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AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

As someone who believes there is an autism epidemic and that excessive vaccination is the cause (see Bernie Rimland), I was sorry to see Rand Paul leave the presidential race this week. His less-government philosophy would clearly translate into more power to the parents, including the power to be more selective about which vaccines the government gets to give their children, and when.

I had a chance to tell him a few weeks ago that, based on 10 years of research as a trained observer (aka journalist), I have no doubt that vaccination is the main cause of our current autism catastrophe. He listened respectfully and said that, while pro vaccine, he didn’t consider “the science is settled” to be a fitting motto in any field of study. (I started my comments by saying “I’m a Democrat,” and still he listened!) I believe as president he would take steps that would finally get to the heart of the autism epidemic. And that would be a big deal.

It’s also worth remembering that few people who run for president win the first time out. Stay tuned.

So now we have Donald Trump (and Ben Carson, but I’m going to take a minor risk and count him out). If you are for Trump, I’m jealous, because the only thing I do like about him is the fact he has said, more than once, that the current vaccine schedule of too many, too soon, is behind the autism epidemic (see Rimland, again). While Rand came by his views philosophically, Trump’s basis appears to be anecdotal and “gut.” Either is fine if it gets us out of this nightmare.

Would Trump conveniently drop these concerns if elected because they really are not deeply seated in a governing philosophy, because he doesn’t have one? In other words, would we all get fooled again (remember, Bush II was gonna git that thimerosal outta there.) Well, Jimmy Carter said the other day that Trump would be “malleable” as president because he doesn’t really believe in anything (whereas Cruz does, and not to Carter’s liking). And that, he said, made Trump the better choice (although when Lindsay Graham, a truly likeable candidate I really couldn’t disagree with more, said the choice between the two was like being poisoned or shot, I had to laugh).

My own hunch? Trump would stick with this position, because another word for “anecdotal” is personal, and he says he’s seen this happen to his own employees. (And he's not getting pharma money.) People who’ve seen the shot, illness, regression sequence happen, or believe those who do, and who don’t have some financial or professional reason to cravenly pretend not to see or believe those who do, drink less Kool-Aid at the CDC-NIH-AAP water fountains.

To me the issue comes down to this: Would Trump as president cause more damage to the world than eight years of someone who has swallowed the vaccine theology (say, the rest of the Republican field to the best of my knowledge, or any given Democrat including Hillary or Bernie? When they fight over who’s more progressive, all I can think is which one will want to give more shots).

Short of nuclear war (Cruz said the other day that Trump might nuke Denmark, a strange place to obliterate unless the fact it’s a social democracy makes it the most threatening place on the globe), I doubt it’s possible to do more damage. Seriously, a few hundred million more kids around the world getting mercury-containing shots, and Lord knows what Zika and Ebola and autism-preventing vaccines get cooked up in the meantime, strikes me as about as bad an outcome as I can imagine.

What bothers me is not that someone might disagree with me on how this plays out politically, because I’m still in the middle of trying to make sense of it myself, but that some in the vaccine advocacy world seem to dismiss Trump (and did dismiss Paul) out of hand because they aren't to their political liking. I find that to be intellectually inconsistent; one has to engage the issue of autism causation, and who can stop it and treat it and face up to it, if one is serious about believing that vaccine policy as presently constituted is an urgent public health crisis.

On Facebook recently there was a thread started by a Bernie supporter. Since this person (I don’t run other people’s comments or names from Facebook since it’s kind of a private space) shares my views on autism and vaccines, and since others chimed in to support Bernie, I posted these comments:

‪Dan Omsted‪ as far as i know Bernie is your typical progressive vaccine advocate. isn't that an issue to consider? especially when there is a candidate (trump) who seems to fully back vaccine safety concerns. not just our country but the world is being harmed by that. it might be more harm than anything trump could wreak. (and i say this as a progressive!)..

do we just set aside vaccine safety as an issue altogether?

… i certainly respect others' voting preferences. The problem for reliable Democratic progressives like me is that, since the last election, the Democrats have really emerged as the party of mandates (California) and suppression (Sebelius trying to shut up the vaccine debate), and the Republican-libertarian-freedom folks have been our allies. Vaccine injury, along with the personal devastation, is making us less competitive and costing us billions and soon trillions in extra health care costs. how is this anything we want to perpetuate?


