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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Mumps Vaccine on Trial

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted Mumps can't play

If you’ve been wondering what’s up with the suit filed by two whistleblowers against Merck for allegedly hiding the fact that the mumps vaccine doesn’t work – well, so have we.

Now a timeline has emerged, although you might need a telescope to see its further reaches. An Amended Scheduling Order was released this month that extends deadlines even longer: “dispositive motions” to be filed by December 20, 2017 – basically two years from now; “motions involving class certification” by May 3, 2018. That looks like the earliest a trial could start, and it’s not hard to see the whole thing going into 2019, if not a new decade entirely.

This for an allegedly blatant fraud against taxpayers that occurred last decade – in 1999!

A key date appears to be October 31 of next year, when a status report from both sides is due on whether “the parties would consent to alternative dispute resolution” – in other words, I believe, to settling out of court.

Backed by a major California law firm that knows how to write powerful briefs and has a lot of material to work with, the whistleblowers – Stephen A. Krahling and Joan A. Wlochowski – haven’t budged. Attempts by Merck to get the suit thrown out on all kinds of grounds (such as, unbelievably, that the FDA knew about it and didn’t care, so why should anyone else!) failed in federal court in Philadelphia.

Discovery of documents must also be completed by that October  date. Discovery – the delivery of relevant material that might help make a case – is exactly what private firms of all kinds dread, and one reason you see so many settlements where terms are not disclosed, nobody admits any wrongdoing and the whole thing goes away. The big firms pay millions to defend themselves, so what’s a few more million out of billions in profits to buy someone off? Most people can’t resist the temptation given that they could lose everything in court.

That’s why getting to discovery in this lawsuit is the crux of the matter – it’s so rare, and there’s so much at stake. That includes billions in potential penalties for Merck if it’s found the firm defrauded the government, which pays hundreds of millions a year for the MMR – the mumps, measles, and rubella shot. Merck has the only license to manufacture any of the MMR components in the United States, and in the worst outcome for Merck it could lose that lucrative monopoly entirely.

There is no discovery allowed in the so-called “vaccine court” that has so far thwarted thousands of parents who claimed their child’s autism was due to the MMR, the mercury in some vaccinations, or a combination of both. The judges who threw out all the cases ridiculed the families for having no evidence to that effect, a Catch-22 if ever there was one.

So while it seems like bad news that this case is stretching so far into the future, the fact that it is still headed for daylight is kind of a miracle. If it makes it all the way, you have to wonder what a jury will make of some of the Merck documents already disclosed – such as the one in which a Merck official told subordinates that their job was to show that the mumps vaccine met federal licensing standards, when it clearly did not. To bridge the gap, according to the suit:

“Merck set out to conduct testing of its mumps vaccine that would support its original efficacy finding. In performing this testing, Merck’s objective was to report efficacy of 95 percent or higher regardless of the vaccine’s true efficacy. The only way Merck could accomplish this was through manipulating its testing procedures and falsifying the test results. … Krahling and Wlochowski participated on the Merck team that conducted this testing and witnessed firsthand the fraud in which Merck engaged to reach its desired results. Merck internally referred to the testing as Protocol 007.”

Naming a secret project after a British spy with a license to kill might have seemed amusing inside Merck; perhaps not so much in an American courtroom.

It is also worth pointing out that lawsuits like this are typically long slogs, but sometimes pay off big-time. An example is close at hand: For instance, Merck just paid $830 million to settle a lawsuit with shareholders over the painkiller Vioxx. That drug was pulled from the market 11 years ago, in 2004; since then, the company pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for violating drug laws; paid $900 million; and settled 50,000 lawsuits by patients in 2007 for nearly $5 billion.

Before it settled, Merck engaged in a tobacco-style scorched earth policy of fighting every individual claim of harm or death from the drug, denying all, even after it became clear that thousands of people had died from heart attacks and strokes and Merck had been, shall we say, not forthcoming about the implications of its own studies of the drug’s safety. (The master of that approach, its chief lawyer, was rewarded with the chairmanship of the company.)

