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What More Will Autism Brains Tell Us?

Brain colorsBy Teresa Conrick

Most of the studies and investigations about Autism brains remind me of Bill Murray trapped in Groundhog Day --- frustrating, the same day, every day.  Autism brains have been studied for decades with numerous replications and multiple studies telling us that there is "ramped-up immune responses and related inflammation ", too many synapses , in general, "unusually large heads   ," and "Activated microglia ..  associated with brain inflammation  ."

Dr. Leo Kanner knew in 1943, without having to look at any brains, that many of the children who had begun to be referred to him, "since 1938," had large heads --"Five [of the original eleven] had relatively large heads." Because Kanner was an expert in child psychiatry and had written extensively, he was perplexed with this new disorder which he and others had never seen. So here we are nearing the end of 2015, seventy-two years later, and STILL the brains of those with an Autism diagnosis are being emphasized as often the sole source of both causation and treatments. If there was ever a time showing that NOT to be true, it’s now.

I had written three year ago about brains in Autism research that had been lost to freezer failure.  It was an odd occurrence.  Over the years, more and more children and teens with an Autism diagnosis have tragically died, many by drowning.  Sadly, this is where many of these research brains originate. 

Enter more brain research:

NIH-supported NeuroBioBank joins Autism BrainNet in brain donation initiative    -   Public-private partnership aims to increase quality and quantity of brain tissue for autism research. 

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has signed an agreement to establish a collaborative, nationwide effort for the collection, storage, and distribution of postmortem human brain tissue for the benefit of autism research. The agreement with Foundation Associates LLC will coordinate the efforts of two independent networks of human brain tissue repositories, the National Institutes of HealthNeuroBioBank (NBB) and the Autism BrainNet (ABN)......“One of the best ways for us to fully understand the molecular and cellular characteristics associated with the development and progression of ASD is to study brain tissue from individuals with ASD,” said NIMH Acting Director Bruce Cuthbert, Ph.D. “This unified effort will allow researchers to generate new data, which will enhance our understanding of this disorder and ultimately speed progress toward new and personalized interventions for individuals across the autism spectrum.”

Wondering what new data and personalized interventions might be?  I am all for research on the brain, BUT looking at the brain might not be the entire picture.  We might need to go to the gut first, a huge common denominator in Autism, then collaborate with brain researchers to see what is happening in the brain.  I am a big advocate of the gut/brain connection and the research on the Microbiome and Autism is cutting edge and promising:

For decades, doctors, parents, and researchers have noted that about three-quarters of people with autism also have some gastrointestinal abnormality, like digestive issues, food allergies, or gluten sensitivity. This recognition led scientists to examine potential connections between gut microbes and autism; several recent studies have found that autistic people’s microbiome differs significantly from control groups.  

Researchers do not yet know how exactly gut bacteria might influence behavior, but one hypothesis is that a leaky gut may allow substances to pass into the bloodstream that harm the brain. In the mouse study, the probiotic may have helped reshape the microbial ecosystem and made the intestines more robust, preventing the leakage of such substances... 

Today autism is treated primarily through behavioral therapy. But the new study suggests that treatment may one day come in the form of a probiotic—live, "friendly" bacteria like those found in yogurt. "If you block the gastrointestinal problem, you can treat the behavioral symptoms,"

..... why restrictive diets and antibacterial treatments seemed to help some children with autism: Altering the microbial composition might be changing the permeability of the intestine.....  Is a disease like autism really a disease of the brain or maybe a disease of the gut or some other aspect of physiology?’’ 

Another recent development in Microbiome research that has yet to cause a ripple in Autism research is the fact that the Microbiome actually controls the MICROGLIA [the immune cells in the brain that cause inflammation in Autism].

 Host microbiota constantly control maturation and function of microglia in the CNS.     

Limited microbiota complexity also resulted in defective microglia....These findings suggest that host bacteria vitally regulate microglia maturation and function, whereas microglia impairment can be rectified to some extent by complex microbiota.

This is very important as we look at the BRAIN in Autism: Host bacteria VITALLY REGULATE MICROGLIA.......and can be RECTIFIED….