So that was my two cents. What’s yours, fellow AOAers, on the eve of the first actual voting primary of the 2016 election?


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.


Ronald Kostoff


"how long can the lie hold up under the growing disease and economic burden"

If the 'lie' were in danger of being exposed to, or opposed by, large numbers of people, one would expect some indicators of change or incipient turnaround to have appeared by now. How long have vaccines been around, especially in the numbers and combinations provided now? Decades? There exists sufficient evidence that they are problematical, at least to some segments of the population. And, what has been the response? Why, more mandates passed, more vaccines added to the schedule, more vaccines in the pipeline, and more efforts to get the remaining global population vaccinated. Not exactly the indicators of an operation in trouble!

How long have wireless communications been around, especially in the ubiquitous forms we see now? Decades? There exists sufficient evidence that they are problematical, in fact, more than sufficient evidence. And, what has been the response? Exponential increase in cell phones, cordless phones, WiFi, cell towers, smart meters, and proposals to instrument and track every activity imaginable. Again, not exactly the indicators of an operation in trouble.

Given the latencies before which serious effects appear in vaccinations and wireless radiation (and the potential for even cross-generational effects), and in many of the other 800+ foundational causes identified in my book, we may have already done irreversible damage to our global health from these causes. The more damaged we become as individuals, the less energy and motivation we will have to oppose these socially-accepted assaults on our health. We are in a downward spiral, and I see no evidence of reversing the trend. Given the potential synergies from the above toxic stimuli, I see evidence of accelerating the downward spiral!

Linda1, if you disagree with my assessment, tell me your strategic plan for reversing, or even halting, this downward spiral.


Trump has made several general comments but has not come up with any plan of action regarding autism and vaccines, the right to make choices on vaccines, or vaccine program reform. I have absolutely no confidence in him, and he has not said enough about vaccines or autism to outweigh his huge faults as a candidate which would be even worse faults as a president.


Bernie is a socialist. That is the scary - really scary.
"In the Goodness of the Heart of our Government Do We Trust"

How did that work out for us so far, cause we have a socialist medical system right now.
It has not worked out for my own family?
I spent the night last night, praying to God for some help, some knowledge on what to do next.

For heaven sakes, I could have told ya' all 8 years ago what one candidate meant by - we will have to do more research on the subject of vaccines and that hardly made an autism president! That one candidate would not even campaign in one large region of the country that produced coal. He talked about the people of that one region of the country with pure hate, disdain, and contempt. If we turned it around on him, or any other part of the nation then the whole nation would have come out holier that thou, and condemned forever right on the news about the attitude that had been displayed. But since it was Eastern Kentucky -- well it was okay!

As for the presidential campaign promise about more more research -- Though I did not know it at the time, I have long since suspected they threw data they did not like in garbage cans.

Now that the election has turned to New Hampshire; I see they have a drug problem. That pillars of the community are burying their children every day. All of the candidates are telling those folk about their experiences with drugs in their own families, and their plans to help.

Haaaaa,haaaaa, haaaaaa -- that is exactly what Mitch McConnell and Hal Rogers has run on for years here in my section of the country. OHHHH, the campaign promises; that they have given us for the last three decades. We started out with the attitude that we will put them all in jail, well the jails are filled up and over flowing. We thought we will give tons of money for helicopters and law enforcement, so they can catch me in my night gown; out in the garden getting a tomato as they fly by over head, Then it was, We need to give more money toward treatment - oh, yes --. LOL, Just like in education the people at the top of these programs have deep pockets for that money to fill. Not only that but all the local places for treatment are just meeting places for these druggies to find out about other kinds of drugs, and networking where to get same such drugs. The only thing that has helped is to spend 10,000 to 15,000 dollars to send the druggies out of state and away -- some of the wealthier families have sent their brain damaged love ones more than once out of state, and spent the amount mentioned previously two or three times; till broke.

Which gets me to the NEW York Times article about if you live in Eastern Kentucky with the poverty, and drug problem - just move out.