You may remember the heavy marketing of the drug – skater Peggy Fleming in a TV ad holding her sore ankle, hardly the appropriate audience for a heavy-duty painkiller. That pill-popping approach to a compound not much better, and far more dangerous, than aspirin mirrors the mumps vaccine hype: According to research Mark Blaxill and I have done, the vaccine is unnecessary, given the mildness of most mumps infections in early children. Now, thanks to the vaccine, outbreaks are showing up more and more in adolescents and young adults, in whom it can cause sterility and other complication.

That’s because, according to the whistleblowers, it doesn’t even work.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.


Jenny Allan

Mumps litigation Status from above:-

"A key date appears to be October 31 of next year, when a status report from both sides is due on whether “the parties would consent to alternative dispute resolution” – in other words, I believe, to settling out of court.....Discovery of documents must also be completed by that October date. Discovery – the delivery of relevant material that might help make a case – is exactly what private firms of all kinds dread, and one reason you see so many settlements where terms are not disclosed, nobody admits any wrongdoing and the whole thing goes away."

I hate to sound negative about the process of 'discovery' but much as I admire the whistleblowers – Stephen A. Krahling and Joan A. Wlochowski, for revealing the fraudulent way Merck promoted their mumps vaccine, they are human. The ultimate choice for them is to accept a huge settlement from Merck, with a gagging order, to drop the proceedings, or risk incurring huge legal fees if they proceed and lose their case.

However, there is now an official acceptance, the Merck Jeryl Lynn mumps vaccine 'wears off' after a number of years, often coinciding with the child becoming an adult, when mumps is far more serious, oten causing sterility in adult males. World Governments cannot 'sit on their hands' whilst this 'time bomb' is happening. Attempts to re-vaccinate teenagers with MMR vaccine in the UK have met with teenage resistance. In any case more doses of a failed vaccine won't solve the problem.

I was interested to see the WHO and Gates sponsored GAVI uses a Measles Rubella vaccine, without the Mumps component. Mumps in infancy is a benign illness. Up to a third of cases are so mild they pass unnoticed.

Birgit Calhoun

Apparently Zika developed because they released GMO mosquitoes that were intended to fight dengue. The whole thing went awry because the scientists didn't take into account that tetracycline makes it possible for mosquitoes to proliferate. Check Natural News. There are references.


Birgit Calhoun

I am glad this is going forward. Even if it takes a while it's better than not going forward.

It's horrible that vaccines are given less attention than the fraud that Volkswagen is accused of and perpetrated. Why is this exalted state of vaccine politics not noticed by anybody but the community surrounding autism? People need to wake up, and they might finally notice when all the discovery actually brings the facts into the open.


Re thimerosal in Boostrix - wouldn't it depend on Brazilian pharmaceutical labeling laws? In the US, the FDA allows all kinds of ingredients to go undeclared in food and drugs. Trans fat, as one example, doesn't have to be listed on a food label if there is less than 0.6 gram per serving - such a product's label would state zero grams of trans fat. That when there is no safe level of trans fat ingestion and a person could consume several servings of many different foods containing that much trans fat which would add up to a lot of artery clogging trans fat. (That in a country whose leading cause of death is heart disease.)

I think we have to know what Brazil mandates as far as what Pharma has to tell consumers.

Jenny Allan

Tim Lundeen- Yes. You are correct Stainer-Scholte is a culture media which does not contain mercury. However, this does not 'exonerate' Boostrix Tdap vaccine in Brazil, where GSK has a technology transfer agreement with Brazil’s Butantan Institute for the production of the Tdap vaccine in Brazil. This vaccine has been licensed in Brazil for more than a decade.

