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Hillary Clinton’s Autism Plan Fails to Impress

ExcludedBy Cathy Jameson

Hillary Clinton was First Lady from 1993 – 2001. During that time, the autism rate jumped from 1 in 500 to 1 in 250. The autism rate increased again while she was a New York State Senator (1 in 110) and when she served as US Secretary of State (1 in 50). The latest autism numbers from the CDC tell us that 1 in 45 are affected.


Autism was not on my radar in the early 1990s. I didn’t give it a second thought in the early 2000s either. It wasn’t until the mid-2000s when my son, Ronan, was showing signs of the spectrum disorder that I fully immersed myself into reading everything I could about autism. In the hopes of helping other families, I shared much of what I learned with others.

From message boards to private emails to face-to-face meet ups at local and national autism conferences to being asked to write for autism-specific publications, I’ve shared a lot about autism in the last ten years. During that time, I don’t ever remember Hillary Clinton being part of, let alone a personal champion for, the autism community. In fact, it wasn’t until the last week of 2015 that I ever thought to use Hillary Clinton and autism in the same sentence, and that only happened after I saw a Bloomberg Politics teaser. I had my reservations that her plan wouldn’t be more than just a nice gesture, so I, like so many others, waited patiently to see what the presidential hopeful’s thoughts on autism would be.

I saw the plan,  and as the parent of a child with regressive autism, I’m not impressed.

CJ 1 16

I reread the plan in its entirety and noticed something. Teresa Conrick gave a synopsis of the plan,  and she, as well as another parent also knee-deep in autism advocacy, made the same observation that I did. Nowhere in Hillary’s plan does it include autism prevention.

Why not?

To really address autism, I think that Mrs. Clinton should’ve included prevention of the potentially life-long, debilitating disorder. That’s the type of autism my son has. His, which we believe is a result of vaccine injury, includes a host of on-going medical issues – seizures, vision issues, expressive speech delay, and fine- and gross-motor delays to name a few. If those medical issues continue, which we pray they do not, Ronan will remain severely affected. He will continue to be non-verbal. He will not develop into an independent, fully functioning adult, live on his own, hold down a job, date, marry, or have children of his own.

Admittedly, all of that can be depressing to think about, especially when some of what Ronan deals with could’ve been prevented.  Had I known then what I do now, I have no doubt that my son could’ve been spared. He wouldn’t need the intensive round-the-clock care that he currently requires. With the setbacks we’ve seen this year, he, quite honestly, may require round-the-clock care indefinitely.

As a mother who worries for her children’s children, and as a knowledgeable woman who is sought out for advice by young women who are starting down the road to motherhood, I think that prevention of autism should be at the top of the list of anyone’s autism plan. It’s a shame that Mrs. Clinton didn’t think to add prevention. Of course, if prevent had been added, Hillary’s proposed autism plan would have to be modified. We could begin to do away with early screenings if autism prevention was a priority. Prevention might then relieve the need for insurance coverage of autism services. Mrs. Clinton’s plan does include some talk of the adult population, a population which now includes far less than the current pediatric population does, but had she paid closer attention to autism when the rate began to skyrocket in the 1990s, the need for a national autism plan very well could be obsolete. We would not need an initiative for a work program, too. And, eventually, prevention of autism may ultimately eliminate the need to study the adult population,

While part of me is glad that Mrs. Clinton finally said something about autism, another part of me is skeptical. She got our attention. She used all the right buzz words. She brought up autism on the national level, but she did that during an election year. Did she bring up it as a stepping stone? Is Hillary talking about autism for her own gain? Because after reading her mediocre plan, that’s exactly what it feels like she’s doing.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Autism Mommy -Autism is Abilities-Ignorance is the greatest disability.