So, now the New York Times article needs to write another article on how those in New Hampshire needs to just move out of that state/region too. I mean to be fair!

Where is the drug problem coming from: At first the (vaccine injured) with inflammation or mitochondria disorder goes to the doctor for their severe muscle aches and stomach aches. The doctors - are -- well were prescribing lots of man-made poppy seed stuff. It has been suggested that we stop making it and start buying the natural stuff out of Afghanistan thus breaking the drug lords (aka Taliban) influence in that region. I digress -- the patients then become hooked on prescription medications.

The medical heads have come down on the local doctors hard, making local doctors scared and stop prescribing said man-made poppy seeds. So to the pain clinic these with inflammation problems do go. Pain clinics are really pill mills.

On top of that; with the aches of the body there are mental issues. All drug addiction by the way is considered a mental illness. Anxiety and depression are both linked to the endocrine system which comes from the hypothalamus -which seems to be the target of vaccines.

Body pains and not really thinking clearly; equals, a drug epidemic of Biblical proportions.

Oh, and my cousin likes the meth because it pushes - his bipolar into mania, and he feels like God. So, he says. Out of prison again for the second time this past November. Staying with his 80 year old Mother and is too sick to drive a truck; his trade.

I voting for Trump. If he has enough sense to figure out the vaccine issue then he is smart enough to figure out the rest of the nation's problems.

We learn until we die; right?

It is called second Corinthians, not two. He has learned that, and after that the sky is the limit.


Good points Dan. What can be worse than the state of child health in the past 8 years? Bernie and Hillary supporters might want to ask themselves: what about my body, my choice.


Dr. Kostoff,
I agree except how long can the lie hold up under the growing disease and economic burden? At some point something's got to give somewhere.

tony bateson

I asked a retired chemist in the UK the other day to advise me and perhaps to help with a bit of chemistry set type research in a line of enquiry I am following about autism. I felt it was necessary to alert him to potential adverse reaction from pharma in the event the research demonstrated anything useful. He took flight at the very slightest risk of being 'blacklisted' and I don't expect to see him again. Now add to that almost every doctor, researcher, university principal, industry executive, mainstream editor, most reporters, journalists, now add again civil servants, legislators and anyone remotely close to the field and there's the bind we are in. Like Dan I think I am fairly observant and I have seen with my own eyes the overwhelming evidence that jabs have harmed these kids. The only and so far as I can see the single most used answer, even from otherwise eminent researchers is that 'association is not causation'. Rubbish, when association is virtually absolute it is probable that it is the only causation.
Tony Bateson, Oxford UK


What will be the Democratic ticket ? Most young people seem to like Bernie, so do we get Hillary / Bernie VP or Bernie / Hillary VP ???

We seem to have enough Capitalism at the moment in the USA. 99% of the growth in wealth has been for the top 2% over the last 30 years. Why would anyone want to mess up that system ? Most “wealth is created” by big banks taking newly printed money and passing it out to their friends.

The elite also owns the entire news media, except for AoA and similar sites with those trying to provide the truth. The American news media survives on drug money and political ads. The Republican National Committee spent $25,000 in ads for every vote Jeb Bush received in Iowa.

We have a private health care system that claims to be the best in the world, send them a few thousand a month to secure your $5,000 deductible and they will cover the rest of your family’s problems.

Each year, about 10,000 children die on the day of their birth, (they don’t count as SIDS) ... 3,500 SIDS deaths from 2-4 months .... 4,000 asthma deaths.... 130 new Autism cases every day... but hell, we don’t have children dying of the measles... even though the measles vaccine virus is trashing up the GI tract of millions of children.

Ronald Kostoff


Choice of Presidential candidate will make very little difference on an explosive issue such as vaccine safety (or wireless communications safety, or......). There needs to be a 'critical mass' of members of Congress, members of State legislatures, State Executives, and, most of all, the voting public, who support a particular issue before a President would be willing to move forward. That 'critical mass' does not exist for vaccines, wireless communications, and many other similar foundational causes mentioned in my book. It did exist for smoking (there were more non-smokers than smokers), and, after many decades of non-action at the highest levels, eventually resulted in some ameliorative action on smoking. At this point in time, there is no way that Trump or Sanders or Paul will go out on a limb to oppose the present vaccine trends. A few off-hand statements during a debate is completely irrelevant; they have zero to gain politically by even raising the vaccine issue, much less opposing any degree of vaccination.


