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HuffPo: Clinton on Autism Need for a Paradigm Shift

ChangesExcerpted from HuffPo.  Clinton on Autism: Need for Paradigm Shift

After nearly 20 years of advocacy on behalf of an appropriate public health response to the public health emergency of rising rates of severe autism, I'm honored to be joined by mothers of teenagers with autism and full time, tireless autism advocates, Katie Wright and Lisa Wiederlight in writing a response to Secretary Hillary Clinton's "Plan to Support Children, Youth, and Adults Living with Autism and Their Families".

Nine years after her remarks in 2007 that autism is "one of the most urgent--and least understood--challenges facing our children today," autism prevalence has climbed from 1 in 150 to 1 in 45 American children, with no cause and no new treatments identified.

Secretary Clinton is a long-time child and disability advocate, so we were not surprised to see her be the first out of the gate with some concrete recommendations that will positively affect the lives of many with autism. Her insightful remarks in New Hampshire this month included recognition of autism's increasing prevalence, and the need to prevent and treat it. Specifically:

"I think we have to take seriously what seems to be an increasing diagnosis of autism. And we need to do much more research about what is causing it. We've got to do what we can to prevent it. And then when it is diagnosed, intensive treatment."

Secretary Clinton's Plan provides many necessary changes for improving the safety, education, employment, and housing of people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The focus on reducing bullying, banning certain kinds of restraints in schools, having appropriate transition plans for young adults, reaching out to underserved populations, and the development of the Autism Works Initiative deserves full support.



Hillary was Secretary of State; this is the HIGHEST office in the Federal bureaucracy; Hillary IS the federal government.

She has no intention whatsoever in investigating the autism epidemic. She will do what every politician has ever done. She will throw (some) money at the problem and claim "to have fought hard for autism families."

Look no further and hope no more from her. Hillary is not the solution to the problem. Hillary IS the problem.

Susan Bennett

Hillary Clinton is one of the guilty parties in protecting Big Pharma in exchange for campaign and Clinton Foundation donations. She is amongst those responsible for harming millions of children and adults in the U.S. through dangerous vaccines that should never have been approved. We want to get to the underlying cause of autism and treat and prevent that and in order to do that the truth has to come out and be acknowledged by our government and that has to translate into meaningful research that leads to treatments and changes in public health policy that prevent further harm.


Reading is Fundamental,

The point is that Clinton's 2007 autism statement was lip service, as are her current statements and plan. If she was sincerely engaged and interested in solving the problem during her years as senator, while Mr. Burton and Dr. Weldon were working as hard as they could to unearth the truth and purge the corruption from the FDA, CDC and NIH, she absolutely could have. She didn't. She has enabled these monsters throughout her entire career. This plan is just cheap talk. There is no reason to believe that there will be the kind of action that is needed and a big part of what is needed is for the many criminals in our government to be held accountable for their crimes.

In the news this morning - the FBI has arrested dozens of gang members in Boston. Really good news. What we need is for the FBI to arrest the past and present public health/Pharma gang ring members who have systematically maimed and killed children, adults and decent dedicated physicians like Dr. Bradstreet, while churning out bad science and suppressing good science and threatening citizens who refuse their drugs and who speak out against their crimes. Is 'the earth is round, the sky is blue, vaccines work' Clinton going to do that? Or is she a card carrying member of the gang?

david m burd

@Reading is Fundamental,

The Senate can indeed originate a Bill, for instance a Bill that directs Federal Agencies to investigate the causes of autism. HOWEVER, only the House of Representatives can originate a Bill to appropriate $funding for such, and send their Appropriation Bill back to the Senate to vote upon.

Senator Tom Harken (Democrat from Iowa) chaired the Senate Health Subcommittee taking testimony on the autism causes. Ex-Senator Harken (Harkin?) was just on C-SPAN radio praising Hillary to the skies and saying she was the most honest person he had ever known and should win the Iowa Caucuses (that should give an indication of HIS intelligence and/or honesty).

At any rate, Harken's Senate Health Subcommittee on autism utterly failed to ever question "causation by vaccination" -- instead, he profusely thanked Tom Insel for his dedication as Insel repeatedly denied any credibility to American parents testifying about their witnessing their children regressing into autism after their shots. All Insel could ever say was since the "antigen" levels in vaccines had been lowered while autism sky-rocketed was proof that vaccines could be absolved. Insel is simply a paid-off despicable whore,

Harken and Hilary and Insel all pray to the God of Gov't Funding and Spending, and have all long sold out to Pharma and the gigantic Federal Health Spending, thinking endless government spending will solve everything, and damn any criticism of vaccines.

Citizen Scientist

You can bet that Hillary's little grandchild will get an organic vaccine without all the toxins that the rest of our kids are exposed to - if she even gets any vaccinations at all. You can also expect that lots of other rich kids will too and that is why the people in charge with all the money are not really worried.