An example of science making these connections and how they can be applied to Autism:

Many children with an Autism diagnosis have high amounts of AMMONIA

ammonia, believed to be generated by gut bacteria from food, to enter the bloodstream and cross through the blood–brain barrier. When these toxins cross into the brain, however, they can cause the symptoms [in autism, pathogenic bacteria are in excess thus illustrates how ammonia levels can rise]

...bacterial growth and the production of ammonia....Growth occurred on primary testing of 93 out of 100 strains of aerobic Gram-negative bacteria at pH 5, and 48 out of 50 strains of Esch. coli at pH 4·6. 

 While ammonia continues to exert a direct effect on astrocytes, it is possible that ammonia can affect other neural cells, particularly microglia....  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23065046

...probiotics are able to reduce plasma ammonia concentration…. Fortunately, studies have also indicated that gut microbiota may be modulated with the use of probiotics, antibiotics, and fecal microbiota transplants as a prospect for therapy in microbiota-associated diseases. This modulation of gut microbiota is currently a growing area of research as it just might hold the key to treatment.  

And from that same study http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4370913/ , a good conclusion and a hopeful sign - Further evidence of the role of the microbiota in ASD is presented by the observation that interventions with antibiotics and probiotics have led to an improvement of behavior and communication in ASD subjects.

The connections are there and we need to keep pushing them forward.  The question of why one child and not another regresses into Autism is significant. Much of the research points to the health of the microbiome and an environmental insult, like mercury, pesticides or vaccines .  Those three words always take us back to the 1930's and the emergence of those first eleven children ever diagnosed AUTISTIC.  


Teresa Conrick is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.



I watched an interesting video from autism one this year about ammonia levels. The speaker mentions the micro biome during her talk, as well as several possible interventions that can control ammonia levels in the body without having to resort to the lactulose or rifaximin. She also discusses heavy metals as risk factor for ammonia buildup.


Combining Teresa and Dan, I'm wondering about the mechanism behind the connection between heavy metals and ammonia buildup. Could heavy metals push a normally benign bacteria that doesn't produce ammonia into a state of self-defense that somehow allows it to live in the presence of heavy metal by producing ammonia for some reason? (why? to survive fluctuation in PH caused by heavy metals?) In other words, is increased ammonia production an epigenetic survival mechanism/by-product of antibiotic resistance? Drawing on water quality, pond and fish tank maintenance, fish kills etc., I think ammonia also affects oxygen levels. For instance, fish exposed to ammonia in the water get tissue damage to their gills, can't process oxygen, and in horrible catch-22, cannot then excrete excess ammonia from their bodies, leading to additional damage. One has to wonder if there is a parallel effect in humans.


Thank you ATSC! I must say how deeply troubling it is that doctors such as Gorski would stoop so low, so openly pissing on their field without care. What do their patients make of all this? Does Gorski even care? The whole thing is such a sad state of a affair.



An orthopedic surgeon once told me trainee doctors are taught very little about vaccines at Med School and what woke her up was her child's severe reaction, so what would a breast surgeon or biologist know? To them being able to muddy a survey, like they say about online polls and VAERS, shows how unscientific it is. Like schoolboys hacking into schools' websites and leaving filth, it is no more than a game to them. Unfortunately, most of us expect more of "Doctors", or used to. I've learned that not only do doctors lie about vaccines, they destroy crucial documents to hide the truth.

I see Danchi has recently posted another example of how low these people can get on "CDC Whistleblower & Congressional Oversight Online Survey Results".

Tim Lundeen

@Greg @Georg I sent an email to [email protected] to let them know their online poll has been compromised. Hopefully they will have some way to clean up the data.

Might be helpful to have other people do the same.