I would be for Sanders if not for his statements about vaccines. It is good to hear that you have been sharing your informed views to his supporters. I hate to say it, but I am a little concerned about his age though. On the one hand, I believe that it is a tremendous benefit because of all the wisdom and knowledge he has attained, but I wonder if at 73 he will have the enormous energy that seems to be required for the job, especially to battle daily with all the political adversaries deliberately lobbing drama, obstacles and threats. It could be that he's so seasoned that he could deal with it all, but I'm not so sure. These are tough and determined adversaries.

Realistically though, I have come to firmly believe that our elections are predetermined or at least heavily manipulated. I'm just waiting to see who has been chosen to carry out the agenda. If Sanders gets in, I'll be shocked. If he does, I believe they have ways of dealing with someone who is resistant.

By "they", I mean the people who really run this country.


Trump certainly has his faults, but I don't think he's a warmonger. (If anything, he's rather too friendly toward Putin.) However, though the vaccine safety issue is terribly important, there's also a related and still larger issue: will a few oligarchs end up owning everything and everyone, and will they call all the shots (pun intended)? Right now 40% of all campaign contributions come from Wall Street, up from 5% eight years ago. Add in the pharma contributions, and you probably have a majority. The only two candidates who aren't taking this money and who are challenging the corruption are Trump and Sanders.

Yes, if Trump were president, Congress and the media would still be bought and paid for. But he could veto federal vaccine mandates. He could expose blatant corruption in the CDC. He could use his bully pulpit to bust open debate about vaccines and autism. And the media would have to report all that. They would slam him in their editorials, of course, but who believes anything the media says? And everything we know about Trump suggests that he would counterpunch relentlessly. We could do worse. And maybe Sanders will swing over to our side, though I think Trump has a far better chance of winning his party's nomination.

Maurine Meleck

Being a lifetime Democrat in the past, I no longer see much relevance in differentiating the two parties anymore. I was solidly a Rand Paul fan this time around. So waht does that leave me with? Not much really.To pit Trumps stance on vaccines against his stance on war and world domination is a conundrum. If we are involded in more wars(and the possibility of a nuclear one) then vaccine choice won't make much difference. So, I guess Bernie Sanders is my choice by default.Not much of a choice, really. His beliefs on vaccines are scary for sure. But then we know what has happened with promises in the past, starting with loser John McCain. I think I'll move to Denmark.

Dan E. Burns

The most important consequences of the next election cycle, in my view, will be the unforeseen ones. I'll vote with my heart.

Bob Moffit

I am supporting Trump for one reason only .. having amassed his own personal fortune .. Trump is not one of THEM.

By THEM .. I mean the well-entrenched "establishment" of BOTH .. Democrat as well as Republican parties .. that has silently witnessed autism explode from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 45 .. and .. BOTH .. "progressives as well as conservatives" .. have done absolutely nothing .. apparently terrified of the political consequences should EITHER political party actually challenge the powerful pharmaceutical industry and morally bankrupt public health bureaucries .. by asking "common sense" questions .. seeking "common sense" research .. that will identify the "cause" of the damage being done for this generation as well as future generations.


Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

The other issue to consider is how much any President would be able to achieve when both Houses have adopted a contrary stance. The lack of response to documented research fraud by the CDC shows just how big the obstacles are, and Representatives as a whole will be unable to change their position for as long as they are dependent on pharmaceutical contributions.

At the heart of the autism issue is the funding of medical research which is not controlled directly by the President.


RFK Jr. has endorsed Bernie. I think it's unlikely that the vaccine/autism subject wasn't raised in their conversations. Bernie is anti big PHARMA and uncorrupted. While his supporting vaccine safety concerns before the election would be political suicide, I believe (hope) he would take on the subject if elected. For me, Trump is just too scary.

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