The majority of focus has been on the "why". Autism treatment before the age of 5 is the time of maximum impact and greatest success. Parents/Caregivers need to use this precious time getting Early Intervention. The "blame game" cost millions of kids The Early Intervention they needed.
The "cause" is for the Scientists & Medical Research teams. For years there have been many research based facilities & none or few therapy based facilities.
In fact, Bill Gates built the entire Autism expansion on the University grounds to be for therapy. When The Governor decided, (like most states then), not to include Autism coverage in Healthcare reform. Except for Bill Gates'employees working for Microsoft, (whose Medical Coverage DOES include Autism Therapies) got to use the unparalleled Autism Program services.
The Therapy Facility loaded with PT's, SLPs, OT's, Spec Ed Educators. ABA, Social Workers, etc. set up to help there and around the state, was largely shifted to yet another research facility instead of needed therapies, training for therapists, teachers, parents, etc. and treatment.
My son went from severe to savant. At 24 months he was wall staring, head banging, non-verbal, untouchable, not wanting to eat, very aggressive, withdrawn, sad little boy. I began learning from what limited CORRECT information I could. Blame never crossed my mind since one of the 1st facts was the importance of getting help before the age of 5. If our kids needed St Jude, wouldn't we go?
There are billions of dollars around the globe spent studying DNA, heredity and genetics. However, like Diabetes,people who cannot be 'cured' should have every opportunity to lead the highest quality of life and supports put in place so they can reach their fullest potential. Dignity, Honor.
The reason special people are here is to see how the rest of the world reacts. Autism has become a billion dollar business of fake books/fads/diets. What other diagnosis would feature streams of self titled "experts" who don't have Autism and haven't lived with Autism? There are many, many things you cannot learn in books. I used to work on the high wire 40 feet off the ground without safety wires or a net. Good luck with the books.
Autism has been ignored because it is not a Mental Illness, it is a Developmental Disability. I don't want to get taken too far off the point.
In conclusion I will stop being politically correct or polite at all. To say what matters most is to find the cause and NOT the care of our children, our families, our loved ones, our co-workers, our either not well thought or just someone politicizing a plan that should have NOTHING but 100% support.
There will never be a political candidate or party more important than the lives of our kids.
Besides, who's to say Autism is negative?
We've had at least 5 Presidents with AUTISM including Lincoln and Jefferson. Our greatest inventors, scientists, artists have all had Autism.
Tom Hanks, Darryl Hannah, Dan Aykroyd...great actors with Autism.
Einstein. Mozart. Michelangelo. Newton.
I'm guessing at this point the author didn't know most of this.
That is why the problem is NOT Autism, it is IGNORANCE.
Out of over 1,827 articles and posts praising Hillary Clinton for Groundbreaking Autism platform including Advocates, Scientists, Parents, Persons with Autism, Doctors, etc. Only one person, the author, Cathy Jameson-a Marketing Executive who coaches Dentists to make more money- whose Linkedin profile says her expertise is "Specialties
Dental Practice Coaching, Dental Practice Management, Dental Practice Marketing, Dental Photography" decided to write about AUTISM.
If she really does care, perhaps she can read more about the real causes and use her voice, education, contacts and background to help. Not everything has to be political.
Not only are the causes of the tremendous jump in numbers known, but this was all forecast long before the growth began. **Hint** Autism occurred before there were Vaccines. Autism affects more boys than girls. Autism was successfully treated, (functional vs dysfunctional-NOT'cured'), long before Best Seller Book lists or Oprah endorsements. Autism is not going away & will continue to grow & be passed on genetically. Get on board the fact train-bigger brains and historical geniuses need correct services and accommodations-NOT 'cures".
Autism quote, "I am unique, aren't you?"
On this issue, love her or hate her, Hillary Clinton is on the right side of history. Again.


Can you even imagine Trump appearing at any of those type meetings. My God, someone might actually be held accountable. As it is they seem to understand that American children are fair game.


Perhaps SOMEONE / ANYONE from the various Presidential camps could AT LEAST ATTEND the IACC meeting on Tuesday...

Trump or ANYONE in PERSON at the meeting would send out a proper message far beyond what them might do with another routine day of campaigning.

Georg Elser

Great news regarding Hillary:

Supply-side economist Arthur Laffer is predicting Republicans will win the White House in a landslide this year, regardless of the nominee.

“I would be surprised if the Republicans don’t take 45, 46, 47 states out of the 50,” Laffer told host John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable” on New York’s AM-970 on Sunday.

“I mean, I think we’re going to landslide this election.”


@patience. I am not sure much of anyone will be voting for Hillary. I don't think she will be having much of a campaign from her prison cell.

Jeannette Bishop

Was the opening statement below pandering or an example of sincerity?

Personally, it's a little frightening that she's "addressing" this issue...kind of signals to me that certain forces might want to control more of the "results" of their "healthcare" agendas.

Anita Donnelly

Before we trust anyone read this:
W Bush during his campaign was against Mercury in vaccines. But he vetoed a plan to ban Mercury in 2007.
His dad sits on Eli Lilly's board. They all lie. And who knows who will get to trump.


Did her grandaughter receive vaccines?


Just remember the words of Donald J. Trump during the GOP debate in front of millions of viewers, "Autism has become an epidemic. 25-30 years ago, you look at the statistics, not even close. It has gotten totally out of control." He cites vaccines and goes on to explain his employee took her baby to the doctor, they pumped him full of vaccines, he got a tremendous fever, was very very sick, now he is autistic." Sound familiar? No other candidate on either side is willing to take on this fight. He is not taking money from big pharma. I'm sure he'd b interested in hearing from the CDC whistleblower. He may also b interested in hearing about vaccine court.