There's no question mercury preservative is the preferred option for the vaccine manufacturers; it is cheaper and the vaccine lasts longer. Until 2004 virtually all child vaccines for Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertussis contained Thiomersal preservative. A subsequent voluntary ban on mercury preservative in developed countries, has never been extended to developing countries, including Brazil. This was recently endorsed by the UN. (See my other posts).

John I am praying mercury is presently absent in Tdap and Influenza vaccines administered to pregnant mothers in the UK, but there is presently no UK legislation, which protects the unborn child from mercury in vaccines administered to the mother. Pregnant mothers under the age of 18, would hopefully be covered by the ban on child vaccine mercury. In the UK, vaccines are not mandatory, and there is some evidence many pregnant mothers are refusing these vaccines. I hope so. There's NO evidence vaccines prevent infection from the new evolved version of Pertussis, resistant to the vaccines.

We have NO reason to trust GSK* or the Brazilian authorities regarding the admitted ingredients of Boostrix, administered to all pregnant mothers in Brazil, since late 2014, under a country wide mandate.

We DO know 'shrunken heads' in babies can result from maternal mercury during pregnancy. We also know the incidence of this condition has rocketed from a handful of cases to thousands in Brazil since the Tdap vaccine was imposed on Brazillian mothers during pregnancy.

The WHO, heavily financed by Big Pharma, has declared a Zika world state of emergency, in spite of admitting there is no hard evidence this virus is causing the small infant heads in Brazil. There is presently no reliable test for Zika, and the WHO seems to be basing their assumptions on a few cases where Zika virus was found in infant post mortems and maternal amniotic fluid.
*GSK Heavily fined in the US and China for proven bribery and corruption. Accused of same in several European and other countries.

Pam Byrne

Fascinating article! When the measles outbreak happened last year in California and Illinois, my school district in Indiana insisted that all teachers prove their immunity to measles or have measles shots. Although my mother had recorded the dates of two MMR shots I had as a child, that wasn't enough evidence for my employers. I opted to have a titer run to prove my immunity because I was NOT going to have another vaccine.

While the titer showed I was immune to both types of measles, it showed that I have no immunity to mumps, despite two MMR shots. Now I know why...


Brasil licensed the vaccine from GSK and they manufacture it in Brasil.
It does not matter what the package insert of Boostrix says, made in the UK.
If Brasil makes multi-dose vials then it will have to contain a preservative, most likely thimerosal.
Also, it will be used during the manufacturing process as well.
Someone in Brasil may be able to tell us what the package insert says and whether they indeed use multi-dose vials.

Tim Lundeen

@jenny allen

I can't find any evidence that Stainer-Scholte contains thimerosal. The wikipedia listing doesn't have ingredients for it; the few places that do, do not list thimerosal. The FDA does not list trace amounts of thimerosol for the vaccines make with Stainer-Scholte. So Stainer-Scholte is a toxic brew, to be sure, but doesn't seem to include thimerosol. Would love to have hard evidence if otherwise...

John Stone


I can only say the whole thing seems to be lunatic - the vaccine is failing so the only answer is to give more of the vaccine. The vaccine is untrialled on the target group - give the vaccine. It is not science and it is not sense. GSK runs a seminar on how to get it through the JCVI led by the chair and co-chair of the JCVI. And GSK's Boostrix was substituted for the Sanofi product originally recommended.

Jenny Allan

@ John Stone "btw Boostrix is what it also given to pregnant women routinely in the UK."

Is it just me, or is there a whiff of corruption about GSK NOT mentioning Thiomersal(mercury preservative), as a direct ingredient of their Boostrix Tdap vaccine; instead, the information is hidden within another liquid medium ingredient, "Cohen-Wheeler or Stainer-Scholte".

Most pregnant ladies are adults and I am well aware mercury preservative is allowable in adult vaccines. However, mercury in the bloodstream can reach a tiny developing foetus via the placenta. Since microcephaly, small heads, is a recognised condition attributable to maternal mercury levels during pregnancy, surely it is time to STOP Boostrix being administered to pregnant mothers.


