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Dachel Media Update: Let's Do the Autism Timewarp! Again!

Time WarpBy Anne Dachel


Donvan and Zucker are now the darlings of the U.S. media.  Their book, In a Different Key, is about recognizing autism and providing for those who have it--no questions asked. 

The Boston Globe claims that there are more 3 million Americans with autism.  There is ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF OF THAT.  The current rate of one in 45 comes from STUDIES OF CHILDREN.  The Globe is applying that rate across the population. 

Yesterday on ABC's GMA with George Stephanopoulos,

Donvan and Zucker talked about the fact that there is no link to vaccines and that "it shouldn't matter if there's an epidemic."  It's hard to rationalize what they say.  To me the cruelest form of child abuse and neglect would be to say that shouldn't matter if more and more children are lost to a disabling condition that can leave them totally dependent for life and that doctors are helpless to address.

Jan 19, 2016, Boston Globe: Tracing autism, from past to present

More than 3 million Americans, including one in 45 children, have autism, a spectrum of disorders characterized by impaired social interaction and repetitive or ritualistic behaviors. Increasing rates of diagnosis, the vigorous efforts of advocacy organizations like Autism Speaks, whose jigsaw puzzle logo adorns countless bumper stickers, and a discredited though widely publicized claim about a possible link between the MMR vaccine and autism have all thrust the condition into the national consciousness.

...Triplett was not actually the first person with autism. Donvan and Zucker recently wrote an article for Smithsonian about their discovery that Samuel Gridley Howe, founder of Perkins School for the Blind in Boston, described several people who likely had the condition in the 19th century. But in 1943, when Triplett was 10, he became the first patient to whom pioneering Johns Hopkins neurologist Leo Kanner applied the newly coined term “autism.’’ Triplett’s parents had brought the boy to Baltimore from their home in Forest, Miss., because they were concerned about his extreme social awkwardness and obsession with numbers.

...The authors do see some progress in the acceptance of people with autism, led, in part, by proponents of neurodiversity, They feel more people with autism could reach their full potential if they had the kind of support Triplett has had in his community. Zucker acknowledges that not everyone can live in a small town like Forest. Still, she thinks it’s realistic to expect her son, now 21, to live in a society that considers him “one of

(VIDEO) Jan 12, 2016, Maybe There Is No Autism at All, But Many Different Kinds of Autism

John Donvan: "The world we live in today, in terms of autism, was really created over the last 50, 60, 70 years, from the time that the diagnosis was first recognized, which goes back to 1943...

"Families had to fight so very hard to change the world; to make a place in it for their loved ones because, 50, 60 years ago, the world didn't want them.  People with autism were sent away to institutions. They were hidden.  They were not allowed into schools.  They were discriminated against.  They were isolated.

"The fact that we live in a world now where things are so different is the result of very hard battles fought by their families, by their parents in particular.

"And the reason that the past matters, the reasons that we want to revive the stories of what those parents did, and those families did over half a century is because the job is only half done.  We're in a world now where there are now more people with an autism diagnosis than ever before.

"In a decade 500,000 teenagers are going to turn into adults with autism, and there really is no place for them. 

"We figured out what to do when people are kids with autism.  We've made a lot of adjustments in terms of giving them education, bringing programs into the schools, seeing kids in TV shows.  But there's not very much set up for adults.  There isn't a place for them to live, there aren't employment opportunities.  And with so much left to do, we think we find in the past, the inspiration for what to do, that activism works.  It's worth trying to battle.  It's worth trying tjo change society's mind because society's mind was changed in regard to the kids, but we really haven't come that far with regard to adults."...

"We don't know what the real cause of autism is--and there have been a lot, a lot of ideas put forth over the years. ...We're lived through a period of time where it was a very popularly held idea that vaccines cause autism.  There are still people who believe that firmly, but the scientific studies that have looked at that have disputed that.

"Going back 50 or 60 years ago, it was the absolute gold standard psychiatric opinion that autism was cause by mothers not loving their children enough. ..."

"The vaccine theory has been disputed.  Well that leaves us in a place where we don't know still what the root cause of autism is.  We don't know if there is such a thing as just autism or many different autisms.  Autism doesn't have any biological markers; you can't do a cheek swab for it. ...

"There are very, very successful professionals, particularly in the sciences, professors at universities who are brilliant at math, who nevertheless are now labeled autistic because the definition is so broad that it includes them..."

"One misunderstanding nowadays comes from the fact that we have not really agreed on what we mean by 'autism,' although we all think we have.  Right now autism is an umbrella term for a list of behaviors whose cause, or possibly causes, we don't know.



Many of the people who write books and articles rejecting autism as being an epidemic and rejecting any possible link with vaccines are simply grossly illiterate on the subject.


Actually, I think are completely literate on the subject.

Like Autism Speaks, they're just lying

Reading Is Fundamental
There were likely working on a 1% projection without solid foundation

If one turns to the actual Boston Globe item, it leads with "[m]ore than 3 million Americans, including one in 45 children, have autism, a spectrum of disorders characterized by impaired social interaction and repetitive or ritualistic behaviors. Increasing rates of diagnosis, the vigorous efforts of advocacy organizations like Autism Speaks...."

