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Weekly Wrap: More Bad Ideas That Perpetuate the Autism Epidemic.

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

My column this week on six bad ideas that triggered the autism epidemic (and how to fix them) led to some thoughtful responses, as well as the usual defense of all things vaccine, this time led by Vincent Iannelli, MD and Eindeker, useful foils of whom I will speak no more (but our commenters will!).

Here are a few of the best "bad ideas" you proposed, with more to come:


Reader: Stoopid idea number 7: Pretending that autism is a good thing as in "Neurotribes." Yeah it's just great that 30% of people with autism communicate not at all or minimally, 82% unemployment for adult autists, high number wandering and drowning deaths relatively, high murder suicide rates. High numbers with sensory and pain issues. It's just f'g great.


Kapoore: It's a bad idea to say the "science is in," the science can never be in and be science. Scientific thinking began in the Renaissance with the idea of measuring the known but with a clear understanding that precision was impossible. Modern scientists forget about the unknowable part and so they claim that they have a precise science, a precise vaccine...and when it turns out that they were wrong--like big time wrong--they shove it under the rug and repeat "the science is in."


Every day I read an article on some aspect of the real science, that is the science that is ongoing and based not on hubris but respect for the evidence--so how could the "science be in" if scientific research is ongoing. However, the worst idea goes to science as dictatorship... now that the science is in we have a new religion and if you don't follow what we say you don't get an education... so taxpaying parents have their children banned from school for some flawed idea such as "vaccine acquired immunity" when in reality what we have is "leaky vaccine acquired immunity" with so much breakthrough disease they have to find someone to blame, and those are the unvaccinated. Put them in jail shout the so-called "scientists" So the worst idea is scientists as inquisitors.


Betty Bona: Dr. Iannelli,

The problem with your "no worries" position about the new vaccines in the pipeline is that money is more powerful than the best interests of the American citizens. The lack of liability of industry and doctors for harms caused by their vaccine products creates a situation where the safety and efficacy of these products no longer carries as much weight as it should.

In fact, it sets up a situation where products that are truly cancer treatments (or treatments for some other non-infectious condition) will be called vaccines so that the product will enjoy the lack of liability. We're no longer just talking about infectious diseases. Aside from the lack of liability, safety and efficacy standards can be so easily manipulated in the vaccine arena.

Just look at the HPV vaccine. Everyone knows that we won't know if it is efficacious until the recipients reach the age when they might be expected to contract cervical cancer. Really, is that a vaccine against an infectious disease, or is it a cancer prevention strategy? Didn't we already have a cancer prevention strategy that worked quite well - the pap smear?

As for safety, you need look no further than the newly approved, fast-tracked flu shot for the elderly. I don't know if you are 65 yet, but if you are, do you plan on being one of the guinea pigs for this new flu shot for the elderly? I say guinea pigs because it is fast-tracked and not fully tested. The last shot for the elderly included a larger amount of virus per shot. That was unsuccessful, so they are approaching the problem from the adjuvant side, adding squalene and polysorbate 80 to the shot in hopes that it will work better in the elderly.

That adjuvant does not have a great safety profile given the incidence of narcolepsy in children receiving the H1N1 squalene/polysorbate 80 adjuvanted vaccine in Europe in 2009. The young and the elderly are vulnerable. Does it make sense to fast-track this vaccine? After the failure of last year's high antigen flu shot for the elderly, I think loss of sales that might have occurred in flu shots for the elderly this year prompted the fast-tracking.

In other words, I think they abandoned safety considerations for profit. What do you think? Have you received your MF59 adjuvanted flu shot this year? If you feel so comfortable with the ever increasing creep of vaccines, maybe you should get that shot even if you are not 65 just to show your complete trust in the vaccine program. I won't touch it with a ten-foot pole, and I sincerely hope I am never mandated to act as a guinea pig like the elderly are doing this year. At least they can still refuse (though that right is somewhat meaningless in some of the elderly).


Linda1: One of the first things that I noticed years ago about allopathic medicine is what is called cascading intervention. The patient presents with a problem, oftentimes caused by a medical misstep, a drug taken or a natural biological rhythm or balance disturbed that needs restoring.

To solve the problem, the physician doesn't recognize the cause of the problem, but orders one or more interventions that causes other problems which lead to other interventions which do not solve anything but that cause other problems which lead to other interventions which lead to...and on and on and on until the patient is worse than ever and is tethered to and hooked on a medicine cabinet full of prescription drugs.

Side effects are rarely acknowledged, drugs are rarely discontinued, just more are added to cover up symptoms caused by the treatments, as the patient gets sicker and poorer.

Vaccines are drugs just like all the rest. They come from a business model that is not interested in cures or prevention, just in making money. If you believe otherwise, you are a fool.


