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A Taste of Their Own Medicine

Your_rightsBy Dara Berger

I recently learned from the Autism Action Network’s email alert that Senator Dinowitz of NYC got another sponsor to his horrible bill A8329 that would eliminate our right to a religious exemption for vaccines.  I have so many problems with this bill that it’s really hard to know where to start.  First and foremost, it is a violation of our constitutional rights.  Then there is the issue of aborted fetal cells in the vaccines that I told the Senator’s assistant when I called to express my opposition towards the bill.  Next I told this person that there is DNA from other animals that are used to cure the vaccines.  This also goes against my religious beliefs to inject a body with another animals DNA.  Truthfully it also goes against my medical and health beliefs, ethics, and common sense.  Where did the insanity begin and when will it end?

I think it will end when doctors say enough!  The problem is they won’t for the worst reason ever….money!  Most doctors make money off vaccines, well visits and special vaccine visits for those offices that allow the parents of the child to spread them out.  Another reason that I can actually be sympathetic towards is that doctors who do speak out against so many vaccines have their medical license threatened.  We live in a culture that refuses to allow a doctor to be a doctor and use good judgment for his or her patients.  We need a very large group of doctors to band together and speak out in unison.  This could help change things.  Unfortunately the only way this may happen is if doctors were forced to be vaccinated the way nurses are made to.  In most hospitals, nurses are required to get a flu shot or they have to wear a surgical mask while they work for roughly six months out of the year.  Most find this to be a form of punishment letting their colleagues around them know that they refused the vaccination.  This seems to be a violation of privacy as well.  And second, if you don’t have the damn flu then you can’t pass the flu to another person.  Hence, there is no need for a mask.  I really believe that people who defiantly defend vaccines have no idea how poor their arguments can be.  For instance, a child is automatically quarantined if they go to an emergency room and nurses learn that the child is not fully vaccinated.  Now it doesn’t matter if they are there for a possible broken arm.  But an adult can go to the same hospital and will not be quarantined.  It’s again some form of asinine punishment to mistreat that family.  Nothing else about it makes sense!  Why can a child spread disease but an adult can’t?

So back to the doctors getting vaccinated.  Why are only nurses required to get vaccinated.  The doctors come just as close to patients, poking and prodding them too!  OB’s are all supposed to get the rubella shot, since it is an extremely dangerous disease for a pregnant woman to get.  Most OB’s don’t do it and of course there is nobody enforcing it.  Nobody is making them wear a mask for six months out of the year.  Where is the logic and fairness?

I think doctors need to get the full vaccination schedule if they are going to treat children in a pediatric practice.  No seriously, I don’t really think anyone should be forced to get vaccinated under any circumstance.  But if we are going to use “their” logic that nurses can pass illness then why can’t doctors?  I feel that a lot more doctors would speak out if they were being forced to get vaccinated in order to go to work.  I can’t imagine that nurses have not raised this point and I wish to god that I could hear the asinine response they must have got.  

People get driven by fear and money when it comes to vaccines.  The people making money off vaccines create the necessity in people by fear.  I find it is the same thing with preventative mastectomies.  When Angelina Jolie made headlines last year with her very public story about removing her breasts to prevent breast cancer, I felt very sorry for her.  What it made me thing about is the parallel to vaccines, except she wasn’t exactly forced to do it.  Although she may have been feared into it.  So if one person gets breast cancer, does that mean everyone should cut off their breasts as a form of prevention?  I know this seems a little far fetched that this could ever happen, since breast cancer has not proven to be contagious.  But did you ever think a 17 year old teenager would be kidnapped from her parents and forced to take chemotherapy or some psychotropic drug against their will?  We are losing our freedom especially health choice at an alarming rate.  I worry a lot about what the next year will hold for us.  Will the NY senators be irresponsible and downright criminal in their actions by taking away the religious exemption?  Will someone with a cancer diagnosis get locked up in a hospital as a prisoner with no choice but mainstream medical options?  Will a woman be forced to cut off her own breasts if she has the BRCA genes?  Where does the fine line begin and where the hell does it end?  

I always keep one card in the back of my head that I can take my newly updated passports and trade this god forsaken country that should not be called the land of the free anymore and catch a plane or boat to somewhere else.

For now, I will fight the good fight but I would be lying if I said that all this stuff doesn’t disturb me on a daily basis.  I read an article recently by James Lyons-Weiler, PhD that pretty neatly summed it up by saying that Big Pharma is our new government. They write their own laws and pay senators to sponsor and submit them.  They think it’s perfectly fine to strip our god given rights to govern our own bodies and that of our children.  

The only thing that can be done is to all get involved.  Don’t assume that others will call when you get John Gilmore’s Autism Action email alerts like the one he sent out the other day.  All our voices must be heard!

Laws need to be changed to protect our most vulnerable children.  Maybe some of us should run for office.  Doctors need to be held accountable and should not force or coerce patients into vaccinating.  

