picture has taken at a cancer hospital. I noticed the speech of Pope was not about vaccines, but about helping the sick, keep hope, and praying. One can see the Mexican First Lady bringing the first girl to be blessed, and behind the Pope there is the man in a lab coat, getting close and giving a “No” signal with his hand, to the photographers. Immediately the First Lady takes Pope Francis to another kid and says something to him, the nurse brings the oral vaccine (which is the common form of Polio vaccine in Latin American countries). Pope Francis does not makes any public comment about vaccines, nor based his visit on vaccines. Immediately that vaccine was given to Pope Francis, there you have the man in the lab coat, and other man in a suit running behind him, and all the shots were taken. It appears to me the Pope is being set up. That is how mainstream media works. Please help me to work on damage control, and let people know that Pope Francis is NOT promoting vaccines. Please check minute 21 on the follow link


Faith only in God, never in men.


Interesting times. The Pope supports vaccination AND contraception:

“Avoiding pregnancy is not an absolute evil,” Francis said. “In certain cases, as in this one, as in the one that I mentioned of Blessed [Pope] Paul VI [who condoned contraception for nuns in a special circumstance], it was clear. I would also urge doctors to do their utmost to find vaccines against these mosquitoes that carry this disease.”

This after administering a vaccine himself.

Reading Is Fundamental
The Catholic Church once had principles when it came to aborted fetal cell products---no more I guess.

The principles have been set out in detail by the Pontificial Academy for Life.


It's amazing to me how the promoters of vaccines have managed to capture every single area of life. I'm not Catholic but I have become an irregular attendee in my own church because I sense that it is a mouthpiece to counter criticism of the government. The Catholic Church once had principles when it came to aborted fetal cell products---no more I guess. There are churches left that defy the vaccine mandate crowd and they are looking more and more attractive to me. How could a religion that places the "Truth" at the center of its creed fail so miserably when standing with the Truth.

This one is entertaining.

Hans Litten

I was born a catholic , and practiced much of my life , and I have always seen some good in it .
I think the Kenyan Catholic church can be proud of itself.
And Sister Peroza of the phillipines also .

But beyond that the RC church and the Pope is a disgrace for they certainly know for sure the carnage vaccines are causing (a perfect example is the Gardasil situation in Ireland where the church is blatantly silent).
And Ireland again the historical scandal of the nuns selling children for vaccine experimentation to the England based Wellcome Burroughs in the 1930's

Reading Is Fundamental

For completeness, the WHO prequalified OPV manufacturers:

Bharat Biotech (India): "primary monkey kidney cells" (PMKC)
BioFarma (Indonesia): PMKC
Haffkine (India): PMKC
GSK (Belgium): Insert not supplied (see below)
Sanofi (France): Vero [PMKC]
Serum Institute of India: PMKC

GSK's not-uploaded insert elsewhere indicates that it is indeed propagated in MRC-5 cells. The question therefore becomes the actual suppliers.

Reading Is Fundamental

In addition to my comment still in moderation, I'll note that the WHO provides a convenient manufacturer search function.


From the various accounts in the news, it seems that Pope Francis helped launch a vaccine campaign against polio.


I thought vaccines had already eradicated polio???

Reading Is Fundamental
Ken Stoller, MD, just informed me that "the oral polio vaccine ... uses aborted fetal cell lines. "There is just a global lack of understanding of what is in vaccines and how they actually work or don't work as the case may be."

Sanofi's OPV is propagated on Vero cells, not human ones.


They don't cover vaccinology in seminary school. Certainly nothing about about SV40.

Come to think of it, they don't study vaccinology in medical school either.

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