John Stone: Dr Iannelli,

In the UK a two-month-old infant is scheduled to receive:


13 strain pneumococcal vaccine (Prevnar)

oral rotavirus vaccine (Rotarix)

Men B (Bexsero)

Do you really have no caution in administering such a load? Do you really think that it would be alright to add further to it?

Would you adhere to the 10,000 vaccine theory openly advocated by British health officials over more than a decade?

If not, what are the scientific foundations of your beliefs?


Bob Moffitt: How about the BAD IDEA of providing "product liability" protections to a product that a majority of the Supreme Court declared "unavoidably unsafe" .. a decision which denied citizen's their Constitutional Right to seek legal redress for damages those citizens suffered .. upon appeal .. in State and Federal Courts .. thereby confining citizens to abide by the FINAL decision of the Vaccine Court .. a court that is NOT recognized in the US Constitution?

Anita D: Bad idea: accidentally ingesting a toxin is equivalent to deliberately injecting the same amount

And its corollary:

Bad idea: vaccines are magic and break all the rules of medicine and science. Even though for all other drugs dosage is important the same amount of adjuvant is safe for a 5-pound preemie as for a 200 pound man


Angus files: bad idea "trust me I`m a doctor".


Barry: it's a bad idea to say the "science is in," the science can never be in and be science.

Especially when the science has never actually been .... in.

When it comes to vaccines, all there has even been is dogma, inferred from decades of dubiously crafted statistics.

There is no scientific proof that any vaccine has ever prevented a disease of any kind. There never has been.


Denise Anderstrom Douglass: Here's my contribution to the bad ideas: Bad idea: autism is genetic. Let's throw gazillions of our tax dollars to study this. Let's never prove it, but keep at the expensive task, so that those lucky enough to not yet have it in their families will sleep better at night knowing in their heart that it's "not on my kids side of the family." Until it is...


Donna L.: Bad Idea Number 20,796:

Vaccine-(purportedly)preventable diseases are much more dangerous, disabling and life-threatening than vaccine-induced immunological and neurological damage (aka 'autism').


Maurine Melek: Bad idea: Autism is a mental disorder and is generally treated with psych drugs. Nobody can recover from autism. It's a lifelong mental disorder. We must accept as fact that the numbers have always been there. Doctors are now much smarter than before in that they can now recognize and diagnose the mental condition. We have to accept those with autism and offer them Broadway shows, movies, special library hours, access to Disneyland, free airplane try outs, etc.


Greg: Bad Idea number 15, the neurodiversity movement and autism as a gift:

It's a gift to be a non-verbal kid, past early childhood and still in diapers. And, if you're high functioning autistic adolescent, sitting at home on your butt, unemployed and waiting for your aging folks to look after you, your autism is also most definitely a gift.


Ottoschnaut: Bad idea: Have vaccine policy determined by a circle jerking clique of government/industry hacks, all of who have a financial stake in getting their shot on the schedule.

Bad Idea: allow vaccine policy to be controlled for 30 years by an unchanging group of corrupted, disingenuous, discredited quacks. Same old lying, pinched, withered faces, same old lies, year after year after year after year.

Bad Idea: have the vaccine advisory group meet in private.

Bad Idea: Have Colleen Boyle and Frank DeStefano reprise their collaboration in producing Agent Orange junk science in the 1980's by allowing them to produce junk science about vaccines in the 1990's.

Bad Idea: Ignore the hundreds of thousands of first-hand, eyewitness reports of parents who witnessed vaccine injury unfold in real time.

Bad Idea: imagine that the pHarma criminals who murdered with Vioxx and Advair will behave like saints with vaccines.

Bad Idea: never do a straight up, objective, unimpeachable study of health outcomes in fully vaccinated compared to never vaccinated kids, and make up lie after lie after lie about why such a study cannot be done.

Bad Idea: allow the CDC to imperially ignore FOIA requests about Enterovirus D68.

Bad Idea: allow the CDC and FDA to illegally lobby state legislatures through astroturf organizations such as NACCHO.

Bad Idea: money equals speech, which means political offices go to the highest bidder.


Thanks for the great feedback, readers, and please keep it coming. There is much to say about the bad ideas that got here before we discuss the better ones that can get us out.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.


angus files

vaccine damage is apparent in a court only.



Great Granny Blue Please explain what services you got, at age 31?

a reader

Just saw the new Michael Moore movie Where to Invade Next in which he goes to various, mostly European countries to take their good ideas. It is really worth seeing. This idea of just selling off the US of A to the highest bidder is not the way many countries operate. We are selling off our schools, our health care, even school lunches. Leadership seems for the most part pathetic. The results of this mentality will not be good for our future, I believe, as many other countries are acting with the best interest of their nation in mind, not short term profit for a few. Americans need to wake up and stop being such passive cows. Tell your neighbors: Wake up. Now, California, a progressive state, has no vaccine choice? People should be in the streets.