"A developmental toxicity study has been performed in female rats at a dose approximately 40 times the human dose (on a mL/kg basis) and revealed no evidence of harm to the fetus due to BOOSTRIX. Animal fertility studies have not been conducted with BOOSTRIX. There are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women. Because animal reproduction studies are not always predictive of human response, BOOSTRIX should be given to a pregnant woman only if clearly needed.8
Despite this cautionary information, the Brazilian government has been vaccinating tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of pregnant women in its country during the past year. A large portion of these pregnancies are occurring in Brazil’s northeastern region, notably in the state of Pernambuco—the country’s fastest growing population center."

John Stone

btw Boostrix is what it also given to pregnant women routinely in the UK.



Thanks for that history that the media saw fit to overlook.

I think the term "developing world" is a misnomer. If they were developing, they would have developed already. I think it would be more accurate to call these countries the "oppressed world". The African continent had no say in what drugs were shipped into their countries. Foreign entities overruled their decisions and forced mercury laced drugs on their children. It doesn't get more oppressive than that. For that matter, we might also refer to so called developed countries as part of the oppressed world too.

Jenny Allan

Actually 'Reading is Fundamental' is wrong to state "Refortix (Boostrix) doesn't contain thimerosal", but you have to dig deep, i.e. do a lot of 'reading' to find the links to mercury.

One of the listed ingredients in Boostrix, (Tdap vaccine), manufactured under licence by GSK in Brazil, and administered under mandate to all pregnant women in Brazil since late 2014, is Stainer-Scholte media.

Of course, most persons won't have the foggiest notion what that stuff is. I certainly didn't. However, good old Wikipedia supplied the recipe, and guess what? Thiomersal is listed as one of the ingredients. Here's the full list:-


"Cohen-Wheeler or Stainer-Scholte media, synthetic or semisynthetic Aluminum potassium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, bovine extract, formaldehyde, gelatin, peptone, polysorbate 80, sodium phosphate, thimerosal[2]"

Here's the GSK published published ingredients of Boostrix:-
Tdap Vaccinations for All Pregnant Women in Brazil Mandated in Late 2014
"GSK’s Tdap product is internationally known under the brand name Refortrix® or, more commonly, Boostrix®), and it has been licensed in Brazil for more than a decade.6 In addition to the ingredients listed above for Boostrix, the following growth medium and process ingredients are used in manufacturing the vaccine:
• modified Latham medium derived from bovine casein
• Fenton medium containing bovine extract
• formaldehyde
• Stainer-Scholte liquid medium
• glutaraldehyde
• aluminum hydroxide7"

Jenny Allan

I am obliged to "Reading is fundamental" for his information about Refortix (Boostrix) which doesn't contain thimerosal.

I am well aware mercury preservative was phased out of child vaccines in North America, Europe and a few other countries around 10 years ago, although Thiomersal preservative was scandalously retained in adult Influenza and other vaccines.

Even more 'scandalous', a UN convention on mercury use and restriction was 'persuaded' by vaccine manufacturers to retain mercury preservative in child vaccines for 'the third world' . This was 'carried', in spite of a deputation of representatives from several African Countries demanding mercury removal:-
"What would happen if we could no longer use thiomersal in vaccines?
This could become a reality if anti-thiomersal activists are successful."
Extract from above:-
"• In 2009, UNEP decided to develop a binding agreement on mercury, including the production, import, or export of mercury-added products, to be completed in 2013.
• Negotiations are taking place over five International Negotiating Committee (INC) meetings.
• In the second INC meeting, the issue of thiomersal in multi-dose vaccines was raised by a US anti-thiomersal activist group. US anti-thiomersal activist group.
• In response to the second discussion draft of the treaty, the African Region stated, “The use of mercury in pharmaceutical products where alternatives exist should also be prohibited. Existing stocks should not be sold to the developing world.”
• The third discussion draft released in preparation for the October/November 2011 negotiation includes “pharmaceutical products” on a list of all mercury-added products that would be banned.
• Countries (and some regions) replied with comments to the third discussion draft; the US suggested that pharmaceutical products should not be on the list to ban; those from the Latin American and Caribbean regions and the European Union, suggested more broadly that affordability should be considered along with periodic scientific reviews of evidence."

