10 Reasons MDs Should Sign Vaccine Medical Exemptions
Autism: The Abnormal New Normal

Autism Intensive Summit Day 3 Bock, Frye, Lambert, Mumper, Peirson

Day3-1Learn about this online Autism treatment summit and view the speaker schedule here.

Speakers and topics include:

Mark Hyman, MD - Using High-Fat Diets to Restore Mitochondrial Imbalances, Brain Function
Jeffrey Bland, PhD - How the Environment Affects the Spectrum of Health
Martha Herbert, MD, PhD - How the Environment Affects Anatomy and Function of the Brain
Ben Lynch, ND - Advanced Strategies to Optimize Methylation and Glutathione Pathways
Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD - Harnessing Nature and Nutrition and to Reset the Gut-Brain Axis
Russ Jaffe, MD, PhD - Whole Food Strategies to Balance Digestion and Glutathione Metabolism
Kenneth Bock, MD- Unravelling the Autism, Allergies and Autoimmunity Triad
Anju Usman, MD - Optimizing Metabolic-Immune Communication and Function
Eve Prang Plews, LNC - How Common Household Chemicals Alter Hormones and Neurodevelopment
Derrick MacFabe, MD - Bacterial Short Chain Fatty Acids- Microbial Modulators of Metabolism and Mind
Stephanie Seneff, PhD - How Glyphosate Affects Human Biology and Gut Bacteria
Nancy H. O’Hara, MD - Nutrients to Optimize Brain Health in Children
Scott Theirl, DC, DACNB - Functional Approaches to Increase Brain Cell to Cell Communication
David Quig, PhD - How Gut Microbes Affect Methylation and Detoxification



After looking back on my life - a few things stands out.
One - I was vaccinated a few year before I had my first child, with the one dose of the three doses of swine flu, and the DPT.

She my daughter was reacting to all of her DPTs right away, untill her fourth when she came down with Kawasaki.

For our second child, five years later - I cut myself while pregnant - and I received a DPT shot and lost that baby less than four weeks later -- I was well in my fourth month of pregnancy.

I felt bad that year; I lost a lot of blood, anemic, GI problems, bad allergies and looking back on it, if I had known I should have prepared better for our third pregnancy - but I did not have a clue.

But we tried again a year later and I think that had allowed my immune system for the DPT shot to go down by then. Still if I had a clue; I would have taken probiotics, a big huge vitamin pill before and on day one of my pregnancy.

HE was born with colic, but still strong as a ox, clever little boy that was reacting to each of his DPTs and still overcoming them untill his third one. That was in the middle of winter time - Feb - low vitamin D.

See how that works.

If not think on this one.

My daughter had three Hep Bs; as an adult, and became stiff on the third one. Blood test showed unspecified inflammation. BOY! That could have been dangerous if she had decided to get pregnant -- it was high for about three years. IT has now gone down. Of course she then too a flu shot -- and then a DPT shot and well - it has just been terrible around here - lost her job -

Do you see though?
Now they are telling women to get a DTaP if they are pregnant!!! And a flu shot when Pregnant.

It is a mad, mad, mad world!

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