Anna Quandt

Have we forgotten bad arithmetic?: There's no epidemic. Just better diagnosis.
It's an important piece to the paradigm. Because if the rates are really increasing we would have to look for an environmental cause.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Bad are doctors' comments like "We now believe" or "The thinking is." Who are the "we" and whose "thinking" and beliefs should we trust?

Linda1 pointed out "cascading interventions." Childbirth provides horrific examples, from induction, augmentation, C-section, clamping the umbilical cord, vitamin K, hep B, resuscitation, surfactant, volume expanders, UV light. ...

Now I am badgered about blood pressure, and told all medications come with side-effects, but "statistics show..." Yesterday I received a letter via US mail that I must get to my HMO as soon as possible for my over-due shingles shot. ...

Gary Ogden

In order to understand what we are up against I suggest everyone read "The Devil's Chessboard." The oligarchs, of whom Gates and the Rockefellers are perhaps the most odious examples, are in charge, and their enforcement arm, the CIA, is amoral and utterly unaccountable. We are a threat to the oligarchs, to their profits, and they will stop at nothing to protect them. The drone filming the Atlanta rally in October as RFK, Jr. was speaking certainly wasn't recreational. But we represent little more than an annoyance to them, as they have successfully bought most of our institutions. Moral courage is a rare thing, indeed, especially among the comfortable.

Granny Blue

Good idea: You guys! I am legal guardian of a "child" with high-functioning autism who- Whoops--turned 31 and spending hours alone got totally unknowing got into some illegal Internet and was charged. On probation. Lots of bad stuff. Now we learned that this has been pretty common--attorney from Atlanta helping people with this. THis MAN with high-functioning autism is sitting on his butt because we couldn't get services going, budget cuts, you know, until a server from a restaurant my husband and I go for an occasional breakfast buffet tells us her son has autism, she's got services and she has connected us! Recommendation: Go to hotel breakfast buffets and check with your servers! You never know! You guys are a GOOD idea! GREAT Granny Blue


Dear Maureen,

People can recover from autism. Patterning ( worked for us; diet change makes a tremendous difference

My daughter got better and pesticide exposure put her back in; working our way out still and she was doing really well until a neighbor apparently poisoned her service dog. Devastating. (Think I've shared this before.) There is so much You can do. I'm not talking about the things they do nowadays because we didn't have them back then.

Teaching to read, teaching math, crawling and creeping, running (any cross-pattern exercise)

My mother always said: "Never say 'never'!"


Vis a vis the vaccine that is supposed to prevent cervical cancer. Why not advocate circumscision? (And haven't baby boys been circumscised for generations?)(Jewish women don't get cervical cancer) Then there are I think the more elegant name is prophylactics ...


Curing and eradicating disease and strengthening the human body with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle would be a BAD IDEA for all those in the business of selling pharmaceuticals, tests and treatments.

Look how Pharma talks about business. They aren't interested in curing anyone. They are interested only in the health and survival of their business, which means physically and financially parasitizing the human race:

Amy C

"Medicine" today ha! Doctors' responsibility is not to you, the patient, but to the institutions, cartels, powerful individuals whose tune they must play.

In the back of most (all?) doctors' minds, when engaging with their patients is who they must inform by law or by protocol, of what you have just told them.

In the event there's nothing to tell, there's still the new drugs placed on the doctor's desk by the shiny suited pharma rep who needs his commission and has numerous ways and means to encourage and/or cajole GP's into using you or your children as a guinea pig.

Your health, your well-being is not the doctor's prime concern today. There is no such thing as doctor/patient confidentiality.

Bring a copy of this AoA piece to your doc and have your name filed on a 'list'.

The gutless-ness, the lack of inquiry, the bad science/no science of so called autism "researchers" is truly awe inspiring.

Maybe we could hire some professional hypnotists to go into the offices of researchers/doctors and hypnotise them to pursue truth, regain their own dignity and start helping our kids.

Our children deserve so much more than their state sponsored/funded voodoo.

go Rand

Bad Idea # California SB277. I would suppose for many, they will be hearing about this bill for the first time in a few days. Will the vaccine nazis be waiting at the schools for the little rascals to return ? Do they even have to inform the parents of what they are doing ? Is Gardasil part of the new vaccine mandate ?

With about 10% of the US population, there is about one SIDS death, one Asthma death & 16 new Autism cases in California each and every day.

I would hope someone sets up a California web site / or web page to register the SB277 vaccine reactions as there is about to be a spike.


Why is it when a man is lucky, and that is all it is - luck of the draw that he was at the right place, at the right time, with the right knowledge, and right interest that he assumes he for some reason has been appointed by God and man to be the stewart of mankind.

I think this happened to Rockefeller too.


Bad idea: give the man-with-the-most-money the most say in pushing vaccines (Bill Gates). He's also busy supporting such goodness as nuclear power (think Chernobyl and Fukushima - any wise person would run away from nuclear at this point); GMOs; genetically modified insects; and common core.

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