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Levi Quackenboss Notes Lack of Prevention or Treatment in Clinton's Autism Plan

Hillary_clinton_puzzleImagine a diagnosis, disease, disability, choose your word, that had increased steadily over two decades, whose severity created entirely new schools and public school classrooms, precipitated special accommodations at movie theaters, theme parks, Broadway theatres, bankrupted families, stressed social security, lead to murder suicide, abuse, increased drowning statistics and more.  Call it autism spectrum disorder.   And now, ignore causation and treatment in favor of --  what? We continue to look at Hillary Clinton's autism plan - as reviewed below by blogger Levi Quackenboss.  While we commend her for putting autism on the political platform, in a nutshell, Clinton remains (Grand)mum on both causation and prevention. A shame.  But American medicine is about making and keeping customers, why should autism differ?


Yesterday Hillary Clinton’s campaign launched what sounded like a compassionate plan for increased autism screening and health insurance coverage for medical establishment-sanctioned autism services.

Sounds so warm and fuzzy, right?  Autism Speaks rejoiced.  Almost makes one forget this not-so-compassionate tweet 11 months ago:

Clinton tweet

Just kidding.  We’d never forget that tweet, Hillary.

Hillary says she’s going to call for the first-ever study of the prevalence of adults with autism. Awesome news all around, right?

Wait, what? Why exactly would we pay for this?  Is this a veiled attempt to discredit the fact that we’re in a mothereffin’ epidemic of autism in this country?  To try to prove that the skyrocketing, terrifying autism rates are solely the result of better diagnosis?  Will Hillary show once and for all that we’ve always had these rates of autism, but “back then” parents just gave their kids up to an institution?

Let me save you about a billion dollars, Hill, and send you over to Dr. Joe Pivan, who has made it his life’s work to find the “missing generation” of elderly autistics.  He spent three years looking for institutionalized adults with autism over the age of 50 and finally found 19 of them.  19.  In three years.  Compare this to the 130,000 children diagnosed with autism each year in the US and tell me if your idea to prove that there is no epidemic sounds like a good use of taxpayer money.  Hint:  it’s not.

But here’s what would be!  The first ever comprehensive study of the health and incidence of autism and autoimmune disease of vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated children.  In fact, you can just join Representative Bill Posey’s bandwagon and send all of that cash to the Vaccine Safety Study Act that’s been in limbo for, like, ever.

Hillary also said that she’s concerned that “People with autism are unemployed at a much higher rate” and wants to create a work program to close that “employment gap.”

Hillary.  Seriously.  Wake the hell up.  It’s not an employment gap.  It’s a human rights gap.  It’s a greater good gap.  It’s a head-in-the-ground gap.  It’s a government coverup gap.  Where did you learn about autistics?  The quirky kid on Parenthood who lives on ice cream and Skittles and won the race to be class president?

While I don’t doubt that there are high-functioning autistics who are looking for work and not getting hired, if you are of the belief that
Asperger’s belongs on the spectrum then Silicon Valley is full of the highest functioning autistics gainfully employed as computer programmers and mathematicians.

Reality is that a large segment of autistic people cannot and will not ever be able to hold a job because they are critically ill.  Their bowels, which house the vast majority of our immune systems, are wrecked in dozens of ways. 25% of autistics are completely non-verbal even after years of intervention.  Estimates say that up to 38% have epilepsy.  The parents of autistic kids that I know are far more worried about their kids living to the age of 18, especially with the 100% increased chance of death by drowning after escaping the house, than they are about their kids getting a good job after high school.

Read more here.


British Autism Mother

Re the link between Parkinson's and autism ..... In the mid 90s there was an American (Californian?) study that found grandfathers with Parkinson's Disease (PD) were more likely to have a grandchild somewhere on the autism spectrum. There was a second (unrelated?) study about ten years later that found the same situation. Could someone with access to medical research papers please help me and others by posting the links. My apologies and belated thanks to someone who did this for me on this site a few years ago.

Being a keen gardener and also sometime gardening teacher, my late father had considerable exposure to pesticides (especially Aldrin/Alldrin TM). He also had a mouthful of amalgam fillings. He had the first flu vaccine in the late 60s/early 70s and swore "never again" because he felt so ill. He died at only 73 with Parkinson's Disease as a secondary cause of death - in itself unusual because you normally die 'with' PD rather than 'of' it.

Maybe the extensive use of pesticides in California, New Jersey and elsewhere is part of the oh-so-elusive jigsaw puzzle of autism spectrum disorders.

Now, I must look again at the Flint, Michigan water supply problems. Anyone out there should be looking at the Wikipedia article (for starters) about the British Government cover-up of the accidental aluminium (aluminum) poisoning of the water supply in Camelford, Cornwall, UK back in the 70s/80s.