Cherry Misra

tO Jeff, This is not meant to be a cure, but might improve the situation for your daughter (and the good part is that there are no side effects- so it is always worth a try. You have nothing to lose) Try giving your child 600mg of Haritake per day- can be given at one time. Becausse most autistic kids would have candida in the gut, she will have some mild diarrhea for some days and then it will stop . This means that the candida is now dead. My husband and I have taken Haritake for two years for the effects of mercury from dental amalgams. I have known at least three kids of different ages who tried it and all had improvements in happiness and behavior. Actually I have never taken the Haritake available in the U.S., but I assume that it is the same as the Haritake available in India, by Zandu company. If you like it let me know. You can also give the product Triphala, available in Indian grocery stores. It is one third Haritake (called Harar) It must be a lot cheaper than the Haritake in the supplement stores. You have t0 mix it in juice I think. I prefer the tablets, simply because they are easier to take. If I did not have the tablets, I would take Triphala.
Haritake has been described by the mercury toxicologist Chris shade, as a nine times stronger antioxidant than anything else we know of.


Yes ATSC, Gorski really does baffle me in a certain way. He is supposed to be a breast surgeon for Christ sakes! We would expect him to at least publicly show his respect for science, and even if it's only lip service. Yet, here he is conspiring with his 'fans' to foil science, and so what if we're only dealing with a 'weak' online survey.

By now, it should be obvious to all that Gorski is the biggest phony. Still, if you were a patient of this man, what would you make of his integrity? Would you feel comfortable trusting him with your life?

John Stone


This is the blather of a doorstep salesman.

Georg Elser

JDS the count for unsubstantiated rash accusations against me from you is at half a dozen now .

Don't make assumptions about me .
All you need to know , is I am a proper activist , I mean what I say , and I believe that anyone telling the full truth about vaccines , parent ,scientist, doctor or otherwise is putting their life on the line .

Liz Birt RIP
Jeff Bradstreet RIP
& the other doctors

John Stone


There is certainly no issue here about you or anyone else commenting anonymously. It certainly doesn't however make sense for someone commenting anonymously to advocate that other people should leave their personal data on an anonymous website (actually it doesn't make sense full stop and is highly inadvisable). There is some irony that you are always on about what other people should or shouldn't do (like civil disobedience) but choose to remain anonymous. I bet you didn't leave your details there.

Georg Elser

For Jeff - in case you missed the hint lol


Georg Elser

To Kim Stagliano

Is it ok for Parents to remain anonymous here on AoA if they want to? That seems to be a real issue for JDS .

(Obviously the powers that monitor us all have us all identified , no question about that. )

for the record , I'm a Autism-DAD-Activist - we matter .

Regarding the survey . Could a survey be conducted where documents of children (birth certificate) & vaccination records are provided , and where the family has one autistic child but stop vaccinating and the comparison would be the health outcomes of the subsequent children .
My eldest child's story is identical to Jeff;s except my child has not stop screaming in 8 years now .
The unvaccinated children of our family ARE PERFECT .

naturalblaze.com very gd website


Jeannette Bishop;
Thanks for sharing. I was aware - and it just makes me panic right down in my stomach that my kids did not have measles - will that make my daughter more prone to cancer of the ovaries.

Geesh! Oh top of every thing else

And will my son get mumps now as he nears 30.


Jenny the appendix as a safe room or panic room for good bacteria - when a French researcher --Vivier proposed it several years ago - blew me way too.

We use lactolose a lot - for my daughter since her last vaccine A DTap a few years back causes a lot of bloating
It works on the small intestines was my understanding. It is over heated milk sugar.

My daughter's doctor told her she could gain weight on it? How could that be?
There is also a chance that it can cause SIBO.

But it is good stuff for us so far.



Dr Buttar promotes the survey on his FB page so you may be right.

Tim Lundeen,

(Adding to Greg's comment). When doctors like Jim Laidler can report to VAERS that a flu vaccine turned him into the Incredible Hulk, it wouldn't surprise me if the survey has been infiltrated by unethical people - just like they have swayed online polls.

Crash this Poll on Vaccines and Autism - 24 May 2010

Dr David Gorski: "Crash this poll on vaccines"

Rene Najera: "TO VOTE MULTIPLE TIMES: Close the page, clear out your cookies and chache, open the page, vote again."

Markle: "Vote until bored."

Dr PZ Myers: "Autism-vaccination poll needs to be obliterated, please. You know what to do".

jamesbond1217: "I have found a fatal flaw in this poll. That flaw being that it tracks your vote through cache/cookies and not IP address so if you clear your cache and cookies you can vote infinitely. Get in there and get us up to 90+%."