This is characteristic wording. You of course realize that the paper in question was funded by Autism Speaks, which makes it a more obvious locus than the Globe's simply doing a calculation on their own.

Tony Bateson

Many of the people who write books and articles rejecting autism as being an epidemic and rejecting any possible link with vaccines are simply grossly illiterate on the subject. Mark Zuckerberg is a novice father whom I believe is equally illiterate on this subject and it is serious abuse of his position as the founder of a technological freak with billions of users to take advantage of their ignorance on the subject. They should all start by reading the vaccine inserts in the shots they are pumping into their kids. He is a rich man and could easily take steps to prove the worth of his advice. Please demonstrate to me that autism is as prevalent in the unvaccinated population (we have more than 2 millions of these in the UK)as it is in vaccinated people. I have spent several years looking without finding any. Or perhaps he could put his vast resources to work to reveal to me any Gold Standard research that proves this case.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK


Autism is at epidemic proportions and yet these people have the nerve to say it doesn't matter? Well it matters terribly to us folks whose children have been affected by this definite epidemic! The media is wasting precious time while the clock ticks and more and more children are diagnosed every day! Enough already. Give us a cure and now!

John Stone

It is the biggest farce ever watching these two mountebanks slipping from one media venue to another regaling gullible and corrupt journalists with their bogus pitch. It happens just because there is something that can no longer be explained away. A couple of months ago the joker was Silverman. And no doubt in another couple months their will be some other teller of tall tales doing the rounds because there is this ever bigger gap in public reality. We are being screwed, our children being screwed, and by now it should be obvious to any capable intelligence. They are doing this because there is a problem and it can no longer be covered up.


Article about preparing the INCREASING numbers of those diagnosed with autism for a successful adulthood. I did a double take on the last line:

"Cheak-Zamora currently is working on a project, “Improving Healthcare Transition Planning and Health-Related Independence for Youth with ASD and Their Families,” funded by the U.S. Department of Defense."

The U.S. Department of Defense?

Jonathan Rose

It's wonderful that Donald Triplett grew up in small town (population 3000) where he was loved and accepted. But if the real autism rate in the 1930s was equal to what it is today (2 percent of children) there would have been 60 autistic people in this small community. And their neighbors and doctors simply overlooked 59 of them? They were just like Donald Triplett, and no one noticed them?



I saw the Good Morning America piece. AS posted it on Twitter. Imagine Autism Speaks embracing these people? Right up there with that Silberman character. Donvan said it doesn't even matter if autism is an epidemic or not. And, then went on to bash that awful period of time when people blamed vaccines after Stephenopoulos brought up that doctor. The only good thing Donvan said is that period made people more aware of autism. I stopped watching the clip at that point.

John Stone

Reading is Fundamental

There were likely working on a 1% projection without solid foundation (as they certainly did in the UK). I have written about the Buescher paper and also about the UK figures:

About Buescher I wrote:

"The present study seems to do two things: regard notional cases based on a half-baked theory of general prevalence as actual, but also underestimating costs of individual real cases by more than three times (on a breakdown of their own figures)."


"Autism doesn't have any biological markers"

Excuse my language, but are you f*%#ing kidding me?! I hope this is a very bad joke, because there are lots of biological markers, usually in the form of increased oxidative stress, or impaired ability to detoxify.

And I'm also getting tired of hearing how science has debunked the link between vaccines and autism. The MAJORITY of studies look at MMR and autism, OR thimerosal and autism. And with that, they concluded that ALL vaccines are not associated?! Give me a break, these idiots are giving me headache. How come nobody can do proper science nor understand the limitations of these studies these days?

If someone can do or show us a retrospective epidemiological study comparing a vaccinated vs unvaccinated cohort (no ethical issues with retrospective studies, only the statistical significance may be weak due to extremely low numbers of unvaccinated children), then maybe I'll sit up and listen. Don't show me any MMR and autism studies, because that doesn't prove squat. That's like showing me a study comparing Marlboro smokers against non-Marlboro smokers (yet they are all smokers), and finding no difference in rates of lung cancer (duh, because they're ALL smokers). Therefore, because Marlboro cigarettes are not associated to lung cancer ANYMORE than the rest of the smoking population, we conclude that ALL cigarettes are not associated to lung cancer?

You all have been fooled and the joke's on you

Reading Is Fundamental
The Boston Globe claims that there are more 3 million Americans with autism. There is ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF OF THAT. The current rate of one in 45 comes from STUDIES OF CHILDREN. The Globe is applying that rate across the population.

318.9 million divided by 45 is over 7 million, so no, they weren't. It almost certainly comes from this paper.


These 2 were on Good Morning America the other day. George Stephanopoulos asked them if there is an epidemic. Paraphrasing, but George said the rate was 1 in 2,500 and now is 1 in 5 boys. How can anyone hear those numbers and have to wonder if there is an epidemic? Even accounting for changes in diagnosis there is just no other explanation than YES THERE IS AN EPIDEMIC!


Anyone who believes that autism has always been here, is either incredibly dishonest.

Or dumb as a stump.

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