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Happy New Year: What's In Store for Autism?

All of us at Age of Autism wish you a very Happy New Year.  2016 is an election year in America. Will our new president finally take a long, hard look at the autism epidemic and both help those who are affected here and now and stem the tide of neurological injury that results in the diagnosis?  We wonder if pharma will continue to enjoy its position of privilege and protection of any real scrutiny.

No matter what Santa brought families, we know that our needs are real and urgent.  Education. Housing. Personal safety. Employment. Medical care. Treatment. We're a greedy lot, aren't we?

As our kids age into adulthood, we're learning to merge "communities," to achieve our goals.   Together, we're a powerful voting constituency even where we differ on individual topics.  

We'll continue you to bring you the news and views throughout the year.

Send us your submissions: Olmsted.Dan@gmail.com, and we'll review them for possible publication.

Thank you for your donations, we appreciate your support.

Happy New Year!

Dan, Mark and Kim and the AofA team


Michael Stuart

Our son is now 24 years old and we were very disappointed with the adult training centers that he has attended. There was no teaching going on, only babysitting. My husband, who is a retired educator created a program that truly addresses life and vocational skills, Operation Meaningful Life, https://www.facebook.com/groups/800572066686292/. Please contact us if you wish to join us to create a future for our children. There are several communities being created in Florida that exclude adults with autism, particularly those in the low to moderate functioning range. It is disgraceful that communities receiving public funding can discriminate against our children. Let's join together and build the future that our children deserve.

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