I would have liked to include the entire document, which was part of a pharma/political strategy, including the WHO to get vaccines exempted from UN mercury restrictions, but it's a lot of 'reading'. Needless to say the ' US anti-thiomersal activist group.' lost the argument, and mercury was retained for child vaccines destined for 'the developing world'.

Dear "Reading is fundamental",
PLEASE provide the necessary links to prove Brazil injected all pregnant women in 2015 with mercury free DTap vaccine, in view of the following:-
(Repeat Reading from above link)
"those from the Latin American and Caribbean regions and the European Union, suggested more broadly that affordability should be considered along with periodic scientific reviews of evidence."

Ah yes the 'science'?? I think for once Brian Deer is correct when he says 'Follow the money'.

Reading Is Fundamental
Brazilian pregnant women received mandatory DTap vaccine, presumably with full on mercury preservative(Thiomersal). What a scandal!!

Refortix (Boostrix) doesn't contain thimerosal.

Jeannette Bishop

@Laura Hayes, thanks for your kind words...you're surely welcome to use anything from me you find helpful!

More regarding MMR failing mumps efficacy testing...

I recently finished Suzanne Humphries & Roman Bystrianyk's book, Dissolving Illusions. The book touches on several problems with relying on titers to determine vaccine efficacy, so maybe (in my somewhat mangled head) Merck might have been less vulnerable to temptation to cheat if they weren't already required to apply a test not exactly established to be meaningful...maybe.

Also, in the book, Humphries and Bystrianyk briefly touch on this whistleblower suit. Something more to consider (p. 403-4)?

"It is known that the mumps component of all MMR vaccines from the mid-1990s has had a very low efficacy, estimated at 69 percent. The mumps portion has lost efficacy (the ability to stimulate immune response), but not necessarily its ability to multiply and remain in the body. What do you think happens to a live attenuated virus that is injected into a person and elicits only a sluggish immune response? It essentially amounts to persistent infection."

So, bringing in another MMR component and a certain "preservative," when autism was observed in association with congenital rubella syndrome (per Age of Autism by Olmsted & Blaxill), did the use of thimerosal preserved immunoglobulin possibly create a suppressed immune response or allow some kind of persistent rubella infection (in addition to whatever direct neurotoxicity might be involved in adverse outcomes) in some patients or their infants?

And, does a similar combination, maybe through viral interference from use of MMR (directly injected or possibly through being exposed to someone else carrying active MMR viral infections) occur even more frequently today (particularly when thimerosal-preserved prenatal/postnatal vaccines are also involved)?

Laura Hayes

Jeannette, what an incredibly important point you hit on with one of your ever-astute comments:

"Kind of makes the whole lot look like they don't really care much about the "herd immunity," "community immunity," and all that used to promote forced vaccination."

I will be remembering and repeating that one! Thank you :)

Jenny Allan


From above article "U.S. National Library of Medicine" Mercury Poisoning :-

"Some health care providers have raised concerns about ethyl mercury (thiomersal), a chemical used in some vaccines. However, research shows that childhood vaccines do not lead to dangerous mercury levels in the body. Vaccines used in children today only contain trace amounts of thiomersal. Thiomersal-free vaccines are available.

• Blindness
• Cerebral palsy
• Deafness
• Growth problems
• Intellectual disability
• Lung function impairment
• Small head (microcephaly) "

Note the SMALL HEAD as a symptom of mercury poisoning. Ethyl Mercury in vaccines is just as dangerous as Methyl, possibly more so, since it is carried by the blood directly to the brain. Methyl Mercury poisoning is usually by injestion of contaminated food. Brazilian pregnant women received mandatory DTap vaccine, presumably with full on mercury preservative(Thiomersal).
What a scandal!!