Has Secretary Clinton submitted her grand-daughter's vaccine records for public record? If my children have to "show their papers" in order to have access to a formal education, the Secretary, along with all the other candidates for President, should have to submit the vaccine records of their school-aged relatives if they want to run the country.


I believe that President Obama on his first campaign trail said the answer was more research.

More research. Hmmmmmm. Like the data they threw in the garbage that William Thompson is talking about research.

Cherry Misra

Linda 1 You are like so right.


Please no Hillary Clinton. She is big pharma best spokesperson.

Reading Is Fundamental
Clinton was a United States Senator from New York between 2001 and 2009. What was Clinton's position on Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney's 2007 House of Representatives bill....

Why would a Senator take a position on a House bill that died in committee?


Clinton was a United States Senator from New York between 2001 and 2009. What was Clinton's position on Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney's 2007 House of Representatives bill, “Comprehensive Comparative Study of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Populations Act of 2007” (H.R. 2832), legislation that would require the NIH to conduct a comprehensive comparative study of vaccinated and unvaccinated populations? That legislation was presented again in 2008 and 2013. Did Clinton ever support it? Did Clinton ever introduce such a bill while she was in the Senate?

Did Clinton do anything to support Dan Burton's Government Reform Committee hearings on thimerosal, vaccines, and autism during the time that they were colleagues together in the House? Did she show any interest during all those years?

In every case, politically motivated pre-election false empathy is cured by the election after which symptoms will immediately and completely resolve, only to return before the next election.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Well, I voted for the current President because he promised to be "The Autism President." And I voted again for him the second time, because, you know, things are tough in the world, so I kind of gave him the benefit of the doubt. Oh dear, then Elizabeth Warren, I believed her enough to vote for her, too. Well, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. OMG! Fool me three times? Here's words from a good old American song: "Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition! Can't afford to be a politician! -- PS: Listen to Grandma? Just get the damn shot? Hellno. I have seven grandchildren and posterity to consider.

Ann Millan

Dear Hillary, 1/26/16:
Subject: Email from Hillary, “I’m Listening”

Please pay attention and listen to the overwhelming rise in our alternative health care industry; i.e., organic, vitamin, and supplement products in this country. Many of us care what we put in our bodies; GMO’s, vaccines, foods, drugs, etc. We do not want establishment pharmaceuticals or Monsanto-types controlling our lives. We’re not interested in flawed studies. We want honesty and choice.

I have been a faithful Democrat all my life! I am 76 years old. My husband and I are retired in Florida with our third daughter. She is 45 years old and has Autism, with language, behavior, social, and academic delays. In spite of her complex disabilities, we have been able to find the right doctors, therapists, vitamins, supplements, and diet to help her become as independent as possible. (Our daughter had a severe reaction three hours after her lst DPT shot at one-month old.) None of our daughter’s ‘treatments’ have ever been accepted by the mainstream medical community. In fact, these alternative treatments are continually threatened and discredited in the mainstream.

Where is our Government? The Vaccine Compensation Program is a vindictive process for families and compensation success statistics are ignored. Press reporters are threatened by our very own Government for any attempt to report on vaccine concerns. With this power and control, how will we ever make safer vaccines a priority? US Congressman Bill Posey (R-FL) can’t even get a legitimate CDC whistle-blower hearing to investigate studies on vaccine safety.

I feel you are ‘NOT listening’ to families in health crisis situations…be it autism, immune system dysfunction, mental illness, MS, Alzheimer’s, CFS, etc. The Flint, MI water lead contamination is just one example of the inept corruption affecting families at the humanitarian level.

I personally think the ‘alternative movement’ is equal to the ‘religions right.’ Many times, they are one. Add to this the environmental folks…and you’ve got a collation to win. We care about our everyday lives, our families! Show us you care. Respect us and our choices!

If you want votes, if you want to win, listen! A good place to start might be Walter Kyle. Remember him? Or Congressman Bill Posey. Show you can reach across the aisle!
Ann Millan

Betty Bona

The rest of the article goes on to describe what Clinton's plan is missing. I would be overjoyed if any candidate addressed the issues outlined in the second half of the article. I guess her plan has a few redeeming factors that keep it from being "thanks for nothing", but the act of ignoring the medical side of autism may do so much damage that I'd rather trash the whole plan. The kind of help she's offering does nothing to stop the continuing rise in autism cases. I don't want to let anyone get away with presenting a platform that doesn't address the cause and have a plan for researching medical treatments.

Sean Burke

Someone has to look at vaccines. No mandates. The problem is the democratic party has in their platform, at least in Calfornia, mandatory vaccinations. Consensus Science is their God. DiFi, Boxer, Twosome Newsome, Moonbeam and every major democratic was for sb277 so for Hillary to move in another direction is impossible. Don't mean to be political but Trump is the only one who will move the needle and the guy is just fearless. So pissed off the democrats in California

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