Gary Ogden

Jenny: That is correct. The appendix is a repository for gut bacteria. So the organ we were always taught is vestigial has been retained in the species for a very good reason. As far as I know probiotics are always good. It sounds plausible that unhealthy bacteria could inhabit the appendix, but I've never heard anything to indicate that this actually happens. I get my daily probiotics from home-fermented garden vegetables and cultured raw milk (kefir).

Anita Donnelly

Awesome story thank you. Where can I learn how to restore my sons guy who is doing the testing these days which probiotics to start with ...

Greg@Tim Lundeen

Re my last post, the plot to 'pharyngulate' the results was first hatched at comment 8.


Today I read something about what sounds like a researcher saying the appendix is something like a backup repository capable of repopulating the body with healthy bacteria which could lead to different methods (instead of things like using a fecal transplant - so right off the bat I am a bit wary), but if that's what she's getting at, it raises a question: what if the bacteria in the appendix (if that's a correct interpretation) is bad bacteria. Does that mean that that if one stops taking probiotics or slows down on fecal transplants, that the bad bacteria from a bad appendix could repopulate the gut, causing recurrent cycles of chronic illness symptoms, including symptoms of autism maybe?


Tim Lundeen


I was afraid it was something like that -- it was quite obvious the results could not be real :-) Thanks.

Greg@Tim Lundeen

Tim Lundeen,

You asked what happened with the survey reporting such poor outcomes for the unvaxxed? You may want to checkout Orac and his cheerleaders at their, 'Deja vu all over again: another internet survey on vaccination' blog, comments 17-65. The survey started by reporting superior results for the unvaxxed over the vaxxed, and at which point Orac and his minions conspired to use generic email addresses to fix things in a certain way. And, one of their last comments had them gloating over the change about, and how the results actually indicate that vaccines are protective against poor health outcomes. I am afraid the study has been hopelessly zapped.

Cheers, Greg

Gary Ogden

Jeanette: Yes, gut microbes are actively involved in the immune response. Both vaccination and infectious diseases such as measles no doubt affect the composition of the microbiome, which can change from hour to hour. Don't know where to get information about this, but it shouldn't be hard to find. Thank you so much, Teresa, for this article. This is crucial. I am convinced from all I've read that the microbiome is key to most of what ails us, and the key to health. It appears to control key brain functions; a part of the brain in a different location, so to speak. But the fact that there isn't, and can't be, a patentable drug that improves its composition will surely slow research. And there will be official resistance to promising therapies, such as probiotics.

Jeannette Bishop

Anyone aware of any research observing effects on the microbiome from the infections we prevent, like measles? When people talk about diseases training the immune system, did that training involve the microbiome?

I guess we do have research showing the microbiome plays a role in how we handle infection (and maybe vaccination):

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26610433 (and probably lots more, I get lost in pubmed...)

Using bacteria to treat disease?

And cancer?

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks Teresa! We worry about superbugs (or acute infections that can't be effectively treated) from overuse of antibiotics, but I'm starting to wonder if we've already promoted resistance (better ability to out compete the microbes we consider healthy) in the microbes that cause/contribute to some of our chronic illnesses.

Tim Lundeen


The numbers I see at www.vanvcd.org are not even close to what you listed. Even fully-vaccinated males over 5 years with 30+ vaccines old have BETTER health to never-vaccinated males over 5 years old:

max vax vs zero vax
Population 111 72
Ahead of peers 78% 53%
Chronically ill/damaged 15% 22%
Meds 13% 15%

So what's going on?


I am trying to complete the information on the survey site but it will not accept the date of birth line and keeps instructing to go back. Am I missing something?