I'm not American, but I don't need to be to know that this commenter has figured it out.

From where I'm sitting, the past several administrations have brought your country to its knees. Whatever you think of Donald the man, he's the best chance you have at making your country great again. And you can bet your ass that part of his plan to do that, will be getting to the bottom of this madness.


Just remember the words of Donald J. Trump during the GOP debate in front of millions of viewers, "Autism has become an epidemic. 25-30 years ago, you look at the statistics, not even close. It has gotten totally out of control." He cites vaccines and goes on to explain his employee took her baby to the doctor, they pumped him full of vaccines, he got a tremendous fever, was very very sick, now he is autistic." Sound familiar? No other candidate on either side is willing to take on this fight. He is not taking money from big pharma. I'm sure he'd b interested in hearing from the CDC whistleblower. He may also b interested in hearing about vaccine court.


This is Hilary's get elected/business plan, designed to please her corporate backers while catching enough fish to get her over the threshold back into the White House. If her team gets wind of your concerns, prevention, cure and whatever else you come up with will be added to the promises that she does not intend to keep.

Adam Mortenson

She's bought and paid for like the rest. The only way to stop this epidemic is to wake up the public to the dangers of vaccines. There are other dangers involved but vaccines are the big driver of this disaster. It's up to us on the grass roots level to fix this and prevent this from going further. They are committed to a pro vaccine agenda. They are in denial of how much harm they've done. They constantly suppress the truth to avoid culpability. Stop looking to washington fix this. They can't without condemning themselves. If they were to fess-up now it would turn the medical world upside down overnight. They just can't let that happen.

Anita Donnelly

I am sorry but somewhere someone made the false logic:
--Without vaccines we would have pandemics and massive death (false)
--Vaccines cause brain damage to a tiny subset (false: large subset that increases exponentially with dose)
--it's random and not predictable who they hurt (false we could learn this)
--No one wants their child to get brain damaged so we can't tell the truth about that (because parents are so stupid they can't make these judgments?)
--a few Brain damaged kids--as long as they are someone else's kids--is a small price to pay for not having all those dead kids and anyhow there are too many kids and if a few die from shots to keep the adult herd healthy great (false again--vaccines keep the microbes alive and well in the hosts or labs)
--those wacko parents need to realize this and shut up. You know take one for the gipper. Hence the extreme hostility we often see.
--big pharma is too big to fail. So shut the -----up.
--the money from the vacine tax probably props up the national debt numbers ????
--because anyhow autism isn't so bad it's just super quirky types ! In fact how lucky that harming some brains leads to quirks! Wow! Poisoning is good ! Kids who got seizure and severe damage? Coincidence! Just like its a coincidence rhe mainstream media makes a fortune from pharma ads and claims shots are safe .
--it's for everyone's own good that we keep brain damaging those kids. . (Till they have to pay for it)
--parents and media and doctors who realize this should understand the martyr dom and not even tell anyone what happened. Unless they want to be blamed for the next pandemic that happens when one child doesn't get her flu shot.


"For Hillary's own gain, Feels like".
Yeah, we should pay attention to our feelings -- intuitiveness- the last time I ignore my intuitiveness - --- besides;

The grass is green, the sky is blue, vaccines are safe, grandma knows best Hillary Clinton does make it more than our feelings, but a darn FACT!

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

I followed the link to (from Teresa's post) and see research listed as a priority, but: To improve the quality of services for people with autism, employment and housing, and research that identifies genetic markers, maps brain development, and generates understanding of the central nervous system. Cathy, you are right, she did not include prevention. No, she has clearly bought into the genetic theory promoted by the most recently empowered "experts."

I clicked on comments (email address), and sent an email on the need for research on causes, and the increased prevalence of autism. I have not received a reply.

Autism has been on my radar since the 1960s, and research on prenatal rubella, birth complications, and brain damage in genetic disorders like PKU has long been forgotten. In 2002 I went to IMFAR in Orlando, with Dr. George Morley and a poster presentation on how umbilical cord clamping may cause asphyxia at birth. Dr. Andrew Wakefield's presentation was standing-room-only at that meeting. The vaccine schedule was already in need of investigation on effects on the developing brain.

Ronan might have been spared if all of the errors in neonatal care had been corrected back in the early 2000s. Hilary Clinton has no comprehension of the tragedy that autism continues to be. She won't get my vote for any reason.

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