Jack Humphries

Genewatch already appears to have predicted problems with the introduction of GMO mosquitos with minimum independent oversight...reminiscent of the release of multiple vaccine types with minimal independent oversight.


Is the Brazilian pandemic caused by Oxitec's GMO mosquito having backfired on the unsuspecting population and now spreading globally?

Might there be a problem with the GM-splice crossing species?

Genewatch voice concern that many dead and dying mosquitos targeted by GMO mossies meet their end while gorging on foodstuffs so end up in the food chain.

Jeannette Bishop

I wonder if Merck patronizingly thought cheating was better than a high mumps titer vaccine that maybe increased risk for autism, neither of which considerations needed to be known by us minions. Apparently developing a new vaccine was too hard to do for one of (or the?) biggest pharma corp. in the world? Or... did Merck and maybe their "regulators" simply like the way MMR "worked" just as it was?

Now, I suspect many government officials could see this as opportunity to be bribed that much more the the longer this drags out.

Kind of makes the whole lot look like they don't really care much about the "herd immunity," "community immunity," and all that used to promote forced vaccination.

Shelley Tzorfas

Now that many of us have learned that there is a 340% increase in Autism in the black community (Atlanta Ga.) according to Dr. William Thompson of the CDC in children who received the MMR shot before age 36 months-and it is given to children by protocol from age 12-18 months, this wait for Discovery is a near fatal sentence in our children. It is a near fatal sentence because the brain encephalitis from the toxins leads to Autism, a near fatal sentence in those children who will have multiple seizures on a daily basis throughout their lives, a sentence to the overtaxed school systems who must figure out how to manage these kids let alone educate, a sentence to the families, siblings, neighbors, communities and the overwhelming divorce court system; to social security.. And the band is playing on yet again.
Now that 1 in 45 children have Autism-How many more children's lives will be corrupted?


David M. Burd,

I'm not an expert, but from what I've read Zika first appeared in Brazil in 2014, so nearly all cases are quite recent.
The virus was first identified in Uganda in 1947, and there were subsequent outbreaks across equatorial Africa from Gabon to Tanzania in the 1960s and 1970s. There is also apparently an Asian strain of the virus, and outbreaks occurred in Pakistan, India, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines during the same timeframe.
Interestingly I have not been able to find any literature on the spread of Zika and microcephaly for any of these earlier outbreaks. Some have been very thoroughly studied, especially one on a French Polynesian Island in 2007 -- the CDC even published on that one.
So, my question is simply what is different about the Brazilian outbreak? Have there been any other laboratory confirmed Zika antibody/microcephaly babies in Central America (as of Jan.28 there have only been six in Brazil so far)? Zika appeared there in 2014/5 too. One researcher pointed out in 2009 that West Nile virus produced much more severe neurological symptoms outside areas where it is endemic, and cautioned that Zika might too. But as of 2009 it hadn't. What is different now, or is anything different now?


The justification usually given for torturing people suspected of plotting to harm Americans is that harsh tactics have to be applied swiftly in order to extract that information - that time is of the essence, that lives are at stake.

Is the public not at risk from the use of ineffective vaccines?

I would give them exactly one week for discovery while at the same time investigating other companies to get these vaccines from so that a plan is in place and ready to be implemented if the whistleblowers prove their case (if not replacing the vaccine was not an option).

The other thing is, the people are the victims here. This case is being framed as the government is the victim of a financial crime. When the public is the victim, the whistleblower and corporate entity should not have the choice to settle out of court. As one of the millions of victims of this alleged crime, I didn't agree to an out of court settlement. Did you? And shouldn't the perpetrators, if found guilty, be placed safely and securely behind bars, where they can't hurt and steal from the public anymore?

david m burd

go Rand,

Your (sarcastic) comment about DTaP just put into Brazil's Vaccination Program, to be given during pregnancy, but couldn't possibly be related to the sudden massive microcephaly epidemic, was very appropriate.