I have an autism experience to share. So, this morning I am on the phone with the developmental center. I previously had to take my 10 year old Daughter off of the Risperdal they recommended because she started having crazy eye movements, especially when laying down, and constant facial grimacing, fast twitches, eye fluttering, etc. Which still have not gone away. A little backround on behaviors, happy most of the time but then has periods throughout the year that last about a week at a time where She will, scream, moody, excessive stimming and maniacal arm biting with blood every where, totally inconsolable. Of course Drs will check ears and throat and there is nothing wrong. Almost like some type of behavioral flare up. But anyway, I said hey, I have heard that CBD oil can be beneficial and safer and more effective. Not to mention NY has just approved medical marijuana. I said we can fit her in under muscle spasms or what ever it takes. They said that it wasn't proven safe for Children by the AAP. Then recommended other medication, seroquel or whatever. So Risperdal has a black box warning for killing elderly dementia patients and gives people irreversible Tardive Dyskenisia, Seroquel does the same. As far as I know the only way to die from Marijuana is by excessive cereal consumption. So which is safer? I am confused. If anyone knows of a NY dr who is taking the class to prescribe or knows of any clinical trials my e-mail is [email protected]

Georg Elser

"having lied about who owned it"

wow (pity you don't challenge anyone else in the same manner , like at the omnibus-judge & congress-Hooker)

"ok I apologise to Dr Buttar then .
Perhaps I was wrong about that ." Where is the lie ?

I don't know why when you go there it doesn't display the owner . But I believe it to be somehow associated with Dr Buttar .

Kim Stagliano

Goerg, I'm Kim - Managing Editor. Not sure what you're going on about - donors often want to remain anon. Talk about no good deed going unpunished. We run on a SHOE STRING - this is a labor of love and dedication for all of us - don't sully it.


For Georg


But look who is "swerving". You wanted everybody to put up some of their private details on the vanvcd.org site having lied about who owned it, and now you are on about the identity of the kind, generous person who gave $5,000 to AoA. What are you about?

Let me give you a clue. If you were really innocent you would be very bothered about the good faith of vanvcd.org, apologetic etc. after I pointed out it's flaws, and instead you just get truculent.

Georg Elser

@ForGeorg (aka Swerve)

I ask again .

who is the anonymous person who donated the $5000 ? pls
Why is it ok for that person to be anonymous ?


For Georg


It is very odd: the site has no history yet it claims to have >2,500 children and their mothers data already stored as part of their survey. What the hell is going on? And why are you endorsing it if you know nothing about it (apart from the misinformation that you began with about Dr Buttar)?

For Georg


No one has to be outed - not even you. The point though is that you are advocating that people leave their personal details on this anonymously run site. Previously you came here claiming it was run by Dr Buttar which wasn't true.

People are often understably cautious - a point which should not be lost on you - but why do you keep on recommending that they take risks which you are not prepared to take yourself?

Georg Elser

For Georg
who is the anonymous person who donated the $5000 ? pls
Why is it ok for that person to be anonymous ?
And apparently parents must be outed ?


I think the only morally correct thing to do in the aftermath of such tragic deaths when collecting brain samples is that those samples should be posted in real time, be immediately seen online, for crowdsourced analysis, to prevent the loss of physical evidence that future "mishaps" such as refrigerators breaking down might cause. Collecting samples and keeping them from the public in any way for any length of time is not acceptable to me. Why would any parent of a child with autism who suffered the ultimate adverse reaction trust those samples to anyone connected to the government at this point? Those samples need to be used and protected only by a parent-run organization at this point.

I've been wondering again about that malaria drug lately.
Of course soldiers are some of the most vaccinated individuals, so that their brains are, in effect, maybe suffering from the same kind of damage/inflammation that could be caused by concussions/high impact explosive devices. Are the rates of psychosis from malaria medicine higher in heavily vaccinated soldiers vs others, perhaps missionaries or locals living in malaria regions, who may not have been as heavily vaccinated.

The ammonia discussion is intriguing. Years ago on this site I brought up the similarities in psychosis and other symptoms of cirrosis to those in autism, having had a relative that went through those complications. He had to drink this liquid stuff to clear the ammonia from his body and when levels got too high he did things like put his shirt on like it was pants. The doctor told his wife do cut back on his meats. I wonder if malaria medicine breaks down into ammonia byproducts? Do exposures to ongoing antibiotic-like compounds end up creating a situation in the body fostering the growth of the type of ammonia-producing bacteria known to create mental confusion - i.e. alcohol, mercury, diets contributing to ph disruption in the gut, antibiotics (do they change ph?)