Recently my pediatricians office started making parents who don’t vaccinate or vaccinate on an alternative schedule sign the AAP’s vaccine refusal form that seems somewhat innocent on first glance.  But it’s anything but innocent.  The document can be found here.  A nurse usually signs with the doctor making it a legally binding contract, since there is a witness.  In the document, you basically admit that you know you are putting your child at risk by not following the childhood vaccination schedule set forth by the CDC.  I did not sign it and basically told my doctor’s office where they could stick it.  I don’t plan to ever go back to that pediatrician’s office again.  That doctor did not have our back and I don’t think he appreciated when I told him just that.  I am glad I let him know that I was appalled that he sat with his back to us while his nurse tried to coerce us into signing that disgusting piece of paper.  It’s sad that I used to think highly of this pediatrician.  A few weeks later, I found out that document has been used to take people’s children away from them, since officials can use it as an admission of neglect.

I wish the doctors would start being forced to take their own medicine, so they could see just how bad it tastes.  This would probably turn things around pretty quickly!  Although we shouldn’t need them to be forced in order to get them to do something. They are supposed to listen to their patients.  We need them to do their job and stand up for their patients and first do no harm!

I have a dream that one day they will all wake up and realize that this is their duty in order to protect the children and save mankind from it’s ultimate destruction.  

Dara Berger is currently enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s program to become a certified Holistic Health Coach.  She is a also a documentary filmmaker that started her own production company in 2003 to produce documentary projects on important topics such as mental health issues.  Dara has also volunteered her time extensively over the last six years to the National Autism Association NY Metro Chapter helping to plan events that support and educate families in the community.  



@Barry My husband is a doctor and we have probably 50 doctor friends. They all get all the vaccines for themselves AND their families. 1) they do not know they are harmful and 2) they actually are required for them to work within a health system or hospital. And yes, absolutely they are checked. There are people whose only job in a hospital is to prepare the hospital for inspections (like JCAHO) and part of that is making sure that employees are up to date with vaccines and TB tests. I am sure you are aware that a quality measurement is that they need to have 92% of the employees receiving an annual flu shot for medicare reimbursement. That includes doctors. If they don't get the flu shot (or don't go to great lengths to get an exemption, which is an identical process to the nurses) then they get fired or they stop their pay (that is the email my husband receives "get your flu shot by x date or else we will stop your pay") I'm not sure where Dara gets her info that doctors don't get vaccines but I can tell you from first hand experience that they are required to get them, just as nurses are. A couple years ago, my husband got messages from his hospital that he was due for a tdap. So yeah, they keep track.


Umm doctors are required to be up to date on all of their vaccinations!!! I'm not even sure what else to say because while I clearly agree with you on mandatory vaccinations, you are completely wrong that they don't get shots including frequent tdap boosters and the annual flu vaccine!! Yes doctors!


Being required to do something, and actually doing it, are two completely different things.

Unless you've got something to prove her wrong, I'm going to believe Dara when she says that doctors aren't vaccinating themselves.


Umm doctors are required to be up to date on all of their vaccinations!!! I'm not even sure what else to say because while I clearly agree with you on mandatory vaccinations, you are completely wrong that they don't get shots including frequent tdap boosters and the annual flu vaccine!! Yes doctors!


Yes, the world absolutely cannot exist successfully without senators, congressmen, doctors, and vaccine developers, therefore it is in the interest of the greater good that it be made mandatory that they be fully vaccinated according to the CDC schedule the day they take their oaths or obtain their degrees, that they be the first to receive experimental vaccines in epidemic situations and/or the first to be vaccinated when a new vaccine comes on the market. Their role in international relations and international supply chains must also be protected such that it should be mandated that they also receive vaccines required in other countries even if those disease risks to not occur in the United States. To avoid the perception of favoritism, they must be vaccinated in public, by publicly-chosen, randomly selected vaccine administration professionals, from vials procured from randomly selected pharmacists and suppliers.

What state should we start with? Or should we start with a federal bill?


I am not sure about doctors not vaccinating themselves. I have a college friend that made a doctor. Her husband is a doctor too.
He was worried about her, he said. Every time they move to a new practice - which they have several times; they test to see if they have immunity for the Hep B. Even though she has had two series of Hep Bs that would be 6 shots -she is not showing she has any immunity.

And the reactions when they do occur are not obvious, people are not really looking for them. Sudden bowel changes, or developing diabetes, or a thyroid ?

What does a vaccine reaction look like?
Even the doctors don't really know; now do they.

Gary Ogden

Thank you, Dara. My sentiments precisely. I don't recall where I saw it, probably right here a couple of months ago, but a study was recently done concerning the transmissibility of influenza, among cohabitants, both between spouses and between unrelated people. The results? Influenza is almost impossible to transmit among people in close proximity. Thus, requiring nurses or anyone else to wear a mask in a hospital is pointless. It is likely that those who catch a flu-like illness (only a small percentage of which are caused by the influenza virus) are those with weakened immune systems or poor nutritional status. Our government is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pharma, and ALEC has been working stealthily at the state level throughout the land to reel all of us in as customers. Disgusting.


Great writing! So drs. don't vaccinate themselves. How typical: Don't do what I do, do as I say.


Just make politicians and policy-makers be vaccinated by going to a randomly selected clinic so they can't cheat and have them and their family members vaccinated in public. Since vaccines are so safe, they can have a ton of shots at once. There, problem solved, since they won't put themselves in that position. If they won't do it, then the rest of us shouldn't either.


Allopathic, conventional doctors in American have long ago abandoned science and health for profit. Sadly, I don't think there is going to be any help coming from that community of people.

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