I would like to add that these pregnant Brazilian women almost certainly (virtually 100%) had been clinically (or sub-clinically) infected with Zika for years prior to their pregnancies, shrugged it off, then of course maintained antibodies to such. Then tested for the first time after their deformed babies were born. Probably ALL women and men in the Brazilian Region of this microcephaly epidemic would test "positive' for Zika antibodies.

We have yet another Virus Panic by the totally corrupt Medical/Pharma Powers That Be, and yet another clamor for a new useless, toxic vaccine on top of the DTaP. You can't make it up.

Laura Hayes

Appreciate the update, Dan, disappointing as it is.

Also loved "go Rand's" comment! And Bob Moffit, spot on with your "justice delayed is justice denied" comment. I eagerly read comments by both of you when I see your names light up my screen...please keep 'me coming!

go Rand

OMG we might someday lose access to the “Merck Master Race” vaccine ??? I believe they have used the same mumps virus for the vaccine for nearly 40 years. Of course, we need a new flu vaccine each and every year because the damn viruses are always changing.

Of course one should be able to inject "three live viruses" into tens of millions of toddlers without a problem. The “Merck MMR viruses are friendly viruses” and know not to invade the GI track and cause diarrhea for years.

Mumps is sometimes so mild that children can have a case, develop antibodies and the parents do not even know they were sick.

The new dream of course is for a “fast-track CDC miracle vaccine” for the Sika virus carried by the damn rascal Aedes aegypti mosquito.

HOW did they FIGURE this PROBLEM out so FAST ??? Why not spend twenty years looking for the defective gene that allows the Sika problem ???

Thank goodness the Brazil birth defects are not related to the DTaP vaccine introduced to pregnant women in Brazil just a year ago.

Bob Moffit

'An Amended Scheduling Order was released this month that talks about “dispositive motions” to be filed by December 20, 2017 – basically two years from now -- and “motions involving class certification” by May 3, 2018. That looks like the earliest a trial could start, and it’s not hard to see the whole thing going into 2019, if not a new decade entirely."

I nominate this unnecessary, unwarranted .. long delayed journey by these Merck "whistle-blowers" seeking justice in a US Court .. as a prime example of that age old maxim of .. Justice delayed .. is justice denied".

Why hasn't the court responded to these allegations of CORPORATE CRIME .. with the very same OUTRAGE now being directed at EPA and government elected officials of Flint, Michigan .. who KNEW the people of Flint were being provided with water that was contaminated by LEAD??


I hope the Justice officials .. Federal and State .. especially those whose job requires them to PROSECUTE law-breakers .. that have played even a minor role in this deliberate effort to thwart justice .. while that very same Merck vaccine CONTINUES to be injected into children .. stand before a judge themselves someday.

This perversion of our Justice system would not be happening without the active COMPLICITY of our toothless main-stream media's COOPERATION AND CONSENT.

John Stone


Note also in the disgraceful history of GSK's Pluserix MMR vaccine that it was retained by the UK Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation considered partly because they considered: "Urabe is the most reactogenic vaccine
but some data suggested that it may also be the most immunogenic" (meeting 1 November 1991) Tomljenovic p.8:


A few months later SKB (GSK's precursor) unilaterally withdrew the vaccine leaving the British Department of Health and the JCVI high and dry but the opposite problem with MMR2 had also been noted. Prior to the introduction of MMR in UK the official advice on mumps vaccine was that it was contra-indicated, would cause more problems than it was worth, and this certainly has been the case. Nothing in the available technology seems to have been able to change this.

david m burd

Dan, Thanks for your update. I think you have a typo in your sentence below that seems to read aspirin is more dangerous than Vioxx. Cheers!

"hardly the appropriate audience for a heavy-duty painkiller. That pill-popping approach to a compound not much better, and far less dangerous, than aspirin mirrors the mumps vaccine hype"

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