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Dachel Media Update: Assault at Special Needs School

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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Feb 1, 2016, Boston Globe: Five charged with assault at special needs school

Jan 31, 2015, Foreign Policy Journal: Truth in Media: CDC, Vaccines & Autism

Jan 29, 2015, Fox26 Houston: Alief mom protests unauthorized immunization of 11-year-old son

Nov 5, 2015 The Jewish Chronicle:  Altered attitudes can open worlds By Steve Silberman

Boston Globe

Four men and a woman were arrested in connection with an investigation into allegations of physical and emotional abuse of students at Eagleton School, a private special needs school for boys and young men in Great Barrington.

...The Eagleton School is a residential school for students aged 9 to 22 who have autism, Asperger syndrome, and other cognitive disabilities. It is on 40 acres in the Berkshire Mountains.

I have no words for stories like these.  Imagine what will happen when hundreds of thousands of autistic adults are in residential care in the coming years. 

Foreign Policy Journal

This is a documented case of massive corruption within the CDC and an attempt to change research, protocols and ultimately hide their own findings.

 The video is being circulated.

Fox26 Houston

This Houston mom is upset because her 11 year old son was given three vaccines at school without her permission on Jan 21. One was the shot for HPV.  The other two were ones he'd already received.  The reporter ended the story saying,

"We're glad to report, no negative health impact."  That's hardly proof of anything since this happened only a week and a half ago.  One might ask why vaccines are being given at school in the first place.

The Jewish Chronicle

...It soon became clear that the mysterious rise in diagnoses was not restricted to California, where I live. The same thing was happening all over the world.

To put the rising numbers in context, I familiarised myself with the basic time-line of autism history, learning the story of how this baffling condition was first discovered in 1943 by a child psychiatrist named Leo Kanner, who noticed that 11 of his young patients seemed to inhabit private worlds, ignoring the people around them. They could amuse themselves for hours with little rituals like spinning pot lids on the floor, but they were panicked by the smallest changes in their environments, such as a chair or favourite toy being moved from its usual place without their knowledge. Some of these children were unable to speak, while others only repeated things they heard said around them or spoke of themselves detachedly in the third person.

...As the mainstream world had a long argument about vaccines, newly diagnosed adults were engaged in a very different conversation about the difficulties of navigating and surviving in a world not built for them. By sharing the stories of their lives, they discovered that many of the challenges they face daily are not "symptoms" of their autism, but hardships imposed by a society that refuses to make basic accommodations for people with cognitive disabilities as it does for people with physical disabilities such as blindness and deafness.

A seemingly simple question began to formulate in my mind: After 70 years of research on autism, why do we still seem to know so little about it? To find the answer, I decided to start my research at the very beginning, even before Kanner's and Asperger's allegedly independent discoveries of autism in the 1940s. By taking nothing for granted, I learned that the standard time-line of autism history - its creation myth, so to speak - is fundamentally flawed in ways that render autistic people in previous generations harder to see.

...Though the spectrum model of autism and the concept of neurodiversity are widely believed to be products of our postmodern world, they turn out to be very old ideas, proposed by Hans Asperger in his first public lecture on autism in 1938.

The idea of neurodiversity has inspired the creation of a rapidly growing civil-rights movement based on the simple idea that the most astute interpreters of autistic behaviour are autistic people themselves rather than their parents or doctors.

I found this story from a couple of months ago.  Silberman again blames society for being distracted with the vaccine controversy while refusing "to make basic accommodations for people with cognitive disabilities..."  It seems that all the greater awareness has not been followed up with compassionate care and concern like we have for people with physical disabilities.  We should all be asking how that could possibly be true. 


Anna Quandt

Hi Anne. I just watched the Ben Swann video and picked up on something the rest of you probably already know.
The CDC data showed a higher prevalence of "isolated" autism when the MMR WAS given early. Isolated means autism without other conditions. So for example the MMR could cause autism in children who do not have an underlying mitochondrial disorder. Doesn't this create problems for the vaccine court ruling that Hannah Poling only reacted to the vaccine because of her previously acquired mitochondrial disorder. Am I reading this right?


I think perhaps there is a typo? Are the January articles supposed to be from 2016? Not trying to be a stickler, just not wanting "posterity" to be jeopardized.



After 70 years of research, why do we still know so little?

I believe this explains why:
We all know about the over hyped meme "conspiracy theory". We all have a basic understanding of it. George Carlin understood another type of conspiracy: the Tacit Conspiracy. In a Tacit Conspiracy, the conspirators don't need to actually talk with one another to agree upon a course of action (conspiracy); they understand what needs to be done and how to go about implementing it. They've been at this game for over half a century and they're almost always on the same page.

A lot of nuts-and-bolts stuff gets done on an ongoing basis, and the Collective can act in their mutual interests (which is the opposite of ours!). It was decided upon by talking a long time ago; no need to muck things up by saying what might be overhears or read by outsiders.

This describes most of the Tribes (the 'Chosen Ones')actions. You don't have to get together and plan the destruction of people morals, just put degenerates in charge of things like politics, MSM outlets-movies, music, theater, hospitals, clinics, research labs, schools and so on. Has anyone noticed in the entertainment area how the lines of consciousness have become blurred the last decade? I watched the last 15 minutes of a new TV show call "Lucifer" where the devil is on vacation BUT in his endeavors to live among humanity he is having a crises of consciousness and faith to his Dad. Now, I don't believe in the devil, I believe people do bad things because they chose to for many reasons. That being said there are millions who profess to judo-chirstiasim and I can see where this can move the line for them. Cause confusion, distractions and motivate them to accept things in life that are not in the best interest of themselves or humanity. Look at the movies "Outbreak" or "Contagion" with plots that present viruses that can only be contained and eliminated via a VACCINE that the government provides. To protect its citizens martial law is declared to "control" hysteria. "Homeland" designed to make people comfortable with the government in their lives. All of these things are designed as Herd Brainwashing via mass media.

Why is so little known after 70 years of research-That's not even the right question.

I find it interesting that the number of years in this article, 70, is the same number of years that the now new terror Zika virus has actually been studied and researched-70 years with no documentation of any birth defects. That information also is being suppressed and covered up. Tacit Conspiracy.

Birgit Calhoun

"Society" is not being distracted regarding the autism epidemic. In my opinion, "society" is still lacking enough interest to even wonder what autism is. I think the neuro-diversity group is partly to blame for this lack of interest because this group makes the general population believe that everything is fine. Why worry when with therapy and acceptance everyone will be fine.

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