WEBMD, a site I typically avoid, explains about ammonia buildup in the body due to cirrosis:


"When the liver has been damaged by cirrhosis, it may not be able to filter poisons from the bloodstream, especially substances in the blood produced by bacteria in the large intestine. As a result, these substances (which include ammonia) may build up in the bloodstream and cause problems in your brain called encephalopathy. High ammonia levels are a sign of encephalopathy.

Symptoms of encephalopathy may include:

Difficulty with word-finding.
Poor short-term memory.
Poor concentration.
Confusion and disorientation.
Encephalopathy is most likely to occur in people who have high blood pressure in the portal vein system (portal hypertension). But it may also occur in people who have severe acute liver damage but do not have portal hypertension. Certain procedures (such as shunting, which redirects the flow of blood or fluid through other areas of the body) that help lower portal hypertension and prevent variceal bleeding may actually increase your risk for encephalopathy. Other things that can contribute to encephalopathy include use of sedatives or narcotics, gastrointestinal bleeding, abnormal levels of electrolytes in the blood (especially low potassium levels), excess protein in the diet, infection such as peritonitis, dehydration, and constipation.

Most cases of encephalopathy are treated using a medicine called lactulose. This drug helps prevent the buildup of substances in the large intestine that may lead to encephalopathy. Lactulose is effective at decreasing ammonia levels in the blood and improving encephalopathy.

Side effects of lactulose may include:

Stomach cramps.
Intestinal gas.
If you have had many cases of encephalopathy, your doctor may give you another medicine called rifaximin. This medicine may be used with lactulose to help prevent encephalopathy. In one study, the group of people who took rifaximin and lactulose had fewer cases of encephalopathy than the people who only took lactulose.1 "

Makes me wonder if chelating is clearing out ammonia from the body maybe in addition to heavy metals, or could clearing out heavy metals change ph in the body indirectly lowering the production of ammonia in the body due to shifting the biome to non-ammonia producing bacteria?

Oh, here's some info on the lactulos from wiki:
Lactulose is useful in treating hyperammonemia (high blood ammonia), which can lead to hepatic encephalopathy. Lactulose helps trap the ammonia (NH3) in the colon and bind to it.[13] It does this by using gut flora to acidify the colon, transforming the freely diffusible ammonia into ammonium (NH4+) which can no longer diffuse back into the blood.[14] It is also useful for preventing hyperammonemia caused as a side effect of administration of valproic acid.[15]

Lactulose for hepatic encephalopathy generally requires relatively large oral dosages three or four times a day with episodic diarrhea and constant flatulence almost a certain side effect. People who take lactulose at this level of dosage generally end up wearing an adult diaper and plastic pants for any activities away from home or at night (with a chux pad for the bed) because the diarrhea can occur swiftly and without much warning."

Are there medicines in addition to lactulose the MDs can use if one is allergic to lactulose?

What are the effects of some other biomed solutions on ammonia byproducts and whether or not the body reabsorbs it or not from the intestines (leaky gut?) when the body tried to clear it? What foods (like strawberries do per the health ranger) or bacterias will change it or bind it? L.rhamnosus?

For Georg

Obviously, we are all in it for the money! Hoho!

I am not sure that breaking the log jam of 25 years is dependent on putting one's personal details on this fishy site. Tell me, did you put the personal details of child and his/her mother on the site (you never give your name on this one)? And if giving up personal details is no big deal why don't you give your's here, and why doesn't the site give their's? Why did you mention Dr Buttar?

Georg Elser

@For Georg
I would like to remind you of the anonymous funder of $5000 at this point . lol

I'll see if I can get that spelling detail corrected .
Perhaps the author has a dyslexia, cut him a break - rofl. (its better than the nonsense chimp study , 10 years , all our money only to be hijacked by nefarious forces at conclusion)

Are they asking for bank details ?
The authorities have all our details VSD , and have been sitting on the obviously criminal answer for 25 years so far . We don't have to wait another 25 do we ?

Maurine Meleck

I have always been interested in the high ammonia levels since J's levels(done some years ago) were off the charts. Would be interesting to test it again now to see if there is a significant change in the levels. Thanks Teresa.