John, I read your article(s), and my brain, heart and soul can only take so much abuse. These people are as evil as they come.


Madeleine Boisvert
Please no.

Madeleine Boisvert

I clicked on the link for "finally found 19 of them" and read "Autism's Lost Generation". What interested me most in all this was near the end: "Piven's research has also turned up an unexpectedly high incidence of Parkinson's Disease among adults with autism...After hearing these preliminary results at an autism meeting in 2014, Lisa Croen, who led the Kaiser Permanente study checked records and found that the adults with autism in her study were nearly 33 times more likely to have a diagnosis or symptoms of Parkinson's disease than were the controls. OK, Andy Cutler[who appears in "Trace Amounts" and wrote a chelation protocol called "Amalgam Illness"]
says mercurialism is often mistaken for Parkinson's and both feature oxidative stress. Initially, this article attributes the high rate to the side effects of"antipsychotics prescribed to many adults with autism", BUT: "'they found that even among the 20 people in the study not taking these medications, 4 had a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease - much higher than would ordinarily be expected. THIS SUGGESTS THAT SOMETHING INHERENT TO AUTISM MAKES THESE INDIVIDUALS PRONE TO DETERIORATION IN MOTOR FUNCTION, SAYS PIVEN [emphasis mine]." Hg?


You can tell that our great, glorious, good, leaders are smoking crack.

Hillary also said that she’s concerned that “People with autism are unemployed at a much higher rate” and wants to create a work program to close that “employment gap.”

Back on planet earth yet, Hilly pet..


go Rand

WHEN will Hillary release her grandchild's vaccine records ???

Always exciting debate questions on FOX… Such as:

1) What about ISIS ?

2) What about the national debt ?

perhaps for next time…

3) Four million children will be born in the United States this year. Should …they be mandated a prostitute vaccine… on the day of birth and should the entire “liability free” CDC vaccine schedule be mandated in all 50 states ? (1-2 billion a month for Pharma )

4) Should SIDS parents with children dying within hours of a “well-baby vaccine visit” be forced to vaccinate there next child ??? ( ten SIDS deaths every day… thank goodness it is not medical terrorism..)


Bravo, Levi!
Once again, you nailed it in 8 paragraphs.

Bob Moffit

Wait, what? Why exactly would we pay for this? Is this a veiled attempt .. to try to prove that the skyrocketing, terrifying autism rates are solely the result of better diagnosis?"

Well .. of course it is Levi .. as recognized by anyone even remotely interested in determining what the hell is happening that is CAUSING 130,000 children .. A YEAR .. to be diagnosed autistic in the United States alone.

Indeed .. the absolute refusal .. by ALL heavily vested interests .. public health officials, vaccine manufacturers, career medical professionals, academic research universities, politicians, main-stream media, on and on .. will continue withholding their support for the VACCINE SAFETY STUDY ACT .. for the simple reason .. THEY DON'T WANT TO KNOW.

I think it is safe to say .. the one thing the vested interests cannot allow to happen .. is for that "vaccinated v. unvaccinated" study .. by a trustworthy .. scientific .. independent source .. to be done.

These people are not stupid .. they know the results of such a common sense study would expose their "autism increase is due to better diagnosing" fraud .. with the same embarrassing result as happened when our invasion of Saddam's Iraq .. failed to produce ANY evidence that Saddam had a vast storage of weapons of mass destruction at his immediate disposal .. as far TOO MANY high level intelligence agencies, politicians, media sources, on and on .. had worked so hard to make us believe.

They are not going to make that mistake again .. no study of vaccines .. guarantees no evidence to challenge their carefully constructed .. muddy the waters .. "plausible denials" .. regarding what CAUSES autism.

Michelle B


John Stone

This is the link to my 2009 article on the UK's official hidden horde:


"UPDATE April 10, 2015. Revisiting this article five and half years on there are a small number of additional points. For clarity the original survey from 2007 from which this data was derived was looking for instances of Asperger Syndrome only. No mention was made of "higher-functioning autism" until the Eurekalert Press Release in 2008 but by 2009 both the terms "Asperger" and "high-functioning autism" had disappeared to be replaced simply by "autism" but it was the same data-set re-labelled to give a false idea of what was being surveyed. It can also be pointed out that not only were the diagnostic tests non-standard, and diluted the criteria for diagnosis but also that the assessments were not carried out by people qualified to make a diagnosis of autism. In the end it is impossible to say that there were any real cases of Asperger Syndrome let alone autism in this survey. Finally, the survey, originally published as National Statistics, was re-published as a peer review study which came to be cited by Thomas Insel, Director of the national Institues of Mental Health, and Chair of the Interagency Autism Coordinating committee (here, here and at IACC meetings) as if it was a credible source....(continue reading on the link)


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