For Georg

For Georg

I have been taking a look: they want your child's personal details (and personal details about the mother's health) which is a bit thick bearing in mind they don't identify themselves (rather like you). Also, despite the magnificent graphics they spell Asperger "Ashberger" which isn't too impressive.

Georg Elser

For Georg - ok I apologise to Dr Buttar then .
Perhaps I was wrong about that .

This is what EVERYONE HERE has called for all this time .

Obviously the Pharma will try to destroy it from within but hopefully there are safeguards to prevent that happening .


For Georg

Hi Georg

This is an interesting site: can't find anything linking it with Dr Buttar, or any identifiable organization. Perhaps you know something we don't.

It is not of course constructive to always impute bad motives to anyone who does not happen to be thinking exactly the same thing as you at the moment you happen to be thinking it.

mary w maxwell

Teresa, I can't offer this as any more than a hunch, but I think Kanner was not on the side of the angels.

Granted, I tend to be a bit conspiratorial. Here is my article on smallpox jabs as a scam from Day One (i.e., Jenner in 1796)

Georg Elser

Ah yes the one of finest educational establishments in the world was unable to keep a freezer running .
The back up failed . Where was that again ?
Yale , JohnHopkins .
Pls include the link to that little gem for any newbies .

So here Dr Buttar of Georgia did his own vaccinated versus unvaccinated study .
No need to delve\desect into brain matter at all.
Why did Safeminds spend all that money on the chimp study .
Human-chimps(all of us) are far easier to study .
Why have none of our own groups tried to do this ourselves .
I can provide the database expertise (no joke) .But what are the bets there are no takers to my kind offer .
Vaccinated Kids
: Result for "Development Milestones" for Vaccinated children (2nd graph)
- Ahead of Peer Group - 198 or 31.1%
- With their Peer Group - 278 or 43.7%
- Behind their Peer Group - 160 or 25.2%

: Results for "Chronic Illness or Neurological Deficits" (3rd graph)
- Answer "No" - 362 or 56.9%. Thus 56.9% of vaccinated children have no chronic illness or neurological issues.
- Answer "Yes" - 274 or 43.1%. Thus 43.1% of vaccinated children do have a chronic illness or neurological issue.

Now, go back and change the filter to JUST "Non-Vaccinated" kids. And leave all other filters as default:

Non-vaccinated Kids
: Result for "Development Milestones" for Non-vaccinated children (2nd graph)
- Ahead of Peer Group - 91 or 38.4%
- With their Peer Group - 133 or 56.1%
- Behind their Peer Group - 13 or 5.5%

: Results for "Chronic Illness or Neurological Deficits" (3rd graph)
- Answer "No" - 219 or 92.4%. Thus 92.4% of non-vaccinated children have no chronic illness or neurological issues.
- Answer "Yes" - 18 or 7.6%. Thus 7.6% of non-vaccinated children do have a chronic illness or neurological issue.

UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Just compare the results of this simple filter!!!

25.2% of vaccinated kids were BEHIND their peer group, compared to only 5.5% of NON-vaccinated kids!!!

Or how about this....

43.1% of vaccinated kids had some type of chronic medical issue, compared to only 7.6% of NON-vaccinated kids!!!

And this is with around a thousand parents reporting. Remember, to have "statistical significance", you have to have an "n" of 32. In other words, the sample size has to be at least 32 to be "statistically significant". The "n" here is around 1000. And it's increasing daily!!!

This is quite possibly the MOST IMPORTANT real time study that has been conducted anywhere in the world in the last 50 years.

It is our obligation as parents, to spread this website FAR and WIDE! Please, tell every single person you know to go to this site and respond to the simple 11 questions for each of their children! Our future generations are depending on it. In fact, the very future of the human race is riding on this. PLEASE....send this to everyone and ask THEM to send it to everyone. www.VanVCD.org

Just imagine, when one million parents have answered these questions, NO ONE will dare try to refute any of these result. By doing so, anyone refuting this data will only compromise their own integrity! Finally, we have a collective voice for the parent's of the world speaking out...both vaccinated and non-vaccinated!

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